What happened to Sims 2 CC ?

Either I’m lurking around in the wrong places but for me it feels like The Sims 2 custom content went from photoskinning and f***-bumpmaps-and-textures-plastic-looking-everything (shortly after the game came out) to 3/4t2-Conversions, retextured hairmeshes (90% nightcrawler, 10% newsea), skinblends that look all the same and thousands of recolours in somebody’s color-palettes (now). Where are the new meshes (build/buy mode and bodyshop) ?! What has happened ? No hate here, just my point of view.

What do you think about this guys ?


30 Day OTP Challenge | Day 6 - Wearing Each Other’s Clothing

I’m doing this challenge with agent-lapin.

I was really excited for this theme but I didn’t have as much time as the other days to make it. So maybe one day I’ll clean up link and make him have a more serious look LOL. I’m like mildly happy with how Malon turned out I guess?? I don’t know. Also here are some dumb captions that I thought were funny.

Link: You saved Hyrule???
Malon: What? Like it’s hard?

Link: Great! I can’t wait for my bby to go bomb some dodongos!

That Thing:

Where you were out of a job and caring for your sick mother for almost a whole year and so you tried to be responsible by not planning a trip out west to see your friends.

But now you realize that was the last really good time you had, and you miss everyone so much it aches in places you forgot were even there and just ow your heart you’d do anything to be with those folks again.

Gettin’ real sick of your interest in doing obvious shipping NOW, Pokemon…. Where were you post Pokemon 2000??? Will Serena just be an obsessive Ash fan the entire season? Is her only purpose in life to get Ash’s affection and force this to be canon when Ash and Misty worked so fluidly without need to force this childhood memories shit? Damnit all to hell.-_-