What happened to Sims 2 CC ?

Either I’m lurking around in the wrong places but for me it feels like The Sims 2 custom content went from photoskinning and f***-bumpmaps-and-textures-plastic-looking-everything (shortly after the game came out) to 3/4t2-Conversions, retextured hairmeshes (90% nightcrawler, 10% newsea), skinblends that look all the same and thousands of recolours in somebody’s color-palettes (now). Where are the new meshes (build/buy mode and bodyshop) ?! What has happened ? No hate here, just my point of view.

What do you think about this guys ?


30 Day OTP Challenge | Day 6 - Wearing Each Other’s Clothing

I’m doing this challenge with agent-lapin.

I was really excited for this theme but I didn’t have as much time as the other days to make it. So maybe one day I’ll clean up link and make him have a more serious look LOL. I’m like mildly happy with how Malon turned out I guess?? I don’t know. Also here are some dumb captions that I thought were funny.

Link: You saved Hyrule???
Malon: What? Like it’s hard?

Link: Great! I can’t wait for my bby to go bomb some dodongos!

Over 3 years we were together, how do you just fall out of love with me? What happened to “forever&always?” I gave you everything, I gave you the world. I treated you better than I treated myself. I put you before everything. I still love you, I don’t know for how long, but I don’t want to love you if you don’t love me. I want to erase you from my memory. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through.

What Happened

The other night was but a mere memory but he couldn’t have forgotten it if he tried. He wanted to see her again, make sure she was okay. It lead him to her door steps, sounds of older voices by the door as he approached. He quickly sped to the side of their yard, eyes searching before he spotted the cracked window in the dark and smirked. He mentioned doing it before. Now he couldn’t avoid it.

As soon as the door shut and her parents had left, Derek took a seat in the corner, snatching a math book from her desk and opening it, looking over the math problems and wondering what they had been learning. It looked like hieroglyphs to him. Upon foorsteps Derek did his best to look innocent although confusion was probably the top thing on his face you could see.