i’m laughing so hard right now because i was going through emails from when i was in middle school and this was sent on may 17 2008 from me and my friend abby to our friend drea because we added a new member to our band and didn’t think she fit and we wanted to make it big so we wanted to kick her out


Understand that we don’t like how she is treating us either. It makes us feel as if we’re her back up band. That she only plays with us to get the little praise.

We also understand that you don’t want to be there when we tell her that she’s OUT, because she’s a really good friend to you. But also realize that band is a band and has to stick together no matter what choices they have to make. Just think of yourself like you just moved here from Canada and you don’t want George W. Bush to be president. But you have the metality that you don’t want to vote for the next president becuase your scared that you’ll make the wrong choice. It may not be the same situation, but it has the same concept.

You can’t only think about her feelings towards you, but she will be mad at us too, so it’s a shared responsibility that we will all carry together. And Abby feels strongly about doing this as a whole band rather than just one person. Also I think that we should tell her before Memorial Day weekend becuase in a sense we will be lying to her about how everything is fine. After Memorial Day Weekend there is only five-seven days left of school and you guys aren’t going to the same high schools. There is nothing to worry about. Besides the worst that could happen is that she’s mad at you for a while. That’s just how I feel.

As I said before I love Anahi, but in the best interest of the band this is something we have to do.


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