Doodling ughhhhuuu—-I’m so happy with the latest Boku no Hero Academia chapter, I’ve liked this two together FOR A LONG TIME, since seeing their little interactions and parallels as ‘great heroes’. I thought it might just have been myself so when they got to interact I diED OF HAPPINESS.

I want to know more about my queen Momo

Todomomo feels -cries-

nightmares ; [yoonmin || bts]


Pairing: Park Jimin x Min Yoongi
Genre: smut, fluff, angst?? idk
Music: jimin’s moans // reflection - bts 
Plot: Jimin’s insecurities rise up again, however Yoongi only sees beauty in Jimin, and he wants to make sure that’s all Jimin will see as well.

Notes: nOT PROOFREAD. this was a boyfriend yoonmin request so idk how well I did but I hope it’s not too bad?? and plot is kinda cliche but whatevss

Word Count: 1,700

He woke up crying. Fresh tears stained his face, hot and salty streaks running down his soft cheeks as he brought a hand to his face, wiping them away.

His arm instinctively flung over to the side of the bed, searching for a body but instead being met with blankets, and a pillow. Panic shot through his veins, triggering another flow of tears to stream down his face.

To say he was scared would’ve been a massive understatement. He was shaking, his hands tightly gripping the sheets, so hard that his knuckles had turned white, and his breathing was heavy, sweat running down his face. He was beyond terrified, the fear rising up in his chest, causing his heart to drop down to his stomach, terror being released in the form of silent crying and tears.

He couldn’t think straight; he couldn’t think, period. The only coherent thought that went through his mind was Yoongi, and with the thought of that, he bolted out of bed so fast that the flash would’ve been jealous.

I need to find Yoongi, he thought, dashing out of his room with the covers of his bed thrown aside, door flung open so hard that the sound of it slamming closed once more resonated against the empty silence of the apartment building he shared with Yoongi. Running into the kitchen, he saw the man himself standing near the sink, a glass cup in his hand, water trickling downwards into the cup, slowly filling it before Yoongi turned the handle, and brought the cup to his smooth, baby pink lips.

“Yoongi-” Jimin cried out, running towards Yoongi with an embrace, arms wrapping around the older man with want, burying his face in Yoongi’s chest.

“Woah, slow down. Did I wake you up?” Yoongi asked, putting the glass down, sleep deprived eyes glancing at the boy that had tightly latched onto him, before he decided to hug Jimin back gently, stroking his fluffy pink hair.

“Shh, shh.” he hushed Jimin, who was blubbering on about something he couldn’t comprehend. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Yoongi, I-” Jimin began, but was cut off by hiccups and more sniffing, his tears soaking into the thin white tshirt Yoongi tended to wear to sleep. It smelled of him, the scent of pine trees and fresh mint calming him down. The smell was familiar, and reminded him that Yoongi was indeed still here, not gone. Yoongi was still here, and he had the crying Jimin in his arms, wrapped tightly in a loving embrace.

Yoongi was never much of a talker, he preferred to stay silent unless needed and this was one of the rare instances where Jimin needed him, however he didn’t know what to say to comfort the sobbing boy.

“Jimin? Jagi, I’m right here, what’s wrong?”

“I-I had a nightmare.” Jimin stammered quietly, his voice soft and shaky.

“What happened in it?” Yoongi asked, not knowing what had caused the younger one to break down in tears.

“I… I dreamt that you left me. That you were gone because you didn’t love me anymore, and no one else did either and,” he hiccuped “and if you don’t love me, then no one else ever could.”

Yoongi was shocked. Knowing Jimin was slightly insecure was one thing, hearing that come out of Jimin’s mouth was another. He was speechless; he had no idea how to help Jimin. Therefore, he did the only thing he knew how to do, he leaned down slightly, and pressed his lips to Jimin’s forehead.

His hand ruffled Jimin’s hair, smoothing out the soft rose locks as he kissed Jimin’s smooth skin, lips against his cheek, nose, jawline, down to his neck, and back up to his lips, plump, smooth…

It was all a mystery to him why Jimin didn’t love himself; he was so beautiful, his eyes were the prettiest shade of brown, like dark chocolate, god he could just melt by looking into them. His jawline was so sharp, enough that he could’ve cut paper on it, and his cheeks were just slightly chubby, adorable as hell, but what he loved most was his lips, so plump and delicious and

and fuck, he had his own pressed against Jimin’s, taking Jimin’s bottom lip, so fucking pretty between his own, lightly tugging with his teeth before he let his tongue out to play, their saliva mixing as their flesh danced together.

“Jimin, babe, I could never leave you. You know that. I love you too much.” Yoongi declared, raw honesty in his voice. He wasn’t just saying this because of Jimin’s insecurities, he meant it with all his heart, and he was going to start with showing Jimin that.

He was kissing Jimin’s neck, the smooth, milky skin of the younger boy still had traces of the hickeys Yoongi had left the previous time they made out. He gently sucked and nibbled on the skin, leaving fresh love bites where he went.

It was then that he decided to scoop Jimin up in his arms, bridal style, lifting him up and to the bedroom, all the while kissing him, their lips meeting before parting once more like the waves of an ocean to the shore.

He set Jimin down on the bed gently, before he helped him take his shirt off, and he kissed down from his neck to his stomach, tracing his tongue against Jimin’s gorgeous toned abs. He kissed back up, over to his nipples, before he took one in his mouth, swirling his tongue gently around it, a small moan being heard from Jimin, leading to a smirk that tugged on Yoongi’s lips.

He kissed back down to his v-line, using his teeth to pull down Jimin’s undergarments slowly, teasingly, before he let his cock spring free and he kissed down the length to the base, leaving the pink haired boy shuddering, pleasure being sent down his spine.

Yoongi liked it rough, however, he took his time to plant feathery kisses all over Jimin’s toned body, not knowing how anyone this stunning could ever dislike themselves.

“Yoongi… please quit teasing.” Jimin whined, bottom lip stuck out in a pout, and that was all it took for Yoongi to get started, his lips pressing against the tip of Jimin’s dick, before he opened his lips to take it in, swirling his tongue around the head, eliciting moans and gasps of pleasure from Jimin as every stroke of Yoongi’s tongue set his nerves ablaze.

Yoongi was indeed skilled with his tongue, as he let it sit flat against Jimin’s erection, before he brought his hands out, massaging Jimin’s nuts while he let his tongue do some work, going deeper, letting Jimin’s dick hit the back of his mouth, taking it in all the way. He bobbed his head up and down, giving the tip a lick each time he went up, before going back down once more.

He could feel Jimin’s dick twitch, signalling the arrival of his climax, and he sped up his movements, before he heard Jimin moan his name, a spurt of cum hitting the back of his throat, while he continued, helping Jimin ride out his high before he felt him going soft in his mouth.

He felt Yoongi shift off of his body, before getting off the bed, rummaging in the drawers and pulling out some lube. He squeezed out a generous amount of lube to coat his fingers with, before he pressed one to Jimin’s entrance, gently pushing in. 

He heard Jimin moan, the sound like music to his ears, urging him to move his finger, slowly thrusting in and out, before inserting a second one, watching as the smaller boy quivered to his touch. 

“Yoongi,” he heard Jimin pant out, “I want you inside me, please.”

With that, he took out his fingers, and finally he undressed, taking off his boxers, the fabric dropping to his knees as he kicked them off, applying lube to his painfully erect dick, long and hard, and desperate for touch. He lined the tip up with Jimin’s entrance, hands gripping Jimin’s hips, not hard enough to bruise like usual, but strong enough to hold him there firmly, and he pushed in gently, grunting as he did so. 

“Oh, fuck, Jimin. Fuck, you feel so good.” he gasped out, feeling Jimin harden as he pushed in gently, before pulling back out, only to thrust in once more, pleasure flooding his veins as he watched his dick disappear in between Jimin’s hips. 

Jimin bucked his hips back, leading to a hiss coming from Yoongi, unable to hold back, hands tightening before thrusting in harder, a pleasured yelp being heard from Jimin as his hands tightened in the bed sheets. Yoongi pounded into Jimin, the only sounds in this room other than their moans were sounds of skin slapping against skin, and Yoongi let go of Jimin’s hips with one hand to stroke his erection with the other, Jimin losing himself to the feeling. 

It wasn’t long before he felt Jimin quiver against him once more, and he slapped down harshly on Jimin’s ass, before kneading it gently with his hand, the action leading to Jimin squeezing down on his cock. 

Fuck, Jimin, you’re so fucking tight, jesus, scream my name. Tell the world who you belong to.” Yoongi groaned, as he felt Jimin’s walls clamp down on him as the younger boy achieved his orgasm, spurts of white liquid coming out onto his stomach and the sheets below, the word ‘Yoongi’ leaving his lips in a guttural moan. 

Jimin’s climax triggered Yoongi’s, as he felt himself come as well, a few more weak thrusts before he came, filling Jimin with his seed. 

He pulled out, and laid down on the bed, wrapping his arm around Jimin, knowing that he’d have to clean up the bed in the morning when he woke up. However, for now he just wanted to rest, as he buried his face in the crook of Jimin’s neck, breathing in the musty smell of sex and the scent of vanilla that Jimin always carried around with him. 

“I love you, handsome. Don’t ever let some stupid nightmares tell you otherwise.”

// well shit guess who’s going to bathe in holy water now? sorry this was kinda rushed and really shit in comparison to my usual writing, I swear I’ll do better next time. ugh, 1.7k is horrible, I never usually have anything below 2k. 

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I’m really pissed at this Vampire Diaries episode, I know like a majority of this fandom loves Damon and Elena together but ummm nooo. I just can’t okay, did you see the look on Stefan’s face when Elena said she loved Damon regardless of the sire bond, that’s just pure agony seeing the girl you basically loved your entire life being thrown to your OWN brother’s arms. Seriously guys let’s take a moment to consider the fact that Stefan thought Elena loved him and she obviously said she was going to choose him, but then seeing her with Damon is just a stab in the heart. You can’t just throw away love like that? And the fact that she hurt him to the point where he wanted to forget every single memory they had was just another reason why Stefan is completely heartbroken. It’s already bad enough that Stefan has had bad relationships in the past, and Elena is now simply on that list. I don’t think Stefan deserves any of this, he deserves someone that wouldn’t fall in love with his brother, someone that will always be intentionally there for him regardless of any circumstances.