Doodling ughhhhuuu—-I’m so happy with the latest Boku no Hero Academia chapter, I’ve liked this two together FOR A LONG TIME, since seeing their little interactions and parallels as ‘great heroes’. I thought it might just have been myself so when they got to interact I diED OF HAPPINESS.

I want to know more about my queen Momo

Todomomo feels -cries-

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so I'm a new phan nsfw blog. how do I get followers????

i have no clue. just keep posting, interact with other people from the community. honestly i have no idea how i got to be a “big nsfw phan blog” honestly i still don’t think i am, but whatevss

In no particular order.

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“villavede replied to your photo:yeah! im 16!! c: ill be 17 in april…”

only nerds reply to my replies N ERD

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“studiokarkats replied to your post: studiokarkats replied to your…”

nerds can’t be bullies mella sorry to tell u ://

and here ladies and gentlemen we have a couple of BABIES

look lOSERS i am not a nerd im the cooliest


I’m really pissed at this Vampire Diaries episode, I know like a majority of this fandom loves Damon and Elena together but ummm nooo. I just can’t okay, did you see the look on Stefan’s face when Elena said she loved Damon regardless of the sire bond, that’s just pure agony seeing the girl you basically loved your entire life being thrown to your OWN brother’s arms. Seriously guys let’s take a moment to consider the fact that Stefan thought Elena loved him and she obviously said she was going to choose him, but then seeing her with Damon is just a stab in the heart. You can’t just throw away love like that? And the fact that she hurt him to the point where he wanted to forget every single memory they had was just another reason why Stefan is completely heartbroken. It’s already bad enough that Stefan has had bad relationships in the past, and Elena is now simply on that list. I don’t think Stefan deserves any of this, he deserves someone that wouldn’t fall in love with his brother, someone that will always be intentionally there for him regardless of any circumstances.

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Name: reuben

Nickname:  uh rue, sandwich king, loser, waldo, nerd
Birthday: january 7th
Star sign: capricorn
Gender: transmasculine
Height: 5′7
Favourite colour: orange
Time right now: 12:41pm
Average hours of sleep: 5-13 hours lmao i sleep a l o t
Lucky number: 7
Last thing I googled: i really don’t know omg
Favourite fictional character: shinji ikari, jiggy pepper  (◡‿◡✿) i would kill for these two is2g. 
Favourite famous person: aaah idk let’s go with dwayne johnson 
Favourite book: hhhh the wikkeling
Favourite band: cold war kids, arkells 

Song stuck in my head right now: luckily i don’t have a song stuck in my head yay
Last movie I watched: love live! the school idol movie w/ @trash-pai
Last tv show I watched: aldnoah.zero you go watch that okok
Dream trip: europeeee
Dream job: archaeologist or paleontologist cc: 

when i made my blog: nov. 2015

when my blog peaked: idk why but the 31st was a p big day.

most active follower: @dense-decim the weirdo

why did you join tumblr: i wanted to be cool but that didn’t work out and now i’m to attached to leave fuck

do you get daily asks: nahh

how did you choose your url: bc i love shinji and i will fight anyone that trash talks the poor boy

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