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Since my Lollura fic has been completely joshed by S3 now Im pretty much abandoning this series of drabbles but I figured I might as well post the part I finished. Takes place in an AU I guess where Lotor and Allura grew up together.

 The Prettiest Ghosts

When she comes to she’s in luxury and hand cuffed.  If Lance we’re around he might make a sex joke. But Lance isn’t around. In fact she doesnt know where he or the other paladins are. If they’re safe. Alive. If they were captured.

Like she clearly has been.

It’s a bedroom. Expansive but dim. Why did Galra have to pick such, grim ugly colours? Then again, she knew their eyes were sensitive in ways Alteans we’re not. She did in fact remember him telling her that they didn’t see their own colour scheme as gritty.

“You’re awake.” he notes and she feels sick. She might entirely lose her self if it wasn’t for the cuffs keeping her hands bound. She sits up best she can on the bed. Rich red. The heavy purple curtainsaround it.

Lotor turns on a lamp and all around the room different bright pink violet crystal lamps glow.

Its not the first time she’s seen him up close in person, but its the first time where something else immediate isn’t also happening.

“Where the paladins?”

“They escaped.” He replies calmly taking off his heavy cloak and settling it on a chair.

She crinkles her nose. “You’re lying.”

He turns. Approaches her and stops near the edge of the bed. “Then why do you even ask Allura?”

Something awful coils in her guts. Treckle bugs along her back bones. Memories speaking her name. The last voices of her time clawing out of blackened empty space; their graves.

“What do you want with me?” she demands.

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Hurry Up and Marry Me (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

anon asked: can you do a Luke blurb/imagine where you and him are dating and are always at weddings because you’ve come to that age where all your friends are getting married & people will always ask you when you guys are getting married but you two just laugh it off or whatever and anyways you go to these weddings and have so much fun like you dance, drink, then go home and bang and then at one wedding, it’s like the last boy in the band to get married besides you guys and Luke is finally “when’s us?” pleeaaassseee 

A/N Enjoy! Sorry it took me ages:(

 “Whoops,” I tripped over a dirty t-shirt on the floor, trying to put my heels on. “Careful babe,” Luke caught me by my waist. “You look handsome,” I smirked, tightening his tie for him and running my fingers through his hair. “As much as I would love to see you with this dress off,” Luke gave me a cheeky grin, “We have to go and you look too gorgeous.” “I’m just excited for the after party,” I winked, turning back to face the mirror. “I heard the food is supposed to be good,” Luke said, oblivious. “You’re an idiot, you know,” I laughed. “What? Oh-oh that after party,” Luke caught on, his smile widening, “Well I heard that  is supposed to be delicious as well.” He left me standing there with my mouth hanging open in shock. “Hurry up love, we’re going to be late,” he called over his shoulder. “You are a pervert, Lucas,” I shook my head, giggling. “But you laughed.”

 Luke and I were headed off to another wedding. Calum’s to be more specific. It seemed like lately all of our friends were getting married and Luke and I were invited to every single one, which had put quite a dent in my shopping budget on the numerous dresses I had had to purchase for the different occasions. At least Ashton’s wedding hadn’t cost me too much, he and his fiancé got married on a beach somewhere and my dress didn’t have to be fancy. We had been to so many weddings at this point that while they recited their vows to each other, Luke could quote every line. Unless the couple wrote their own vows and then Luke would spend the entire time mumbling inappropriate jokes in my ear while we sat in the back. However today at Calum’s wedding, Luke was the best man and he wouldn’t stop making funny faces at me while Calum and his fiancé were in tears of joy. 

 The best part about all of these weddings, though, was when the taxi dropped us off at the hotel we were staying at and we got into our room. Luke had a tendency to take in a bit too much alcohol at the end of the night and we would stumble our way into the room, waking whoever was staying next door and whoever was staying below us. Starting off with innocent kisses and ‘I love you’d’ and progressing into some serious butt grabbing, neck kisses and me slipping my hand down his pants (which where much easier to get off than his usual tight jeans). Then afterwards we would lay in bed discussing our future plans with a clean white sheet wrapped around our bare bodies as I rested my head on Luke’s chest. 

 Even after all this fun, though, I still found myself glancing at my left hand every so often and never seeing that ring of promise around my finger. I know, the ring shouldn’t have to define anything, but it was every little girl’s dream to get married and I was afraid that Luke and I were going to get left behind. 


“Found you,” I nudged Luke’s shoulder, taking a seat next to him. He gave me a shy smile, the same smile he had been giving me since we met in high school. “Thought I’d lost you,” I rested my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around me, holding me close. “Last ones,” he mumbled into my hair. “Yeah,” I sighed. 

 Michael had just gotten married to his girlfriend a few hours ago, leaving Luke as the last one in the band to tie the knot. I knew that he hated talking about the future so we never really discussed getting married. Every time one of the boys got married or one of our friends got married we would show up to only to be questioned by everyone and their mother when the two of us were going to get married. Usually we would just laugh it off, but lately I couldn’t help but wonder if it was ever going to happen. 

 Take today for an example. Luke and I were sat side by side, eating with some friends at the reception, when Michael’s parents made a joke about how we weren’t married yet. I could tell by the way Luke tensed up and pretended to laugh it off that he was upset by the constant comments about our relationship. He only stayed for a few more minutes, dipping out when I got up to go to the bathroom. After spending a good fifteen minutes looking for him, I found him sitting at the edge of the dock outside the restaurant with his feet in the water and his pants rolled up. 

 “When’s it going to be our turn?” Luke sighed, looking down at me. I shrugged, playing with his fingers, “That, Luke, is up to you.” “Not really,” Luke said, facing me, “You know, all I want is for you to be happy and everything I do is to make you happy because I love you and want the best for you. So, when do you want to get married?” I laughed, shaking my head, “If it was up to me and only me, we’d have been married yesterday. But, it’s not only up to me. What about you? Do you even want to get married?” “Of course I do,” Luke ran his fingers through his hair, “I just feel like getting married means we’re getting old and I don’t like that.” I thought for a moment, understanding what he meant. “I know that you like to live in the fast lane, Luke, but getting married doesn’t mean that we have to get off that road. It just means we get to ride in the fast lane together, forever,” I smiled, pressing a kiss on his nose. “You’re so cheesy,” he smiled, wrinkling his nose at me. Shrugging, I leaned against him again and he pressed his lips against the top of my head. “Let’s just go to Vegas and get married tomorrow,” Luke mumbled into my hair. I was hesitant in my answer, not sure how to respond considering a big white wedding had always been my dream. “I mean, if that’s what you want…” I trailed off. Luke let out a laugh, “You’re kidding I hope. I know you want a big wedding, baby. And I can’t wait for the day I get to see you, the love of my life, walking down the aisle towards me and telling me that you’re going to be there for me through it all.” “Oh thank god, because I already have some dress ideas,” I laughed. “So, Y/N, this isn’t exactly how I pictured this going, but will you marry me?” Luke asked, looking down at me. “Just tell me when and I’ll be there,” I smiled up at him, giving him a kiss. “Luke! Y/N! Come on, they’re going to cut the cake!” Calum called out to us from the deck. “Come on lover boy,” I stood up and stretched out my hand for my lanky boyfriend-sorry-fiance to take. 


“You’re not supposed to see me, Lucas!” I hissed at him as I stood with a towel wrapped around my body and my wet hair sticking to my shoulders. “I’ll close my eyes,” he clamped a hand over his eyes and took a hesitant step forward. I reached into my drawer to find underwear to put on and then twisted my hair up into the towel. “You look stunning,” Luke mumbled. “Are you peaking?” I whipped my head around. “No, I can just tell. You always look stunning though,” Luke smiled, playing with his lip ring. I blushed, facing the mirror. “I love that after all these years I can still make you blush,” Luke’s smile grew wider. “How do you know I’m blushing?” I crossed my arms, watching him in the reflection. “Baby girl, we’ve been dating for far too long. I just know,” Luke laughed, his eyes still covered. “Weren’t you here for something?” I sassed, wanting him to leave so I could get ready and get married to him sooner. “Right, I just wanted to say that I hope you remember to wear waterproof mascara because I wrote my own vows and Calum cried when I read them out loud,” Luke said. “Wait, but we weren’t go-” Luke cut me off, “I know we weren’t going to write our own vows, but baby last night I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited and I’m a song writer, I write about love for a living, I couldn’t just not do it for this.” “You are so lucky I love you,” I grumbled. “I know baby, I know. I’m the luckiest man in the world,” Luke stepped towards me cautiously. “Now hurry up and leave, I have to get ready,” I ushered him towards the door. “Okay, get ready fast because I can’t wait any longer to marry you,” Luke teased. As I went to close the door, he stopped me, pulling his hand away from his eyes and pressing a kiss on my forehead. “I was right.” “What?” I cocked my head to the side. Luke smirked at me, “You look stunning.”

He Proposes At Another Boys Wedding (Luke/4)

Request: How bout a luke blurb/imagine where u & him r dating & r always at weddings bc uve come to that age where all ur friends r getting married & ppl will always ask u when u guys r getting married but u 2 just laugh it off or whatever & anyways u always go to these wedding & have so much fun like u dance, drink, then go home & bang & then at one wedding, it’s like the last boy in the band to get married besides u guys & luke is finally like “when’s us?” pleeaaassseee



“You may now kiss the bride” the priest says, as Michael leans in and kisses his new wife, Louise.

Luke holds your hand as the tears stream down your cheeks. You don’t know what it is about weddings, but they always get you emotional. The sentiment is just beautiful; how the couple are so in love and devoted to each other, you just find the concept so beautiful. Luke would always laugh at you, but you just couldn’t help it.


“This takes me back to our big day!” Ashton’s wife, Janine, beams later on at the reception.

Ashton smiles at her, “It sure does. Gosh, has it really been two years?”

You look at Luke who is smiling along with them.

“It’s only been a year for us buy you’re right, it only feels like two minutes ago since it was us two!” Calum agrees, his wife Kaylee kissing him on the cheek.

You could only smile at their words. You couldn’t add anything to the conversation because you had nothing to say. You and Luke aren’t married; you’re not even engaged. Michael is the last of the other boys in the band to marry, and it’s kind of surprised you. You knew Ashton would be the first to get married; he’s just that kind of guy. But then you were sure Luke would propose to you not long afterwards. You just thought that Luke was the one who would wait for one of the other boys to get married first, and then pluck the courage to ask you, a sorta “if he can do it, then I can do it” kinda thing. But then you were left extra surprised when Calum was the one to get married next. You always thought he’d be the last to get married. And you think other guests were surprised by that too. Family members of the band would come up to you at Calum’s wedding in particular, and would ask you two when you were getting married. You and Luke would just laugh it off and say, “When the time is right.” You’d have a ball at weddings. You’d be the first up to dance, and the last one off the floor. Then, you’d go back home or back to the hotel suit, and you’d make love. You always kind of hoped that Luke would propose to you on the night of one of the guys weddings, but he never did. It made you lose hope.

“That reminds me, (Y/N)” Luke says looking at you, the others turning to look at you two, “When’s us?”

You furrow your eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

He bites his lip, “When are we, you know, getting married?”

You feel your cheeks redden but then you smirk, “When you ask me, doofus”

Ashton, Janine, Kaylee and Calum laugh, as Luke blushes.

Before anyone could have the time to say anything, the next song begins to play.

“Oh my god, are they seriously playing your own songs?” Kaylee laughs

“Aww but it’s Beside You, I like that song!” Janine continues

“Can you remember when you sent me a voice recording of you singing this when you were on tour and you missed me?” You ask Luke

He nods shyly, “Yeah…”

“Come on, let’s go dance to it!” You smile, dragging him onto the dancefloor.

The atmosphere between the two of you seems weird. He keeps looking at the other guys, and they’re all nodding and mouthing, ‘now’ to him, but he shakes his head every


“Why are they mouthing now to you?” You question

“What?” He says “They’re not…I…I don’t know what you’re talking about”

You roll your eyes, “Whatever, babe”


“Thanks for coming you guys” Michael says, hugging Luke.

“No problem” Luke replies

Michael whispers what you believe to be “good luck” to Luke, which you find weird.

“And (Y/N), you look beautiful. Thank you so much for coming today. And err…yeah, just thanks for coming” He grins at you

Something’s up and you’re not sure what.


“Luke…” You say, sitting on the edge of the bed in the hotel room you’re staying in

“Yes, princess?”

“Why were the boys acting weird tonight?” You ask

“Weird? They weren’t acting weird” He objects

“Yes they were. Mouthing now, Michael wishing you luck, what was up?” You argue

You hear him sigh as he walks into the room, “I was gonna do this a little later on but seeing as you’re not going to let this go I might as well just do it now.”

You furrow your eyebrows, “Do what?”

“Wait for it will you?” He complains

He slaps around at his hips as if he’s looking for something, but then he realises he’s dressed only in his boxers, and goes to find his trousers, which are in the bathroom.

He reappears two minutes later, his right hand behind his back.


He places his finger to his mouth, “Shh”

He gets down on one knee, and you feel your heart beating through your chest.

“The reason everyone was acting weird today is because they knew I was planning on proposing today.” He begins

Your eyes begin to water, as he bites his lips anxiously.

“I was originally going to do it at the reception so that people wouldn’t ask the questions they always ask us but. But then I just thought that wasn’t the right way to do it because I wanted to make it special for you because…because you’re really special to me. The boys all knew about it and that’s why they were mouthing 'now’ at me, and wishing me luck.” He continues

You nod to show you’re understanding.

“So, I suppose here it goes…(Y/N)…would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” He asks, looking you dead in the eyes.

The tears stream and you look up to the ceiling, smiling like a Cheshire cat. You look back down at him, and you nod furiously.

“Yes” You say simply “YES! Of course I’ll marry you, doofus”

He smiles and hugs you, “Thank you”

He brings forward his right arm and reveals a small black box. He opens it, and shows you the ring, “It’s your birthstone, right?”

You nod, “Yeah, it is”

He takes it out of the box and slides it onto your finger, “It’s beautiful, Luke” you cry

He kisses you gently on the lips, “I love you, soon-to-be Mrs Hemmings”

You laugh, “I love you too, soon-to-be husband”


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anonymous asked:

How bout a luke blurb where u & him r dating & r always at weddings bc uve come to that age where all ur friends r getting married & ppl will always ask u when u guys r getting married but u 2 just laugh it off or whatever & anyways u always go to these wedding & have so much fun like u dance, drink, then go home & bang & then at one wedding, it's like the last boy in the band to get married besides u guys & luke is finally like "when's us?" pleeaaassseee

(okay I’m sorry this took so long to write!!)

So you and Luke would have been that couple who had been together forever (well like 4-5 years at this point) and literally every time you guys would go over to his parent’s house for dinner his brother’s would watch you guys being all cute and cuddled up on the couch watching TV together and would literally scream across the room at Luke to ‘grow some balls and put a ring it already’ because it’s obvious that you guys are really fucking in love with each other and they’re sick of waiting.

And at that point all of your friends would be settling down and would be having their weddings (that obviously you would attend) and at every single one of them the same things happened, you and Luke would show up all dressed up and he would make a comment about how you’re ‘out shining the bride looking like that’ and you guys would tease each other throughout the entire ceremony and you’d tease him for tearing up during the vows because he’s a complete sap for romantic shit like that and then go to the reception. It’d be during the reception of your best friend’s wedding that people would start asking you when you guys were going to get married. At first it was just some friends who you bumped into on the dance floor and before you knew it everybody was asking you and him when the wedding was. You’d obviously get embarrassed because you didn’t want him to feel pressured into proposing and he would just shrug it off and say ‘soon’ every single time. Then you guys would eat the food, get drunk, and go upstairs to your hotel room and have sex. It was so repetitive because, literally everybody was settling down, at this point nearly all of the boys had gotten married, his cousins, your cousins, his brothers, ect and you felt like he just didn’t want to get married at all and that he was just saying ‘soon’ to give you hope.

It had been at Calum’s wedding that he finally mentioned getting married to you. It would have been during the reception after you guys had had your cheesy dance under the twinkly lights where you tripped over each other the whole time and struggled to keep a steady beat that he mentioned it.  You guys would be sitting at your designated table just watching from afar as everyone was dancing and having the time of their life, you being envious of Calum and his wife for getting married and Luke being seeming completely oblivious to the fact that you were jealous of their beautiful marriage/wedding. And after a while he’d speak up over the loud music, almost having to yell to be heard, and say, “So when are we getting married?” Catching you and even him a little off guard at his blunt question because, you were convinced that he wasn’t ready for marriage and he would be surprised that he had the guts to say it (because he’s been thinking about it for months) and you’d grab his hand, that was slightly sweaty because he’s nervous of your response, and look up at him and say, “whenever you want”.

*This sucks ass and I’m sorry it’s so long*