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I’m gonna be SO bored at work. Those of you on Snap know I’m not gonna want to talk to my boss so…

Send me some Include Imagines (dating, sex with, flirting, friends with, whatever you want) to my Ask Box.

You can check my #include imagines tag to see what I’ve already done but I’ll do any new ones you send in tomorrow in an effort to stay busy. lol

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Are you named after anyone? Kind of? My dad’s name is the male version (or whatever it’s called) of mine but it was done unintentionally I think??

When was the last time you cried? LMAO WEDNESDAY 

Do you like handwriting? Dude, I hardly write anymore???? So I have no idea

What’s your favourite lunch meat? Love me some chicken

Do you have kids? Lmao no

If you were another person would you be friends with you? I want to say fuck no just because I know how I am and all of that, but knowing my soft ass I’d try to be friends anyways

Do you use sarcasm? When do I not use sarcasm

Do you still have your tonsils? Yes

Do you bungee jump? Nope

What’s your favourite cereal? Honey Nut Cheerio

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? N o p e

Do you think you’re a strong person? Fuck no

What’s your favourite ice cream? Chocolate chip ice creammm

What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their looks and the way they sound

What’s the least favourite thing you like about yourself? How I don’t SLEEP

What colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now? This.. Heather grey jogger sweats

What are you listening to right now? My roommate moving out

If you were a crayon what colour would you be? I want to say maybe a baby blue, but I’d probably be that pea green

What’s your favourite smell? Jasmine tea or coffee

Who’s the last person you talked to on the phone? My aunt

Favourite sport to watch? I don’t watch sports

Hair colour? Black

Eye colour? Brown

Do you wear contacts? Yes, but I haven’t worn any in months

Favourite food to eat? McDonalds

Scary movies or comedy? Why not both???

Last movie you watched? John Wick 2 I think??

Colour of shirt your wearing? Blue

Summer or winter? Summer

Hugs or kisses? Both

What book are you currently reading? Lmao none unless RPing counts 

Who do you miss right now? I miss @frankiestu

What’s on your mousepad? I don’t have one oops

What’s the last TV show you watched? Brooklyn Nine Nine

What’s the best sound? A cat’s purr

Rolling Stones or the Beetles? Both

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? The Bahamas, but it’s about to be fucking SOUTH KOREA SOON

Do you have a special talent? I can do a three leaf clover thing with my tongue? 

Where were you born? Georgia

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When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

the no bullshit guide to getting your shit together: for the lazy student

Let’s be honest: time management and organization? They’re really hard. Sure, at first you might feel like you’ve gotten the hang of them, that you’re in control of your life. But how often have you fallen off the wagon? Procrastinated on one thing and the next moment, you’re behind in all your classes? I know that sometimes laziness feels like a part of who you are, but honestly, fuck that. Do you really want to give up your success for the disinterest of a moment?

If your answer is no (it better be no, or you really need to get your priorities straight), let’s get to it. 


“This class doesn’t even matter.” “I don’t care about my grades.” “I can finish this the day before.” Sound familiar? You might feel great now, but when you’re staring down at your report card later, it’ll feel like you just got punched. 

This is a cliche, but the greatest obstacle to your success is yourself - especially the lies you tell yourself! Sit yourself down and be honest about what you need to improve on. Be as blunt as you can, but for god’s sake, don’t throw yourself a pity party! There’s no use agonizing over what you can’t change. Instead, set realistic, achievable goals, and make a game plan. Struggling with math? Go to extra help. Behind in all your classes? Stay in for a couple nights and actually work. 


Now you know what your goals are, but maybe you want some inspiration, so you log on to tumblr and are instantly bombarded by all these beautiful, well lit shots of the most gorgeous bullet journals, planners, and notes. Impressive, right? Well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: they’re all useless! A simple phone planner works just as well, if not better, than a fancy agenda, because you’ll always have it on you, it’s not a hassle to carry around, and you don’t feel obligated to make it look pretty. 

Riddle me this, where are you going to find all this extra motivation to keep prettying up your bullet journal? To write all your notes in perfect, colour coded printing? There aren’t many times in life where taking the easy was out will actually benefit you, so take advantage! Stop wasting your time; get a phone planner and write your notes in your natural goddamn handwriting. 


Yep, your entire room - not just your study space! This one can be put on the back burner for a bit if you’re on a really pressing deadline, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m notoriously messy, and if I don’t watch myself, I’d find myself in dirty-laundry-and-old-notes hell. A little bit of organized chaos is fine, I even encourage it! But try working when your desk is covered in mounds of paper and you have nowhere to put your laptop – it’s just not conducive to success. 

Keeping your entire room clean is a way to stave off stress, frustration, and even embarrassment, because nobody wants to show potential roommates how much of a mess they are. 


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “actually work? Who does this girl think she is?” I’d probably think the same thing, except I’ve learned the valuable lesson of sucking it the hell up, and you will too. When you get home from work, grab a snack and work. When you have a free period, figure out what’s due and work. Stop reasoning yourself out of work: you’re not going to finish this later, and that will be on the test. There’s really not much to say about this one, because it’s the step that requires the most raw effort, and you’re really only going to find that within yourself. Tell yourself what’s at stake, and realize that, by setting the standard for your mediocrity now, you’re potentially trapping yourself in a cycle that will last for years. 


Maybe you’ve been on top of your shit for a day, a week, or even a month, and that’s really great. But then… you fail. You miss a deadline or you bomb a test. So what do you do now? Do you allow yourself to fall back into your old habits? Fuck no! Everyone fails, even that studyblr with those perfect bullet journal photos and a perpetually clean study space. I’m going to tell you something that’ll sound really strange: you should value your failures, especially if you worked hard to avoid them. What?! Be HAPPY about failing when I actually TRIED? Yeah, you heard me right. If you don’t know how to handle failure, then when you inevitably experience it, your reaction will be much worse. 

Failing hurts, and boy, I know how embarrassing it can be. But learning how to deal with failure, and especially how to keep trying after it happens, is an invaluable lesson. 


Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you treat yourself after the most basic of tasks, because please. Treat yourself when you know you goddamn well deserve it. Remember that “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” If all you do is study and do your homework, then, pardon my french, your life sucks. If you don’t have friends, play a video game! Eat an entire jumbo chocolate bar! Indulge in whatever the fuck you want, you deserve it. I’m someone that has trouble prioritizing future benefits over immediate gratification, so by allowing myself little pleasures, I save myself from crashing and burning. 

Hope these tips helped, but remember to take them with a grain of salt - you’re you and I’m me, and different things work for different people. Good luck!

The various skill levels of Naruto

Beginner level taijutsu: you kick somebody
Advanced level taijutsu: you kick somebody super hard
Master level taijutsu: you kick somebody into the planet’s stratosphere, jump above them while they’re still going, and kick them back down to earth.

Beginner level genjutsu: you make yourself look like someone else for five minutes. this is useless if a hyuga or uchiha is around.
Advanced level genjutsu: you can make someone else look like another person to all of their friends for five minutes. this is useless if a hyuga or uchiha is around.
Master level genjutsu: you can trap someone in their brain, torturing them for hours, and they feel all the pain and suffering as if it were real. this is still mostly useless if a hyuga or uchiha is around.

Beginner level ninjutsu: Fire spell.
Advanced level ninjutsu: Firaga spell.
Master level ninjutsu: You create fire in the shape of an ancient god dozens of stories high and bring its burning fists down upon your enemies, annihilating anything in it’s path.

Beginner level fuinjutsu: you try to make an explosive tag without killing yourself in the process.
Advanced level fuinjutsu: you try and make a seal that holds objects in a pocket of space time without killing yourself in the process. you then use the tag to carry your luggage
Master level fuinjutsu: you hand a person a note that says ‘i can do what i want’, only the note is actually a seal that instantly brainwashes them upon looking at it so you can do what you want. you can do whatever you want. you place a seal on a building and it is all sucked into an equivalent of a black hole. you can rip people’s souls out from their bodies and damn them into super ninja hell indefinitely. you can summon an actual death god to hang out with. you can carry your entire house in your wallet. you can do whatever you want

Honestly there IS a problem with how sex and desire are presented to us consistently in our society, there is a problem with people normalizing predatory behaviors, or framing normal feelings as something predatory, the use of violent language when we talk about being into someone (”I’d hit that” or whatever, though I don’t think people really say that anymore, there are other phrases that are similar in tone though) - there is a problem with sexual harassment, with people - especially people of colour - being fetishized and sexualized in predatory ways, etc. And it’s totally normal and okay to see this going on and realize that it makes you profoundly alienated and uncomfortable. Every non-predatory person feels uncomfortable with this sort of thing to some degree. Even straight, white, cis dudes who I am friends with have expressed to me that they are almost always profoundly uncomfortable with the ways they feel like they are expected to experience and act on attraction to women - even the people who are THE most privileged by this system are alienated by it unless they are, straight up, just rapists. This is because this is rape culture.

The problem I have with asexual politics on tumblr and elsewhere online is that it seems like a lot of people felt this discomfort and alienation and instead of considering that maybe the vast majority of human beings also feel this way - and instead of critically analyzing how racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc are all major factors in this - they decided that in fact, only a small minority of people are uncomfortable with this, and that this represents not a complex combination of intersecting oppressions, but some kind of monolithic “sexual culture” that privileges anyone who experiences “sexual attraction” (defined in this case as something that makes you fundamentally embraced by and comfortable with this “sexual culture” and is otherwise pretty intangible and often poorly defined and split into so many subtypes as to be inherently meaningless) and uniformly oppresses people who don’t want to have sex all the time (OR people who do want to have sex all the time but use specific language to talk about how they want sex all the time), who, again, are in this way of thinking considered to be a statistical minority. 

It’s a fact that people can have vastly different libidos, that sex can be really important for some people and not as important for others, like, it’s cool to talk about this and maybe even have language to describe the specific relationship you have to sex and your sex drive (be it as it may). It is NOT a fact that if you just don’t use a specific lingo to talk about your sex life or lack of a sex life, that is an indication that rape culture does not harm or alienate you - and, it is actively regressive to act like what is considered to be “sexual culture” or whatever is not, on a basic level, just rape culture. This is why, while I totally get wanting to have access to and use specific labels AS SELF-DESCRIPTORS, I am opposed to this dichotomy that’s been created between “asexuals” and “allosexuals”.

I hope this is clarifying or whatever.

hello I love wlw so much? lesbians and bi girls and pan girls & wlw who don’t want a label and wlw who want one but don’t know what label they are right now, just that they definitely like girls - it’s okay, that’s fine, you’ll get there eventually, I promise, and I love you. whatever label you decide is good & you’re just as much of a wlw. we are all strong and valuable and united in our love for other girls and we’re all brave and unique. we are all worthwhile & we should all have each other’s backs. other people will try to divide us so we need to be there for each other. our different orientations all bring valuable experiences & insights to the community & that should be respected & treasured. no orientation is ‘more’ wlw than any other. we all like girls & we are all important.

Self Insert Week 2017


A year ago I read a post shitting all over self-inserts and Mary Sues, trashing them for being “poor writing” or too self-indulgent. And I thought to myself, what’s the damn harm? If you’re not trying to reshape the future of literature with self-inserts, then who the heck are you hurting? So I introduced Self Insert Week 2016 - a week where people were encouraged to shove themselves into WHATEVER fandom, to just have fun with it. Let’s do it again!


What is it?

Just a fun reason to make ourselves into the awesome characters we daydream up while going about our normal lives! Through the week people will be encouraged to post self-insert fic and fanart under the tag “Self Insert Week 2017.” The only rule is that you’re the main character!

When is it?

The week will be the second in May, May 7th - May 13th.

Do I have to sign up to participate?

Nope! Last year I got a lot of messages asking for rules or specific fandoms, and that’s not the point of this exercise. You make this week into what you want it to be; fanart, fanfics, mood boards, cosplay, whatever you want! I don’t “run” it, I’m just kicking it off (which isn’t to say you can’t reach out to me for any reason). 

Will there be a master post?

Naaaah last year so many people participated that I’d have to be nuts to commit to making one. Just tag it “Self Insert Week 2017″ and everyone can browse your work!

So sort yourself into your favorite Hogwarts house and win the House Cup! Design yourself as a sick as fuck Overwatch hero! Make yourself a rad space explorer and romance a turian! This week is for YOU, have fun!

My final words on the Lauren Zuke drama

I’m already starting to see “go die” comments directed at Lauren, tagged ship hate, etc. so I felt this to be necessary.

Real life person > fictional characters and ships

All she said was “I don’t speak for my coworkers, but this is what I intended. Ship whatever you want”. That’s it.

I am an animator, myself. I can tell you all, right now: Storyboards, and everything else on a show, have to get approval. Not just by people working on the show, but by producers, censors, etc. The lapidot and amedot stuff did not get slipped in “unnoticed”. The rest of the crewniverse knew, and animated it, and sent it to air.

Also, Zuke isn’t the only person to draw Amedot/Lapidot.

If there’s lapidot or amedot hints in future non-Zuke episodes, are y’all still going to send her death threats? Call her names? If you want to analyze a show on your own blog, go for it. But once you start dragging in real life people, insulting them, telling them to “go die”, you need to take a step back and calm the hell down. And tagging your ship hate has always been stupid, regardless of fandom.

If you value fictional characters over real life people, unfollow me.

namjoon + lavender for @nightgreyowl

Considering it’s been a few years since I first started professionally tutoring high school students, I know that this time of the year is always anxious for graduating seniors. You know what college you’re going in to, what you want to (hopefully) study for the next four years - it’s a good time for the nerves to start kicking in! I try to follow a little acronym called “hope” (nope it’s not my favourite word nope) and I pass on this advice to my students every year - so I thought I would share it with studyblr this year!

→ Hobbies Are Important!
Your hobbies are things that shape you and define you, activities that provide you solace and peace of mind when you need it. When college rears its ugly head and life gets busy, it’s really easy to drop your hobbies but it’s really important to continue on with them, as best as you can. Once you’re finished with college, you may find yourself with a lot of empty time on your hands. The workplace doesn’t need you to do homework, prepare for exams and make study guides - so what does one do in all this spare time? Your hobbies are as good as anything, here. No matter how significant or insignificant they are, remember to hold them close to your heart.

→ Organisation Skills Are Key!
Many of the studyblr community understand this already, so I won’t elaborate on this too much. Much of the work at the K-12 level is structured easily for the student to understand, with things like worksheets and handouts. They’re not common in college (in fact, I’ve only had them in 2 classes in 3.5 years), so to keep on top of things, it’s important to have good note-taking skills, maintain a good planner and use whatever review methods work most effectively for you to study! You may feel like college is information overload, so rather than trying to keep it all in your head, it’s better to keep it written down, so that your mind is free to absorb new information!

→ Preparing Ahead Isn’t Just For Nerds!
That’s right, cool kids can do it too! Nothing bad has ever come out of reading the next class’ chapter ahead of time or starting a study guide for the next exam right after you finish the one during last class. Being aware of the context when learning makes it much easier for your brain to comprehend and understand new material - so if you read up ahead on the chapter and you don’t understand much of it, chances are that when you go to class your brain would’ve remembered keywords, which it’ll pick up during class and help you retain this information more.

→ Expectations Are Personal!
Success is a very relative term and should be taken on a personal level. Doing your own best is always what is important - don’t be weighed down by the expectations that others place on you. Many of you will be living away from home for the first time and it’s not easy, at all. “Work smart, don’t work hard” and such quotes make it seem like being disciplined and diligent is all that matters but it is also important to take breaks and take care of yourself too! Know when to take breaks and when to take time for yourself- but also remember to try outdoing yourself before outdoing anyone else!

Once again, this is just my opinion and tips based on my college experience. It is, by no means, an exhaustive list and I believe that once you begin, you too will come to realise some things on your own. I truly wish someone had pointed these things out to me during my freshman year at college but I hope that you come across this post and don’t go through the same mistakes I did! As usual, my askbox is always open for if you ever want to talk/discuss/chat/rant/whatever! I’m so thankful for this wonderful community and I cherish you all lots, just trying to do my bit and give back!

- alli ❀

it is your thirteenth birthday and the day you finally meet your best friends

a slightly different style than usual and extremely late for day 4 of @johnweek. i’ll hopefully finish the rest of the week but no promises because i’m busy. 

please pretend his hand is that large because of foreshortening and not because of bad planning

Hey, guess what! To thank you guys for 4K, I’m hosting an art raffle! To those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically me entering the names of everyone who reblogs this into a generator and the first three get some art!

Here’s how you enter:
-reblog ONCE, if you reblog this more than once I most likely won’t enter your username. This is solely because I don’t want to make this process longer than it needs to be.
-tag as fcg4k

-The winners will be announced by April 10. After April 10, I won’t enter any more usernames into the generator or hat or whatever I’m going to use.
-I won’t accept anything NSFW or graphic, nothing illegal (pedophilia, necrophilia/bestiality, you get the gist).
-If you win and you request an OC or character I don’t know, I’m gonna need a reference sheet or detailed description of the character or subject of the drawing.
-Furries or kin art is also fine.

Thanks again for 4K, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or send something into my inbox. If you do have questions, please try to ask me through my inbox instead of messaging me privately, as others may share the same question. Thank you! :)

Act Natural

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,033

Summary: You and Cassian find yourself in a predicament: an Imperial officer is questioning why the two of you are hanging around in an empty alley. Time to act natural.

Prompt: “Heyy could you write a some Cassian Andor x reader fluff?”

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Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s notes: Anyone want some fake relationship fluff? I got u, fam. I hope you are feeling much better, anon!! I really wanted a fluff fic done by Valentine’s pero candy is half off today so I mean, technically the 15th is better than Valentine’s Day.

Reconnaissance missions suck.

You run on a gamble of either getting what you need or leaving the planet empty handed. The mission called for gathering intel on the possible Imperial occupation of an Outer Rim planet.

“In and out,” Cassian tells you once you enter the city.

“Whatever you say, captain,” you snort.

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me: *is obsessed with the idea of becoming my best self, exploring all of my talents, and living a successful inspiring life*

also me: *develops a personality disorder that makes me avoid everything and do literally nothing*

Situational comedy where Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are living in a flat in London trying to blend in with the muggle neighbors

•Using magic around the house for small things- secretly having to obliviate some kids who saw through the window oops
•Little old ladies in the building asking Sirius to take their dogs out because “they’ve taken such a liking to you, you sure have a way with dogs” - Remus snorts into his tea
•Idk how you even hide a werewolf every month in a small flat in the city but hoo boy can you imagine?


First of all, it has been a WHILE since I have done a personal post in these tags and there is a lot to catch y'all up on but I did have a special tip.

We’re always trying to figure out ways to accept money while keeping anonymity. Of course, CASH IS KING but sometimes your SD wants to send you money fast so you can get whatever you need. So after money, what is the best way to receive funds?

I have heard many people like Ca$h , Venmo, PayPal. But one of the biggest issues I have found is that despite using an alias, each of these methods DOES IN FACT reveal your real name in one way another.

So my personal favorite(and this was a tip another SB had told me about a while ago ) is Google Wallet. What’s really nice about Google Wallet is that it is attached to the name on your google account. So you can set up an alias for your new Gmail account, and when you verify your real bank account, that information is left private. Your SD will not be able to call and try and solicit that info (mine and I just tested this out) and vice versa. His name is protected despite his bank account or debit card (with his real name ) is attached. So when he sends you money, the only name that you will see will be whatever name he put when he signed up (and yes, this can be fake and not match up to your real bank account info and there won’t be an issue), and his email(again if he’s smart this will be a secondary email solely for this).

There are monthly limits, which are fairly generous given its online:
1.Bank account transfer: Limit of $10,000 USD per single transaction and $50,000 USD per 5-day period.
2.Debit card transfer: Limit of $2,500 USD per transaction and $10,000 USD per 30-day period.

If you live in Florida: You can withdraw up to $3,000 USD every 24 hours. Debit card limits still apply.

As with all things, be cautious of the terms of service. And be mindful of how often you use it. But for a means to accept smaller deposits for plane tickets or gifts, this is definitely an option to consider!

Happy Sugaring, everyone!

Bts reaction to you wanting a threesome

Request:  Can you do a BTS reacting to you wanting a threesome with one of the other members ? Thanks bb!


“You want Namjoon to join,baby? Why? Am I not enough? I mean, I’m your man, not him. Because he is rough? Am I not? He can be your master and I’m your daddy? I guess I’m okay with this. We can try.”

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“Jiminie? You want us to tie Jiminie and have fun wiht him too? And how about I tie you both and have fun with btoh my kittens? You are a small greedy kitten. Look at yourself. Nodding so fast. You tried being a big girl, but that just doesn’t work, does it?”

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“You want Hobi or Jin to join us? Why? One cock is not enough anymore? Are you a little cock slut? Yes? But of course you are. My little kitten. Whatever you want. I’ll invite them both.

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“I can call any of the boys. Who do you want? Namjoon? You are pretty greedy baby, you know that, right? Somehow my pride is hurt,but still, two people destrying your body is way more fun. I want to see Joonie owning you.

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“You want what? Y/n baby, why would you want Yoongi hyung to join us? Yes, I like…wait, are you getting turned on by watching me kissing Yoongi hyung? Yes?! Oh, ok. I guess we can ask him. Some day.


“Y/n baby, Jungkookie? Are you sure you want both me and Jungkook? Are you sure you’ll be able to survive us both. You see, you barely survive after a night with me, what’ll happend when I call my best friend. We are kinda crazy match.


“I guess we both want Tae. Good. If we call Jimin it will be more of a competition than anything else. Let’s ask Taehyung. After all, my cock and his are the best. I can’t wait to destroy this little body of yours. You’ll beg to never had asked this from me.”



Also we are playing “Would you rather” so tag along.

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