whatevs hahaha

who wants to fight against gravity?


for daichi rarepair week - day 5 : college au 

i love the idea of iwaizumi and daichi going to the same college so i immediatly thought of iwadai for this prompt lol
(i reposted it because the other version kinda hurt my eyes lol sorry)

I want there to be a moment when Lance and Keith are in battle and everything’s going to shit. There are too many enemies, the other paladins are no where in sight, they cant contact anyone, and then Keith gets knocked out and Lance loses his Bayard. But then a light in the dark, Keith’s blade slides over to Lance because of momentum when Keith fell down. Lance picks it up and he has to fight to protect Keith and him.

Without knowing how or the requirements to make the tiny blade grow bigger Lance tries, oh he tries, but he cant. He’s losing. Everything is falling to hell and the stupid blade wont work. When the enemy tries to take the blade Lace kinda gives it up so that he can find another way to win. There’s a flash and the blade grows.

For a split second, Lance’s eyes glow yellow and the enemies back away.

My arm is getting bigger, or something?


until BW proves me wrong, I’ll imagine Abelas’ hair to be something like this. thank

InuKag Week 4: “AU”

A/N: The idea came to me while listening to Met at Work…1500 words.

Traveling in a fried-out Kombi

On a hippie trail, head full of zombie

I met a strange lady, she made me nervous

She took me in and gave me breakfast

And she said


The awareness that Inuyasha required water sooner than later buzzed in his ears, annoying and persistent like the gnats that hovered his head.

But he hadn’t a drop of it, and he had traded his last horse for the rifle that burned hot steel against his back. Useless and unprovoked since the second he threw down his saddle for it.

He’d see her again…eventually. The mare was his and always would be, so he needed to find a temporary job, build up his savings again, and buy her back.

Although none of those things would happen first without his finding water.

And seeing as he was shoulders deep under a crushing weight of orange desert sand, head pushed to the side to sizzle under the unpitying sun- he was sooner fated to die of dehydration than apply for any open career positions.

“Oh my God!”

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