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I wasn’t actually planning to post these because I hate showing my art to people but whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just a collection of characters that I know of that have either been confirmed in canon/by the creator as being bi, pan or ace, or have evidence supporting it.

Characters are (left to right):

Bisexual: Korra and Asami (Legend of Korra), Bob (Bob’s Burgers), Brittany (Glee), Rose Quartz (Steven Universe), Princess Bubblegum and Marceline (Adventure Time), and Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

Asexual: Garnet (Steven Universe), and Sherlock Holmes

Pansexual: Rick (Rick and Morty), Deadpool, and Lars and Sadie (Steven Universe)

Happy Pride month!!


This is totally me. So true.

Credit : Mawka 01 on youtube.

… you know it just hit me to be amused that Amber winning the Best Actress award for playing Effie White and one of the other actresses in the running for the award (who has won 2 Oliviers before and was apparently stunning in this role (I saw her understudy)) was nominated for playing Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. Like, not to make everything about a character Amber used to play but that this award was Effie vs Fanny for the award tickled me with how much Glee used those chars as part of the Mercedes vs Rachel thing.

3x06 and 3x07 - in which glee screws up by implying that outing someone is ok as long as they are a bitch, and by being kind of sexist

Still pissed about 3x06 and 3x07. The way Glee dealt with Santana’s outing was just horrible. Santana was obviously totally out of line in how she treated Finn, but Finn reacted in a way that was far worse. Had he blown up at her, yelled at her, insulted her, or slapped her, I would have been fine with it because she would have deserved it. Heck, even if he had outed her and then immediately apologized, that would also be easily forgivable. But outing her, and then worse, downplaying it and NEVER PROPERLY APOLOGIZING OR SHOWING ANY REAL REMORSE for it was just beyond horrible. Santana picking on him is mean and cruel, but it will not cost him his friends and family, and it will not put him at fear for his safety. Outing someone poses those risks, and more. Finn should know this - Kurt, who was relentlessly bullied, is his stepbrother for goodness sakes! And even though what Finn did was just unbelievably cruel and stupid, the show still tried to glorify him. Finn was presented as the “hero” of 3x07. He tried to help Santana “accept herself”, but his actions came off as incredibly cheesy and pushy. Knowing what he did, he should have sincerely apologized, left her alone, and let someone who actually understands Santana and her situation (Brittany and maybe Mercedes/Kurt) help her instead. Talking about Brittany, why the hell was she not a major part of 3x06 and 3x07? She’s Santana’s girlfriend/bestfriend, and she’s bisexual, so she would be very much impacted by Santana’s outing. Also, Brittany has been shown to be consistently protective and supportive of Santana. Brittany should have been a far bigger part of Santana’s outing. It’s demeaning to the wonderful Brittana relationship to not include Brittany in that storyline.
The Santana-Finn drama wasn’t the only thing wrong with 3x06 and 3x07. There was also Will Shuester, who was there when Sue revealed that Finn outed Santana, yet claimed that Santana slapping Finn was “unprovoked”. Are you kidding me? Having your deepest and most dangerous secret being cruelly revealed to the entire world is basically the epitome of “provoked.” Also, EVERY SINGLE main male character in 3x06 and 3x07 was a hero or an innocent victim. (Finn, Kurt, and Blaine tried to “help” Santana, Rory was attacked by Santana, Puck becomes a good father) while EVERY SINGLE main female character is portrayed as villainous (Brittany lies to get votes in the election, Quinn tries to sabotage Shelby, Santana is borderline psychopathic, Rachel betrays Kurt to run in the election and then cheats by stuffing the ballot boxes). Isn’t this just a little bit sexist? Especially in a storyline about an outed lesbian?

  • friend: starts talking about show they like
  • me: ...
  • friend: casually mentions there are lesbians
  • me: gIVE IT TO ME
  • me: watches every episode
  • me: ships the lesbians
  • me: follows all the blogs
  • me: ships all the femslash ships
  • me: becomes fandom trash

I love Glee so much ❤️



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