Ok so I’m at work. It has been a loong day. If you didn’t know I am a wonderful c.n.a. What’s a c.n.a? It is abbreviated for certified nursing assistant. I am state tested and certified. I have been a c.n.a(slave, bell hopper) for 6 years. I didn’t know I signed myself up to take care if people in your family that you can no longer stand. Yup that’s me. I get cursed our, spitted on, yelled at, under paid and over worked, pushed and shoved around. My current job had nurse appreciation week………it was more like a damn job fair. Banks came in to try to gain customers. Thanks but no thanks. 😳😳😳.O but we had a Zumba class. Yea work me to death and then let me exercise. Thanks. O and when I wanted to put the Zumba scarf around my waist someone shouted, “that’s 10 dollars!”. 😳Thanks. O there was a massage lady for us. Didn’t find her but its the thought that count. OMG😳😳😳.any way I am so sickened. I have invented something really rad. I am putting my heart and soul into that. It’s time to be a boss lady. (Sigh) 😔😔😔whoa is me. Whoa whoa whoa waaaaaa! Lol