whateverish answered your question: Someone please explain to me why you’d tag a post…


Not sure about other add-ons, but xkit’s blacklist allows you to keep the tags of blocked posts visible, which I do, because I have pretty general blocking terms and sometimes stuff like fanart or fic or just barely related discussion is blocked, so I need some way to quickly see if a blocked post might be something I’d want to click on anyway. Spelling out the spoilers in the tags… really fucks this up for me.

i finally remember my dream that i had this morning. it was weird and had some highlights, such as:

  • at one point i posed as middle-aged nun and pretented to speak only latin (which was actually spanish… butchered by me). when some people started talking to me on the bus i just said (in latin-spanish whateverish) “This nun doesn’t understand your language” and had a smug smile. another passenger winked at me confidentially.
  • then i was pursued by teachers from my school, they wanted something from me, i was very angry, faced them and said… “Julian Tuwim, Całujcie mnie wszyscy w dupę" and walked away
  • i had a meeting with my lawyer? when i entered the room a person was leaving and said that she lost her case. i asked my lawyer if that person was me from AU where I was sued by my teachers for defamation and she confirmed it and congratulated me on not being sued
  • then someone took me to a feast. i sat by the table and i was approached by Solas who sat casually on the table, right in front of me. we had a very upfront conversation about his… hmm.. predicament. i knew about his true nature but he didn’t know how much time had passed since he uhhh went into slumber. he asked me and i told him that i seriously don’t know, just that it was long. “two years?” he asked grimly. “no, more like 20,000” i answered, completely serious. he then gave me a phial with a glowing light inside and it was, uhm, him? his soul? his godhood? himself? and walked away.
  • and right after that i was approached by Johnny Gat who asked me if i’m up to murdering and carnage. “Fuck yeah!” i fistbumped him and got up from my seat and woke up