finally, mike catches his breath and wallace’s arms, fingers hooking into his elbows. he says, “you kissed me. twice. in public. we had sex in your car. in a packed parking lot, wallace, are you kidding me?” wallace’s arms slip down to hang at his sides, shifting mike’s grip to his forearms. “that wasn’t-” “that was you owning the fuck out of this,” mike says, shaking him a little.

books read in 2016;; whatever, or how junior year became totally f$@ked

There’s a Boom! comic coming out next week and its artist is a known Tumblr artist who ships pedophilic ships, and its author wrote c.aptive prince - which I never read but many people have said it uses racist tropes - so you guys better not support it I don’t care if it has cute gays or whatever

Edit: it’s actually coming out in November, I misread some post


im literally too lazy for this heres the cutscene i got with robert during josephs third date. im too lazy to figure out the dialogue tree to unlock the ending but im Pretty sure this is proof enough due to like uhhhhh implications but whatever

edit: aaaaaand the steam achievement 

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Oh god ok this is set in a future where they share a small apartment I guess?

  •  Percy is looking at himself in the mirror.
  •  Annabeth is sitting on the bed behind him and with a book over her lap.
  •  She watches as Percy examines his reflection, taking notice of each scar.
  • There’s a thick line across his chest. There’s an “X” on his right shoulder. Both of his elbows are marked. There’s a fine streak in his stomach. Almost invisible, but there it is.
  • They are all over him.
  •  He grimaces when he touches the biggest one on his left side “Ew”.
  •  “Hey” Percy sees how Annabeth stands up through the mirror.
  •  “Look at me” she says spreading her arms.
  •  He turns to face her.
  •  He can see her scars. They are all over her, too. On her neck. On her arms. On her tights. On her knees. 
  • There’s one that starts right below her clavicle and disappears under the tank top she’s wearing.
  • Annabeth walks up to him and takes both of his hands.
  • “I’m I disgusting to you, kelp face?” she asks, as it if were a challenge.
  •  Percy snorts. “Are you kidding? Not at all. You’re just remarking your barbarian princess style. ”
  • “Then why should it be any different for you?”
  •   He looks down to his feet, thinking about it for a second and then meets Annabeth’s expectant gaze. She’s smiling.
  • So is he.
  • “As wise as always” he says, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

    This is probably really bad but i did it to conceptualize the idea for the comic in case I actually draw it sometime and it did the trick so whatever

    EDIT: this way of writing it´s inspired by blackjacktheboss.