Astro College AU - Jinjin

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-so i know what you guys are thinking

-and i’m thinking the same thing

-he needs to wear more basketball jerseys like that wowzA


-but yes

-but no not the point

-what…college course would he take? 

-music of course!

-with a lil dance on the side too

-y’all forgetting that he attended NY dance academy in ilsan?

-no? good ok let’s keep the ball rolling

-so mr jinjin


-whatever you wanna call him

-s c r e e c h 

-he will find anything to scream about

-if someone scared him

-if there’s a bug

-if mj is being annoying and extra all at once

-yeah definitely the last one

-anyways back to his course

-his music class is similar to what mine was


-weirdly amusing and a good place to hide snacks

-thank you snare drums for holding those goldfish and jaffa cakes ily xoxo gossip girl 

-but on a more serious note

-he was pretty good at writing and making music

-can him woozi and suga collab please

-him and mj 

-who are unexpectedly roomies

-no lie if you walk past their classroom you could hear one of them screeching

-super screech bros™

-and you can actually distinguish which one is which

-”is that mj??”

-”no that’s definitely jin–”


-”yeah that’s jinjin his is more like eeeee than aaaa”

-”oh yeah”

-how the fuck….


him and mj are like the powerhouse duo 

-you got jinjin on the instruments (and maybe rappin)

-and you got mj who does god sent vocals

-wow oh wow its good enough to make anyone cry 

-distinctions across the boawwwwrdd

-like they were that good

-as for his dancing course

-that’s not exactly a course 

-but it looks good on one’s cv doesn’t it?

-instead of it being an actual course it’s just something that him and first years minhyuk and bin do together

-oh yeah i forgot

-a lot of people know that jin’s name is actually jinwoo

-but he wants people to call him jinjin 

-or to actually call him

-he lonely in his heart awh

-yeah boi needs someone 




-sit still this is gonna be fun

-ok so you’re a student at the same college

-and you’re really into comic book designing

-so you took up a fine arts course at the same college as mj and jinjin

-of course

-you love comic books

-every week you get like a little box full of comics that your friends family and random people send over

-wait random people?


-you run a blog to put your artwork on and people really like it

-and you may or may not have made a po box 

-and you may or may have not let people know you have a po box

-in the end you get about 10 new comic books in different languages from all around the world and it’s so cOOL

-i still can’t get over the polish print of the sailor moon manga where they accidentlaly put sailor saturn as saILOR SATAN AHUDHASJD

-and so your room just has individual piles of books 

-and you sorted them out by make genre and company 

-so marvel’s avengers would have their own pile

-and dc’s justice league would have their own pile

-and sailor moon would have their own pile too

-one night you were finding it really hard to sleep

-so after you read your comics for a while you were ready to sleep 

-but as soon as you tried to go to sleep 

-you just closed your eyes




-and you know that squidward meme that was like he had his eyes closed and then he opened his eyes really widely and they were bloodshot and stuff


-”y/n……..is that next door….?”

-“yeah they’re probably screaming about a bug again i’ll go over and see what happened”


-it was only 11 so it wasn’t like it was so late 

-so in your marvel pj short set and your huge hoodie and slippers

-you shuffled next door 

-knocked on the door 

-and waited

-hold on

-you’ve never seen what they looked like

-you always sorted it out through the walls

-like you would ask if they were ok and they would reply 

-what the fuck 


-you see the door open

-and you’re about to go off at them 

-”hey guys i’m sorry to ask this but can—”

-you stop 

-cause in that moment

-a shaggy haired jinjin comes to the door

-and you swear that your heart was gone 

-”oh hey you live next door what’s up you need sugar or something well if you do bad news there’s a spider in the sugar jar and mj was about to make himself something to drink and he found it in there and he screamed so i got scared too and i screamed im sorry if we’re screaming loudly hi im jinjin you are?”

-”y/n…and it’s ok don’t worry i think you might need to throw the WHOLE jar away”

-”Yeah we’re gonna do that….you like marvel?”

-”o-oh yeah i do…”


“it’s pretty late so i’ll try to head back to sleep–”

“shit did we wake you up? i’m really sorry…”

-you know when boys lie when they’re sorry 

-this dude wASN’T


-bless up your heart was just stolen by a shaggy haired dude who looked so cute and you were also crying on the inside cause you were really tired

-so you said goodnight to him

-and return to your dorm 

-and when you get in


-”y/n?? you ok??”


-”did you go see what happened???”


-”i’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that our roommate is really cute and you’re kind of like ‘fuck he’s really cute how have i not seen him before so now i wanna be his friend’ so you’re gonna do that tomorrow?”


-fuck :)

-so there you were

-at 11pm 

-laying in your bed

-thinking how the fuck were you going to talk to your neighbour again


-you looked over to a pile of comic books

-you then realised that those were the ones you took with you but realised you didn’t need for various reasons

-you didn’t like it (unlikely but true)

-you already had a couple copies of the same comic

-or you’ve read it so many times that you knew the plot from back to front what bane said to batman in the 34th page and you could do the voice perfectly

-”nobody cared until i put on the mask…”

-”y/n shut the fuck up and go to sleep so you could say hi to your new crush tomorrow”

-”ok gn ily”

-”ily too”

-awh cute


-you kind of just got ready for your class 

-but then you hear a knock at the door

-you open the door

-and there’s jinjin

-wait hwat

-”oh….hey….what’s up?”

-”ok so you know about the spider situation?”

-”oh no”

-”the spider got out”

-”oh my–”

-”it’s now on mj….help me get it off?”

-”…i’ll tell my teacher i’ll be late”

-so from there on outwards

-you and jinjin became really close

-like super close

-now here’s the thing

-before you became friends with jinjin

-yes you expressed a lot of love to people 

-you know like emotional

-but not physically

-so like skinship fro you was a no no sometimes

-i mean you hugged your friend when you accidentally fell asleep on her but that was one time

-but after becoming friends with jinjin

-you kind of

-just hugged him

-thats what friends do right


-so whenever you saw jinjin in the hallway or something you would always hug him from behind like bAM BITCH GOT U 


-woop woop bitch

-everytime you heard him scream it’s either abut mj or your friend scaring him or a bug

-so you just sort it out for him 

-and he’s still screaming but quieter than before

-so you just hug him and pat his head to calm him down

-he also comes to your dorm more often!! 

-so he just hangs out with you in your room while you two read comics too



-even one mention of the word stress that came out of your mouth 

-5 seconds later he would be at your door with cookies and a whole bunch of marvel dvds

-”oh jeez….am i getting stressed out again?”

-and outside your door you could just hear him running to your door shouting

-”not in fronT OF MY SALAD”

-don’t @ me i still use that meme

-”oh hey jin–”

-”you me your room right now i got chocolate chip cookies and thor isn’t goiNG TO WATCH ITSELF COME ON”

-ok but to be honest you two are so cute awh 

-and everytime you two watched a movie

-you two SOMEHOW ended up cuddlin

-and SOMEHOW you would latch on like a little koala to jinjin

-and SOMEHOW jinjin would hug bac while he’s stroking your hair

-and SOMEHOW you fall asleep 

-because FUCK i really like your company and you’re REALLY really really reallY comfy to sleep with and you’re so warm too

-and jinjin feels the same about you fuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUuuuck

-ok so when it was nearing the end of year (calendar year not academic!!!!!!!) projects you were stressed outta your mind but you were getting through it fine

-you lied you were crying every night

-and the night before everything was due in

-so your project the coursework and anything else you had to give in

-you were just numb from the head down

-and so was jinjin cause he had to work on his music project

-so out of a brilliant work of miraculous magic

-you both messages each other at the exact same time and jinjin asked if you two could hang out tonight but you were like 

-”work comes first sorry baby”

-and you put your phone down

-whoever said that was a god damn liar thouGOH MY GOD 





-oh this was not good 

-this was not good at all 

-and jinjin is just there like ”aww :( ok wait hold on she just called me baby aww shes so cute i fuckin adore and cherish her so much aw wait i have a crush on her FUCK”


-so you hand everything in 

-and you didn’t expect your teacher to really enjoy your work

-half the time he was just ready to throw a huge “for big mistakes” rubber at your head


-and the work jinjin handed in was great!!! 

-his teacher loved it so much!! wow good on u boi!!!

-so when you finished class

-you headed back to your dorm and just crashed on your bed

-and you just laid there like 

-”wtf i did it i’m so proud of myself how the fuck did i do– where the hell is jinjin i need him right now wtf wait hold on yeah i do have a crush on hIM JINJIN”

-and you’re just waiting there after texting him about how you did 

-and you’re just wanting him to come over at that second 

-like right then and there 

-oh there he is

-you just see your door open and your face goes from

-(ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)


-‧⁺( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )⁺‧

-he nyooms over to you and just hugs you so much like if there was a choice between letting you go for cake and you dying or him letting the cake die

-CATCH🙌🙌🙌🙌HIM🙇🙇🙇🙇AT📧📧📧📧THE CAKE’S🎂🎂🎂🎂FUNERAL⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️



-you two are just lying there and he then remembers

-”y/n!! how did you do???”

-”how did you do ?!”

-”i asked you first!”

-”i asked you second!”

-”ok then i did great!”

-”good cause i think i did great too!”

-”i know you did great”

-he’s then suddenly calm

-and he’s just looking down to you 

-and then bam

-he just says FUCK IT

-(a lot of them say fuck it when it comes to this point in liking you don’t they? i realised that just now 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔)

-and just




-like if there was a perfect moment scale for when a moment should happen


-your cheeks go the same colour as the red for HOLY FUCK THIS WAS A GREAT TIME TO KISS Y/N ON THE HEAD GOOD ON YOU JINJIN area and it was so cute awww

-but you’re confused???

-he’s never shown you that level of love before???

-but then again you’re right next to his heart (literally) and you can heart his heart going fuckin wild in there whats going on jinjin you got an illegal rave going on in there call the poliCE

-oh wait are you doing this to him?

-oh ok then it’s fine

-SOMEHOW you two gazed a each other at the exact same time

-and you could…..just feel him lean in closer

-but you 

-you get a little shy and hide your face into his jumper

-like bruh


-fuck ok got that out of my system

-you look back up and he’s stILL THERE




-fuck it you kiss him

-and you did

-you leaned up and softly placed your lips onto his

-it was only for like a second 

-but in your head you were like fINALLY I DID IT WAIT IM DOING IT FUCK DID HE WANT TO KISS ME

-Y - E - S    S P E L L S    Y E S he did wanna kiss your beautiful ass face

-you back up and hide your face again in his jumper and he just stays there for a while before hugging you tighter

-”so y/n when were you going to tell me that you like me?

-”when were you?”

“i asked you first”

“i asked–”


-just another small kiss by jinjin

-”well i was going to tell you when i got here but i think i already did”

-and again your cheeks: red

-your mind: dizzy

-your heart: his 

-his heart: yours

-well fuck this was soft bye 


-”what was that?”

-”probably nothi–”




-”should we help?”



-”yeah we should help him”


◇ “Now’s not the time to be getting shy on me, doll - you certainly weren’t when you were sitting on my lap.”

◇ Bobby x reader

◇ highschool!au


You weren’t stupid, and you definitely wouldn’t deny that you had feelings for Kim Jiwon - or Bobby, as he was more widely known. He was handsome, and smart, and funny - there was only one problem; he was your arch-enemy.

It was stupid, admittedly; it had started way before you had entered high school, with Bobby challenging you to see how many maths problems you could solve in one minute (you won), and from then on, it was known that you and Kim Jiwon didn’t get along one bit.

But as you grew older, and you started to develop, you couldn’t help but thinking about him and noticing how he’d changed; his sharp jawline, his tall and slim stature, his stupid humor and his adorable laugh… And you couldn’t help but get jealous when other girls would talk about him, even though you had no reason to be.

But if you were any two things, you were stubborn and oblivious, so you tried to ignore your feelings while simultaneously having no idea his existed.


“-and anyway, ______,” Dahyun explains, folding her arms in irritation as she looks up and down the road, waiting for the school bus with you, “You can just go with me and Tzuyu to prom - we’ve both decided that we don’t need dates, and we’re just gonna stick together-”

She huffs directly after, peeking up the road and groaning, “Where is this bus?”

You roll your eyes at your best friend, seeing her face light up when she spots the bus and darken straight after as she realizes that she’s going to school. “It’s not that I can’t find a date to prom,” you object, readjusting your bag as the bus approaches, “Because people have asked me - they were just not my type-”

“You mean Bobby,” Dahyun teases, turning to see your reaction and getting hit on the arm a few seconds later. “Come on, ______. We all know it’s completely true.”

“And by ‘we’, I’m guessing you mean you, Somi and Tzuyu?” You ask with a raised eyebrow, watching as the bus doors open in front of you. You board the bus, greeting the bus driver, and spot your seat. Well - not your seat, because it wasn’t given to you, but practically everyone knew that it was your seat. With Dahyun sitting next to you and Tzuyu and Somi sitting in front. Bobby and his friends sat a few seats in front of you, which meant that you had to walk past them at least once a day - if you were lucky.

Dahyun shrugs, sitting next to you as the bus starts to move again. She greets Somi and Tzuyu, before turning to you. “I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now. Unlike you, we’re not completely oblivious.”

You frown, hitting her on the shoulder yet again as Somi and Tzuyu turn around in their seats to face you. “Are we talking about _____ and Bobby?” Somi asks, resting her chin on the handrail on the back of her seat.

Your eyebrows raise as you exclaim in exasperation, “Why does everyone know about this except me-?”

“Can you keep it down, ______?” A voice asks. You look up, and of course, there he is. Kim Jiwon, Bobby, whatever you wanna call him. Amongst your talking with your friends, you hadn’t noticed that the school bus had stopped at his stop, and that he had boarded with the rest of his rowdy friends who were already filling the bus with noise. “It’s too early for your voice-”

“Says the one who’s friends are acting like a bunch of dogs,” your nose wrinkles as you take in the nature of his friends, shouting and throwing stuff and doing idiotic things that you wouldn’t dream of doing. “Put them on a leash, will you?”

Surprisingly, he doesn’t answer back, but only raises an eyebrow with a tiny smile and turns to his friends. They don’t quiet down, but he doesn’t contribute to the noise and a part of you hopes that it was because of you.

Turning back to your friends, you’re met with cheesy grins and knowing looks. You roll your eyes, crossing your arms and huffing as you turn to look out the window. “Maybe… maybe you’re right…”


About a half hour later, you see the school start to appear in the distance, and as usual, some people start to stand, waiting patiently as the bus drives along quicker than usual to get to the school.

Just my luck, you think, as you stand and wait as well, only to be left standing directly beside Bobby and his other friend who was sitting by the window. You hold your breath, hoping that with the speed of the bus - which was, unusually faster than usual - you’d get to the school and not have to breath in the same space as him. You could feel him staring at you; you hoped your cheeks weren’t as red as they looked-

It all happened so fast - one moment, you were blushing to yourself at the thought of Kim Jiwon, sitting next to your standing form, and the next, the bus was braking incredibly quickly, sending you lurching back and straight into Bobby’s lap with a squeal.

As the bus halted to stop, you tried to catch your breath, taking in what happened in the last second. It was only when you realized that somebody’s hands were wrapped around your waist did you stand up, blushing furiously bright and trying not to look at your ‘arch enemy’ who was doing the same.

You brushed yourself off with trembling hands, not looking at Bobby as you muttered ‘sorry’ and almost sprinted off of the school bus. So preoccupied with getting away from the embarrassing situation, you didn’t notice how Bobby called after you, wanting to ask a question that had been on his mind for a while.


“It was so embarrassing,” you groan pathetically, shoveling kimchi stew and rice into your mouth in an attempt to just forget about everything from this morning. “I’m sure I was as red as a tomato-”

“You were,” Somi chirps in. Dahyun giggles and Tzuyu is rolling her eyes, but she’s laughing too. How nice to know that your friends can laugh at your pain.

“-that’s not helping, at all,” you continue to rant, “And I fell straight on his lap. Jeez, how am I supposed to be his arch-enemy if I can’t even look him in the eye anymore?”

“Plot twist,” Dahyun puts on her best ‘narrator’s voice’, “You’re not meant to be arch-enemies. You’re supposed to be lovers!”

Your nose wrinkles at her wording. “I don’t want to have sex until-”

“That’s not what I meant,” Dahyun groans, finishing up the last of her food, “And you know it.”

Rolling your eyes, you say goodbye to Somi and Tzuyu, grabbing your lunch tray and walking towards the garbage bin. And who’s table do you have to walk past? His, of course - it seems like the universe is out to get you. You don’t understand - did you forget to feed the dogs? Did you accidentally break someone’s heart when you refused their prom invitation-?

“Hey, ______!” Someone’s calling you and you know it’s not a friend, because they’re using your last name, and anyone on a last-name basis with you is either stupid or mean or both. You turn your head to the side, to see Hanbin, one of Bobby’s friends. He’s not stupid but he can be annoying, so it doesn’t surprise you what he says next. “You wanna sit on my lap?”

The table he’s sitting at rings with laughter as everyone recalls the incident this morning - and you see him, Bobby, laughing along. You don’t know what it is, maybe the fact that you thought he could’ve liked you or the fact that you’ve never been so publicly humiliated before, but you feel tears of frustration sting at your eyes, and then you’re shoving your lunch tray into Dahyun’s hands and striding out of the cafeteria, everyone watching you leave in silence.

Embarrassment is clawing at your stomach and you know you probably over-reacted, but you know what’s going to happen now - the incident would spread all over school, people would find out you liked Bobby, and then he’d laugh in your face because who would like the girl they’ve been fighting with for the past few years? You’d be humiliated even more, and now you were dreading even going to the next class.

“Ugh,” you groan, sliding down against your locker and wiping at the stupid tears that had managed to trickle down your skin. “Why am I crying? God, get yourself together, ____.”

“______!” Someone’s shouting, and your heart stops. You know who it is, and his voice sounds close - you consider running away but then he’s turning the corner, panting and frowning as he sees you.

“What happened back there?” Bobby asks, kneeling down beside you. You sit up straight, putting on your best ‘I’m fine’ face, and looking at him in confusion.

“What exactly are you talking about, Kim?” You ask, turning your head away from him and hoping you’re upholding your prissy and prim demeanor. “Nothing happened.”

You tried to ignore how your heart was beating erratically because he’s kneeling down close to you, he came to check up on you, he’s concerned. Bobby raises an eyebrow. “Nothing? You looked on the verge of tears.” At your silence, he sighs, “Look, I just wanna make sure you’re okay. And, actually, I have something to ask you, but I don’t think I want to if you’re feeling emotionally unstable…”

He trails off on a playful note, and you roll your eyes, leaning your head back against the cool metal of the locker. You bite your lip - are you about to do this? Screwing your eyes shut, you take a deep breath and start. “Okay, so maybe I was just a little upset because I thought you possibly… liked me, I guess, and then I saw you laughing at Hanbin’s joke and I felt a little… humiliated, okay?”

You open your eyes and he’s staring at you, biting his lip with wide eyes. You roll your eyes, starting to stand up and dusting off your skirt. “Forget it, I shouldn’t have said anything.” You feel a stone of mortification and awkwardness settle in your stomach as you start to walk off.

“Wait!” You don’t know if you should keep walking or stop, because honestly, this could go two ways - he rejects you, or he somehow miraculously returns your feelings. You decide to stop, turning your head to watch him get up and walk towards you.

“You never asked me what I was gonna ask you,” he says tilting his head to the side. You raise an eyebrow. Seriously? If he was gonna reject you, he could just do it simply. Nonetheless, you decide to play into his tricks and amuse him.


“Do you, maybe, wanna go prom with me?” The breath is knocked out of your chest and you know you shouldn’t react this way - it’s only prom, after all, he’s not proposing -, eyes widening and eyebrows contorted in confusion.

“You - me - prom?” You ask incredulously. “You… wanna go with me… to prom?”  

“Would this be the right time to say I’ve had a crush on you since the start of high school?” He wonders, grinning a dopey smile as he sees the blush rising on your cheeks.

“No? Probably?” You breathe out, biting your lip, “I mean, I’ve had a crush on you since… I don’t know, but I do-”

“Well, then, prom date,” Bobby says as he grabs your hand and interlinks your fingers, “What do you say we go back to the cafeteria and clear things up with your friends? Dahyun looked as if she was about to have a heart attack.”

“That - that would be a good idea,” you mutter shyly, looking down to the floor at your feet walking in sync with Bobby’s.

He raises an eyebrow, nudging you playfully, “Now’s not the time to be getting shy on me, doll - you certainly weren’t when you were sitting on my lap-”

“Kim Jiwon!”

Sebastian Morgenstern // The Mortal Instruments // Cassandra Clare

“Your Bracelet,“ she said.  "Acheronta movebo.’  It doesn’t mean ‘Thus always to tyrants.’  That’s 'sic semper tyrannis.’ This is from Virgil. 'Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.’ If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.  










FOR hattoririma

anonymous asked:

Mimi tell me everything about howon..i miss him and miss ur tag also

oh god where do i even begin with this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

ok howon hoya hodong hoaegi usher enthusiast…. WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL HIM, he’s one hell of a boy… i don’t even know where to start with this and i’m positive i’ve done this like two times before but it’s like… there are so many things we can talk about… 

but anyways… the first thing that comes to mind no matter who’s asking me or no matter the amount of times anyone’s asked me is determination. i find hoya to be a really inspiring person but the one thing that stands out to me the most is his determination. he’s the type of person where when he sets his mind up to do something, he’s going to do whatever he can to achieve it even if it meant risking his health or anything similar to that. like his desire to grow and develop is so ??? i mean i’m really happy he has high standards and expectations and is constantly trying to better himself but WHAT IS LEFT FOR YOU TO DO, YOU LITERALLY DO EVERYTHING like there’s dancing, singing, rapping, acting, composing, playing piano and drums, ACROSTIC POEMS, GAGS and the list just continues to grow ok like how can he become better when he’s already amazing at everything ㅠㅠ not only that but his dedication for his dreams and goals is also one thing that really stands out to me. i’m pretty sure by now, everyone’s heard of his story where he went against his father’s wishes and dropped out of school to chase after his dreams and i think it takes a lot of courage to do something like this and i really commend him for being able to make it through his difficult times to get to where he is today. he’s also a really stubborn person… not only is he stubborn but he’s also a really big perfectionist too and those two personality traits seem to go hand in hand with each other. even if we were to tell him a million times over and over again that we were fine with something he did, he’s not satisfied if he’s not pleased with it yet and this is where i grow a little worried and concerned sometimes because i just think he’s a little too hard on himself and should give himself a little break too ㅠㅠ another thing that really attracted me to hoya was his mysterious personality? i’m sure there’s a better word to describe him but since i’m lacking in vocabulary terms right now, that’s what i’m going to go with LOL he’s the type of person where when you first look at him and meet him, he’s super quiet and awkward??? but like it turns out, he’s really not? i think this is where his super rare ab blood type comes into play because i think he’s a really… unique person and this is what really attracted me to him? like he seems quiet but i feel like if you spent an hour with him and he was able to open up, you’d be laughing at his witty personality (WHICH I LOVE BTW), his lame jokes/gags and all the ridiculous stuff that tends to leave his mouth. this is pretty typical but i literally love his the sassy/bitchy side to him too ok i think it’s so funny i die every time omfg ALSO HIS CUTE SIDE i’m going to be real here, hoya really sucks at aegyo but he’s naturally cute… i don’t think he realizes it ever and if he did he’d probably try to prevent it but he’s the cutest little squish ever. one of the things that really worries me is how he always keeps his feelings and worries to himself. i guess he’s just your typical “busan man” where he wants people to think he’s tough all the time but i know deep down, he’s a really soft hearted person and has moments where he cries by himself omg ;;; i just think keeping all of this to himself will only make him feel lonelier so i hope he’s able to find someone who he can talk about his feelings and share what’s on his mind with ;; and omg his confidence… idk about everyone else, but i think it’s really attractive when a person is confident in themselves and hoya is just BASKING in his confidence sometimes. and i hate how sometimes he just LOOKS SO GOOD that it makes me feel so many things and fall off my bed so many times. tbh i kinda have really mixed feelings about this because at one point, he did mention that he has low self confidence because he feels as if he’s lacking a lot but because he knows there are people out there and because he trusts in the love fans give to him and who love him dearly, he doesn’t want to let them down, therefore he feels as if it’s not right for him to have low self confidence??? idk if i worded that out well but uGH i also absolutely love love LOVE seeing him on stage because i think this is when he shines the brightest??? i don’t know about anyone else but seeing someone doing what they love with the people they love surrounding them is actually like… a blessing to see? idk i just feel like whenever he’s on stage, he’s radiating brighter than the sun ever could. ALSO HIS SMILE AND LAUGH OH MY GOD I COULD TALK ABOUT THIS FOREVER i know people are obsessed with dongwoo’s laugh because it could literally cure any disease but if you listen closely to hoya’s laugh, it all starts out really soft and then explodes like “eu hahahAHAHAHAHA” AND I THINK THAT IS SO CUTE IT MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD AND HAPPY LIKE RAINBOWS AND SUNSHINE AND WHEN HE GENUINELY SMILES LIKE SUPER WIDELY, I LOVE IT BECAUSE I GET TO SEE HIS PERFECT PEARLY WHITE TEETH AND HOW TINY HIS EYES GET JUST CAUSE HIS SMILE IS SO WIDE IT’S LITERALLY BRIGHTER THAN SUNSHINE I AM SO IN LOVE 

ok so basically, this is all i got 

and my tags will make a comeback eventually i promise

Keep The Family Close (Avengers/Agents of SHIELD x Reader) Part.2

Pairing(s): Wanda Maximoff x Reader (Main), Agents of SHIELD x Reader, Avengers x Reader
Summary: Part 2 of Keep The Family Close
Word Count: 918
Warnings: nosey agents

AUTHOR’S NOTES: I would have had this finished sooner, but I have been super busy. I also got to watch Civil War, but I don’t think I’ll incorporate into this fic…. maybe the next one?

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anxietyatthedancehall  asked:

This is the anon who asked to draw your ocs and I was gonna draw Riley Luca and Papaya until I realized that I don't really know anything about Riley so, may I have some information about him? It okay if you can't but drawing has proven to be v frustrating with no guidance, and he's v pretty.

ahh thanks so much!! I was gonna reply privately but I saved it as a draft by mistake and now that’s no longer an option so…sorry…let’s go…

…oh gosh Riley…oh Riley…he is the character with the most uncomfortable backstory lmao. Imma bulletpoint this info under the cut:

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My Fawn ! er.. man.. boy.. Spotty crossdressing mess, Teen, deer butt.. Well whatever you wanna call him! This Is Leif! A Precious Fawn with an unholy amount of badluck, and terrible anxiety about hardly anything. Except Nagas surprisingly. Unsuprisingly this makes him the target of his many many other ‘housemates’ From Giant Arachnids to Kappas who have taken WAY too much interest in him, Despite all of this he’s Still a cheerful shy deerbutt. And I love him.