here are some things tumblr needs to remember: shipping a cannon bisexual in a hetrosexual relationship is not homophobic. Shipping a non-cannon ship between two white people instead of a non cannon ship between a minority and a black person is not racist. Love is love is love and you ship what you want. Don’t let people insult you for that

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Something I've been wondering since you've seem to have read killing stalking. I don't know too much about, it has a stalker and I think some serial killer and some psychological horror shit and usually I'd be down but I've also heard that romanticizes abusive relationships? In which I am not about that. On another hand I've hear it's the fandom romanticizing it, and that it's a genuinely good psychological horror that has an abusive relationship. I want to hear your stance on it?

It’s a genuinely good series that does not romanticize that kind of “relationship” or whatever the fuck is going on at all. But. Of course, like most fandoms, there are THOSE fans.

I’ve seen fans LEGIT ship them. Or people who treat the characters as “perfect little babies who did nothing wrong” and ummm NOPE. NU-UH. 

Most people who are fans are intelligent enough to know its NOT a romance/”yaoi” series and treat it as a psychological horror as it should be. Cuz that’s what it fucking is. But the fans who romanticize it def give off a bad impression to people who havent read it. 

It’s a bummer really haha I love looking through the Killing Stalking tag cuz the fanart….is so gorgeous. It’s so different from the YOI fanart (as it should be) but seeing posts from gross people who think like that really ruins it for me! I scroll passed those people so fast dude. 

ANYWAYS It’s very good and it creeps me the fuck out and it inspires me to get into darker art fersure. It’s uh…very….graphic and dark though like…this is your warning. It’s fucked up. Like. Fucked. 


…“the hair” is near! 😆 And I’m not even going to say anything about some of the photos. 💋

…and why does looking at a bow and arrow make me nervous???

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Not gonna lie, I wasn't that fussed about Voltron. But having watched a couple of your streams I am now planning to binge-watch it all (and doubtless get hyped for the next season), partly because I'm interested and partly because of all the shipping chat

GET IN. I will happily be the first to welcome you into Voltron hell with open arms, whatever you end up shipping. 

Although you might wanna get onto season one quick because season two airs on Friday. You’ll have like…the tiniest window to be hyped about it lmao OR!! You could wait until season two has aired and then binge watch the ENTIRE thing in one go. You might end up in some sort of Voltron coma but I reckon it would be worth it…

We, One Piece Fandom.

SanNa, ZoSan.

LuNa, SanVivi, SanViola, LuLaw, SanPudding, SanLaw, SanAce, SanKid, LuBoa, LuMarguerite, LuRebecca, ZoroRobin, ZoroTashigi, ZoroKuina, ZoroReiju, RobinFranky, ChopperMilky, UsoppSan, UsoppNami, UsoppKaja, etc.

Whatever we ship, there is only a truth: 

One Piece’s fandom is extraordinary and respectful and I love you all.

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Random thoughts on Hwarang

~SaeRo’s kissy moments in the open field had me grinning like an idiot as I went “Take that, you SaeRo haters!!!!” “That’s how you do a proper kiss!”: make sure it’s consensual–and by consensual I mean feelings are being reciprocated for the kiss to be welcome even if it’s unexpected.) Anyway, Ah Ro violated his lips first with her flimsy attempt at mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Lol! Her lips touched his not once but twice before the final lip lock, FYI!

~Dog-Bird being a “sacred bone” or “seonggol“  does complicate the #SaeRo ship. But does his family being erased from the Royal Registries make him at least at Ah Ro’s level? *wishful thinking* (#SaeRo shipper here!!) :)))

~I am mentally preparing myself for whatever twist Moo Myung’s fainting spells will bring to our story. If he doesn’t live long enough to make at least a dozen babies with Ah-Ro—my heart will break into a million pieces and I’ve only begun putting it back together after SH:R dammit. :((( *can we offer up Han Sung as sacrifice instead, lol!!!*  *or maybe Yeo Wool!*

~Sam Maek Jong King Jinhueng is beautiful, but I will never ship him with Ah-Ro even if she happened to love him back because she will never be happy with him in the long run. I have learned my lesson in SH:R. Ah Ro’s station as a “half-breed” will bring her as far up as head concubine but never Queen. I doubt her personality can bear that.

~Princess Sook Myung is pretty much the most badass princess in Seorabeol. Moo Myung can be a passing fancy for her, never long-term as I don’t see anything of value that Moo Myung can offer her (except his body lol). He doesn’t even need to protect her as she is the better sword-fighter.

~Soo Yeon is perfect for Ban Ryu in every way. She’s the peanut butter to his jelly, she’s the smoke to his high….lalala! I can picture them already as a married couple taking on the world—she does all the talking, Ban Ryu, the glaring. :)))

~Soo Ho falling for the Queen is his karma for dating all his sister’s friends. Lol. And if the Queen later on accepts him as her lover–and as the rebound guy to being rejected time and again by our Master Ahn-Ji–that’s fine with me. I’m sure Soo Ho won’t complain either. :)

~Dan Se, Han Sung’s big brother, deserves his own ship.

~We need a Pa Oh Appreciation Day! :))) The Forever 22. :)

~Yeo Wool’s character development: he learns to stop fights now instead of just watching all hell break loose. Lol!

I’m browsing through the wiki and

Literally half of the ‘Chiaki’ part on Hajime’s wiki page is ‘he blushes when they met so it’s implied he likes her’, ‘when he says thanks it’s implied that there is something beyond these words’, ‘their free time events suggests that their relationship goes beyond friendship’, ‘Hinata seems to be the most devastated by her death’

Nothing on her impact on his character or the role she plays with him, just ‘she is the waifu, i tell you’.

Her part is filled with headcanons, that’s amazing.

let’s be real here……I don’t dislike mchanzo or pharmercy or gency or reaper76 because they’re problematic or it goes against my ships or it’s racist or whatever………..I dislike them because I don’t ship them
not everything needs such a big reason behind it
I jus don’t like em

todays episodes were gifts to mythical beasts!!!

i am in love with the “whatever wednesday” concept!

i actually really missed those old episodes where they would just talk about random stuff and this feels like the good ol times

also that more episode!

they were so open and more comfortable then ever in terms of “shipping”and even though it looked/felt awkward at times they did enjoy it

and so did i!

i laughed so hard my tummy hurts!

today was a fantastic day :D

Hey what’s up you guys!
this is…
And you will be seeing a lot more of those! And by “those” i mean stydia turned into starco, the way arround, stydia’s quotes and scenes on starco pics, starco quotes and scenes on stydia pics so hope you like it!
If not, let me know! Not like I’ll stop doing what I like but I’ll be more understanding and do what is better for everyone!
Tell me more ships you guys want me to turn into starco or use quotes or whatever.
Love you! Byeeee

okay but u know what i have ships icons for ships that will never happen but i still like (because im weak.  When i say im weak you gotta believe me)

yes that is ace

sobs my little gay heart this villain ship is so pure

I don’t understand but I can get behind that

I really don’t understand but whatever

Yes marco even u

Classy old men i can get behind

but there’s a couple of icons of my otp i have i know ill never get to use but theyre so cute i just cant  delete them

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Do you guys have any tips for drawing self ship stuff or-

Just draw it. Like honestly that’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten - don’t think too hard about it, don’t worry how others will feel about it, don’t worry how good the art looks, just draw it and have fun with it! Make your self insert look happy and cool, just how you wanna look! Make your faves happy to be there! Draw sweet fluffy stuff that makes you happy, or whatever else pleases you!

Just draw it, and don’t feel pressured to post it, if that makes you anxious… but if you do wanna post it, be proud and love it!

- mod princess <3

A mini rant on the hate for Sherlolly

My tolerance for the hate directed towards us, the Sherlolly fandom, is actually zero and I’m really annoyed at the lack of respect some of the fans are showing, both to us as shippers and the creators and actors of the show. I mean they have done their best and created an amazing show and when something doesn’t turn out just how you wanted you have to whine. Did you see us whining in the many Johnlock moments? We didn’t get angry or jealous during the TLD hug but now we got the “I love you” you’re saying it “wasn’t real” and “he was only trying to save her”. How about you shut your mouth and let people ship whatever they want and interpret scenes how they want, how most of us did for you? In the end, everything became canon in one way or another and just to make things clear I ship both ships anyway, so I don’t hate either one, although my heart lies in Sherlolly. I’m just really annoyed at some of this fandom and their negative attitude. We were in this together for 7 years.

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Okay, so I haven't been in the adlock tag for some time now, but when I return, I see tons of people talking about "Nero"? What is Nero and how did it start?

Hey, anon :) Good question.

‘Nero’ is Nero Wolfe. He’s another detective from another series of novels by Rex Stout. He’s a private investigator based in New York, whose adventures are narrated by his associate, Archie Goodwin (sounds familiar, I know). And while there’s no solid connection between the Nero Wolfe mysteries and Sherlock Holmes, there was a theory popularized by William Baring-Gould (a Sherlock Holmes scholar) that Nero was the original Adlock baby, conceived and born in Montenegro. So Nero’s kind of been a staple in Adlock parentlock fanfics as Nero/Nero Wolfe/Nero Adler-Holmes/Girl Nero or whatever else incarnation people can think of, or at least that I’ve seen (don’t take my word for it, I’ve only been in this ship for less than a year :p) 

Here’s the Wikipedia link if you wanna know more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nero_Wolfe

Actually, by coincidence, I’m writing a Nero-Adlock fic right now, lol :D Thanks for asking!