To whoever may read this:

I really just wanted to let you know that whatever you may think, you’re worth every ounce of happiness. I hope that if you’re feeling pain, you remember that it’s temporary. I hope that if you’re happy, you cherish it and that you know you deserve it. I hope that wherever you are in life, you remember that it’s leading you to great things. I hope that if you had a bad day, you still sleep well and are visited with sweet dreams. I hope that if you had a good day, you can lay in bed and smile and reflect on the blessings. I hope people do favors for you. And I hope you can also pay it forward. I hope that, no matter where you find yourself right now, you are reminded that you have so much courage, strength, and beauty in yourself.

If you ask most Hindu people, “Would you mind if I wore a bindi?” they would probably say “No I don’t” to the question if it came from someone who isn’t a Hindu. To be honest, even I would be on the fence about the question. I don’t think it’s so much the fact that you’re culturally appropriating a part of our religion- because let’s be honest, if us Indians are not on the motherland, and if we aren’t extremely religious, we only use our bindis to wear for parties to complement our Indian clothes and for religious ceremonies- as it is frustration that you’ve made us renounce our culture to assimilate to the “American” culture whatever that may be and then come around and take up the pretty parts of our culture and make them a fashion statement.

I moved from India when I was in the 5th grade and to be honest I would not relate much to the girl that I was then. Just in September I was told that “You know, there was a girl in my 5th grade class who was fresh off the boat. She wore long skirts, she had an accent, and she was just weird.” I had to come clean to the guy that the girl he was referring to was me, and I have changed from then, and it’s true. I have an almost flawless “American” accent, I don’t wear long skirts as often, nor do I act like I used to when I first came to America. I’m pretty sure I even stopped wearing a bindi the first few days after I started school because no one else did so. Before moving I used to love using different colored kum kum to create cute designs between my eyebrows. Now I only wear a small black bindi whenever I wear Indian clothes, which isn’t that often because I find myself more comfortable in Jean and Shirts rather than Salwars or Langa Vonis (Half saris)…

When I think back to this, it frustrates me because think of how many other girls had to change themselves, give up parts of their culture that they were made fun of, like their bindis, their flavorful and aromatic- or if you want to be nasty about it, pungent- food, their beautiful Indian clothes, to assimilate into the American culture, only to see that years later, those very things they’ve given up are now fashionable. This is why we are arguing against using parts of our culture. This is why I say #ReclaimTheBindi

okay but there’s a river in my country that has the same colour as SHINee’s official fanclub colour and it’s awesome
okay maybe not exactly the same but…   

pretty isn’t it?

fun fact: it is also the river they used in  The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

some more awesome pictures:    here   try and   tell me  it’s not  the prettiest river  you’ve ever seen


Monet Theme by deersprouts

Guess I’ve been bitten by a little coding bug because I designed another theme (or rather, another version of the one I made for myself). I threw in an updates tab and muse page as well, because why not. It’s the first theme I’m releasing on this blog so yay for that!


  • 4 tabs: main, ask, rules, and connections (although you may use them for whatever)
  • hover effect on description
  • network tab layout with clickable headers that hide/unhide sections
  • iMessage-like chat posts
  • fully functioning updates tab
  • version 1 includes 2 icons above the sidebar
  • version 2 includes 1 icon and 5 more optional links

*Sidebar icons are automatically resized to 75x75 pixels
*Network icons are automatically resized to 80x80 pixels

Pretty much all the colors in this theme are customizable. I also included instructions for how to use it in the code itself. Let me know if you encounter any problems or if you need help installing it or anything.

Please don’t steal/redistribute/claim this theme as your own and please don’t remove the credits, thank you. A like/reblog would be lovely although it isn’t necessary. Enjoy!

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You know now that i think about it.. there were hints this last month.

Hakssem telling us in his apology that daehyun will return to seoul to train again. I always wondered what he meant with that; why daehyun had to go to seoul to train because of the issue on his bday. It never made sense to me.. now it does.

Yongguks tweet “bap i love you”. I always had mixed feelings about it. I just felt like something must have happened for him to say something like that on twitter for everyone to see. He is just simply not the type to tell something ao intimate to everyone out of nowhere or without reason. I always felt like he tweeted that not to reassure us fans but to reassure the other five cause of whatever may have happened.. and now i think it could very well be that the decision was made that day… maybe idk.

And lastly daehyuns insta post of the ot6 fanart…

So i think it could very well be true. I just hope they made new contracts and included an easy and fast termination if something like this happened again.


anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for developing feelings for a close friend (who you adore as a person) but who is not Christian, so you know that pursuing the relationship is not the right thing to do?

Yes, if you love them you don’t have to pursue a relationship with that person. You don’t need to stop yourself from feeling love or romantic feelings for them, you just need to use these feelings to pursue the will of God. With romantic emotions typically we think of pursuing them for ourselves. In reality we should bring everyone we love towards God. This doesn’t just mean inviting them to Church or youth groups, infact a lot of people who are not Christian are really closed off to this, this means allowing God to work through you, to be an example of Christ like love.

This may just mean praying for this person daily.

Whatever God calls you to do, people are in our hearts for many reasons, and we cannot see thier whole path, a path that may lead to God. Pray for chastity, purity, and a love that is truly unselfish. Maybe this person is flooding your mind and heart because God is calling for you to pray for them and for thier conversion.

Just ask God, “I have these feelings, now what do I do? I want to use this loving heart for Your Will!”

If we truly love others, we must tenderly care for thier souls.

anonymous asked:

to the anon wanting to go to gee's concert in new orleans ~ PLEASE be careful. i live about 25 mins away from there and things get insane during festivals. there has been recent serial killings, and i was down there for essence and some guy tried to connive me and my (underage) friends to drink with him. when i told him to fuck off, he got extremely angry and just said, "say it again." also DONT stay at the new orleans marriot whatever u do it is tERRIBLE.

Oh man. He may not sign after all then. I remember he once didn’t sign after a show because the area was too sketchy, and he didnt want any of his fans (or himself I’m sure) to be standing around late at night in that kind of scene.

Thanks for the tip, anon. Safety above all else!

Let me say this: Diversity is great. Really great, we need more of it. That being said, that does not automatically make a show or movie or something else great or infallible because of said diversity. If the thing is good and diverse, then we can praise it on both levels, if the only positive you can give is ‘it’s diverse, so it’s automatically good, fuck you you cissy white pussy’ and it’s generally considered shit, then that defense doesn’t hold.

I want more diversity in things, I do, but I’m not gonna automatically defend something a product because of it nor am I gonna ignore whatever flaws it may have in favor of singling out said diversity.

So I just realized

That the very first carib/purple/obs dragon to ever exist on the site… was an Arcane Tundra.
He was actually someone’s random progen. The user made their dragon, picked their lair, then abandoned their account.

I can totally make some lore from that.

I’m tempted to just say that Lydo is a reincarnation of that first dragon. I could even go so far as to start incorporating that abandoned lair as part of what Lydo is doing, and why he has some of the motives he does.

That tundra could have done some amazing things in his short life and suddenly died as a result… or as a consequence of how his own work affected something greater. Whatever he was doing may even have been something to do with great arcane energies that ripped his essence from his being and threw it out to wander until another like him was born.

There were at least a half dozen dragons born between the first… “Caripurobs” and Lydo. The next arcane of these colors was a gen2 arcane Fae. It bred a few times, but was abandoned soon after. The next caripurobs Tundra born was from plague… and was immediately exalted. The next was a ridgeback in water, who was also eventually abandoned. And then a shadow snapper, was quickly exalted as well. And then there was Lydo. 

And a few days after Lydo was born there was an ice fae, who amusingly enough belongs to a lovely accent artist that I even own an accent from who happens to have an arcane lair. lol They even get to spend eternity staring at one another in the site search. XD

So yeah. tl;dr:

New Lydorune lore reveals he’s the arcane magic-induced-reincarnation of another ancient wandering mage of the Starfall Isles.

And this news actually comes shortly after he hit level 25, which I can also say came with a lot of fantastic luck and overwhelming new levels of understanding in his magic. 

He’s officially no longer just dabbling with spells and little experiments anymore…

But I’ll save that lore for a special Worldbuilding Wednesday! ;D 

what’s the idea behind using the term trigger/triggered with such utter stringency

psychiatric professionals will literally use it to mean that it made someone vaguely uncomfortable. when i was in the hospital the term “trigger” was used far more liberally than even “”“SJWs”“” advocate. what’s the big idea behind ppl “taking it too far” or whatever i mean like……the actual way that triggered is used by professionals is far more liberal than the standards we call for on tumblr dot corn

im not sure why this is? it rubs me the wrong way though, it’s like you have to meet a certain standard for your feelings or health to be considered valid even though in the psych world the bar is far lower before yr considered unhealthy or triggered or whatever the subject of discussion may be

like if PROFESSIONALS use the word more liberally than you and the actual definition and usage of the word is more liberal and it’s not a result of psychiatric abuse but just how the term is defined, why do people think it’s “”“problematic”“” or whatever to use the word correctly??? like i don’t understand how it’s harmful to use the term in the way it is intended to be used unless you’re specifically trying to categorize people’s emotions based on how valid and important you perceive them to be so that you have an excuse to throw MI ppl under the bus

if it is good enough for the doctors to say that something that made me vaguely upset was triggering why ain’t it good enough for you fucking internet yokels lmao,? like i don’t even use the term trigger very often bc you dorks have all associated it with exaggeration because god forbid someone use a word….how it’s meant to be used…….

helloimmanerdforlife asked:

I found your post about the gender barrier, and I just wanted to say it was truly amazing and I relate to it so much. (Mine was opposite though) You write amazing things. You must have an incredible mind. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

Thank you! And thanks for being living proof that this post can work both ways. Whether it’s a boy who is friends with girls or a girl who is friends with boys, the post is relevant, and therefore can hardly be accused of attacking one gender or the other, whatever people may have said :P

It’s the thickness of the air and the smell of summer morning mugginess… the first sip of coffee under the gray sky that steadily changes its mind as the day marches onward. I’m still in awe of these winding hills, tree covered slopes, wood-slatted homes, and babbling creeks. Still smitten with the sweetness of the Lord who gives richly and abundantly for no reason whatsoever other than sheer, unadulterated love for us. 

It is wildly striking to watch the words at the end of 1 Peter come to life—whatever your “suffering” may be, lean into Him and trust this promise (I vividly remember writing it over and over in my journal on New Years Day 2011)… it may be weeks or years, but when it comes to fruition, I hope you feel your heart at rest and let yourself soak in that peace while you sip your coffee. I hope it causes you to throw your hands up in unbelievable thanks, and I hope it causes you to love because you were first loved so deeply just because you are.

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. To Him be the dominion forever and ever. Amen. 

khoryujane asked:

Could you write a fic that has Skye saying "Mom and Dad are..."but they're not her actual parents... and could it be fluff... and also on the bus :)

Okay, I know you asked for fluff, and I hope it delivers that. There’s a tiny bit of angst, but it clears up, so I hope that’s okay. Another installment would probably be a lot fluffier. Thanks so much for the prompt, I loved getting it! =)

She never says it to their faces.

It starts off as a joke. One day, the team had been granted some downtime while they waited for a new mission to come in. Ward went off in search of some supplies, and May and Coulson were off doing… whatever they do.

That left Skye to hang out with Fitz and Simmons, which she didn’t mind at all. The Bus situation was still relatively new, and Skye had been bonding with the scientists frequently. It was nice, having friends to relax with at the end of the day.

After a few hours, Ward returned from his errands and joined the three of them up in the lounge. The DVD menu for Buffy played on a constant loop on the television, as Skye, Fitz, and Simmons had gotten caught up in their conversation.

“Where’s Coulson and May?” Ward asked.

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“Most magi start off with a fire tome. As it is basic to start off with a fire tome. But of course, there are some who started their magic studies with a Wind of a Thunder tome.” The sage had flipped a note while teaching his students the basics of spellslinging. “Sir Merric of the days of old. He was proficent with Wind Magic. As I am. Same applies for Prince Lewyn, Sir Ced, and Ced’s student, Asvel. Sir Soren from the sagas of Tellius. And whatever children they may of had.” 

“Fire magic. Destructive in nature. There are many users of this tome. Such as Prince Yubello of Grust,  Azel from the saga of Judgral, along with his half brother Arvis.” Avius had stopped to let his students absorb the info so they can write it down as well.

 “Sir Pent of the Saga of Elibe. Along with his student Erk. And Miss Nino from the The Black Fang assassins. But she was never one and her son, Lugh. Sir Ewan and Miss Lute. Along with Sage Saleh from Magvel’s saga. And Sir Tomrod from the Saga of Tellius. Along with Apostle Sanaki and a woman named Calill wielded fire tomes to their full might.”

Avius had saw that each student were viligant to hear the next set of magi to wield the Thunder tome. Some students looked in awe with how many mages wielded those tomes.

“For thunder magic. There was Elleran of the same saga with Merric. Where he was at odds with Merric, Sage Gotoh who was a powerful magic user. Tailto, her daughter Teeny as well. But it was believed her son used Wind magic. Ishtar who wilded the powerful Mjolnir tome. Princess Lillina of Eble was holding a thunder tome. And of course Selena of Magvel commanded the storms. In the Saga of Tellius. There was one thunder mage who was recorded. And that was Ilyana.”

“Then comes the magi who start off with dark magic. Like Flux. As their tomes require a little more connection with your inner strength and mind to use.” Avius adds while holding up a Flux tome.

“There weren’t that many dark magic users that fought on the side of good. As there was sir Etzel, who had lost his wife in an accident, Sir Salem who left the Lopto Sect during the child hunts and fought for Sir Leif. A written part says that Sir Canas of Eble had fought for Sir Eliwood, Sir Hector, and Lady Lyn. But he had lost his life in a blizzard, and his grandmother the Hermit Niime had used Dark magic for a long time… And Nino’s Second Son Raigh had used Dark Magic to revive it’s use there.”

Avius had taken a drink of watter to continue is other notible dark magic users. Mentioning Sir Knoll of Magvel and Prince Pellas of Tellius. Same as Duke Sephrian, or Lerhan.

“Staves are Catalysts with healing magic imbued inside of them. You need to focus your magic from within yourself to use your staff if you want to use the magic properties inside.” Avius added while making a small mark on his finger. Then applying the staff to heal his wound. 

“There were many staff users who fought under the banners of old. And there were many as the war always grew. And I want you all to put the same dedication in your spells and magic to help others like they all did.”

Thankful for space.
Thankful for friends.
Thankful for YOU.

Having my life be so public is such a weird thing. Sometimes it feels normal and I get into a routine, and other times I feel exhausted, worn out and like I have nothing useful to share with you guys. After what happened last year, I know better to not spread myself so thin. You can’t fake passion, and when it’s not happening creatively, it’s just not happening.

As humans, we need the space to reset- recharge and respect the process- whatever it may be. Honor your body!!!

Having breathing room keeps me sane, and allows me to give the best of myself to you when I am creating content. It’s been so great being home; So many cool things happening in my life in the next 6 months.




The Great Roasting of Taylor Swift (VMA Edition): I had to do it. For those who missed it, Nicki Minaj tweeted about the lack of recognition Black artists see for their successful work. TayTay perceived one of Nick’s tweets as shade directed at her, and stepped out into the road before looking both ways. The subsequent dragging was nothing short of delicious…

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