"With all due respect, this isn’t about you and Patty, this is about me and Piper. I love her with all my heart, and I promise to keep loving her and taking care of her for the rest of this life, the afterlife and whatever comes after that. Now you may not support it and you may not agree with it but it is not gonna stop me from marrying your daughter today. Nothing will.”

There’s two purposes to this. 

One: my hair looked fly as hell today.




okay but can we talk about the fact that connor has a picture of them on his fridge? he must see that every day, multiple times a day, and every time he sees it he thinks of troye and the amazing times they had to have had together when they took that. they probably fought over who could take it home, but connor insisted and got troye to give in after reminding him that his place was basically home to troye. maybe it reminds him to call and check in on troye, or maybe it makes him smile over the phone when they’re already deep in conversation. it probably gets him excited for troye’s next visit, makes him miss but love the boy next to him in that shot even more. whatever their relationship may be, whatever the reasoning is for him having that picture, I think it’s pretty freaking adorable.

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What do you think about dating a friend's ex. If you and the friend are close anymore and she's happy in a relationship.

Hoe, Don’t do it…Oh Ma Gawd! (l feel like you already did it. lmao)

Personally, I would never date a friend’s ex even if my relationship with that friend isn’t what it used to be. That’s just out of loyalty and respect. Even though I don’t fuck with you like that, I’m still going to respect what used to be there. This is tricky especially when you know they wouldn’t do the same but like they say on here “your real and my real is different and that’s why we don’t click.”

I always ask people how would you feel if they did it to you? You have your answer. Go with whatever that may be.

Before you call it a night, I just wanted to say I’m proud of anyone who despite struggling with whatever you are.. You’ve made it through another day. It may not’ve been easy, but you did it and that’s something worth celebrating <3
—  In fact, YOU.. yourself are worth celebrating because you’re awesome! (A little love for anyone who needs it)

aLRIGHT SO THIS HAD BEEN THAT IDEA THAT I HAD BEEN THROWING AROUND ABOUT PORN STAR HARRY RIGHT? and i just couldnt figure out how to start it so i started in the middle instead and yeAH, YAHTZEE OR NON

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Why isn't Megamorph just Morph with text saying to add a plus one plus one counter in addition to whatever other text each of these new Morph creatures may have?

Three reasons:

1) We want to play up that morph is different in Dragons of Tarkir 

2) We want it to be clear that these cards all work similarly.

3) It gives the audience a vocabulary to talk about the morph variant.

☆*・゜゚・* happy birthday, leorio !!! *・゜゚・*☆  

i have wanted to draw the main four with the corresponding pokemon that they are in my hxh save on pkmn heartgold, and i also needed an idea for this year’s birthdays, so i combined the two hahhah.

i guess most people wouldn’t think lucario fits leorio but not only do their names resemble each other, don’t they look similar too?? (their waists are also equally ridiculous) whatever, i like my leorio the lucario B) the good perseverance part may not be all that in character tho……

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In favor of saying Tachibana Makoto gets all the boys say "I" ((hell, he may get all the girls too))

lol but whatever all the boys or girls Tachibana Makoto can get, he cares the most for one and only person who is a beautiful boy named Nanase Haruka, right XD

♥(*ㅎω(ω`๑ *)♥

There are two reasons I have not attended any big Tumblr meetups:

  1. I cannot afford to fly anywhere.
  2. I prefer to meet and form relationships with people individually, because that is really the arena in which whatever charm I may possess can shine. Around a bunch of people I don’t know I will make no positive impression and will come off as a little bit of an asshole.

Therefore, I have decided to have a series of Tumblr meetups in which a select group of cool people flies out to meet me one at a time. Problem solved.


"I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition."

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I think Jimin on unpretty rapstar is good. Her actual rapping itself has grown on me, but San E is getting on my nerves with his bias towards her. Also, when they did the audience missions...you could tell a lot of the girls (and mainly guys) automatically recognized her as Jimin from AOA, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that but I feel there's still her idol title hung over her head which creates some of that popularity, maybe?

I agree with the first bit, though I will say from the beginning mostly everyone looked down on her because she’s in an idol group. Even the producers that come always say “I wasn’t expecting her to be good” so while she may get the popular vote from crowds or whatever, when it comes down the show and judges, it’s purely from her own skill.

 I also agree with you, though I’ve seen that San E is particularly…creepy…. about girl groups in general. I’d never seen it before UPRS, but yeah, he’s too much 80% of the time (scripted or not).

-Admin Kim 


I believe in you. I support you. Anything you want to be in life, you can be. There is nothing that you need to be scared of. It gets a lot easier (and I’m being cheesy with that, it really does). Whoever you are, whatever your identification may be, you’re perfect. Remember that.

Like any time we had to read any literature about the Rainbow Serpent or the Eternal Dream Time or look at any Aboriginal art it literally just sounded like everything I’ve ever experienced on DMT. Especially the part about the Rainbow Serpent. That part was definitely…more literal in my experience. The Rainbow Serpent is real, ok. It’s real, and it will take you amazing places inside yourself even if you had no idea it even existed at the time. Respect it. Whatever it may be, it is way bigger than you and I.

Your Race in Life (#wtsdevo everydayliving)

Read: James 1:4

Life in of itself is a race. Throughout life we find ourselves having to face different challenges and with each of these, our outcome is decided on how much effort, preparation and training we put towards it. This practice and training is very important in all of this because it strengthens us physically and it also helps us deal with any resistance that may come our way - whatever they may be.

You will never find an athlete following a varying routine and have them expect to perform well when the time comes. Athletes follow a very tight routine that is unique to them which allows them to optimize their fitness, health and senses for a race or competition. This is no different when it comes to our living as a Christian. We can’t live life the way we want and expect positive change to happen. God has given all of us guidelines - both moral and spiritual which helps each of us run our races in life on the right track.

Discipline and training may seem like a tough deal for most of us but in reality they ensure that we are kept in check and allows us to move closer to God despite any force that may try to side track us.


Devotional Series: Everyday Living (#wtsdevo everydayliving)

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All speech made me cry Risako made me cry the most because she is my favourite. And although she had seriously thought of quitting a lot, her love for berryz is strong. She doesn’t give up on them. She may not say much in mcs or whatever. But her tears is enough to show how berryz means so much to her. I watched it live for the first and last time. Alone in my room. I feel like I was the only berryz fan in my country. I was lonely. But no matter how much how lonely I get, I still stay their fan. There are times I actually cried that I had no one to talk to about them. Most of my friends talk about Kpop. So from outside I am this average shy boring girl, but inside I know I’m fun unique and happy. Berryz made me feel that, happy in the inside. Made me feel good about myself. So captain, don’t worry. I Wont forget about berryz koubou! Berryz the best! Berryz koubou IKUBE!!