The biggest motivating factor for anyone is results ✔️. Losing body fat is hard work! It takes dedication and discipline to stick to the plan/protocols necessary to make changes. 🙋🏽I know this first hand. I do it myself and see it in my clients. But when you see results in the mirror or on the scales or whatever your measure may be, a fire begins to build. If you don’t have a plan and don’t test, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t. So put it on paper, take photos, ask for help! You will see the results and you will want more and more! This way you WILL stay on track!

If you are serious about your goals you will do what’s necessary, if your not you will make excuses🙅🏽


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Something that bothers me about the way that Rose, Greg, and Pearl is portrayed in the fandom is the fact that, if Pearl and Rose had been a straight couple, there wouldn’t be any of the discourse that comes with it. For instance, if Pearl was a guy, there would be no doubt that he was in love with Rose. There would be no doubt that they were a couple. There would be no, “they’re family” or “it was unrequited” or ANY of that. Pearl wouldn’t be called salty or told to just get over it, or whatever may have you. If Pearl was a guy and grieving over his lost love, then people would be sympathetic and caring towards him, and hate Greg for stealing his love. It bothers me a lot that, instead, Pearl is demonized, and that their relationship is doubted.

Today we are gonna have Robert confiding in Aaron, I love honest Robert! It doesn’t come easy for him but he’s trying, for his boyfriend.
And then Aaron defending their honor and punching Andy and telling Chrissie. They may say whatever about Robert, he sure isn’t perfect, but Andy is no better.

A Letter - Jared/Mai

This was written incredibly quickly and I didn’t even properly revise, so I’m sure it’s not that good. I didn’t originally plan to post this but whatever. Also I understand this is out-of-character for Mai, but I don’t even care.

Mai stood in front of the mirror, hair straightener in hand, letting her mind wander. She had spent years trying to get close to the Normal Boots guys and failing miserably. Now her roommate, her best friend, was not only a part of the club, but dating one of the founding members. As a result of Hana getting so close to the club, Mai spent a lot of time around the members, and had become a part of their friend group. She would forever be grateful to Hana for getting her into the group, but it only made Mai want to be with Jared all that much more. She didn’t think it was possible, but spending time with the club made her crush on Jared stronger than ever before. As she straightened the last strand of her hair, she sighed. She accepted it would never happen, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

As class droned on, Mai felt herself dozing off. Just as she was about to fall asleep, a very familiar smell wafted through the air. Mai snapped awake and saw that Jared had come in and was talking to  Miss Shizuka about some slip of paper in his hand. She felt the blood rush to her cheeks as she laid her head into her arms face down. She wished Jared wasn’t so perfect, it would make getting over him much easier. “Miss Mizuno.” Mai looked over at her best friend to see her stand up. “Yes ma'am?”

“You’ll be leaving with Mr. Knabenbauer to attend to some emergency business.” Miss Shizuka declared, waving Jared away from her desk, “now if you don’t mind I’d like to continue my lecture.” As Hana left with Jared, Mai began to zone out once again. The rest of the class period Mai envied Hana for both getting to be with Jared and getting out of the lecture.

The bell to leave class finally rang and Mai was one of the first ones out of the door. She didn’t want to sit in that room any longer than she had to. She decided to head down to the Normal Boots clubroom to see if that’s where Hana and Jared ran off to. When she arrived the light was on and she could hear muffled voices.

“Of course I want to do it dramatically. It would be a shame to do it any other way.”

“I’m not even a little surprised.”

“I think it’s a great idea Jared. I just don’t understand why you asked me to help you. I don’t think you need people to help you ask someone out.”

“Oh my dear Hana, I just wanted a girl’s opinion before I did anything.”

Mai felt her heart sink. Jared was planning to ask someone out. She broke out into a sprint and ran out of the building. She ran all the way back to the dorm. As she unlocked the door, she prayed that Hana would be out most of the evening with PBG. Once she was inside she threw herself onto her bed with a groan. She knew this day would come eventually, but she hoped it would be after she moved on from him. It wasn’t her fault he was her ideal man. He was just so perfect. She didn’t notice she was crying until she felt a tear fall from her face onto her hand. She heard the door open and Hana walk in. “Hey Mai, how was…” Hana trailed off as she saw Mai crying on her bunk. “Mai, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Mai answered looking away, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Hana looked concerned but eventually nodded, deciding to not press the issue right now. She climbed up to Mai’s bunk, gave her a quick hug, and handed her an envelope. Mai looked at her confused as Hana just smiled, climbing down from the top bunk.

“Take some time to calm down and then open the letter and do as it says. I gotta go take care of some stuff. See you later Mai.” She said as the door clicked shut after her. Mai cleaned her face up and then studied the envelope. It had gold embroidering around the edges and had her name written on the front with gold ink. She almost didn’t want to risk destroying the envelope, but her curiosity about the letter inside won her over as she tore the envelope open. Inside was a sheet of paper with the same embroidering as the envelope, and a message written beautifully in golden ink:

My Dearest Mai,
Please grant me the honor of your presence tonight in the theatre. I would like to show you something. Take your time, my red-headed princess, I am in no rush.
Always yours,
Jared Knabenbauer

Mai’s eyes grew wide. Her mind shot back to the conversation she overheard earlier that day. There was no way that he was going to ask her. She traced over her name with her finger, as she slipped on her shoes and left.

Standing in front of the theatre’s door, she felt herself begin to shake. She pushed the door open and walked in, trying to conceal her unsteady hands. The entirety of the stage was covered in flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colours perfectly placed to compliment one another. The lights in the theatre were turned off, the only light in the room was omitted by the candles scattered throughout the stage. In the middle of everything stood a blushing Jared. He smiled at Mai as she walked up to the stage, in awe. Jared held out his hand and Mai gingerly placed her hand into his. “Hello Mai. I brought you here to confess something to you.” Music kicked in and Jared took the opportunity to place his free hand on her hip and lead her in a very simple slow dance.

“I’ve been debating the best way to do this for a while now, and I figured that this would work nicely. You caught my eye when Hana began to talk to my fellow club members. You were stunningly beautiful and strong-willed. You would do anything to help our beloved Hana and I always admired that about you. You have stolen my heart, and I would love for you to be mine.”

Mai looked up at him in complete astonishment. “Jared…” She trailed off with a smile. She tried to continue, but the words were stuck in her throat. Jared chuckled. He leaned down and lightly pressed his lips to hers. Mai expected nothing less than perfection from a kiss from Jared, and he didn’t disappoint. He pulled away much quicker than Mai would have liked. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Jared smiled.

“Of course.” Mai finally responded before connecting their lips once more.

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how do you not compare yourself to others?

what’s the point? they’ll never be me & i’ll never be them. lots of people are beautiful and talented in their own ways and i think the rawest form of beauty is from being your true self, whatever that may be. comparing yourself to others will never help you grow


I emailed the dog trainer we took Forest to, to see if she would be interested in taking me on as an apprentice. I offered my marketing, business and writing skills in exchange for the chance to learn more about training dogs.

And she said yes! She invited me to her puppy training class and a private lesson tomorrow. I will get to watch and help out with whatever she needs.

If this goes well, I may now officially be a dog trainer in training!!!


As much as I love my boy, about all my activitys do revolve around him, I’m able to still fully function without talking to him in days, but I really love him. Honestly so fucking rude to ask if it’s my first boyfriend.

Thanks for the submission, @well-now-we-have-a-problem!

FWS: Honestly, he shouldn’t even have been asking about your obsession with your boyfriend in the first place. Just because you (I assume) have it stated on your profile, doesn’t mean that you owe him an explanation. I know how easy it is to talk about our obsessions, look at me with Till Lindemann. But this fuck doesn’t deserve your time. All he wants to do is argue about what you say, whatever it may be. Fuck him, he’s just pissed off that he doesn’t have a shot with you.

So I’ve just caught wind of Flake (Rammstein’s keyboardist) being in the hospital. And that Till and the rest of the band seemed really rather distracted and stand offish at Chicago Open Air because of it.

I hope the best for a speedy recovery for him. Whatever Flake may be ailing from. I’m sure it’s hitting all of the men hard. Sometimes I forget that they’ve been at it for 20+ years. They must be like family to each other…

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I hope everyone is in the best of health and Imaan. I won’t be posting for a while, just taking a little break from social media. Please forgive me if i have wronged or upset you in anyway and may Allah remove whatever may be troubling you, and grant you all that you need and ask for. Ameen.

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I know the whole Maya/josh thing seems disgusting to y'all, but Maya ISNT 14 YEARS OLD. She's almost 16 guys she's not exactly a kid.

Except she was retconned. I know that when they retcon the kids (in either Boy Meets World or Girl Meets World) it’s annoying, but they do it for a reason. She’s 14. She turns 15 in a few months.

While it can seem cute, it’s not. Maya having feelings for Josh is not the problem (or it’s part of it, but I’ll get to that later). Joshua Matthews is an adult and he should know better. I had so much more respect for him earlier on when he would brush her off, or cite their age. It’s not his fault if she has feelings for him, but it is absolutely his responsibility to take care when dealing with whatever feelings he may be feeling.

Maya… this is more difficult to explain, because it’s not really her fault. She’s a person who’s allowed to have feelings (just like josh) but unlike josh, her feelings cannot land her in jail, or on a sex offender list (don’t tell me that’s not possible, if this were in real life and not on disney, there’s no telling what would happen). Maya - if she cares about Josh - shouldn’t put him in a position like this.

The whole situation is wrong, but it’s disney, so nothing bad is going to happen to the characters. My issue is with the kind of image this presents to girls as young as five who may watch this show. Not all MEN who have feelings for a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD are going to proceed with the kind of caution or respect that Josh is. Television shows for children are very important.

If disney does this in the way that I think they will, it will still have a devastating affect. There have been studies done on children’s shows - and the children who watch them - that show that the moral of the story easily flies right over the minds of the children watching it. The children see the behavior and that’s what they keep. When you wait until the end of the story to give the moral - without reprimanding the character(s) in the midst of their behavior - all they learn to do is mimic it, because that’s the behavior that is portrayed by a show they watch in their formative years.

I see what they’re trying to do, but I don’t see this ending well for the little girls who watch this show - 3, 5, 10 years from now - or any boys who watch this show - 3, 5, 10, 15 years from now.

This is not a pretty topic, but I have some very bad experiences that have to deal with this type of situation, and if you’d like to come off anon, I can tell you all about my sexual assault, and statutory rape that were the consequences.

Bottom line, there is nothing that you will tell me that will make me think that any part of this is ok or healthy. It’s just not going to happen.

Thanks for the feedback, nonnie.

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i love youre art and how much content u bring into the f/f homestuck community but idk i just really hate when you act mean like,,,,im here for chill vibes and lesbians and while a lot of stuff you obviously have a right to get pissed off over (all white beta kids, shipping gay characters in het relationships) i feel like you can be unnecessarily mean sometimes

add getting upset over a m/m ship month taking over a month that was already pre established as rosemary month onto the list of things acceptable to get pissed off about and we good

yeahhh i know lmao. i’m aware of this about myself, i get angry very easily and act like a huge bitch 

i dont think im unreasonable tho, i don’t think anything i have said has been invalid bc i may have been MEAN or whatever, also i reserve the right to be a bitch to smug cowardly anons that claim i’m jealous of a mediocre artist

I can tag discourse type posts tho, i was already thinking of doing that

so if you wanna avoid Angry Discourse posts I’ll come up with a tag for it that you can blacklist

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I was privileged enough to go to a fancy school taught by, educated white people. I'm asian. Growing up, i felt that they were condescending towards me & favoured the other white kids, or given my relatively conservative asian upbringing I had self-esteem issues anywy. Whatever the case may be, now, I am an adult who still struggles to have a "normal" adult interaction with an older, educated white person (esp academics & authoritative figures). I get super nervous, for no reason. Help, Sam? Tnx

There comes a time in a person’s life when they must come to grips with who they are. You are an educated person. You are an accomplished person. You need never take a back seat to anyone regardless of race or ethnicity. You can treat elders with respect but you absolutely must take control of your own self-image.

I’ll never understand how a show based on pure love, respect and tolerance can have a fandom so full of hate. It makes no sense. Haven’t we learnt anything? We’re all allowed to have an opinion and to like as many ships as we want. Just let be, even if you don’t get why someone likes something. You don’t have to understand, you have to RESPECT it.

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Wait I thought canonly mako didn't like jamie (if he does I will scream bc I love roadrat)

No way! :DD (Hope u don’t mind if I talk about this because….. I’m going to. Oops.)
Yeah, sure, his bio says he became Jamie’s bodyguard “reluctantly”, but either that’s since changed big time, or Mako is a fantastic actor, lol, bc. well. There really honestly isn’t any canon content of Mako genuinely being pissed at him? 

Literally (and as a huge nerd I mean I know all his damn voice lines and everything, I mean literally) all of his nice voice lines and interactions in game (besides saying “thanks” and “hi” and all that lol) are reserved for Jamie. He has 3 (three!!!) different ways of telling him to say safe before a match. And that’s pretty weird for this game? There’s only one Junkrat response, for example. (”I’ll be on my best behavior!! :D”) There’s also the ‘duke roadhog’ voiceline before King’s Row missions, where Jamie seems to forget Roadhog’s name, and ‘Hog just responds “Mako” right then and there. Well, I’m assuming he forgets, since if Mako is willing to break his Roadhog persona (which he is extremely devoted to obv) and announce his real name in front of the team and god and everyone so easily, it’s probably not the very first time he’s revealed it. Or maybe Jamie was just fucking with him to get him to introduce himself lol. I could believe either, since Jamie has an awful memory, but is also a little shit who would exploit that fact (since Mako is used to having to repeat stuff for him and does it constantly in their comic)

And speaking of the comic! If you haven’t read it, it’s quite short and you can do so here. 
And I’ve already made lengthy posts about Jamie’s memory/attention issues, so I’ll not do it here, but in that comic, Mako spends the whole thing calmly indulging Jamie’s sudden impulse to go straight, reminding him of things he forgot, and pulling him out of trouble (and once out of literal gunfire because someone insulted Mako and Jamie got so upset he forgot they were at gunpoint, lol). Jamie himself insults Mako liberally and completely without fear or hesitation (like, heifer? jamie plz), and Mako just seems to take it in stride. He’s clearly used to how… well… how rude Jamie is, and realizes it’s not malicious. He’s used to how impulsive he is, and is an old hand at saving him from his own trouble. Not once does he even try to object to Jamison doing anything he does, much less get genuinely upset at him. 

The most negative emotion he ever expresses at Jamie in anything at all, actually, is a line where Jamie tries to tell the team a Joke Mako told him earlier. ‘Hog either grumbles a bit (and Jamie stops, bless him), or says “shut. up…”. But, really, that’s it, and again, persona, so that’s quite a bit of patience with Jamie nearly ruining his tough-guy cred like that XD.

TLDR!!!! Canon material containing Mako and Jamie: Comic, in-game lines, the pictures of their crime spree.

Material where Mako is patient and willingly indulgent to Jamie: Comic, in-game lines, the pictures of their crime spree.

Material where Mako is cruel to Jamison: Absolutely none (I mean except for the bio I suppose?).

Mako has followed this little ratman all over the literal earth. He’s saved his ass multiple times in a very small amount of canon material. He reminds Jamie of things he forgot without prompting. They have whole conversations while barely speaking, he has three separate ways to tell him to be safe before games despite otherwise very violent voice lines. He’s got a sidecar on his beloved motorcycle for Jamie that he let him paint smileys all over. Jamison is the only person who can insult him without pissing him off. Roadhog tells Jamie jokes. Jamie will mock Roadhogs he kills, but Roadhogs that kill Jamies in game say nothing. 

Also, he once robbed an ice cream truck for him.