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hey i hope im not overstepping my bounds or anything but I just wanted to say that i grew up in a family like that, where the punishments were severe for little infractions, and I know how hard it is and the fear you must live in and I'm really sorry that you have to go through it

it is really stressful and has fucked up my perception of what is actually a harmful mistake vs a normal human flaw.

especially when i have to deal with situations of being treated really fucking awfully and seeing no one else getting similar “punishment” for doing things that are objectively worse or things that i’d get ripped apart for.

which explains why, at a young age, i developed this inferiority complex where if i’m not perfectly accommodating, even to people who directly harm me, i’m somehow living fetid waste that deserves whatever happens next.

i’ve gotten over most of my inferiority issues but then this happens yet again within the same family and i feel the same old panic set in over things as mundane as a dirty fork amidst a couple dozen clean dishes i just washed by hand. because they’ve gotten so used to expecting me to be a perfect tool and i’ve never had a way to actually distance myself.


An irregular grid of clouds formed in the evening sky, simultaneously violet and orange.

“They’re killing us,” she told me. “The jets are spewing cancer out of their tails.”

“You know that’s not how cancer works, right? It’s not an infectious disease.”

“I know that quite well. I don’t mean it in the way that you’re thinking.”

“Then what do you mean?”

“They’re giving the sky cancer,” she explained. “Filling it with all those little aluminum tubes is sure to have long-term consequences. And whatever happens in the heavens, also happens inside of us. As above, so below.”

To make matters worse, they’re burning the internet, too.

Beneath their vapor, clouds hide all sorts of secrets.

Some say the trails are just there to cull the sky anemone population.

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Dax had a night fright last night....

… and he kept me up until 1am comforting him.

He didn’t want to be left alone, he didn’t want to be in a cage. He’d calm down and start falling asleep if we were in another room, but I needed sleep too and couldn’t just sleep with Dax on me!

Eventually I ended up putting him in a travel cage in my room and slept with him there. It’s not a permanent solution by any means, especially with my spouse being allergic to the dander having Dax in the bedroom is just a bad plan.

So I hope whatever happened to cause the fright he gets over so maybe we can get some good sleep tonight?

Btw: Dax wasn’t hurt, no broken blood feathers, no signs of injury, he’s acting like his normal self this morning. 


“whatever happens, happens”

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i like this girl and we have been really good friends for like six months and a few weeks ago i told her i had a little crush on her but she was cool with it because it wasnt a big crush but now its sort of becoming a really real crush and i want to ask her out but i dont want to make things awkward because she didnt say she didnt like me when i told her i had a crush on her. what do you think

you can try to ask her out as long as ur okay with whatever happens afterwards

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You've gotten some asks about low dose T recently, and I just wanted to throw out there that the dosage does not equate to what the effects are. Every body is different, with its own t level that will react in its own way, so you won't get (for example) a lower voice first/only just because of low dose, you can't pick and choose the order they occur or what happens. Whatever trait you're looking for could be the last thing that would happen, and you'd have to live with whatever happens.

i recently got sims 3 working, and quite decently too. i’ve decided i’ll start a personal save of a lEPacy but i was wondering if anyone would be interested in me posting about it too. it would be quite different to my sol legacy; more just screenshots of key events and anything else i feel like rather than me documenting everything. i feel like i should ask, because i’ll still play the save whatever happens, it’s just whether you would like to see it too.

It’s very weird how Chisa and some other members were blabbing about C-ute planning to stay around for longer, really soon prior to the disbandment announcement. I have the feeling one member (probably Mai because of her scandal and wota pressuring her a lot) wanted to leave and UFA decided to cut down the whole C-ute. Whatever happened some members looked really unprepared for it, especially Chisa.

Whatever happens in your life, no matter how troubling things might seem, do not enter the neighbourhood of despair. Even when all doors remain closed, God will open up a new path only for you. Be thankful! It is easy to be thankful when all is well. A Sufi is thankful not only for what he has been given but also for all that he has been denied.

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The 3rd week in my new flat living alone, and Marlboro is getting my new routines established. I currently have a stack of 600 REDS ready to feed my lungs, and I’m compulsively buying more to build up the stock.

The evening routine on getting home from work is to spark up, put something in the oven to eat, sit down and start perving and smoking. Each evening it taken up by smoking and stroking to anything related to Marlboro Reds, leather and any other darker perversions that ooze it. Any Skyping or other camming has Marlboro Reds as the central horny focus.

Whatever happens during the evening, the night always concludes with me getting into bed with the evening’s ashtray and the Reds packs, then Marlboro fucks my mind and lungs hard for a couple of hours sex session before I go to sleep.

Where, in the past, I would go to bed and pray to the xtian god, now I am compelled to worship my new demon Master and God, Marlboro, as HE fucks me deep with the tar and toxins, building my addiction and reinforcing my sexual and spiritual dependency on HIM.

The pics are of last night’s ashtray that was new and unused 6 hours earlier.