A Shawn Mendes oneshot.

A/N: hi this is cute and I’m dedicating it to my bb @illumninate cause she’s sad and I don’t want her to be!! She deserves sunshine and happiness!! Jealous shawn is the sexiest shawn xoxo

“I was a really dorky kid.”

Shawn and I were laying naked on the hotel bed somewhere in Europe. It was well past midnight, but neither of us knew exactly how late it was, and nor did we care. We were talking about our childhoods in the dim light from the city that poured in through the window, and he was telling me about the extent of his Harry Potter obsession. 

“You still are a dorky kid,” I reminded him. Shawn made a noise of protest and strung his arm out across my face as a form of chastising me. I giggled and pushed it off, intertwining his hand with mine and kissing it lightly. We looked at each other as he tried to fake unimpressed, though his grin was deceiving him. “I’m kidding baby, don’t worry. I bet you impressed all the girls with your extensive Harry Potter knowledge,” I assured him. Shawn shook his head at me, grinning still and giving a small squeeze to my bare sides that made me squirm and laugh. With his hands still on my sides, he brought me towards him, nuzzling his head into my neck. His hair was still a little sweaty from the sex we’d just had, and the silky locks tickled my jaw. 

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Consider this. The Upside Down, when exposure is prolonged past a certain point, begins to tear at the very fabric of time itself for whomever is trapped within it. When El finally summons the strength within her to wrench open a new Gate back to Hawkins, it’s only faintly recognizable. One year has passed for her. Five years have passed in this dimension

I Love Science

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Logince song fic

“I love Science” By Hank Green

Prince was having the time of his life, dancing and jumping around to his Disney list as his boyfriend tried to get some work done.  He spun around and noticed Logic smiling at him affectionately.

“Come, sing with me babe!” He said extending a hand down to him from his place on Logic’s bed.

“You know that’s not really my thing.”

“Come on, isn’t there a song that just makes you want to move. That you can’t help but sing along to?”  Roman grinned when the other flushed. “There is! I knew it! Turn it on and we’ll dance.”

“No it’s dumb, and I need to get this done.”

Prince flopped to a seated position on the bed so he could look his boyfriend in the eye. “Will you play it for me please?”

Flushing redder than Roman has ever seen, Logic turned to the laptop, turning off the Disney mix and calling up his song.

Can you even imagine

Way back in the past when

We thought that storms were caused by

petty gods

fighting on top of a mountain

and yeah, I like a good story

but eventually it’s gonna bore me

If it doesn’t have that truth

That incontrovertible, testable, repeatable proof

Roman smiled at is embarrassed boyfriend who couldn’t help singing along. He pulled him up onto the bed, laughing in delight when the chorus came on and Logan began to headbanging and dancing wildly.

I  love science

And I  love Charles Darwin

Cause I don’t think it’s bold to question what you’re told

If you’re told the world’s a thousand years old

There’s nothing here to argue against

It’s a process not an ideology

And I  love science

Roman was a little awestruck and ridiculously in love as he watched his bright eyed boyfriend. Logan grabbed a pen off his night stand and used it as a microphone as both boys continued to jump and dance like idiots.

By the time the song was over they were flushed and out of breath.  Prince flopped onto his back on the bed, laughing when Logic landed with a thud next to him.

“You probably already know this, but I love science.”

“You probably already know this, but I love you.”

He rolled over and kissed his boyfriend, who was to busy laughing to kiss him back.  

shepards-dead-fish said: Rant about bioware love interests and their betrayals

Picture me laughing for a million years because WHICH ONE? Omg, I love them. I love exploring that sort of dynamic in relationships. 

So betrayal is a harsh word. I think I’m gonna rant about BioWare liars. Oh, there are so many to choose from. 

You’ve got Anders. And Blackwall. And Solas. And in swtor there’s Malavai Quinn. And now Mass Effect finally decided to get into the act with Reyes Vidal. 

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I LOVE THEM ALL. Look, I know these aren’t good people. But they’re fucking good characters, and that’s what I need. I want to read about interesting characters. 

(And there’s also the fact that I’ve got to believe in the redemption of a person, no matter how lost they are. That’s basic Hippo 101. There is hope for everyone.)



Just a friendly reminder to use tumblr to inspire you… not to wallow in self pity. It’s a fine line… and a really really easy place to get stuck.

Also, absolutely everything is available on tumblr… please make sure you agree with the content of the people you follow instead of just “scrolling” past stuff. There is plenty of content on here that can be really harming to our minds. This needs to be acknowledged. And we need to be careful with who we follow. 

That’s all ♥︎ 

Haikyu is such a great series tho, you know? I was thinking about how I always have someone I hate and love in a series so I thought about Ushi as the biggest enemy (so far) but I don’t hate him either. What I’m trying to say is that Haikyu’s character writing and development is so good that you kind of come to understand everyone’s point of view and connect with the characters and why they are like they are. I like Ushijima and I like everyone else too. 

Sorry I’m emotional ‘cause it 7:39am and I woke up listening to the Haikyu!! Vol.3 Soundtrack.