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The Handmaids Tale is really good but it has this problem where it shows a lot of explicit scenes to demonstrate how dark the world is and we get it, trust me we understand it’s messed up, you could just allude to them and it would be even more powerful then putting another scene in our faces. I also can’t stand Luke but whatever.

Anyways you should check it out if you like dystopias and women rebelling, but be aware that there’s a lot of rape, violence, suicide, and otherwise explicit scenes, so only watch it if you feel like you can handle it. It’s pretty horrifying.

((Hey so I won’t be answering these asks so sorry to whoever sent em. I appreciate that you sent an ask but I would rather this blog stay mainly on topic as opposed to going into other animes or series or whatever. Mainly because its kinda crappy content if you come to a blog for Ic/hi but all you get is other animes))

Story time!!

Dear old lady who was ‘uncomfortable’ with me shopping in the boys section at zumiez FIRST of all if you don’t like something that’s your business but it’s unnecessary for you to confront someone about something that ain’t affecting you

Here I was minding my own business looking at some joggers ( because let’s be real ladies all the nice ones are made for guys) and this lady comes up to me and says “sweetie those are boys clothes” now here i am actually dressed like a girl(to my standards anyway) for once in my life trying so hard not to rip this women’s head off. So i just say “i know that.” Turn back to the pants, BUT THIS BITCH WASN’T DONE. She then says “oh i’m sorry dear I thought you were a girl.” Like first don’t be calling me sweetie and dear because fuck you and second turn your wrinkly judgemental ass and pursed lips around hun and go do something else. So then I say “I am a girl ma'am but thank you for your discourteous and exorbitant concern in what I wear.”

So then here she is being all judgy and looking me up and down and I’m like why are you still here???

Now fast froward to when I go to the till to pay, this same lady is paying for stuff that she apparently bought for her grandson when I see one of the shirts she grabbed was one that I had picked up in the girls section and left on a rack in the guys section (I know I’m the asshole that does that SORRY) anyway so she pays and as she goes to walk past me I stop her and a little too politely say “that shirt you bought for your grandson is from the girls section, make sure you tell him not to wear it around you so you won’t be offended by him wearing “girls clothing” me saying this by the way got the attention of the employee and he laughed his ass off and we’re buds now.

but anyway this lady is like fuming but just turns and like marches out of the store AND then the worker guy gave me a discount on my pants for a sale that happened the week before.


BRIGHT EYES, for Emily ♡ - soulmates!au, tooth-rotting fluff | read on AO3

‘Tilda bakes cake, Thranduil sings Disney songs, and Bard slow dances with an unusual partner.’

a one time thing (and other untruths) (14/?)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: So here we are. The next chapter. Sorry for the wait. Life stuff happened. You know how it goes. Next chapter’s partly written, but  - and don’t hate me for this - I need to buckle down and work on my grad school play. So from here on out, until I either finish the play or this fic (God knows which is gonna come first, good lord this fic is getting long) I’m not gonna work on new chapter until I’ve written at least one scene for my play. Then I’ll let myself write a chapter. Then a scene. And so on. So updates are gonna be slower, probably. Thank you all for reading and messaging and such. You guys are awesome. Hope you like this chapter. (And to the anon who just messaged me - your timing is perfect. I was giving the chapter a final read through when I got your message.)

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            It’s been two weeks. Two weeks of properly dating, and yet not much has changed, really. They talk more but see each other about the same, and since Henry doesn’t know (and he gets the feeling she’d never be one for public displays anyway) there’s not much in the way of hand holding or kissing or anything else. So it feels very much like it was except she’s kissed him and that changed things except nothing’s really changed and he—

            He’s not sure what to do with that.

            (They do meet for lunch, sometimes, and that’s nice. That’s—that’s when it feels real.)

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