whatever you wanna say

One of the cleverer scenes from American dad is when there's an episode about the rapture

You know, good Christians ascend into the sky and atheists stay on earth for the end of the world.

You see people ascending en masse out of DC, New York, London, Beijing…and then you see Las Vegas.

Where one person ascends.

It gets me every time.

It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again

@qcatter spoonboy intermission with a message to mogami: cut that shit out 

also literal spoonboy

seems like I cant let go of my armor days huh

Some anti-Tony: Tony was trying to kill Steve and Bucky at the end of civil war

Me, looking at the iron man movies where in iron man 2 Tony literally decimates everything around him in five seconds with a laser: whatever you wanna say sweetie.

Lit Hoes | 001

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*boonon has added 11 people to the chat*

boonon: hey guys im bored

boonon: …..

boonon: answer me you hoes

vernun: im trying to sleep

boonon: sleep is for the week

vernun: its weak you dumbass

boonon: you’re very no fun

scups: seungkwan just go to sleep

boonon: ur not my mom

scups: yeah but im older than you

*wonwoah has left the chat*

boonon: wtf

vernun: see, even wonwoo isn’t as petty as you

boonon: im not petty

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Ah– yes

Friendly reminder: If I take a while to reply, or if I don’t reply at all, it doesn’t mean I don’t wanna talk to you.

if you don’t like supernatural, you really don’t have to talk about it. you don’t have to scream passionately in the tags about how much you don’t like the show. you don’t have to make countless text posts complaining about how it’s still on the air. you don’t have to throw in your two cents about your interpretation of the characters, or the plot, or anything else. you can simply ignore everyone who loves it, the actors, and the show itself and have a great day.


hello everyone ~ ^^ the blog just reached 15,000 followers ♥ thank you very much for following! i hope you’re all having a nice day ♥ ♥ 

highblood conversation
  • blue: bro
  • purple: yeah bro?
  • blue: i just... love the colour that runs through your veins bro. makes me wanna do whatever you say bro. no hemo bro
  • purple: bro
  • blue: bro

Hey there! I’m Rebecca, I’m currently 20 and I live in ATX! 😗😗

I practice witchcraft, I have two hamsters I love very much, I am super crafty and I love Sailor Moon! I’m a queer polyamorous lady that’s looking for friends, lovers, whatever ya want 🙂😍 my tumblr is righttotheface if you wanna drop by and say hello! 😗😗🙂🙂💖💖

people that hate zoe are the same people who ship noah and audrey and listen just hear me out whatever lengths you wanna go to to say that zoe was manipulative or a bad gf just remember that audrey

1) straight up told noah she wasn’t interested

2) tried to clock him in the head with a bookend and then chloroformed and kidnapped him

So if you didn’t know already in 3 days time it will be the 10 year anniversary of Arctic Monkeys ground breaking album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, so it only felt fitting we’d post a stunning cover of the band by none other than Brika. She recently covered the bands Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High and what I like here is how she’s kept that infamous guitar riff but still gives it her own unique spin with her jazz styling and those electronic beats on top of that. It just gives that track the extra flair that pushes it out and makes it stand out amongst the other covers of this track - Jakk

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Idk why some people act like there’s so much ambiguity surrounding how to gender canon Pidge like she literally says “I’m a girl” in canon it doesn’t matter whether that’s inferring that she’s cisgender or transgender or whatever tf you wanna headcanon she says she’s a girl so she clearly wants to be gendered as female otherwise she wouldn’t have said that