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I'm sorry but I feel like you're extremely uncomfortable with smut or just plain don't know what it is after all you always skip over it. Please try to get over this as you do like, the drumroll up to it and some of us really wanna know how you imagine Newt in bed.

Hello! this is my blog and I am technically allowed to write whatever I please, if you don’t like it, you really don’t have to be on my blog. I know how smut goes, however I choose not to write it, and yes because I feel uncomfortable with it. Even if I got “over it” I wouldn’t write smut. I enjoy writing what I call cinnamon spice, but nothing to turn off some of my readers, because believe it or not there are people who don’t like to read smut, amazing how that works!! I’ve been told by people the reason why they love my blog so much is they can get the spice without the smut.

So if you have a problem with how I choose to write, go read people who do write it and not mine.

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you have such a.. positively "strange" aesthetic // whatever you wanna call it, yet it's so pleasant, i love it &this is a rly cool blog and i dig ur new look, bless u

 o  m g thank you,,, tbh I don’t even now what my aesthetic is bc it goes between like 3 main things so I just wear whatever I like tbh and just go with it haha,,,, but ahhh thank you bbydoll you’re wonderful x <3


- I love you. Why shouldn’t that be something g o o d

“give me a call when you feel like it ❤”

is so soft, though? it is so pure? the choice of words … not if, but when. because you know what isak’s saying here to even?

that i accept you. as you are. and it’s not if you wanna call me, then you can. it’s WHEN you wanna, then do so. because i’ll be right here, whenever, all you have to do is reach out, and i’ll be right here, ready and waiting, to listen to everything you wanna say.

not if, when. because there is no room for “ifs”, because even and isak are. they already ARE. it’s whenever even is fully ready to put into words whatever he wants to say to isak, and isak’s just a dial away from him.

and their little ❤, its isak’s way of showing their normalcy that they have between them. that NOTHING has changed from his end. he’s still the same isak, and even’s still the same even he’d send ❤ to at the end of their texts.

ugh, how can ONE text message be so soft, and pure, and so full of fondness and affection, and certainty and sureness? i don’t know, but THAT text conveyed ALL of that.

  • Ino: Shut up. All you ever do is waste time.
  • Shikamaru: Waste time? I make time. Every second Asuma-Sensei spends arguing with me, is one second I don’t have to do something stupid like, do training or, whatever it is he’s always making us do.
  • ****
  • Shikamaru: Hey Sensei? Why do you always call us over when you wanna talk to us?
  • Asuma: What, you want me to write you a letter?
  • Shikamaru: No, I mean there’s three of us. Wouldn’t it be more efficient for you to come to us? Instead, we always have to -
  • Asuma: Shut up, Shikamaru.
  • Shikamaru: (to Ino) See, I just bought us ten more seconds before he can give us something to do.
  • Asuma: Shikamaru, can it!
  • Shikamaru: Five more seconds.
  • Asuma: Shut. up.
  • Shikamaru: Two more.

So in the DC universe, I like to think there are two teen super heroes you call on when shit gets real. They aren’t on the regular JLA battle roster because, you know, rando teenagers who aren’t already partnered to JLA members or whatever. But when things get bad, you’ve got them in your back pocket just in case but there are rules like:

For magic-related bullshit, you wanna got to Fawcett City and get, basically, the world’s magical Superman equivalent to come out and punch out dragons or whatever. Seriously. He’s actually as strong as Superman 95% of the time and he wants to help. He’ll love it. Literally will be thrilled the whole time. 110% enthusiasm. The rules are you have to be polite and don’t ask him to do anything REALLY adult because he’s SUPER under-aged actually. I know he seems like he’s a totally capable adult and he kind of is, but Batman will stab u. Be nice to Shazam/Captain Marvel, basically.

For alien-related bullshit, you want to go to El Paso and call out a renegade Reach Empire world-killer. He’s basically a walking WMD, harbinger of death, and 90% of other aliens will scream and run if you send him to lurk, like, slightly to the left of Superman during talks. He’s actually a nice high school boy, but the aliens don’t know that. Now, the only real rule about working with Blue Beetle is you CANNOT accidentally leave him in space. We did that once already. It was awful. He already thinks we’re fucking morons. Don’t prove him right.

ok get this i just had a great idea: baseball bat/referee ability kirby

white baseball hat with a black peak/flap thing/whatever you wanna call it and black bobble thing at the top (great terminology here, huh) that he’s wearing slightly tilted or off center, and two black lines positioned like an equals sign (=) replace the blush stickers

attacks could involves a chargeable baseball bat, fast but weak when uncharged and slow but powerful when charged, though to charge it you’d of course have to hold a button and stay completely still, and executing it perfectly could end with a star ko animation for the enemy killed with it

baseballs as fast and moderately strong projectiles

and some attack that involves loudly blowing a whistle

is this a good idea or am i just thinking too hard about a dumb concept again

  • some person in Witcher 3 suddenly calling you out: you murdered my son/daughter/husband/wife/mother/father/sister/brother! I will never forgive you!!!
  • me: I have no idea who the fuck you are but they probably deserved it
Promise ring || H.S.

Hello babes! I’m back with another imagine slash one shot, whatever you wanna call it. I really enjoyed writing this one because I didn’t even think of something like this before tbh lmao. I hope that you guys will like it at least half as much as I’ve liked to write it though before I forget, let’s give a round of applause for one of the anons who requested this! 👏🏽 Don’t forget to request anything you’d like to see next! Have a lovely rest of your Sunday or whenever you’re reading this. :) Love you a lot, xoxo B

Length: 2,148 - 4 pages
About it: quite cute if you ask me

Going on dates with Harry was fun because we never took it seriously and that may have seemed weird to outsiders but honestly, it was so much better. Of course we had our formal dates as well where we dressed up real nice and everything but most of the time we ended up in Subway or some Chinese restaurant.

Today however was one of those dressing up ones since it was was our two year anniversary. I was a tad bit nervous because for the past month I have been trying to hide a present from Harry in order to surprise him with it tonight. I knew we were going to go out and I knew it was going to be special because we’ll be at the restaurant where we first went at the beginning of our relationship. We spent our first year anniversary there as well so it was only fair if we went there this time as well.

So my present. The present that I wasn’t actually allowed to get him because we agreed on not getting each other anything on our anniversaries because it’s not about giving it’s about enjoying the other’s company. Between us, at least. And I kept my promise last year but I knew that I couldn’t this time.

Over a month ago I was out shopping with my mates when we went past a jewelry shop and of course we went in. I was always a big fan of jewelry so I wasn’t going to say no. I was too engulfed in the earring section when one of my friends told me to check some rings out so I did and as soon as I landed my eyes on them I knew I couldn’t leave without one.

They were promise rings.

Now I know that usually the guy gets the promise ring and gives it to the girl, but come on. It’s 2016 therefore anything could happen. And as I said before I just couldn’t leave the shop without one ring in my bag so I had to buy it.

Since then I’ve been hiding it in my underwear draw, waiting for this day to come so that I can give it to its true owner.

After I took one last glance at the ring I closed the navy coloured velvet box and slipped it into my bag that I was going to take with me. I had also put a little note in it which I knew was going to get to Harry because that wouldn’t have been the first time that I wrote to him. Once he told me he much preferred letters which he could keep after and I never once argued with him about it just did what I knew would make his heart happy.

For our date night I was wearing a simple grey, off the shoulder dress which had long sleeves and a pair of black Michael Kors heels. I liked to invest in my bags, shoes and coats the most because I could always dress up my non-designer pieces and make them look twice as good. My makeup was simple and so was my hair therefore I didn’t spend much time on my face. Since it wasn’t too cold I decided on wearing a trench coat then picked my bag up and I was ready to go.

Harry said he was going to pick me up around 6 pm since he booked our table for half past and it wasn’t a long drive at all. So I was well surprised when I saw him sitting in my living room while he was on his phone.

“Hey you,” I laughed as I welcomed him, putting my bag on the table which was near the living room door. “When did you come in? I didn’t hear you,” I told him as he stood up and walked towards me.

He just laughed it off as he put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to his chest, my hands making their way around his neck and fingers intertwining behind it. He smelled heavenly and he looked breath-taking in his satin outfit. Soon enough he pressed his full and soft lips against mine in a sweet kiss which caused me to smile into the gesture.

“You always end up smiling which messes up the whole point of kissing,” he muttered his opinion against my lips but just before he could’ve pulled away I pressed a little peck onto his lips. “That was nothing at all.”

“”You’re so insatiable,” I shook my head as I held onto his collar then cupped his cheeks in my hands. His eyes were bright as he looked into mine, he had a little mustache going on above his upper lip and I adored it. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he kissed my nose then took one of his hands off my waist to get a hold of my bag. He put it on his shoulder then taking my right hand into his, he intertwined our fingers. “Are you ready, doll face?”



On the way to the restaurant I laughed so much my stomach was hurting but honestly, I wouldn’t have swapped places with anyone. I loved laughing with Harry because it just made me happy. And the fact that no one was at the restaurant when we got there just made me feel even more relaxed and calm. I didn’t like it when the paps were around because that meant hurrying out of the car and getting into wherever we were headed in one piece.

When we got in and got seated at a table we sat last time as well I couldn’t take my eyes off of Harry. The lights were dim and he was simply sitting in front of him, looking through his menu so it wasn’t even like he was doing something interesting. But still, he mesmerized me in the best way possible.

“Are you gonna eat me for dinner or something?” he asked me laughing and I felt my cheeks and ears go red from his comment. I rolled my eyes then laughed a little as well.

“You wish,” I sighed as I put my elbows on the table and held my face in the palm of my hands. Probably wasn’t the nicest way to sit when in a restaurant but I didn’t really care. “I just can’t believe you are here. With me. Again. After another hectic year.”

“I know right, I’m quite unbelievable,” he said cockily but of course I knew he wasn’t being serious. He just liked to put on a show.

“Look, I know that we aren’t supposed to give anything to each other on our anniversaries but you have to understand that I couldn’t resist this time.”

“Baby, you just broke our tradition,” he let out a deep sigh as he shook his head a bit. I couldn’t tell whether he was genuinely disappointed or just acted again.

I know, but you’ll hopefully understand why once you get your little present,” I smiled at him as I tried to make the situation look and feel better. “Haz, are you really upset with me for buying you something? It’s been a month since I bought it.”

“I’m not that upset,” he said while the smallest smile ever made its way onto his handsome face. That made me grin as well and I felt a lot better knowing that he wasn’t actually sad about it. “But you cannot do that again. I love you so I’ll let this one slip but we’re not buying each other stuff, alright?”

“Yes!” I confirmed it. “I didn’t buy this present either to purposefully break out tradition. I just couldn’t leave it in the shop and it reminded me of you and oh my god. Before I give it all away, here you go,” I rambled as I took the box out of the bag and gave it to him.

He looked at me a bit weird, probably not expecting to see a box as a present but he had absolutely no clue what it hid.

“Read the note first,” I told him once he opened the box. He couldn’t see the ring right away but I had a feeling at this point he might have had a slight idea.

He nodded before he started to read it out loud.

“Harry, I give you this ring-,”

“Wait, you don’t need to read it out loud,” I interrupted him. “It might be more personal if you read it to yourself.”


I give you this ring as a promise to you, a promise that I’ll be here and I’ll always be true.

I promise that I’ll hold you when your day isn’t going right and I will comfort you through the long and cold night.

I promise that I’ll make you smile when you feel like dying and I promise that I’ll be here when you feel like crying.

I promise that I’ll guide you when the future isn’t clear, I promise I will be there to wipe away your every tear.

I promise that no matter what, we will make it through so I give you this ring as a promise.

A promise that I’ll always love you.


He looked up to me once he read the note, with teary eyes and a huge smile. I had the urge to stand up and walk over to his side so I did just that and hugged him close to me. I felt his hand go around my waist then he pushed his chair out a bit and pulled me onto his lap.

“I swear I had the exact same idea,” he told me, chuckling as he leant on my shoulder.

“Were you going to get me a promise ring?” I asked him in surprise. That’d have been such a coincidence if he would’ve had gotten me one too.

“Yes,” he sighed then put his hand out to get the box from the table. Slowly, he took the ring out and made sure to look at it from every single angle possible. It wasn’t anything special, it was a silver band but then he put it on and it became special.

“Thank god it’s the right size and it looks good on your finger,” I said my thoughts out loud, not minding it one bit. He was used to all my random comments and phrases so I didn’t feel embarrassed or anything.

“Yeah, well, after being together for two years I’d expect you to know what my ring size is,” he said jokingly as he twisted it around his finger once more. After he was done admiring it, he wrapped his other arm around me as well and hid his face in the crook of my neck. “Thank you, doll face. This ring means a lot.”

“You’re welcome I’m glad you like it and it means a lot to you because it means a lot to me too.”

“Does this mean you’ll be the one who’s gonna propose?”

“Nah, I’m gonna leave that to you if that’s okay,” I laughed and so did he then pressed a kiss on my neck before pulling away and looking at me. “So am I forgiven? You’re not upset anymore, right?”

“No, I’m not upset,” he smiled at me as he started to lean closer to me then pressing his lips against mine in a short but sweet peck. “You just promised to love me forever and ever so I’d be really silly if I were to be mad at you over you doing so, wouldn’t I?”

“Maybe but I would still love you anyway.”

“Gosh, I’m so lucky to have you, you know that, right?” he asked me with awe in his eyes, his voice so soft and deep that it made me shiver and melt on the inside.

“Just as lucky as I am.”

“Probably not.”

“Well I think I am the luckiest and I know that I’ll be forever because I put a ring on it.”

“Wow, so original,” he said with a little laugh at the end then squeezed me in a loving hug. “Now get back to your seat, I’m hungry.”

“Aw, that’s not nice,” I pouted as I stood up anyway. Harry just shrugged his shoulders with a smirk on his face then just as I sat down the waiter was at our table, ready to take our orders.

And so as Harry was telling the guy what he wanted to eat I was back to staring at the way his lips formed each and every word. He was absolutely breath taking and he was mine and I was his.

After all I just gave him a promise ring which I’m sure he’s going to wear with a proud smile on his beautiful face.  

hey girlies in the gay kpop community

i know a lot of you may have been doing this without realizing it could be bad and im not here to call u out or be mean but please be careful when using words that are (even reclaimed) slurs 

i know we love making moodboards, edits, talking about our favs possibly being not straight/cis whatever! but be careful while using the q*eer slur! i know every lgbt person can decide for themselves whether or not to use the word but you should never label people with this word if you don’t know if they’re okay with it. q*eer does not have history as a slur in korea, but you have many followers who consider this a slur and who have been hearing it in homophobic contexts. so please try to avoid using it! you can just use lgbt, nonstraight/cis, etc. instead.

thank you and have a gay day!

I decided to say ‘fuck it’ to finals for the night, my brain was dead mush for that shit anyway, and I was about to burst into anxiety-induced tears.

I have come home, changed into pajamas, am in bed, and have eaten some dinner. I feel much better now.

But to further make myself feel better, I decided to write some IronPanther/T’Tony/whatever you wanna call this ship.

Based on this. Told you guys I’d have to write a drabble for it.

For @bloody-bee-tea because we’re definitely besties now, after how much we’ve talked IronFalcon and IronPanther. Sorry, no take-backs, I don’t make the rules.


The first time it happened, they’d been together for seven months and fifteen days.

(T’Challa kept impeccable track of the time, because first of all, it’d taken him damn long enough to convince Tony that he wanted this, and second of all, it made Tony smile that little, almost shy smile that was rare and fleeting and all the more precious for it.)

They’d been on the couch, both working on their own tablets. Tony had his head on T’Challa’s thigh, fiddling with the holograph his tablet was projecting. It took T’Challa a while to realize Tony hadn’t stopped moving just to contemplate the design.

He’d fallen asleep.

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MARIA: why are you still here? get out, Demi.

DEMITRI: aww c’mon Maria! i’m bored! and hungry!! 

MARIA: then go into the city and drink some humans? it’s not difficult!

DEMITRI: but i don’t wanna! it just seems kind of rude to just drink people’s blood y’know…

MARIA: you think it’s rude? whatever… oh, i just received a text from Alexei. he says that Decimus is calling a meeting over at his place. you included.

DEMITRI: oh, really? wait- you have a phone? when i asked you for your number you said you didn’t use ‘useless human technology’ !

MARIA: that’s because i lied, Demi. NOW GET OUT!

Remember what was going on on Tumblr right after TST finished?

My whole dashbord was full of What the fuck did I just watch? or This is the worst episode ever or Mofftiss what have you done?! or 90 minutes of pure shit and so on.

Maybe you were one of them. I was. I was disappointed, confused.. It was not what I expected.

But the important thing is how our view on the episode changed after talking with others about it, reading metas, analysing stuff.. Tumblr allows us to exchange, communicate and extend our view on things. I love that. This is what I’m here for.

We know now that this episode was fake or whatever you wanna call it. It was like a case Mofftiss gave to us. By tiny details they showed us that it’s not real. It can’t be. It’s so off. So out of character. So cheesy..

But I needed you guys to believe in this fake episode instead of just thinking it’s a huge fail by Mofftiss so thank you.

You know what I kinda hate that I’m a “high functioning borderline” or whatever you wanna call me. Because it makes everyone doubt whether or not I’m actually suffering. It’s like…“You graduated college? You must’ve been stable all four years!” “You have a steady job? You must be doing great!!”

No. No I’m not. So people really need to stop jumping to conclusions. Because I don’t want to feel like I need to PROVE my illness. Just because I get up and ultimately get my shit done, doesn’t mean I’m not in pain.

The end.


EDIT: YEAHHHHH!  Fixed the resolution problem!



*heh* Yeah, usually I write.  I might do a fluffy blurb after this though.  After that season finale, I need good feels.

Going with the idea that Matt Holt is the Masked Guy in the the S2 trailer.   I really hope we get to see more of him in the future.

V4 Analysis?

I’m considering doing a serious review of V4. My content is mostly comedy and I feel like I need to give my honest opinion of what I thought of the volume. Just a heads up it will be mostly critical (I thought V4 wasn’t their best work), but I’d like to try my hand at it and I wanna see if you guys have any interest. I’d like to post my honest opinion but at the same time I’m worried I’ll end up upsetting some people and losing some of my audience. Hit me back.


Hello my beautiful family, friends, followers (whatever you want to call yourselves) I have reached 700 followers and to me, this is a big achievement and I want to celebrate. 

I have finished my practice exams so will be a little more free to read and write, especially write for all you lovely people.

I am going to work on some of the requests I got for my 300 follower challenge(yes I still have a few of those to do.) but I also wanna work on some of my series fics and because of @mysupernaturalfics and her Happy Holidays fics, I have fallen into the daddy!dean pit (again). 

So for my Daddy’s Nugget I will probably be working on a fic based on Regarding Dean.

For ‘How Do We Fix This?’ I want to work on Stanford!Sam or Teen!Sam

Please, if you wouldn’t mind, send in some GIFs, Headcanons, Aesthetics, prompts, NSFW shit…anything you can think of I will kindly appreciate it.

Thank you again, guys!!

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Opinion on Avril Lavigne

MAYBE 👍🏻👎🏻 I have some PUNK 🤘🏻☠🔥characteristics aboot me. 💀🕶 (…Did I say that properly??🤔….yeah) …yeah maybe I have some punk 👿☠ characteristics ABOOT me BUT I don’t ✋🏻🚫 walk 💃🏻 around calling myself 😁 punk. 🙄🙄🚬 It’s more punk 🖕🏻 to tell people you’re NOT punk 👰🏻🙅🏻❌then to sit there and say that you are PUNK 🚬☠ …and …whatever. 🙄🙄🙄 Uh eh if you if you wanna know what I think that I am. 🙋🏻✌🏻️I think I’m just a ROCK chick 🎸🎤🤘🏻, and I like to rock out. 🎧🎸I like to throw SHIT around. 🏌😳💩 I like to go nuts. 😝😤👽 I like to lose myself. 🕵🏃🏻👸🏻

DΞΔN  - 21 (Crushing) [1]

Originally posted by clubeskimo

“You probably hated both people and love
Under your smooth talk and cold appearance is a soft heart
They say that you are pretty to the point where you ears are tired of it
But they only talk about you, they never actually listened to your story
I wonder how many you have had before me

I really wanna know you baby

Her vague smile is it a yes or no?
Whatever she does, just leave her alone
She’s mine.”

Crush’s birthday party was being held soon and he called you every day to remind you of it. You two had been busy lately, which made it impossible for you to meet and catch up. You tried to reject his invitation at first, because you had an upcoming exam, but he didn’t accept no as an answer, and so in the end, you found yourself standing at the entrance of the club.

“I’m sorry Miss, but you’re not on the list,” the bouncer said again, this time his voice was slightly irritated.

“I’m sure I am,” you insisted and urged him to check again.

“Miss, I looked twice. Your name is not on there. And I have to ask you to step aside. Other guest are already waiting,” he told you politely and pointed behind.

You rolled your eyes and let out a long sigh, leaving the queue. Of course you were a bit embarrassed. The bouncer practically denied your entrance to your best friend’s birthday party. The other guests shook their head at you and you could hear some muttering, “she has no shame.”

However, you decided to just ignore it, since being upset didn’t solve the problem. You fished your mobile phone out of your pocket and called Crush, telling him about the situation.

“Shit! Haeri, I’m so sorry. I’ll come pick you up. Wait there. Don’t move.”

You stood there at the edge of the sidewalk, as you waited for your friend. You weren’t the most patient person and you easily got bored, so instead of standing still, you spun yourself around in a circle, until you heard a soft chuckle. Your body immediately froze at the sound and you quickly looked up just to be met by an unfamiliar face. The guy who was standing in front of you certainly wasn’t Crush, tough they had a very similar style, which had you looking twice to confirm the identity of the person. You scanned him from head to toe quickly. He was neatly dressed. Beneath his black coat he wore a plain hoodie. A white t-shirt peaked through his hoodie at the area of his neck and waist and his pants were black and ripped at his knees, showing some skin. You had to admit he was very good looking. For a while, you two just stared at each other wordlessly while the banging music from the club could be heard in the background, which made the silence between the two of you a little less awkward.

“You’re Haeri, right?” He asked you politely, reaching out his hands as a form of introduction. 

You shook it and bowed your head slightly. “Yes, and you?”

“Hyo Sub sent me to pick you up,” he explained quickly as he saw the confused expression planted on your pretty face. He was mesmerized by your beauty and he had definitely stared at you for a bit too long. But he quickly pulled himself together again, not wanting you to think of him as a creep. “I’m Hyuk or Dean. Whatever you want to call me.”

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keith's garrison interview

interviewer: so tell me about yourself

keith: maybe i have some punk characteristics about me—did i say that properly? yeah—maybe i have some punk characteristics about me, but i don’t walk around calling myself punk. it’s more punk to s—tell people you’re not punk than to sit there and say that you are punk. and… whatever. uh, if you—if you wanna know what i think that i am, i think that i’m just a rock chic. and… i like to rock out, i like to throw shit around, i like to go nuts, i like to lose mys—