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📱 - broadcasted-idiocy

  • I’m the favorite twin, right? (unsent; didn’t want to be wrong)
  • WHATEVER LASERBEAK SAYS I DIDN’T DO IT (unsent; he got caught)
  • I got overcahrged an’ can’t find wy back, pls find me (unsent; would have meant admitting he broke the engex ban)
  • Ugh, stop bein’ gross with Shockwave when I’m in the tit. (unsent; annoyed, but glad Soundwave is happy)
  • I’m sorry I moved out, I miss you, I wanna come home (unsent; didn’t want to seem like a coward)


[img file: selfie of him on the hoverboard he “borrowed” from Tailgate’s hab] Settlin’ in just fine!

In light of recent events...

I’m disgusted with events that took place over the last 12 hours or so on Twitter, and I’m even more disgusted that this is a thing that happens repetitiously. So, here is a list of basic etiquette for meeting DnP in public. Honestly all of this is common sense, but apparently some people need to be reminded of it:

(Once you have read this, you have absolutely no excuses for your actions should you ever meet them (not that you had any excuses to begin with) and shall have 100% responsibility for your actions.)

(Also, these rules apply to any stars/celebrities/humans in general that you may encounter and apply in any location or scenario.)

  • DON’T take videos or photos of them without their consent, full stop. It’s a breach of their privacy, which goes against their fundamental human rights and is therefore illegal in almost all countries around the world, countries like Australia and the UK included…
  • …and if you do, DO delete it/them, especially if they ask you to. Again, it’s illegal and just morally wrong to take/keep/post non-consensual footage of them.
  • DON’T follow them or stalk them. It’s common sense and is for the same reasons as I listed above (it’s illegal), so if I get anyone questioning why, I will be really disgusted and disappointed.
  • DO go to meetups if you want selfies and if you want to meet them. The very reason meetups exist is so that you can meet your favourite stars in a consensual and relaxed environment, so take advantage of that rather than springing a trap on them outside of said consensual environments.
  • DO remember that DnP are no more or less human than us. I’ve seen people using the argument that they’re celebrities and that they should expect to be followed and whatnot, but they have the right to privacy as much as any of us and can feel frustration as much as any of us, so treat them like you’d treat any normal member of the public.
  • DO remember to distinguish between running into them coincidentally and deliberately tracking or following them. Running into them coincidentally is something you didn’t expect or intend to happen, therefore not your fault. Following or tracking them is 100% a conscious action so you are expect to take full responsibility for whatever may happen.
  • DON’T use “Oh but it’s a public area” as an excuse for following them. I’ve seen and argued with so many people who have used that excuse, but it doesn’t make following them any less morally or legally corrupt. Just because it may be deemed a public area doesn’t mean they’re always willing to interact with any people in it in a public manner. They are in public for the sake of sorting out shit for their own personal lives, it’s not an automatic invitation for anyone and everyone to follow them. Besides, Dan specifically said in a liveshow not to follow them in airports, so listen to them when they say that and assume the same request applies for any other public area.
  • DON’T think that they’re okay with being followed just because they offer to take selfies or whatever or because they don’t call you out on following them. I do wish DnP had more backbone regarding this, but the only reason they may agree to interacting with you is because they’re very selfless men who put their viewers wants (wants, not needs, because meeting them is not a necessity in life) before their own, however that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable doing it. Don’t take advantage of that selflessness.
  • DON’T remain under the impression that they live to serve us. They are under no obligation to do anything for us, not even on the internet, and it’s only because they’re good and admittedly-over-generous people that they do so in the first place. Just because they’re entertainers online sometimes doesn’t mean they’re idols to be objectified and dehumanised all the time, everywhere. They have their own lives and personal needs, exactly the same as we do.
  • DON’T be surprised if you receive backlash for doing things like what those people did today, you deserve every nasty tweet, post and DM you receive (unless you receive death threats or anything like that, which is never okay).
  • DON’T feel you have the right to defend yourself if you receive backlash, because you honestly don’t.

One final thought: you ever think about why celebrities imply or say that they want to live a ‘normal’ life? It’s because of stalkers and followers like the ones today, people who completely dehumanise them and put them on a pedestal where they’re expected to stay and be leered at 24/7. It’s not fair to enforce this on fellow human beings, especially with human beings as gracious and patient with us as DnP are. You don’t deserve to be called a ‘fan’ if you can’t love and value and respect them properly.

Hello, joining the Thomas Sanders Fanders party. My name is Marcelle, I’m bi, Filipina, INFJ, Ravenclaw; I do wear glasses but I wanted to show off my makeup ugnhh if you look at my blog you can see whatever I’m obsessed interested in at the moment lol. So aside from watching Thomas’ lovely, inspiring, humorous videos, I love Hamilton, YOI, MysMe, LoL, SU, Disney/Pixar, art/art history…

 Please stop by and say hi! Don’t be shy, even though I am

 Art is my passion! Art blog here: artfullymarcelle

@l-tay said: Would you write an AU where Jeff is a nerd and Y/N is a jock or just a really popular girl who never dates or hooks up with everyone? Tony and Clay discourage Jeff from asking you out, but he does it anyway. All your friends try to humiliate him, but Y/N surprises everyone by accepting his offer and admitting that she’s had a crush on him for years, but had been nervous to ask him out.

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Jeff POV

“Why do we even have boxing equipment in the gym on school grounds?” Clay frowns. “I thought the school looked down upon physical violence?”

Tony shrugs. “It’s great for fitness.”

“I swear on my collection of comics, Jensen,” Jeff mumbles, “that if you get this lovely sight taken away from me, I will beat you to death with your bike.” The sight in question is Y/N, clad in a sports bra and leggings with her feet constantly moving as she throws punches, elbows and kicks at a swinging punching bag. Her usual group of friends are crowded around, some getting in a quick workout of their own while others just lounge around to kill some time. “Appreciate the heavenly sight, Clay, or just go away so I can ogle in peace.”

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Can you do a prompt where Victoria isn't actually mean but comes of as such like "Max looks so pretty" and max is like "what?" And Victoria is just flustered and caught off guard and says the "I SAID YOU LOOKED SHITTY GO FUCK YOUR SELFIE" (doesn't have to contain that but I think it would be cute to see that Victoria only acts like that because she is flustered and crushing hard on max XD)

How to Deal with Crushes

Contrary to Victoria’s surname, she does not in fact “chase” anyone or anything. If anything, people chase after the Chase’s and the same principle is applied to Victoria, just look at her Vortex Club lackeys. Of course they’d follow her, who wouldn’t? She’s popular, efficient, and everything they could only hope to be. Whatever else she didn’t have, she grabbed onto without unnecessary chasing.  If she wants something then she gets it, end of story.

So it’s safe to say that she is most definitely not crushing on Max Caulfield.

Nope, she’s not falling for her waif hipster bullshit and her awkward shy pretense. The girl was short too so Victoria always ends up literally looking down on her and her annoying doe-eyed expression that seem to bring out her freckles. Especially those damn freckles. She would bet that underneath those poorly coordinated bargain clothes that Max had matching freckles on her shoulders which is lame. She’s a walking fashion disaster and Victoria has to stop her hands from tearing away those hideous clothes not because she wants her naked or anything, those clothes are just that terrible.

And her pictures? Selfies! Not even the kind that’s thought through and planned. No, Max just takes ordinary selfies. The kind of selfies that you post on social media and not in art galleries. The kind of selfies that show what her face looks like in the morning where the lighting is just right to add depth to her annoying freckles. The kind of selfies that reveal to Victoria the undeniable truth that Max is kind of cute.

God, she is pining over her so hard.

But she can’t let anyone else know that. See it from her point of view. She’s spent so much into her heartless bitch reputation that she can’t just let go all because of some dumb hipster with a cute face and a good eye for photography. She almost forgot about that part. Max has terrifying skill with the camera even though she doesn’t even know it. Victoria’s photos look amateur even next to some of Max’s selfies. That’s also one more thing she won’t admit out loud.

Max’s talent infuriates her just as much as it turns her on. She makes it look so easy, so effortless. She’s just using her retro-cam and the quality of her photos are worth more than what the best studio can produce. Max is Victoria’s competition and she hasn’t met someone that could fit the rival role so well in terms of skill. She likes to entertain the thought that maybe Max could fit the girlfriend role while at it too. One time she commented on Victoria’s photos being Avedon-esque and Victoria practically swooned inside. Still swooning about that until now.

Victoria is sitting on one of the benches on campus. It’s not like she deliberately chose this particular bench because she spotted the familiar flash and whir of a certain hipster’s camera nearby. It’s Max. Of course it has to be Max, who else? Victoria would never sit on this godawful excuses for furniture if she had a choice. The view helps her forget that her car has better cushioning.

Max is in her element again, with her back at Victoria, taking a photo of whatever. It’s sunset and with it there’s a poignant sense of romanticism painted across the campus. The sun’s rays sift through the trees and fall onto Max just right to give her this ethereal shine. Victoria captures her in the moment without even thinking. It’s only after the click of the shutter does she realize that she’s already looking through the viewfinder. She pulls back and stares at the photo she doesn’t remember taking and then back at the subject in front of her. While the photo was gorgeous like all her work naturally, it could only hope to capture the actual beauty before her.

“She’s so pretty.” Victoria almost sighs dreamily out of earshot.

Or what she thought was out of earshot since Max’s head spins so fast at the catch of her words. She shoots her a confused look. “What?”

And oh, god. Max looks way better with her face showing and she’s wearing that stupid doe-eyed look again and fuck, fuck. Victoria’s brain goes into panic mode. She doesn’t know what to say and it does not help that Max’s face is so distracting. The lighting shifted along with her movement and glistens along her frame and fuck, she looks lame in her clothes but she also looks radiant like what the fuck? And Victoria is still staring and oh, god what should she say?

“I SAID YOU LOOK SHITTY!” She yells at her with too much force to sell the intended spite. Nice one, Victoria. Smooth save. That will definitely tell Max that she is interested in her. Why don’t she go ahead and add some more flirty undertones. “GO FUCK YOUR SELFIE.” There it is. The words come out of her mouth as if on auto. Despite her face sporting a domineering look, Victoria very much wants to hide her embarrassment. It’s a good thing that she can hide her blush underneath her usual layers of anger.

Max looks more confused than offended and Victoria just wishes for her to go away so she could make a dash for her car and scream there. “Okay…?” She asks more than says, as if testing the waters. Victoria can’t help but snarl back just out of reflex and it’s enough to tell Max that the water is boiling and there’s a high chance that it will turn into a bloodbath. She sighs and it almost sounds like she was expecting something different.

Victoria already has plans on berating herself for again ruining another moment with Max and will do so as soon as she walks away but Max has other plans. There’s that bright flash again only this time it’s aimed at her. The whir of the camera isn’t lost to the buzzing in her brain. “Did you just…?” She can’t quite bring herself to finish her sentence, she can’t trust herself anymore.

Max is still in her element, not at all put-off by Victoria’s gaping, it must be the camera. There’s something empowering about holding a camera that makes Max bolder than her usual shy self, not that Victoria would notice that. Max just takes the photo as it develops with her nimble fingers. Victoria could tell the exact moment that it finishes when Max’s face erupts into a smile so wide she doubts it could fit the frame of a photo. “This one’s a keeper.” She shows it to her and Victoria feels her breath catch in her throat.

At first glance, Victoria’s posture in the shot looks intimidating but that’s not the main point. The focus is her face. She thought she was making just another one of her mean looks but evidence speaks otherwise. Her eyes are smoldering as the swathes over her and it almost makes her look warm. Warm and inviting. She can’t tell if it’s from the photo or the feeling in her chest but there’s a warmth that wasn’t there before. “This is…”

Pretty, I guess.” Max casually shrugs and Victoria’s head snaps up at the word. Just when she thinks that a smile looks cute on Max, she’s annoyingly adorable with a smirk too. “Pretty awesome.” She’s teasing. The hipster actually heard her and she’s flaunting it and Victoria should be mad at anyone who dares talk back to her but all she can think of is how Max is obviously flirting with her and she’s so happy that even her scowl looks friendly enough.

This is her chance! She can feel it with her heart beating so fast. Victoria has never run in her life aside for fitness but her heart is hammering wildly like it does when she jogs. Except she’s not running right now but it’s something similar. This is a chase and Max is her target and she can swear that she’s so close. She swears she almost feels it with her fingertips like how hers is brushing over the photo. The mood is set and the setting is just right. She’s going to do this and she’s going to get this right. She can’t mess this up now.

“Pretty amateur, smallfield.” And great, we’re back to gradeschool flirting again. Victoria represses the urge to just hit herself for being so lame. Really? Is that the best she can give? And what’s with that stupid nickname? She panicked okay. She has boys wrapped around her finger but she can’t fucking compliment a hipster girl that she likes without burying it under seven layers of insult.

“Still pretty.” Max insists with a smaller but still cute smile. She then takes back the photo and places it securely in her bag. Victoria tries not to think too much about the fact that she might even see the photo on the wall of Max’s room. “I guess it was nice talking to you, Victoria.”

“Yeah and you’re such a delight yourself. Get out of my face.” Victoria almost praises herself because the first sentence is the closest thing she’s gotten to an actual compliment. Max is already walking away but Victoria waits until she’s out of sight. Too bad she isn’t out of mind. Max calling her pretty is up there on her best-memories list next to their Avedon-moment. Max is also coincidentally on her to-do list.

God, she’s so fucking smitten.

i bet when bts first started to see all those “daddy” comments on twitter, this shit happened

“ Jungkook: *posts selfie*

“Hi army! Have a wonderful day and make sure to stay warm”

Sexually frustrated 12 year old: DADDY 

Jungkook: *scrolls through comments* 

“Hi jungkook”

“I love you”


Jungkook: wait hol up tf

*checks to see if what he saw was correct*

“wait why the fuck did she call me appa”

“did i accidentally impregnate someone”



*jin walks in*


“i think i might have impregnated someone”













*hoseok comes in*



“well, someone commented daddy on jungkooks selfie and now seokjin somehow made the master plan that the girls actual father got lost and she is trying to find him”


taehyung: no wonder why my dad hasnt been calling me



“sorry to ruin your childhood jungkook, no more innocent selfie posting”

Jungkook: *jumps off cliff*


Yoongi Scenario: Daddy’s Girl.

Request: Can I request protective yoongi scenarios (since i like this side of him but wanna see toward his family) where Yoongi let Taehyung and Jimin take Taeyeon to theme park with their kids. Then Taejun tell his dad he likes Taeyeon and since Taehyung adoresTaeyeon, he likes the idea. Later when Yoongi joined them, he saw his daughter hand in hand with Taehyung’s son, he got over protective. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much.

Genre: Family / Friendship. 

-We will be joining you later- Yoongi said to Taehyung who was the one taking the bag you had prepared for Taeyeon, you had to go run some errands together so it had been great when Taehyung had offered to take Taeyeon with him to the park since he was taking his son too and soon Yoongi learned Jimin was going as well with his twins. 

-It’s all fine hyung, you take your time, we will have fun-

You were talking with Jimin as Taeyeon was greeting Minah and the two boys. -Be careful, don’t let them go by themselves-

-Come on hyung- Taehyung laughed patting Yoongi’s back. -I’ll take care of her as if he was mine-

Yoongi nodded dedicating a fond glance to his daughter. -I’m just saying, none of your wives are going, and you two like parks too much-

Taehyung laughed at that and Jimin busted in the conversation. -Hey, we are perfectly responsible people-

-He’s just nervous to let go of Taeyeon- you whispered to Jimin who whispered to Taehyung making both of them laugh and Yoongi glare.

-Yah, what are you whispering there Y/N? And you too, rascals-

You laughed too going back to his side. -We were just saying you are bitter because you are not going-

Yoongi snorted placing his arm around your shoulders to pull you closer, you saw the four children, they were all around the same age, Taejun, Taehyung’s son, being the oldest with six, but they all interacted well together, it wasn’t the first time they met so they were pretty friendly with each other, little Taemin, Jimin’s son, being the shyest.

Taeyeon you knew would be perfectly ok, her uncles adored her, and she was a pretty capable five year old, playful and just a bit shy with strangers, but with them she was in her comfort zone, she was specially close with Taejun since they were just months apart in age and they got along well.

Instead of going to Lotte World, they were going to Seoul Children’s Grand Park which was likely to be less crowded but it was a great park too. You were a bit anxious too, a natural thing to see your little girl go out when at her short age it were rare the times when she went out, to anywhere that wasn’t school, without you. For Yoongi you knew it was a hard thing as his little girl was the apple of his eye, he was overprotective with you and the same thing translated to his daughter.
They accommodated all the children on the back seat, the four of them going comfortably in Taehyung’s SUV. 

-Call us if anything- you told them and both men nodded. -Have fun!- you cheered making the children wave and cheer back. 

-Daddy!- Taeyeon threw a kiss at him and you could almost see Yoongi’s spirit falling and melting, it was a wonder how he just waved back cooly instead of clutching his heart.

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Mark’s Kiss - Pt. 2 of Mark’s “Types of Kisses” Series

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member: mark
rating: nc-17
genre: smut
word count: 2987

A/N: And here’s part 2 that someone requested!! Thank you for your support, everyone <3 You can read Part One here.

I also have a treat inside for you! Be sure to put your name in the box and hit submit for a more immersive read. (It only works if you’re on my page, and using a browser with javescript enabled.)

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dating taehyung

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dating taehyung would include:

  • lots of craziness
  • and i don’t mean that in a bad way
  • taehyung has a really fun personality
  • and i feel like in a group of friends, he’s that friend that always wants to go do something
  • but his friends are always like nah, don’t feel like it right now
  • they don’t really share his enthusiasm that often
  • but if you were his girlfriend, you wouldn’t be able to say no to him
  • because he’d get so excited about these ideas he had and you’d hate to let him down
  • so you could expect a random late night phone call
  • he’d call just as you were about to get into bed and call it a night
  • and he’d say he just has to take you to this hill above the city
  • because he found the perfect spot with a great view and he planned everything
  • and you’d be like why can’t we go tomorrow and you come over here instead
  • and he’d insist he wants to take you there right then
  • and you’d tell him you’d come, but in your pajamas
  • and he’d pick you up and you’d see a bunch of stuff on the backseat, but wouldn’t ask about it
  • and when you’d get to the spot, the view would be just as magnificent as tae promised, and you’d understand why he was so excited about it
  • and you’d be happy he shared this spot with you and made you come in the middle of the night
  • the things in the backseat would turn out to be a couple of blankets, food and a bottle of wine
  • and he’d make you wait in the car until he has everything ready, he’d set up the whole thing himself
  • and then the two of you would lie down in a field above the city, far away from people, gazing at the stars, talking till morning
  • and you’d fall asleep on his chest, listening to his breathing
  • and then some other time, taehyung would hear about a new club and he’d just beg you to come with him on a random week day
  • and you’d be like “tae, i have school tomorrow, we can go on the weekend”
  • but no, taehyung would insist, he’d promise you’d have fun
  • and boy would you
  • he’d come over with a bottle of good liquor and you’d get smashed before you even got to the club
  • and drunk taehyung is the best taehyung
  • he’d be all cute and cuddly and up for everything
  • you’d just randomly say you want an ice cream on your way to the club and he’d make the taxi stop just so he could get out and get you one
  • he’s pretty outgoing
  • so it’s no problem for him to strike up a conversation with random people on the street, especially when he’s drunk
  • he’d see someone wearing a sweater he liked and he’d yell after them that he liked their sweater or hair or whatever it was he liked
  • and lots of times you’d be embarrassed because you could never come up to people like that
  • but it worked for taehyung, he’d meet so many people when he went outside that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with them
  • so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you were headed to the club, but ended up at someone’s pool party or at the other side of the city
  • lots of unexpected things from taehyung, anyway let’s get back to the club
  • when you’d get to the club (finally), he’d want to make sure you were having a good time
  • he knows you’re socially awkward and that you probably get annoyed when he talks to random people like it comes natural to him
  • and he gets why you don’t
  • so when you’d get there, he’d stop paying attention to other people and he’d start paying attention to you
  • you’d take shots and then he’d take you to the dance floor
  • and he’d dance silly at first to get you relaxed
  • but as soon as a slow song came on
  • he’d start grinding against you, whispering things in your ear
  • and you’d feel embarrassed because there were so many people around
  • but he’d be like “no one is looking at us, nobody cares, just relax”
  • and you’d give in and grind with him
  • and he’d start pecking you and kissing you and digging his hands into your hips
  • and you’d have to leave the club pretty soon because things would get too heated too fast
  • yeah, taehyung is all crazy and funny and has a nice attitude towards life
  • like when he got lost and separated from the guys
  • you’d probably panic
  • but not taehyung, he’s chill and relaxed about everything
  • he finds the good in everything anyway
  • and he’d never want to let you forget the good in you
  • so you could expect random texts from him all the time
  • he’d want to make sure you feel good with him
  • because he’s fucking ecstatic because of you
  • he loves you because you take him seriously and he feels like not many people do precisely because of his attitude
  • so he appreciates you so much
  • he appreciates that you listen to whatever he has to say and that you say yes to his random crazy ideas and that you ask for his opinion on serious matters in your life
  • so he wants you to know that he cares about you and that he’s thankful for having you in his life
  • and he’s not ashamed of expressing his feelings 
  • “thinking about you right now”
  • “i can’t stop looking at the selfie you sent me, you’re so beautiful, what are you doing with me!?”
  • “how’s my baby doing today”
  • “i bought you so many cool things today”
  • “i’m sorry about sending you a million messages, i just can’t get you out of my head”
  • “i miss you”
  • “i’m in bed, tired, wish you were here to cuddle”
  • “why are you sad? i’m coming over right away”
  • “i feel like i’m the luckiest guy in the world because i have you”
  • “i bought you a puppy, don’t kill me”
  • anyway, it would never be boring with taehyung and he’d never make you feel bad
  • he’d actually bring out the best in you because he’s so relaxed and chill and you’re not
  • you’d see how easily he talks to people and you’d start feeling more confident in yourself because of him
  • sometimes, though, even taehyung feels bad or insecure
  • and then you step in and it’s your time to give him the attention and the praise he deserves
  • when he tells you he’s not in the mood for hanging out, you immediately know something’s wrong
  • you show up at his place and just cuddle with him for hours, pecking him and playing with his hair and telling him all the things you like about him
  • or sometimes you just lay in bed next to him and hold his hand and he knows what you mean without you having to say anything
  • it comforts him just having you there with him
  • i think fights with taehyung are practically impossible
  • he doesn’t seem the type of guy to get angry easily
  • even if you did say something offensive to him or showed him you were mad, he’d laugh it off or go about it in a chill way
  • he doesn’t like yelling and screaming and slamming doors
  • he’d just be like “i get you and i’m sorry about it, let’s stop fighting”
  • he’s serious when he needs to be, and fights are something he hates and wants to avoid
  • and you’d be mad at that behavior at first because you’re emotional and passionate and you always felt like people who love each other just need to fight from time to time to get all their frustrations out
  • but it was emotionally draining to fight with your exes and you’d feel exhausted after
  • so you learned to appreciate taehyung for his chill attitude because you knew it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you
  • he just doesn’t like fighting
  • and when you would fight
  • it would be about something stupid that one of you took the wrong way
  • like he’d read a text from your male colleague or a comment on your picture on instagram
  • and he would say anything for a while, but he’d be so jealous
  • because he doesn’t even want to think about other guys wanting you, and he knows they do
  • and he knows he isn’t around as much as you’d like him to be, so he would secretly be scared of you meeting someone else who would be there for you all the time
  • so on days when he’d feel insecure, all these jealous thoughts would build up and he’d ask you about these guys
  • and he’d ask you if you want a guy who’d be around more because he can’t do that
  • and you’d feel attacked because why would you even think about someone else??? when you’re with kim taehyung????
  • and why would you want someone to be around all the time when it wouldn’t be him??
  • but you’d work it out pretty soon
  • because he trusts you and believes you when you tell him they’re friends 
  • so a relationship with tae is practically heaven
  • he’s cute, he’s good looking, he’s a life ruiner
  • he loves animals, he loves kids, he loves everyone
  • it’s hard to even get mad at a guy like that
  • you’d miss him when he’s not around, though
  • you’d miss him a lot
  • because he brings his positive energy into your life and you just feel bad when he’s not around
  • but he’d always call you and text you to let you know he’s thinking about you and that he’s coming back soon
  • and he promised you that when he’s done with his kpop idol life you two would live on a farm, far away from anyone, and have lots of kids and grow your own fruit and sell it and have a perfect little life and you’d never have to spend a day without him
  • you know that’s all highly unlikely, but you love him just for saying it
  • and brb i’m crying because i want this
hamilton + first date headcanons

(day one of my valentines week celebration!)


  • he is. a mess on the inside
  • SUPER professional and poised on the outside
  • asks you straight up if you want to go on a date with him.
  • like just. ‘do you want to accompany me to dinner tonight’ or something like that
  • HOWEVER, when you say yes, he gets all blushy and the biggest smile grows on his face. like. it wouldnt be possible for anyone else. it was so wide
  • he takes you out to dinner
  • (he wants to talk about you though!!! he will ask a lot of questions about you as opposed to answering ones about him!!!)
  • he smiles and nods at everything you say
  • (hes very shy about talking about himself but dont be afraid to ask him questions too!!! just dont expect a very long answer)
  • will walk/drive you back to your apartment
  • wont kiss you first, but if you kiss him, he will get the same blushy smile he got when you said yes!!!
  • he does this lil thing when hes walking away from your door where he takes a step forward, stops, and does a half-step-pivot thing
  • hes not sure if he wants to leave!!!
  • kiss him one more time because thats all he wanted
  • will text you goodnight!!! with a bunch of emojis
  • (he is very happy but he wont admit it)


  • ‘hey girl wanna go on a date lmao’
  • hes pretty chill about it on the outside and while asking you
  • but when you go on the date, he seems a little… nervous!!!!
  • hes good at hiding it though
  • but he talks a lot, even more than he usually does 
  • (and thats already a lot!!!)
  • probably spills a drink or something and apologizes profusely
  • you have to tell him to chill. please. this boy is so scared
  • once you tell him to calm down however hes pretty chill! in fact hes like his normal self
  • wont drive/walk you home because he wants to go and work 
  • (unless you want to doink)
  • but he will text you a long message that night thanking you for the night and saying goodnight!!!
  • (texts you the next morning. of course)


  • hes flirty about asking you out. all wiggling eyebrows and smirks
  • when you say yes though hes!!! speechless!!!
  • he laughs a little and turns away and then looks back at you and is like ‘wait really’
  • ’kiss him!!! or hug him!!!! but just reassure him yes!!!
  • he either takes you on a picnic or to a beach or to the park
  • something really pretty and nice!!!
  • (hes a dreamer and rlly likes pretty things)
  • usually asks you to play 21 questions with him!!!
  • he doesnt get super personal right away
  • but is fine if you do!!!
  • he does like talking about his dreams though, and what plans he has for the future
  • he’ll ask yours!!!
  • he walks you home, kisses your cheek, and like… sprints away
  • (he texts you the next day asking if you want to go out again)

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Everything to me (Simon Request)

The tweets were endless. Mentions of you not being good enough for him. Tagging you in photos where Simon was without you. Saying he was happier then. Anything you tweeted yourself would get hate. If you even thought about replying to a tweet from your boyfriend, they’d all attack you with their words once again. It was easier to stay clear of all of it. But Simon claimed you shouldn’t have to do that.
Disabling his comments hadn’t helped. It only fuelled their hatred claiming that ‘you had made him do this’. They said that things were so different since you had been with him. And you were scared that now you were beginning to admit it might be true.
You looked at yourself in the mirror and couldn’t see anything good anymore. You hadn’t felt like this in a while. Not since you had Simon. He made you forget about all of your insecurities. But now that had changed. Those comments and those tweets had changed it.
You now saw how your stomach wasn’t completely flat. You didn’t have the shadows of ab muscles forming or a gap between your legs that was somehow aspirational. You had skin on your thighs that was definitely unwanted and you couldn’t fit into the size six like the models could. Your cheeks were chubby from never really losing your baby feature and you couldn’t wear a crop top comfortably in the summer.
Every time your eyes skimmed over your body you seemed to find more and more features that you didn’t like. That you despised.
You hadn’t mentioned anything to your boyfriend. He knew that their words had affected you but not this much. Not so much that you couldn’t even look at yourself in the mirror anymore. To the point where you had considered leaving him just because it would make him happier. You cared about him more than anything and if you were stopping him from being himself, you would be the one to change that. Of course, he had never said to you that you had done anything to make him feel like that but the millions of subscribers had pressured you into believing it.
“(Y/n)?” Simon calls when he evidently walks into the room and you jolt your head towards the bathroom door just to make sure it was closed.
There were tears in your eyes now and he couldn’t see you like this.
“I’m in here” You reply loud enough for him to hear even with a croak in your voice.
“Hey babe” He chirps and you can see the cute smile on his face, “Do you wanna film a video with me and the guys? We’re thinking of starting a new series”
“Umm hang on a second” You quickly respond, tugging down the material of your ‘Sugg Life’ jumper that hung oversized on your body, “What were you thinking of doing?” You ask, closing the door behind you and going to find a pair of jeans or joggers that didn’t necessarily hug your legs as much…
“Like random games or GTA or dead by daylight and stuff but with you in it. Basically just us teaching you how to play” He explains happily, “You in?”
“I don’t know Simon, I’m not feeling too great” You lie, grabbing a pair of joggers and pulling them over your legs.
“Were you sick?” He frowns with evident concern, the smile slipping from his lips.
“No no I just… I’m gonna go lie down for a while” You nod, “I’ll go in the spare room”
“Don’t be silly, you can stay in here” He assures you, “Everyone knows you live here anyway”
“Its okay” You force a smile onto your lips, leaning up to kiss his cheek, “Enjoy filming”
You don’t notice how worried Simon looks as you walk away. You just felt so enclosed that you had to get out.
~~~Simon’s POV~~~
I was concerned now. Something wasn’t right. And as my thumb clicked onto twitter, I could tell why. Her mentions were full of hate. And these were only the ones I had been tagged in. She must’ve seen so much more. Tweet after tweet pushing more and more negative thoughts into her mind. And none of them were true. I loved my viewers but did they really have to be like this? I could only imagine how upset she was. She was sensitive even if she didn’t admit it.
And with this, I couldn’t blame her.
‘Kill yourself you fat bitch’
‘Haven’t seen Simon look so fed up since I started watching him. It’s her’
‘She needs to start using those fat legs of hers and walk out’
‘Who the fuck even thinks Simon likes this girl?’
‘I feel bad for Simon. He must be desperate if he’s with that fat fuck’
The anger bubbled in my stomach until the controller I had been planning on using to use for filming goes flying across the room and crashes against the wall.
“I was gonna ask if you were gonna join the call but that can wait” Josh starts, leaning against the wall of my room, “What’s going on?”
“I need to talk to (y/n)” I sigh, getting up, “Record without me yeah?”
“Sure but, are you sure everything’s okay?”
“No, but I just need to speak to her,” I nod and head outside, going straight to the spare room.
~~~Your POV~~~
You were sat on the bed with your laptop on your legs, replying to some emails from work and generally just catching up on a few things when Simon came in.
“I thought you were filming” You frown.
“Nope” He shrugs, reaching out his hand, “Come here”
“What are you doing?” You question as he lifts you up to stand.
“You’re coming with me beautiful” He mentions simply, leading you out of the room and downstairs.
“Babe what’s wrong with you?” You chuckle slightly as he hands you a pair of shoes and slips on his own.
He leads you silently to the car and you climb inside without protest even if you didn’t feel up to it.
It was dark outside now. The clear sky forming a sheet of stars above the house and the moon reflecting the past light of the sun.
Simons hand doesn’t leave yours as he drives and you keep your eyes focused on his adorable face with his glasses perched on his nose. They were right. You didn’t deserve him.
He soon parks up and you notice he’s taken you to the top of a cliff where the pair of you had gone after a date before. It was the place of your first kiss.
“Why are we here?” You frown and he sits down on a large rock with you beside him.
“So I saw those tweets” He starts, fingers absentmindedly playing with yours.
“Si-” You start
“And I know they would’ve upset you” He comments with all too much truth, “And I don’t know where to start (y/n)”
“You don’t have to” You shake your head, feeling guilty now.
“They mean nothing babe” He states simply, “I don’t give a fuck about 140 characters on a tweet. I don’t give a fuck about your mentions. I don’t give a fuck if they say it every single day. I only care about it affecting you. Because it shouldn’t”
“Its endless Simon. Every single thing I do they seem to have something against” You look down, “I’m starting to think they’re telling the truth”
“Bullshit” He states simply, “They could say a thousand things and it wouldn’t matter. They could say a million times that you’re not good enough or whatever and I still wouldn’t care”
“Look at me Simon” You exclaim, “There’s Sarah and Freya and Katie and Kay and Emily and then there’s me. I’m not beautiful like them, I can’t take a selfie that I look good in. Hell, I don’t even take photos on my own. I don’t look good in tight clothes, I always just wear sweats. Im nothing compared to them”
“(Y/n), do you remember when we first met? Because I do. 3 years ago. You were at the restaurant and you served us. I remember you said something about JJ and it made all of us laugh. And we spent the night chatting to you because by the time we left, it was hours after you should’ve closed. And I remember every time you walked away I realised more and more how beautiful you were. You liked sport even if you did prefer rugby and you liked video games especially gta and you had this fascinating life outside of that small restaurant that I was mesmerised by the more and more you spoke. You were stunning in your simplicity. You didn’t need makeup or perfectly done hair. You were you and to me, that was everything. And that’s not going to change”
You have tears in your eyes now. Simon was never one to speak like that.
“Think of it this way” He nods, squeezing your hand, “I fell in love with you and that’s what should matter, don’t let my viewers stop you from remembering that”
“Thank you” You mutter, the tears threatening to slip from your eyes as they built up more and more.
“Don’t cry babygirl” He whispers, the pad of his thumb wiping under your eyes quickly, “We all have these days. Yours just aren’t necessary” He chuckles and you smile.
“We should probably get back. You have filming to do right?” You sigh, knowing moments like these never lasted long.
“YouTube can wait”

anonymous asked:

Hi, can I get a headcanon where the RFA gang (+ minior trio) were friends first with MC before they start dropping clues that they want to be in a romantic relationship with MC but MC is so innocently oblivious to it all?

I love!! This request!! Ahh, becoming friends, slowly - bit by bit - falling into the bottomless pit of love and then desperately trying to convey your feelings only to be met with a veritable wall of unrepentant cluelessness…

Let’s start with Yoosung, shall we?


  • you are Yoosung’s video game buddy and boy howdy does he have a crush on YOU
  • The only way he knows how to express it tho is through the world of LOLOL so he acts SUPER CUTESY to you there. Like quasi-rping your husband cutesy.
  • “This is my waifu =^-^=“, jokes like that, and the two of you own a house together in LOLOL so you’re all domestic in decorating it.
  • He also acts super protective of you. Like, if you’re low on health he’ll heal you if he can, and he’ll get really into defending you if you’re in trouble
  • he sends you ingame jewelry and items and stuff. “Oh, I thought this would look cute on your character!” “You need these stats, right?” etc etc.
  • you are oblivious
  • You of course give back a much as you can - you also like showering Yoosung with stuff and appreciation.
  • Everyone thinks you’re e-dating.
  • At some point, someone is like, “LMAO you know MC is probably a dude in RL right”
  • (you blush)
  • He kind of hopes you’ll GET IT when he asks you if you want to get ingame married
  • You say yes because of the benefits (new hairstyles, emotes, clothes, and the ability to teleport to each other? HECK YEAH)
  • So Yoosung has literally internet married you but still not actually gotten a date.
  • Okay, time to step up his game. He starts mailing you…
  • FLOWERS. Digital flowers. He sends tons of them to your inbox.
  • (Yoosung wtf)
  • You’re still like “oh haha awwhhh how cute” and Yoosung finally, FINALLY works up the courage to actually say it bluntly.
  • He does it on Valentine’s Day where he asks you on a date. A real date. Like with real feelings.


  • holy shit how many ways can this dude say “I am super into you” without actually saying “I am super into you please DATE ME”
  • seriously. selfies 24/7, constant compliments, invites you to every show
  • “You’re so cute I can hardly stand it….”
  • you think he’s like that to everyone. like, he sort of is… but you’ve been friends for so long. why would he be flirting with you now? It must be a joke.
  • definitely a joke
  • (you fan yourself: it is definitely a joke)
  • he starts asking you to help him practice lines but ONLY for couples
  • He starts calling you his “princess” and “babe” and the names of whatever leading lady you’re “playing”
  • He asks you for selfies all the time too
  • You say you got a new top? “SHOW ME”
  • New necklace? “SHOW ME”
  • He’s so supportive and always rooting for you. Whenever you have some public thing to do (like a presentation or a speech or something) HE’S RIGHT THERE IN THE FRONT ROW
  • Like it is SO OBVIOUS he is nuts for you and you’re just dense.
  • He’s kind of thinking that he’s being so obvious that you must not like him because?? How could you not realize?
  • You hear him turn down someone who just asked him out by saying “I’m sorry, I like someone else”
  • and you’re like WHO
  • he won’t tell you because DUH but you keep pressing because!!! you have to know!!!
  • After this continues for a good long while he’s just like IT’S YOU
  • “…pffft hhaaa yea right who is it really”

(more under the cut!)

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Hey faiza! Do you have some more yousef x mikael hc's ?👀


When do I never?!

- So, we know Mikael loves to film, just like Even, so somedays, he’ll whip out his camera and start interviewing Yousef, asking him questions like “Habibi, who do you love the mostest?” and Yousef just glares at him at first, because he’s playing Fifa and he HATES to be disturbed, and he knows that Mikael knows this too, so on purpose, Yousef says “Cristiano Ronaldo”, before plastering on a wide grin, that he knows will annoy Mikael even further. Mikael just huffs dramatically and switches the screen off from the main switchboard and raises his eyebrow at Yousef. Give it just ONE moment, and in the next, Yousef is LITERALLY tackling Mikael onto the ground, holding him down and tickling him in all his weak places that Yousef knows by heart. And then, Yousef sees Mikael smiling and laughing, the sound filling the entire room, and he brings his face closer to Mikael’s, and whispers, in contrast, “Nah. I love you the mostest”, kissing him sweetly and slowly between the words.

- Yousef’s always the early riser, the one who gets up early, cracks all his bones, his spine, neck, knuckles. And Mikael HATES that sound, because it always causes him to wake up earlier than he needs to. But when he does wake up, its to a sight of a shirtless Yousef doing press ups on the floor next to the bed, below, the sunlight glistening off his skin that’s coming through the half open curtains. And once Yousef’s done with his press ups, Mikael takes Yousef’s hand and pulls him down on top of him on the bed, and they spend the next 20 minutes making out: their own little way of saying Subbah ul Khair (good morning) to each other.

- They have this thing where, Yousef, no matter what, will never ever look at the camera when they’re taking selfies. “Why should I waste any more seconds of my life needing to look at the camera, when I could be looking at you?” And Yousef LOVES the way Mikael has to look away, duck his head out of shyness when he says that to him. And Yousef LOVES the way he gets Mikael to look at him again, by calling him “my little Aladdin.” “So does that make you Jasmine then?” “I can be your Jasmine. I can be whatever you’d like.”

- And that’s one thing Yousef always does, he asks Mikael, he tells Mikael, that everything can be however Mikael would like it to be. And it makes Mikael feel so, so safe.

- Their hugs are … ugh. Soft whispers in ears, and Mikael’s fingers clutching onto Yousef’s shirt, and Yousef’s fingers in Mikael’s hair, soothing Mikael. He melts into Yousef’s touch. Inhales his scent in. And Yousef holds him a little morr tighter still, and says “I’ve got you.”

- Mikael loves to hold Yousef’s hand. He loves to explore it. Trace his finger around Yousef’s palm, then the back of his hand, over his knuckles. He takes his time doing it, studiously, meticulously. And on the days Yousef is feeling restless, watching Mikael do that instantly calms him.

- Whenever they use the word “Insha'allah”, they can’t help but smirk at one another, because “Insha'allah” is their “I hope its always gonna be you and me in this life.”

- They have this kind of love that … doesn’t need to be expressed with grand gestures. That’s not them. They’re the ones who like it quiet, small, simple. The kind that’s like “Let me buy an extra box of these sweets for him, because he loves them,” or “let’s just snuggle on the sofa tonight and share a blanket and maybe - no - most definitely, kiss.”

- They’re both so supportive of one another?? Yousef, when it comes to Mikael and media, and Mikael, when it comes to Yousef and sports. They encourage each other so so so much.

- Mikael gives the BEST massages, especially after Yousef’s had a match and they’ve won with him scoring the winning goal, but he’s tired and all he wants to do is go home with his boyfriend, who no doubt will prepare a bath for him and give him a massage that just … soothes everything.

- Yousef loves it when Mikael wears his glasses whilst he’s working. It’s just … really fucking hot, okay? And so its not Yousef’s fault when he comes behind Mikael and wraps his arms around his waist from the back and spins him around and holds him even more closer and runs the tip of his nose along Mikael’s cheek and then ghosts his lips just over Mikael’s and tells him “Wallah, Allah must have spent extra time, personally making you for me.” And Mikael closes that small little gap and kisses him, so deeply.

- They have a few nicknames for another, like “Aladdin and Jasmine” and “Baby Boy and Habibi” etc, but they both love calling each other by their names, Mikael and Yousef. And Mikael never misses the oppurtunity to tell Yousef that if the Prophet Yousef was the most beautiful man to ever live, then he’s the most luckiest guy to have his own Yousef.



I’m trying one of these draw-your-character-with-mine, this time, Talon has his super edgy Android EDGE and is ready to take a selfie with you or your muse!!!

I have the PSD and SAI files if anyone wants that for whatever reason, just PM me and I can get them sent to you, otherwise the bottom PNG is high-res! 

@ ping me or submit to my box, either way, I wanna see your finish products! Thanks all I look forward to it!!

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, I have a question on that famous Jin/Jimin/Kook vlive. Why do people say that Jungkook was the one stopping Jimin from running away? We can't see his arm and Jimin says 'why holding me back' to Jin not Jungkook. Also people say Jungkook wanted to show his selfie to Jimin, but I always thought he wanted to show it to the camera for the fans, but Jimin didn't realize and pulled the camera away, so Jungkook decided to post it later??

   it wasn’t jin who stopped jimin from going , because as you can see at 29:50 jin’s hands are sort of occupied by the gum-box thing,that he grabbed exactly before jimin’s attempt to escape, so there’s no way for him to put down the box stretch out his arm and hold back jimin in 0,00001 seconds, that just doesn’t make sense.

plus jin was so confused when jimin asked him why he held him back. he was literally like : “what?what?what?”  (yes he repeated himself three times) he looked at jimin in a way that says really bro? you’re going to put this on me?

   it was jungkook who held held him back, with his arm  you can literally see that happening at 29:45. 

it’s not very uncommon to see jungkook manhandling jimin,he did that while telling him in a very low voice that indicates that this was meant for jimin only to hear, “where do you think you’re running off to?” ..  so maybe that’s why(since jungkook was being secretive about the way he talks to him) jimin felt the need to hide whatever jungkook was doing (manhandling him)  by blaming it on jin .

           and that’s that

about the selfie thing

if he showed it to jimin of course the fans would have seen it too considering they were filming, 

and if he only wanted to show it to the fans  (and the whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with jimin) i think he would’ve done that even if jimin moved the camera away , it’s not like he’s sitting so far away from him , also he wouldn’t have looked so “disappointed” while staring at jimin after that,while saying “i won’t show you” . 

so saying that by bringing up his “good selfie” that he has just taken when jimin was sitting rather close to him was only to “show” it to jimin (to impress him) is quite a logical option i would say. because after jimin didn’t catch him talking about it (he was a giggling mess), he turned off his phone and looked quite disappointed.  i don’t know though i can’t be 100% sure!

ClexaCon Recap

* I’ve never seen so few Y chromosomes in a room in my life. I counted 4 total the whole weekend.
* Celebs everywhere! You could hardly walk without tripping over someone that you or someone you knew was in love with.
* Mini Celebs were made here! Including Dylan from @paperheda and mini Lexa.
* We all would have bowed down and done literally whatever mini Lexa said.
* At the Clexa meetup on Day 1, all the Clarke and Lexa cosplayers say down to take a picture together, and then suddenly became a backdrop for all the selfies.
* Zoie is hilarious and knows how to please #AllTheGays
* Zoie: If Bo had ended up with Dyson it would have been okay
Crowd: Boooooo!!!
Zoie: Sorry. I mean gaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygay…
* Rachel Skarsten is the sweetest person ever and does not give 2 shots about Con rules and was the only Celeb guest to walk around without a handler
* I got to hug Rachel twice, and she asked me to come talk to her at Cocktails for Change, but I couldn’t afford it :(
* Jasika Nicole is a total sweetheart and is totally super sneaky ;)
* The vendors were super freaking cool and I bought all the stuffs
* The panelists were all super willing to talk and spend time with the attendees. It was awesome.
* I scored an online mentorship with Bridget McManus!
* I randomly met a few people on Day 1 and we all hit it off and spent the rest of the Con as a Kru.
* My Kru is bomb!
* Everyone at ClexaCon was bomb (except for some of the Celeb’s handlers. They were dicks)
* Everyone loved everybody.
* Everyone accepted everybody.
* Life will never be the same.
#ClexaCon for life!


Okay, guys, listen up! Unless you’re Jacksepticeye, in which case look away now :P

Jack has made my life so much better and got me through so much, so I wanna give something back for his birthday. What a better way than to do a little project with the community! 

I’m gonna just keep it simple! 

All I need from you is this: 

“Jack has changed my life because _____ [insert your reason here]”

And that’s it!

But here’s the exciting part! :D

If you want to add anything extra with this, such as a piece of fanart or a very short video of you saying your reason, or saying thank you - and of course, happy birthday! You could also submit a favourite picture of Jack, or a selfie of you (with Sam, in JSE merch, doing the boss pose, etc)! Just throwing some ideas out there :P 

But these things are optional! Although they would be awesome :)

Then what I will do is I will take all your submissions and make them into a video! :D

To submit whatever it is you want, you can: 

- Send your message in an ask or message me directly 

- Message me if you want to send me videos, and I will give you my email address to send them to 

- Send any photos/fanart by messaging me 

If you have any other ideas, don’t be afraid to ask me and I can tell you what I think! I’m open to your ideas :) I can’t accept everything, as I will be balancing this along side my uni/college work, but most likely I will be okay with whatever you suggest! 

I’m so excited!! I hope you guys want to get involved and bring some happiness to Jack on his birthday and begin to give back what he’s done for us! 

I know I’m not the only one doing a birthday project, but I just had to do something special! I’m certainly not trying to outshine anyone else’s projects at all. Hope you guys want to be a part of this! ^-^

Love you guys! <3

p.s if you want to be anonymous in the video, either message me anonymously or just tell me and I won’t include your name/url :)

Shit handsome jack says: Sentence starters!
  • “ take stupid selfies or whatever the kids are doing these days
  • i feel like it’s always me doing all the wooorrkk
  •  thought i was gonna have to get violent there for a second, or more violent 
  • oh i’m late for my teatime! 
  •  look at you! a real winner!
  •  you look like you’re wearing a dead rodent on your head, you freaking tool 
  • you raging douchebags! “
  •  oh, wow. I wish i could hug you right now! 
  • moral of the story is: your a total bitch! 
  • I’m screwing with you, idiot! 
  • ohh _____ you absolute dick 
  • how’s your tum-tum?
  • My office 
  •  Who’s sneaking? i don’t sneak
  • Don’t worry though, sweetheart 
  • Don’t tell ‘em princess! 
  • this isn’t good this is bad! 
  • home is where your airlock and collection of valuables is
  •  did you think you could follow in MY footsteps? 
  • it’s cute y’all think your the heros 
  • Child murderer! 
  • oh what’s w’ong? 
  • did you get a cyberspine installed when i wasn’t looking? 
  • awhahahaaa, I’m going to kill you for lying to me! 
  • Oh frick! 
  • you could tell s/he was like thinking of his/her family or something! so beautiful
  •  It’s like the thing from the thing! 
  • Please don’t send me back there! “
  • hail to the king/queen baby! 
  • just lemme me rip your throat out, just one more time!
  • come on cupcake what’s the hold up? 
  • shuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt uuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppp, you asshoooolleeee 
  • am i being passive-aggressive? sorry. that’s probably just because of the blood loss
  • hey buddy how are y—Oh, ah these pretzels suck! 
  • i had a violin somewhere… and i was gonna play it all sarcastically 
  • I am the GODDAMNED HERO 
  • you’re sick 

anonymous asked:

Hey Ik maybe technology & magick don't go hand in hand bt I want to give it a shot. I've a crush on a guy, he's my friend on fb too bt he never liked my pictures ever. I feel like he doesn't even notice my account. Can I request for an easy candle spell to make him like/comment on my picsor maybe he notices my account more often? Ik I might sound a lil childish to you but I will be okay if there is no such spell for my situation. Thanks for reading my message.

perhaps tech and magic don’t go together often but there is a growing appreciation in the community for it. 

glamour to attract comments

burn a white or pink candle with his name carved on it. open the camera on your phone/camera whatever you have. say this chant

any thoughts you have about this post
be prevailed of them to boast

take a selfie, post it online.

blow the candle out after it has burned over his name.