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Name: Virgil Hansen
Role: Mechanic/Trainer
Pokemon: Volcarona, Florges, Metang, Roserade, Klinklang, Porygon2

  Virgil hasn’t been aware of what’s really going on for very long. Until recently, he’s just been a mechanic of sorts, working alongside Volkner to keep the place’s tech in order. But after discovering the dark secrets in the castle, facility, whatever you can call it- he’s taken pity on the subjects and decided to help out with ‘training’ them alongside his role as a mechanic. 
  He keeps his Pokemon close, paranoid they’ll take one of them away and test on him like they’ve done to others- after all, someone’s Beheeyem got taken and used to make them into another experiment, right? 
  He just hopes this all ends soon enough.

Spell: You Mean Nothing to Me

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You Mean Nothing to Me

Use: This spell is used to rid yourself of unwanted feelings towards a person. These could be any feelings; anger, hurt, lust, or sadness etc. This is especially useful if you still have to see/maintain a front with this person. It is not a curse or a binding spell, it only effects your feelings.

Timing: I’m a firm believer that you should spell work whenever it’s best for you, but a Waning Moon at Sunset would boost this. 


  • A black candle for banishing the unwanted feelings
  • A white candle for protection against further feelings
  • A black marker/sharpie
  • A picture of the person or a piece of paper to write their name on
  • Cauldron or a fire safe dish


  1. Set up, delicate space/cast a circle, and light the candles.
  2. Write the person’s name on the paper (full name or whatever you call them. You can skip this if you’re using a picture.)
  3. Cover their name or face with a sigil or words like ‘I feel nothing towards you,’ ‘you mean nothing to me,’ ‘I don’t hate/love/care for you’ etc or whatever feels right to you.
  4. Now take the marker and start to cross out their name or picture. Scribble, ruin the marker if you gotta, put all those feelings into it. As you do this, say; “I feel nothing for you, you mean nothing to me, I don’t (add your own feelings and make it your own)..” Imagine yourself blacking out all those feelings as you cover their picture or name completely. 
  5. Roll up the picture or paper. Light one end with the black candle and say, “I rid myself of feelings from the past and reduce them to ash.” Light the other end with the white candle and say, “Never again will these feelings return, You’ll mean nothing to me once this paper has burned. So mote it be!” ((If you can’t burn you can rip it up with your hands and dispose of it in the trash instead. Feel free to change up the words to whatever feels best to you.))
  6. Place the burning paper in a safe pace or ball up the ripped pieces. Do some reflecting, meditation, and let all those feelings go once and for all.
  7. Once you’re done and the fire is safely out, blow/pinch out the candles, close the circle, and give thanks to any spirits or deities you might have included. Throw away whatever is left of the picture or paper because that person is no different than trash to you now.

To reinforce: If you have to see this person, or if memories start to come back to you, just remember this spell and use it like a little shield you can mentally/emotionally place between you and the person that has brought you these unwanted feelings. 

Best of luck to the Anon that requested this!


You can call an experience or relationship traumatic even if there’s no one you can/want to blame for what happened.

If you were traumatized by what happened, that impact is real even if it isn’t anyone’s fault. There are situations where everyone involved does their best with the information and abilities they have and someone still experiences trauma.

Abuse is not the only traumatic experience, just a common one. Not having your needs met for totally blameless reasons can be traumatic. Having your autonomy taken away by illness or other random chance can be traumatic. Many traumatizing experiences can happen when you’re utterly alone. Even ‘ordinary experiences’ can be traumatic in some contexts.

There’s no reason for trauma that’s ‘too silly’. If you’re traumatized, it’s not because you’re 'too sensitive’ and it doesn’t automatically mean you’re minimizing other people’s experiences.

You’re allowed to acknowledge your trauma. You’re allowed to look at experiences you’ve had through the lens of trauma. You’re allowed to grieve and process your traumatic experiences even if you don’t understand why they were traumatic or if similar experiences didn’t tramautize others you know.

You’re allowed to acknowledge how badly you were hurt even if you can’t point a finger at one person who hurt you.


I don’t want to identify as a particular type of witch
So Don’t.

I’m not a Pagan, but I do magic
Great! Religion isn’t a requirement.

I’m not European, can I still be a witch?
You bet!

I’m not binary… but everything seems to be male/female
That’s okay. Come up with your own associations. There is witchcraft that doesn’t include these.  

I am binary… and I like the male/female assoc. foundation. I am proud of both!
That’s okay too.  Just acknowledge that non-binaries exist and try to make group events more inclusive for them. Practice binary magic in your personal private craft if it works for you.

I practice magic, believe in energy synchronicity, and walk a shamans path. But I don’t really identify with the title ‘witch’
That’s okay too. Witch and Witchcraft tags on tumblr can just be used to find things relevant to you. You can call yourself whatever you want - practitioner, wise woman/man, stargazer, shaman, wanderer, seeker, follower-of-the-old-ways and on and on. 

Can I be [      ] and a witch?
Absolutely!  Witchcraft can exist with anything else… witchcraft doesn’t conflict with ideas/beliefs/people; I think you’ll find it is ideas/beliefs/people that seem to conflict with witchcraft. And that’s something you’ll have to sort out yourself. 

I don’t know what the f**k I’m doing
Oh honey, most of us don’t either.

Give up this habit of identifying with whatever you perceive.  There is nothing in this world which you can call your own. Look at it as you would a play on the stage, or a picture on the screen, admiring and enjoying, but unmoved in your peace.
—  Nisargadatta Maharaj

can someone send me to the osomatsu-san merch director?? i have some gadget ideas that id like to make into reality as:

-a toilet that cheers you while you shit in your favourite matsuno voice
-karamatsu sunglasses that upon wearing them blind you permanently
-a fire alarm with voice samples of jyushimatsu that is always screaming except when theres fire
-a ichimatsu plushie that poops real poop (you gotta refill it)
-a real breathing todomatsu that drinks all your pepsi and calls you a bitch
-whatever you can find in osomatsu’s ass at the moment

Companion piece to You Can Do It.

I recently rewatched Civil War, and that line in the last act reminded me of how resilience Steve is, how he never really just gives up. It feels like such a good attitude to have for when you are struggling to accomplish whatever you’re doing.  If Bucky’s You Can Do It is a call to action, then Steve’s I Can Do This All Day is a “keep-on-going”. That is the kind of vibe I totally need right now - don’t ever give up, because you, too, can do this all day. 

Available as print and mug and t-shirts on Society6. 

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on r*yharpers/l*gorobin aka solo/roy

( tw: inappropriate sexual behaviour/mentions - racism - manipulation - children - anti-blackness )

i’m getting tired of getting asked about this because every time i just have to remember every thing he did and now he cries about, or pretends to be a victim about nevermind the fact i talked to him about it extensively. so like, i don’t really have any “receipts” on him besides other people who i don’t want to imply unless they want to imply themselves (feel free to do so)

so you can call me a liar/bitch/whatever you want, idc. basically on the shit he’s done to me and my friends it’s:

  • being sexual in an environment supposed to be for minors (he also didn’t start tagging his nsfw posts until his ex asked him to, and this was after i confronted him about being too sexual around kids. this started in the supertwitter rp (a rp supposed to be safe) where he posted a picture of an uncensored dildo, and even before that he did lots of sexual comments/implications/outright written content)
  •  i have to comment that this is mostly because we’re from a groupchat that was made as a safe gc for people that like dc comics, since people who knows about it know.. how complicated it is to enjoy without running into bad people. i am also 18+, and so is my girlfriend, however we make a clear border between us and the kids as it’s more of the purpose of being able to protect them if they’re attacked (again). meanwhile solo constantly interacted with them as if he was also a minor, which is another reason said minors didn’t want to be around him.
  • he’s racist, which also showed in the supertwitter. major ones is the fact that when the admin of the group, who is not white, called him out on his racist drawings and also on him wanting to rp a jewish character when he’s not jewish (no matter what he says), he ranted to me until i said they (the admin) were right, and then he ranted to a non-white minor as to get validation. now he’s iding as a jewish character, harley quinn. on a minor note, he disregarded dick grayson being roma and has admitted to never actually meeting a black person irl. he also sent me white-guilt asks which, um, yikes lmao, especially since he tried to use me as an emotions-bin just because i’m black-latinx.
  • he also uses his emotional trauma and mental health to attack other people, even those with mental health issues (including me)
  • he’s manipulative towards minors. after i told him this and he blocked/softblocked me, he started talking to minors asking them if they ‘hated him’ and he even said to many of them that he wouldn’t know how to deal with it if they stopped being his friend/implicated that he needed them to stay his friends despite knowing they’re minors. 
  • he also vagued about me and about said minors after they expressed discomfort and cut contact with him. i don’t have a picture of what he said, but i screenshotted my post (first picture under the cut) about calling him out on it because he had blocked me, before he asked me to deleting the post (after lying he’d work on it, which, he didn’t.)
  • he posted once that he should be able to act the way he wanted around minors because he’s emotionally/through trauma a minor (and by ‘whatever he wanted’ he means being sexual/making kids uncomfortable).
  • also idk if this is problematic but three kids felt so pressured by him linking his wishlist in said chat (and on his blog.. over and over and over) that they bought him things due to that reason, and they told me this personally… i think it’s important to highlight.
  • also after i said i wanted him not to talk to me nor interact with people around me, he constantly tried to get in contact with me and even went so far as to message my girlfriend. he also wrote posts implicating i’m attacking him with this information when i talked to him about it. (also this is more personal but he accused me of lying and being an evil person for ‘lying about being his friend’ which um i never did and we never talked, he just made me uncomfortable.)

tl;dr solo has done a lot of shit that he consistently refuses to recognize, and while he posts and says he’ll work on it, he does it by constantly making excuses for himself and crying about it, as to make the person calling them out the ‘bad guy’ (and tries to manipulate other people into hating said person too), then continues doing the same thing over and over. 

also another thing.. that’s unfounded and i don’t know.. if it’s wrong but there’s a lot of people who have DID who have told me personally that he’s most likely faking his DID, since he started iding as roy harper around the same time he started dating mav, who id’s as jason todd (for those not in the fandom, it’s a popular pairing). also he’s dating his alter which is apparently not a common thing/something people with DID do? (also he used to be really insistent, even to a point of erasing other people’s sexuality/validity, about being gay and his alter is a woman… feel free to message me about this and i’ll delete this part of it if this is ableist in any way

edit: “i’ve seen people w/ did date headmates. it happens. what doesnt happen is you realize yr a system and start dating yr headmate withing a few months. that’s weird as hell tbh. as someone in a system: the fuck man. personally i think his system is fake but i wont say that on record bcos i have no real evidence. i just… no one ever goes through all that so fast. it took me YEARS to be comfortable w/ being a system and i still dont have it all figured out and hes dating his headmate in like 2 months? k”  “ just yeah… system shit is complicated but he had nv heard of systems when i strted dating him and like…. it happened so so fast i have a hard time believing its real. i told him i was part of a systme and he was immediately part of one too, i told him i had bpd and he immediately had it too…. i get not being aware of everything but it was weird” (this is by mav, his ex, who gave me permission to upload this. he has DID).

i talked to him about this, several times- the last time i did he blocked me everywhere, then unblocked me when i accused him of doing so- i had a long conversation to him in which he said he would ‘work on it’ before blocking me. and then i got told by a friend of mine that he went into another chatbox and tried to manipulate people into hating me by showing them screenshots of what i said. which, thankfully, didn’t work. (i have pictures of this under the cut, too.) something to know is that i used to id as a trans guy and went by ‘gabriel’ or ‘leo’ then, so some screenshots allude to that.

also he was a fucking shithead to mav, his ex-boyfriend, and mav actually posted about it here so you know, make of that what you will. tw: sexual harrassment, racism, anti-blackness… )

also there’s more stuff that also goes beyond what he did to me and my group of friends that said friends screenshotted. 

screenshots + more things he’s done under cut.

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I don’t post a lot of personal stuff but I tweeted this, so I figured I’d say it here too. I’m trying to continue forward with entirely gender neutral pronouns. So just keep it in mind if you refer to me in like an ask or something. You can still call me Sparky or Peach or whatever. I don’t expect everyone to get it right 100% of the time, but it’d be helpful to me if you guys tried your best if you interact with me. Okay? I might reblog this another time just for people who dont always see it. Thanks!