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oh my god. i would follow you to the ends of the earth, no one can RANT like you. You're so fucking salty and full of fucking SASS, it's honestly fucking inspiring. Tell me who to kill my king

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I will tell you when the time is right. 

Okay so I’ve been thinking a lot about Mama!Uhura and her wee little baby girl with tiny sorta-pointed ears and button nose and half-dark skin and silky dark hair that’s always, always done up in braids because of Nyota’s inherent mad braiding skills, and her enormous brown owl eyes always looking at everything with curiosity and being able to speak like four languages by age six and talking to her Baba in Vulcan and her Mama in Swahili and her Uncle Jim in Standard because even though he understands other stuff, they have the most fun in Standard, and Jim loving her more than he loves his own self because that’s what Jim does, and taking her on adventures down to engineering when he’s not on duty and her always correcting him when he calls he “Mandy” saying “My given name is Amanda, Uncle Jim,” and he grins and says “you ever heard of nicknames, kiddo?” and nicknames are a concept that baby Amanda, at the age of six, finds fascinating, so she brings it up with her father and he explains her uncle’s love of nicknames and so Amanda starts giving everyone nicknames. But in a very polite way, of course, because she was raised to have immpecable manners.

I’m crying.


so i may draw phan harry potter au to avoid doing work.
so basically i wanted a timeline thing, but also i wanted to test if i could successfully age someone. the success is debatable. i know.


idek this is so cliche I just I wanted to draw something fluffy for a certain baka because I’m a terrible friend and drawing is the only thing I can do I’m sorry


Please call on whatever deity you believe in to help us keep TOD from killing us all. My only consolation would e that he would go the same time we would (unless, likely, he has a bomb prof shelter)!



I know @ethanfromefan!  Meanwhile Putin has already made his move…  LINK

Remember when Trump was elected and Americans were chastising the rest of the world for having an opinion on your election?  

WELL!  This is the reason we were so fucking terrified…

When people post things that Dan doesn’t want anyone to see and you make a whole separate post saying “hey don’t post the thing!!” It just brings more awareness to the thing and causes more people to go looking for it. If you see anyone posting something that shouldn’t be shared try talking to them about it privately. Making a whole other post just gives it more unnecessary attention

Please please please use the correct pronouns when reblogging a picture of me or any blogger and if you don't know their pronouns but know they identify as a different gender please just say they. Please oh my god please

(or whatever you call it)

disclaimer: this isn’t my photo, credit goes to its owner & omg this absolutely sucks and the website i used was complete crap and i couldn’t do it in (y/n)s pov :( but i hope it is somewhat decent idk :/ If you have any text imagine requests please send them in bc i really like doing them!

"Just a Catch"

I’m tired of people demeaning the SS moment in this chapter and objecting to obvious hints. I mean, this isn’t a shojo, so what are you expecting?

Like, he caught her from falling.

Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by English literature, but to me that means a little more than, “yeah, he just caught her, so?”.

There is a whole panel dedicated to him holding her/helping her/coming to her aid - whatever you want to call it. I’m not saying, “omg, this proves he’s in love with her”, but I know for sure that it shows their progression on a whole, especially in terms of teamwork and friendship.

Why is it, “demeaning to Sakura and her progression”, when it comes to them? Or, “just a catch”, or some other excuse to avoid the idea of any level of bonding, progression and intimacy between these two? I mean, even with the eye contact in the following panels… You can’t dismiss that!

They’ve come a long way and Sakura still has her doubts. In logical terms, this panel shows their progression. It shows their trust and friendship rebuilding. That, you can’t deny.

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And now I'm jumping aboard the Jack x baptism ship(sorry for being creepy >.<

That’s not creepy!! Apparently it’s a thing now?? Was there like something in the fandom I missed or something cause it’s only been this week people have been like OMG JackxJack!! Or whatever you guys are calling it. Lack of colored clothes ship.. @baptismonfire you hear/see anything??