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Whatever you do, do not imagine Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis buying their first house together.

And Emily saying “I know its not much…”

But Alison saying “Its perfect”

Then they pick out furniture and Emily can’t figure out how to put together the damn desk.

Their first meal in their new home is pizza on paper plates sitting crosslegged across from each other. The table is a discarded box because they couldn’t decide on a coffee table.

Or them sleeping on a blowup mattress because Alison insisted on staying the night in their new home with only a thin blanket and each others body heat to keep them warm. And they tell stories of when they were little, and what they used to be afraid of.

Or when they were painting the walls and Emily got paint on her finger which she then wiped on and Ali’s nose and Alison got payback by splattering paint all over Emily’s shirt…

Do not imagine a happily ever after where they didn’t jump every time their cellphone rang.

The Past Catches Up

Anon asked: Can you do an imagine where one of the pack members sister comes home after disappearing for three years and she has a bad past that she doesn’t want them to know about so when Paul imprints on her she leads on Seth and then Tells Paul she is soon to be married because of her past and how he would react. Could you also do one for the next day on her she feels and then freaks because someone from her past threatens the pack and she doesn’t want Paul and anyone knowing Thank you

Ooh, this is interesting! Sorry it took so long, but i’ve been busy xD However, I wanted to say that it wouldn’t make sense of the character to lead Seth on while knowing that she’s soon to be married and whatnot. So I’m going to leave it out if that’s okay with you :)

“(Y/N), is that you?” Embry squinted his eyes in wonder, peering over at you in a shocked matter. You let out a defeated sigh, not wanting your brother to see you. But, of course, he just had to turn around and spot you watching him from afar. You just wanted to check in on him, but now you were sucked back into his life. With your past, the last thing you wanted was to drag him into it.

“Yeah, it’s me,” you whisper softly, nodding. Without any warning, Embry runs over to you and wraps his arms around your neck ,bringing you into a tight bear hug. It’s been three years since you two have seen each other, and as much as you missed you him, you tried to convince yourself that he was better off without you and that he didn’t miss you, but clearly, that wasn’t the case as he holds onto you for dear life.

“You look… terrible,” Embry tells you, chuckling slightly, “what happened during the three years you left?”

“I can’t say,” you mumble, “trust me, it’s better if you don’t. I just wanted to see you and make sure that you were okay.”

“You are not leaving again,” Embry growls, leaning away from you and holding you at arms distance, “it hurt to watch you leave, and it still hurts when I think about you. Please, don’t leave. Just stay. If you won’t tell me what’s wrong, that’s alright. It’ll probably end up coming out anyways, but I just want my sister back.”

You sigh, licking your lips as you think it over, “i’ll think about it, alright? I’ll stay for a few days, but after that, if I choose to leave…” you trail off, both of you already knowing what would be happening.

“I’ll have to go back to trying to fill the hole in my heart where you reside. Anyways, forgetting that, how about a nice, warm bath? You look freezing and dirty like you’ve just crawled through hell,” Embry points out.

“Well, if it was hell, I wouldn’t be cold, now, would I? But I have been through a lot and I would kill for a shower,” you meekly bite down on your lip. Embry smiles.

“I’ve made a ton of friends, and they would be happy to help you out. Besides, Emily makes a delicious apple pie. It’s the bomb. Is it still your favorite?” Embry questions, squinting at nothing as he waits for you to answer.

You chuckle, “yes, Embry, I still love apple pie. But i’ll be happy to meet them. After you, baby brother.”


“Oh, and here he comes through the door, that’s Paul,” Embry introduces the last person, Paul, who looks up at his name being mentioned and almost immediately locks eyes with you. He seems to be in a daze for a whole (awkward) minute before he comes back to reality.

“I can’t tell if that makes me happy or makes me want to kill you,” Embry hisses, gritting his teeth. Your eyebrows furrow. No one has spoken since he introduced Paul, and suddenly he says that?

“What?” you question, completely confused.

“Nothing,” Embry waves it off, “but Emily, can she take a nice, hot shower or bath or whatever you girls like to do?”

“Of course! I’ll go help you set up,” Emily grins.

“But I feel like i’m intruding,” you bite down on your lip. Emily shakes her head at you, smiling reassuringly.

“You’re alright. We’re nice people and I like to help people. Besides, it’ll be lovely to have a girl here who doesn’t hate my guts,” Emily sings loudly.

“I don’t hate your guts, Emily! I just… massively dislike you,” Leah calls back.

“What?” you ask, hoping to get the dirt between the two girls.

“It’s a long story,” Emily laughs lightly.

“No it’s not!” Leah shouts.

“Stop screaming, Leah, you’re standing right by my ear!” Seth whines.

That was the last of what you heard from them while Emily helped you navigate the shower. She left, and suddenly the past seemed to creep up on you like a cold, dark cloud looming over you. However, you couldn’t brush it away like a stray hair. It clung to you, like always.


“You smell amazing,” Paul moaned as you walked through the door. Everyone instantly became quiet, most of them attempting to keep in their laughs, “okay, leave me alone. She just got out of the shower, of course she smells good,” Paul hisses defensively.

“Thanks, Paul. Now, is anyone going to tell me why you were staring at me like a crazy creep for an entire minute?”

Somehow, the silence seemed to become even more silent.

“Or we could have some pie,” Emily changed the topic. The entire group of guys, except for Paul, leaped over towards Emily, but she swatted their hands away, “ladies first!”

Your eyes widened, “oh, no, I always eat last.”

Everyone gave you a confused and worried expression, “why do you eat last?”

“I, uh, I can’t say,” you gulp, trying to hide your past.

“Well, here you’re a guest, so you’re eating first,” Emily states, “it’s a rule.”

“I wish I was a guest,” Quil pouted.

“Yeah, let him go first,” you suggested with a weak smile.

“Here,” Emily slid a medium sized piece of pie onto a plate and pushed it in front of you, “and no one else can get one unless you take a bite.”

You had a feeling that Emily knew that something bad happened to you in the past, but thankfully, she didn’t bring it up.

“Only if you tell me why he was staring at me,” you challenged, grinning cheekily.

“I’d rather forget it,” Paul chuckles sheepishly.

“I’d rather not,” you reply, crossing your arms.

“Let’s just tell her,” Seth sighed.

“Tell me what?”

“Have you ever heard of imprinting?” Paul asked.

“Isn’t that between animals? Like a baby duck to it’s mother?”

“Yeah, well, in this case, it’s like soul mates. I may have, uh, imprinted on you because we are werewolves,” Paul nods awkwardly.

“Werewolves?” you give them an incredulous look.

“It’s true,” Emily confirms, “and it’s best to accept it.”

“You can’t leave, you’re meant to be with Paul,” Embry grins cheekily.

“So i’m forced to be with someone I just met?”

“Guys, you forgot to mention that it’s not as a lover unless she wants it to be. Imprints can be whatever you need: a lover, a protector, or a friend. Obviously, Sam imprinted on me and he’s a lover, but, uh, yeah,” Emily smiles lightly.

“I can’t stay,” you state, flat out.

“What? No! You have to stay; being apart will hurt you!” Embry exclaims. You shake your head, refusing to bring Embry, or anyone, into your past. They don’t know that you’re soon to be married, well, forced to be married, and already you’re becoming attached to them.

“If she wants to leave, she can,” Paul speaks up, “none of us can stop her and I’m not going to hold her back. But in order for me to not want to die, can we at least have a meeting date so I can see you and my body won’t want to implode on itself?”

You think of your fiance and how angry he would be to find out that you meet with another guy on a regular basis, so you shake your head, fearful of the scenario, “I can’t, I’m sorry,” you whisper before running out of the house, leaving behind your brother once again.

(The Next Day) 

You were sat against a tree, crying. Despite being back for less than a day, you wanted to stay here and be with your brother. Already, you felt a connection to Paul, but you denied your want to see him and be near him. However, your heart leaped in joy when you looked up at the sound of branches breaking to find Paul standing before you, awkwardly looking down at the floor.

“I told you, I can’t stay. I just… I wanted to take it all in before I left,” you reminded him.

“I know. But would you really willingly put yourself through pain just because you won’t see me? I get that you don’t want me to be your anything, but being away from one another is going to kill us. What is so scary that you had to refuse me?”

“What?” you question, wondering how he knew.

“I could see it in your eyes,” Paul replied, smirking slightly, “you seemed scared, panicky. If something from your past is chasing you, we can help.”

“No, you can’t,” you shake your head, “no one can help me.”

Before Paul can respond, your phone begins to ring, one of your fiance’s men’s name pop onto the screen. Awkwardly looking up at Paul, you answer it, biting down on your lip.


“(Y/N), glad to know you’re not fleeing the country,” he stated. Paul gave you a weird look, but you ignored it.

“I told you, I just wanted to see my brother before I was wed,” you sigh, looking up at Paul again. He skeptically squints at you, wondering what was going on.

“And your day is up. But if you’re planning on staying with his friends in order to dodge us, they will be killed.”

“You can’t kill them, they have nothing to do with this!” you protest, gulping in fear.

“The angry one, he seems to like you. Do you need us to get rid of him?”

“Paul?” you look up at him, “no. He’s not a problem. Just leave everyone alone and I’ll cooperate.”

You didn’t want Paul or anyone to know, but you knew that it was now unavoidable. And he would most likely tell everyone else, seeing as he is in their pack.

“Are you sure?”

“I said he wasn’t a problem!”

“Actually, I very much am a problem. You want (Y/N), come and get her. We’ll be ready to fight for her,” Paul spoke, making your eyes widen in fear. Before your fiance’s man could say anything, you hung up.

“Paul, what the hell? He’s going to send a group to come kill you!”

“I don’t know what shit you’re in, but I imprinted on you, and that means I am your protector. I would die for you, if it meant saving your life, so you can either tell us what the hell is going on, or let us go in blind and get us all killed,” Paul says, “it’s your choice.”

“Oh, you have just started a war, Paul… and it’s going to get bloody.”

I’m sorry if this isn’t how you wanted it to end, but it all kind of just came out… i’m sorry if you didn’t like it /.\

What’s the difference between pregnancy symptoms and getting your period symptoms?

Someone asked us:

What are the differences between symptoms before getting your period and symptoms in the first trimester?

Pre-menstrual symptoms and early pregnancy symptoms have some similarities  — bloating, sore or swollen breasts, feeling tired, and having mood swings. If you’re worried that you could be pregnant, those similarities can be super alarming.  

But there are definitely some important differences that may be a relief to know. Early pregnancy symptoms tend to include nausea and peeing a lot, which aren’t usually part of the pre-menstrual fun pack. Most importantly, in most cases, you wouldn’t develop early pregnancy symptoms until a few weeks after missing your period. If you’ve already missed your period, guess what? There’s no need to guess based on your symptoms — you can just take a pregnancy test and find out for sure.

If you’ve had sex without a condom or other birth control method since your last period, that means pregnancy is a possibility. If it happened within the last 5 days, you can take emergency contraception if you want to avoid getting pregnant.

If it’s been more than 5 days, you’ll have to wait until your period is due to take a pregnancy test, and if you still have a couple weeks, that can feel like FOREVER. Here are some things you can do to pass the time until you find out for sure.

  • If it turns out you’re not pregnant, and you’d like to stay that way, make an appointment at your local Planned Parenthood health center to get started on birth control, or make a plan to use your current method better.
  • Stay positive. Spend time hanging with friends and treat yourself to things you enjoy. Go to the beach or scroll aimlessly through your Tumblr dashboard for hours on end, whatever. Do you.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

This blog is going on hiatus.

I’ve actually been planning this for a few weeks now, when it came clear to me that we weren’t going to see Beth before season six ended, and I had some really eloquent things to say that have slipped my mind. (I should have written them down).

I just can’t do this anymore. Yeah, the mountain of “What the fuck” is still there: the theme song, the cancelled panels, the lack of funeral, etc, but I no longer have faith in TPTB to bring her back.

I also can’t do this for mental health reasons any longer. I cannot have TD be a main focus of my life anymore only to be disappointed. I cannot play another summer of “Where in the World is Emily Kinney.” At one point last summer, I was at the beach with my kids checking Twitter to see if there was any chance Emily was filming. I can’t live like this.

I really enjoyed getting to know all of you, and there’s a chance I’ll be back someday. But for now, I need to step back. Tumblr brings out these bad habits. And it’s also really hard for me to see posts and reblogs of show content knowing Beth isn’t there. Sticking around would mean having to unfollow most of you and that’s not something I want to do.

But before I go, as this might be my last post ever, I want to get some stuff off my chest. There are a whole lot of people out there who can suck an egg.

-That small section of TA who thought it was really cool to shit all over TD. I never liked most of you, with your immature, mean girl attitudes, even before “Coda,” but a handful of you I had considered friends. You are the worst kind of people. You’d bad mouth your own grandmother if it meant it would make you more popular.

-Scott Gimple, TPTB, and @amc: Seriously, you know what you fucking did. You could have given us the closure of a funeral. You could have let Emily talk about it on a panel. You could have given us and Beth a meaningful goodbye scene. You could have chosen to not use Bethyl as a damn promotional tool for season 5. It’s fine that you felt it was time for Beth to die, but you could have done it in a way to give us all some peace. Fuck you.

-Erik Jensen: I defended you. I told people you seemed like too nice a guy to troll a group of fans. Thanks for proving me wrong, that feels great.

-(This last one is going to make me unpopular, but whatever). Emily Kinney: Why? Why do you feel it’s necessary to still talk about Beth and TWD every time you open your damn mouth? Who on your team thinks this a good idea? And while you’re running your mouth, you can’t take 5 seconds to give the Beth fandom some closure? You trolled us, too. “You never know?” No, you know, but for some odd reason, you still want to be associated with a show you haven’t been on in over a year.

So there you have it. I’m on indefinite hiatus. I’m turning off my ask box and deleting the app from my phone. If I never talk to any of you again, I wish you all the best. If you are one the people who has my email or phone number, please keep in touch, just not about TWD. If Emily is spotted on set this summer, someone tell the squad to “throw a shoe” at me. They’ll know what you mean.

Much love. xoxo


Just under 7 hours left, Olicity fans.

This is gonna be a nail-biter, everybody.  It is literally going to come down to the last hours of this vote.  We’re doing amazing BUT if we’re going to squeak over that finish line with a win?  WE NEED YOU.

We need a jolt here.  So if you’re voting, keep voting.  If you’re NOT voting?  Hit this poll and vote right now.  Drop one.  Drop ten.  Dropw 100.  Whatever you can do WILL help.

Let’s get Emily over the Finish Line.

VOTE!  All together now… GO TEAM EMILY!

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