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On Keith and leaving Allura behind

One thing I’ve always wanted to clear up is the ‘Keith is cold-hearted’ thing. I can see how the scene of him being ready to leave Allura behind might come across as such, to quote Hunk: “Keith, that’s cold-hearted even for you.” 

But that is not how things actually are. Let me explain why he acted the way he did back then, because Keith has had just as many emotions about it as everyone else. 

Keith is rational, observant and tends to state stuff exactly as it is, with all facts lied out to make sure that everyone gets the whole picture. (see: how he explained his board in s1e1, how he argues with Lance at the beginning of s1e3 etc.) He has been known to accept critique pretty well - he actively tries to work on his temper (“patience yields focus”) and accepted that Lance’s plan was better than his in s1e7. In turn, however, he expects people to treat him the same way. If there isn’t any evidence to contradict it, he takes things people tell him at face value and accepts them as facts. It is one of the reasons him and Lance clash often, Keith can be found constantly correcting Lance’s statements and Lance doesn’t appreciate that. 

This is coupled with his rational personality. I have no doubt that part of that comes from having been forced to grow up without a family and people to comfort him when he was feeling lost, he has had to deal with reality screwing him over quite a lot of times already. He is extremely cautious and protective of his friends when a possible threat appears (see: how he placed himself in front of the team when Klaizap appeared in s1e2), probably exactly because he knows that when they are gone, they are gone. That happened to his dad, that happened to Shiro. 

And now he thinks the same thing has happened to Allura.

It is not that he doesn’t want to help her - because he does. He really does, he even said so himself. (And he wasn’t lying. We all know that Keith is an absolutely horrible liar.) In his mind, there were four facts battling with one another: 1) I want to save my friend; 2) “the ship that is headed to Zarkon’s central command?” “the place that’s way too dangerous for us to attack?” (a direct quote from an exchange between Hunk and Keith from s1e10. Keith had accepted that information a fact); 3) we are fighting against an enemy we know next to nothing about; and 4) I am responsible for the entire universe and I can only protect it with Voltron, for which Allura technically isn’t essential. 

So he stands there and goes through all the facts. And he comes to the - absolutely logical - conclusion that it is too dangerous to go to Zarkon’s headquarters. He could lose even more friends. He could lose the universe’s only hope. So he does what he always does: suppress his emotions for the greater good. He did that there, he did it when he decided to give up the blade in s2e8.

But then the others turn against him. We can’t see his face when they begin to vehemently protest against his statement-

-but I have no doubt that it would be serious and reflective. The backlash would have made him reconsider the conclusion he had come to. Because that’s what he does when he faces critique: take a step back and reevaluate. Obviously, fact 2) wasn’t quite right. [Also note how open his body language is, he is more than willing to discuss this.] 

And once the execution of their plan starts, which means an actual chance for getting his friend back, he is right at the front of the group again. 

Keith isn’t cold-hearted. Not at all. Does this look like the face of a cold-hearted person to you?

Because that is the face he made when he came to the conclusion that it would be too dangerous to save Allura. He is not happy about it. He genuinely believed that she was already lost and they were about to condemn the universe for a suicide rescue mission. If there is anything he can do to save his friends, he will do it. Like, seriously - he had never seen Zarkon before that episode. For all he knew, Zarkon could be 5ft tall, wield magic and be immortal. But as soon as he saw a normal-sized Galra in armor, Zarkon suddenly became less of an abstract concept and more of something that he has an actual fighting chance against. Look at how his attitude towards him changed in season 2, at the end of it he volunteered to infiltrate Zarkon’s base on his own!  

(Also. He was the one that asked Allura if she was sure that she wanted to come with them: “I’m sorry, princess, did you say ‘we’?!” in s1e10. He was worried for her. There is no way he didn’t want her back.)

Keith constantly watches out for the greater good. It’s what he told Pidge when she wanted to leave to go look for her family - “everyone in the universe has families!” - and what he did when he gave up finding out about his past in the Trials of Marmora. He pushes his own emotions down because he genuinely believes one person’s life and/or comfort isn’t worth putting the entire universe at risk. And that does not equal being cold-hearted.

tl;dr: Keith has had perfectly valid reasons why he hesitated to go on the rescue mission. He wanted her back just as much as everyone else. He is not a cold-hearted asshole.

Recipe for losing followers in blink of an eye:

  • Sprinkles little bit of Otayuri content.

Voila you are done.

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I thought I was over of how bad s4 was but I'm not and it's now 4 am and I can't sleep. The thought that's making me loose sleep is why did they have to make Mary part of the team? It's just the two of them against the rest of the world, right? why did they have to love her and include her in the cases? Why can't at least Sherlock see how horrible she is? I know I'm being rediculous but it gets to me it really does

Hey same ridiculous insomniac anon do you know what gets to me too??? John cheating on Mary even if it’s texting… people argue that it’s in character he’s a womanizer after all but isn’t he the guy who’s loyal very quickly? What do you think?

Hi Nonny!

Yeah, I never understood why they went the route of making all of S4 essentially NOT about John and Sherlock. I liked the visuals of T6T and TLD, but Mary REALLY fucking killed it for me, especially the magical redemption arc they chose to give to her. The whole season felt really ooc for me, and Mary being more of Sherlock’s partner than John was REALLY rubbed me and many others the wrong way. The way the narrative was going, it SHOULD have been her being on the run FROM them, not working WITH them.

Because of this, I really, really feel like there is a false narrative at play here, that the entirety of S4 is being told like a blog entry (hence why they stopped the blog AND used the title of one of the entries to clue us into this fact) because of all the OOC-ness, inconsistencies, fourth wall breaking, “scene jumping” and the “fakeness” of Mary’s death and TFP. The season contains a sense of adventure,  is romanticized (though in the wrong direction), and fantastical elements, just like the blog. I found it SO bizarre that Sherlock CONSTANTLY kept saying “I’m Sherlock Holmes!”… just like John’s blog would have done. And TFP for me is John’s TAB, so there’s already an alternative narrative. Anyway, this went way off topic, but you get me. John’s blog is playing out on screen. Why, I don’t know; perhaps to show the general audience that not having John and Sherlock in the picture together doesn’t work, since most of the entries are told as if John is standing on the sidelines watching events unfold – ergo making the season seem very not-our-show. Plus, calling the first episode “The Six Thatchers” after a blog entry on John’s blog and ENDING the season with Mary narrating is so telling to me.

Second part of your ask: I AGREE. It’s really weird to me, simply because we SAW John was essentially done with dating by the end of ASiB because he was happy with whatever he could get with Sherlock. And it took him TWO YEARS to mourn Sherlock before he decided to move on, and for whatever reason, Mary was able to establish that trust with John within six months (I presume she emulated what she thought John wanted, but she’s a professional manipulator). He only stayed with Mary because he didn’t think Sherlock wanted what John wanted, and perhaps also some manipulation on Mary’s part, convincing John that Sherlock would never love him like she loved him.

So then when John is “cheating” I find it really OOC, if only because I just can’t see John ever wanting to get involved with anyone every again after the heartbreak of both Sherlock and Mary. Though, I still hold the belief that it’s really Sherlock John is texting in T6T, and we are told otherwise because of the false narratives (given that I think that the episodes are being told like a blog entry, it’s only natural to assume lies about the things truly happening are present). And maybe it was “just texting”, fine, but it just doesn’t really fit John’s character to me unless that person is Sherlock or unless John is doing another plan behind everyone’s backs with Mycroft (ie. the texting is coded and E is an associate of Mycroft). He has serious trust issues, even an emotional affair with some rando on the bus just doesn’t jive with his character arc they’ve built up over three seasons.

I don’t know. People say it’s in his character, but I just have a really hard time seeing it, especially since he knows the kind of person Mary is (killing Sherlock for trying to tip off John), like… I can’t imagine he would do that again. Mary’s complete shift from the character she was in S3 is what’s tipping me off the most about a false narrative, and as such we can assume the other characters may not be who they seem to be as well, at least in my opinion.

tbh i want more epsilon characterization where he isn’t just like church to fit in bc he was expected to. like s7, where he’s more upbeat and just wants to be worshipped and shoot lasers, or really anything where he’s less of everyone’s replacement for alpha church yknow?

like every member of the bgc pretty much just views him as alpha. the only main person he interacts with who doesn’t see him as church (right away, anyway) is carolina, and that’s because she never met alpha
even wash eventually just reads him as Church, and wash knew him during pfl (if u count dying as getting to know someone, i guess)

anyway in summary: let epsilon develop his own personality that isnt “replacement for alpha,” cowards

namjoon + lavender for @nightgreyowl


Callout for kgepro

past urls: osajima, naimuhinyis, internetrelationship, anthropotheism, hikikomourning, dullscissors, kokonose-haruka, alibabasalvja, kokonosez, etrangers

TLDR: Grayson is an 18 years old and has admitted to purposely manipulating a 12 year old (who will not be named), stalking that twelve year old, cheating on nearly all of his partners including his current one, and admitting to abusing someone. He openly admits to not only stalking the 12 year but also other people, calling himself a “creepy stalker.”  There is also evidence of him misgendering someone. 

tw: drugs, transphobia, stalking. 

If you have anything on Grayson that you want me to add, go here. this isn’t an anonymous callout and I’ve mentioned my name in it but do not talk to me about it on my main blog please and thank you. 

3 people want their names to be censored so I will be using the names Xander and Mio instead, as well as just [redacted] for one of them.

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If you ever feel the need to send me long winded unsolicited anons telling me all the explicit details of your tragic past that have led you to dislike characters and media i openly express a positive interest in and imply that your personal experiences should for some reason dictate how i choose to enjoy entertainment, consider:


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damn whats with these otayuri blogs with otayuri based urls, otayuri shit in their description, but are suddenly posting and thirsting after jjbek? damn is nothing sacred anymore? followed for the otayuri, unfollowed for the jjbek.

um bc multishipping is a thing and im allowed to post whatever i want…?? but whatever makes u happy beb i wish u all the best :’)

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Tbh the problem I have with white feminism as an Asian women is that ive met many white feminists who act like we are partially responsible for sexism in our culture or some meek helpless girls who need white feminism to swoop in to save us. Like sorry the fuck your parents, bra burning style of white feminism isnt effective against our parents, our culture, and racist assumptions about us

This so much! White feminist fail to understand that what works for them, their form of protests and defiance will not work for women in cultural/traditional homes. And when some woc deny white feminism and their form of protests, they get called weak for it. If you have a very traditional parent, that stuff will not work—like you said. In fact it can put some women in danger. But again, white feminist will not acknowledge that, they will blame you for being in your situation and won’t even hear you out.

White feminist are so trapped in their own privileged bubble that they fail to acknowledge that woc in certain societies and cultures do not have the same benefits as them and therefore can advocate the same way they do, or advocate at all really.

But at the same time that doesn’t mean you, or any other woc needs white feminism to save you lmfao. White feminism is too privileged and racist to actually humble themselves to understand your situation. They automatically think you need saving from them but in reality that makes the whole situation worse.

(Ps tho, even if you are a woc who cannot advocate for your feminism/rights because of tradition/culture that doesn’t’ make you any less of a feminist)

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Okay I get this is a blog run by people for their amusement, but minors follow this blog so you may not want to publish such suggestive asks

yeah you’re right. i’ve been thinking about this n considering deleting them for a while. i thought tagging it as nsfw would be enough but like i’ve been rly thinking about it and i don’t think it is.

i guess the reason i published it is because i’ve been really attention starved recently, and i’ve had particular issues with thinking that i’m completely unattractive in all ways, and i really really hate my voice - but i realise that even though this is my blog, i have a really wide audience, a lot of whom are minors, so it isn’t right for me to post this kind of shit, and i really want to apologize to anybody made uncomfortable by it; it won’t happen again.

i’m considering linking to my personal blog so there people can send me whatever they want and i can publish whatever i want, what are people’s opinions on this?

i think i’ll delete the asks in the morning + consider linking to my blog

An Open Letter to the Overwatch Community

– written by somebody who probably has no business writing it. ;)

So my blog, overwatchuserboxes, was for some reason deactivated from Tumblr briefly last night/early this morning. I luckily heard back from Tumblr support staff after a while and, as you guys can probably tell, the blog is back up and running! :) 

I can’t figure out if this was just a random mistake or if something else happened, but I’ve been over the Tumblr rules and guidelines and I’m confident I didn’t violate any of their terms. But in light of the recent influx of hatred and viciousness in my inbox related to some of the userboxes I have made on request, I instantly wondered if there was some sort of correlation. I don’t think there was, but the fact that I had the thought is ridiculous in itself!! So. Just a (slightly wordy, sorry) post from me re: ship hate and my ~feelings~ below, if you’d like to keep reading. If not, have a lovely day! ❤

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imagine-ikebukuro  asked:

Maybe headcanons for Celty, Masaomi and Izaya giving their s/o cute petnames and their reaction to their s/o using cute petnames for them as well? ✿ (btw, just realized, your theme is really pretty!)

What did I do to deserve this ;; thanks for requesting once again!
And I had to look up my blog to see what my theme is lol I’m only on mobile so I forgot.. anyway thank you!

- is very embarrassed by nicknames at first though it makes her very happy

- though she rarely calls you by petnames, she mostly uses “darling” & “honey”

- please only use petnames for her in private or she’ll die

- she usually writes whatever petname she uses for you at the end of the sentence and hold her face in embarrassment

- “What do you want to eat for dinner?… Darling.”

- for herself she’s fine with whatever as long as it’s not too ridiculous

- her heart jumps a little when you call her by a petname and it really feels like you two are normal lovers

- doesn’t have a set petname for you he’ll use whatever fits the situation

- he probably called you by nicknames before you even dated anyway

- he doesn’t think much of it when calling you petnames but when you call him by a nickname he’ll blush so hard and unable to say anything for the next five seconds before excitedly pulling you in for a hug

- he knows the two of you are fine after a fight when you call him by a petname again

- introduces you to people by counting a bunch of petnames before getting to your actual name

- he loves it when you wake him up in the morning and greet him with a petname

- sometimes when you refuse to do something for him (like cuddling with him because your busy) he’ll dramatically turn around and blow out his cheeks and say “fine. Then I’ll leave you alone with your “homework”. Just know that you’re not my sweet cuddle bear anymore!“


- he’ll only use petnames to tease or annoy you

- he hates being called by petnames as much as using them so if you want to get back at him just call him something silly like cutie patootie or baby boy he’ll change topics faster than ever before

- probably the only petname he might be serious about is calling you his “favorite human” or adding -chan to your name

- if he tries to be more serious about petnames because you like them he’ll go slightly red in the face and try hard to keep his confident smile

- you OWE him a reward after that though and he’ll definitely come and get it himself

- the best way to show him not to mess with you is calling him a petname in front of shinra and namie because these two will never. let. it. die. down.
(though he’ll also continuously mess with you too so think about it first)

u know what I’m real tired of in fandom??? people policing opinions, and i don’t mean people calling out shitty behaviour masquerading as opinions, I mean people coming into inboxes like “can you not post anti tony content” or “why are you anti buckynat just let people like what they like” and so on. Binch, this is my blog, and my blog is for my opinions and for what I like, if you don’t like the content, or you disagree with me on characters or on pairings or whatever, then unfollow me. Block me. Blacklist my tags. Whatever, I really don’t care how you go about making sure you see the content you want to see, but stop policing people’s opinions on their own blogs because you don’t agree with it.

Learn Your Lesson

@slawter-rhinfox - Something I wrote about the AU because I was bored (btw I was the one who suggested Moo and Terroriser, blogs are confusing lol)

Also, this is kinda self-insert but whatever, I do what I want

“Welp, I’ll see you guys later for lunch yeah?” You questioned your friends, walking together to the entrance. 

“Yeah yeah, of course. Hopefully, it’ll be somethin’ good this time.” Laughter filled in the silence. 

“Whatever, I might be able to catch a proper break from those two.” A heavy sigh followed on as you rubbed your eyes to adjust to the new lighting.  The asylum doors opened up automatically, your friends were now parting their ways and so did you.

Passing down the cloud grey corridors, a wave of exhaustion lingered, growing on you with every step. The same emotions have been occurring for the past three weeks or so. You’ve assumed that ever since you’ve been assigned with two patients instead of the normal one was the cause of weariness. 

“Mornin’ doc~ How ya feelin’? Get a good rest?” A seemingly innocent voice greeted you as you opened the door. 

“Common Moo, it’s obvious that the darlin’ looks very tired.” The other patient commented, rubbing against Moo with comfort. You just groaned with disappointed, sitting on the chair that was facing the two. 

“Can you guys please be quiet? I just… I don’t know why I’m so bloody tired but it’s probably because I have to deal with you being all lovely dovey every single minute.” You yawned again. The two had sympathetic looks for a few seconds before resuming to their normal shit eating grins.

“Aww, we’re sorry. We’ll make up for it, we swear.” Terroriser apologised, you rose an eyebrow from the possible sarcasm that could be hidden in his sentence. 

“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are~” A faint voice echoed into your ears, your head tilted down a bit but you managed to catch yourself in the act and lifted it up. Your eyelids flickered rapidly before almost closing at a slow speed.

“Are you alright darlin’? You seem to be sleeping on the job~” Moo used his free legs to give a small nudge. 

“Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky…”

“What… no… I’m not…” The words seemed to disappear out of your mouth, your energy was draining away, your body was becoming limper by the second.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are~” 

“Just stay awake… I can…” 

“No, it’s time to sleep now darlin’. No more games with you, we promise…”

Brightness greets your new vision, you try to stretch but to no avail. For some strange reason, the room seemed to be covered with nothing but soft white cushions. A large mirror almost took up one side of the room, along with a metal door near the corner. It was silent, maybe too silent…

“Will anyone ever learn? This is the third time that man have tricked our staff members, and one of them is with him.”

“We’ll see. They just need to learn their lesson before they can return, that is all…”

Okay but

What if one day Genji’s partner asks him if he wants to have kids, and he says yes, and so they try for kids

And then soon after the baby is born, just Genji holding this small child, this child who looks just like he did before, and he has his mask off and there are tears in his eyes, and you can just hear his s/o in the background like ‘Oh love, they look just like you’



ShanceFluffWeek Day 7: Past/Future

Lance didn’t mind that his reincarnated soulmate was a bit older then him. It was often known that not all soulmates were reincarnated equal, and when the time came that you did find them- younger or older- to go about it at a normal pace.

Shiro was an adult. 35 years old compared to Lance’s exuberant 21, but that didn’t really bother him. Shiro was a smart, and kind, and passionate, and dashingly handsome and even shy. Do you not know how cute it is to see a man 14 years your age blush and stutter because you held their hand? Lance did. He knew how cute it was.

Sometimes he would remember their old lives. How Shiro would whisper sweet nothings in his ear and hold his hand as they played in the waves of the sea. Their past lives were nice. Carefree.

He missed those times.

Not to say he didn’t enjoy his now life too. He and Shiro to it sweetly slow even though their bodies knew each others touch by heart. Even if- they looked at each other like they were the only ones in the room. Though Lance kind of figured that’s how all soulmates felt unless they were platonic.

Sometimes he fel-

<p>He’s gently nudged out his thoughts by hands grabbing his. Shiro looks so soft and small despite how big he is and it makes Lance’s heart twist up something fond.

“You looked a little spaced out,” he says running his thumbs over the knuckles of Lance’s artist hands. “Remember something?”

Lance hums. “Not really I was just thinking- reminiscing of the other us”

Shiro’s lips quirked in a smile. “Remember Woodstock?”

“Oh my god! Like hell I don’t! Remember when we got so high we stripped make and went streaking!?” Lance said cackling and Shiro grimaced though the smile never left his face.

“Fuck, don’t remind me, and if I recall it was your idea”

“Oh yeah, but who’s idea was it to take LSD at the Jimi Hendrix concert and get wiggety whacked” Lance teased and Shiro groaned, cheeks flaming red with embarrassment as he covered his face. Lance cooed and glomped his soulmate, nuzzling into his neck.

“We were wild back then, what happened? Were all old now”

“We,” Shiro said peeking through his fingers, “Are not old. I’m old. Your young. And pretty. And could do all those things”

<“Your not old, Shiro” Lance said, expression softening. “And what’s the point of doing all those things if it isn’t with you?”

Shiro squirmed and wrapped his arms around Lance’s midsection and huffed. “If I remember correctly, this was exactly how we got together. You wooing me with your words”

“And you wooed me with your sappy nature and good looks so huusshhh” he said running his fingers through the silver patch in Shiro’s inky black hair. Shiro laid there comfortably and squeezed Lance tighter. He didn’t want to let Lance go. He never wanted to let Lance go.

They lapsed in a soft comfortable silence. Just basking in each others presence before Shiro spoke up. Voice low and husky in Lance’s ear.

“We could do it”

“Woah there tiger, we haven’t exactly disc-”

“What!? No you idiot,” Shiro said fondly exasperated. “We could do it” he repeated again and Lance frowned.

“Do what then? Since your not talking about butt stuff”

“Travel. See the world and do whatever we wanted. We can be like those little hipster blogs on tumblr you love so much. Happy, free, doing whatever we wanted. I’m successful in this life with enough money to throw around and I don’t really care what we do as long as its with you” he said earnestly and Lance blinked down at his soulmate in awe.

“I seriously love you dude”

“Did you just-”

“But yeah” Lance said excitedly cutting him off. “Let’s do it- let’s travel. We literally have eternity! Like- even if we die or grow old together out souls are always gonna find away to be together again. Just like Woodstock!” He said sitting up and running to their closet.

“Wait- what are you doing???”

“Packing you nard! You go do stuff like book plane tickets or set up a bucket list”

“But what about our house??”

“Who cares about the house Shiro, were gonna be us-do us again. Let’s just do whatever the fuck we want together until we either grow old or die. We literally have forever together!!!!

And oh. Oh, shit, jeez he’s right. Shiro knows he right. Hell, he even said it himself but just seeing and hearing Lance so excited makes him happy. Like more then Happy. Shiro thinks he might die from how hard his heart his beating for Lance.</p>

He’s picking up his phone and going to a travel website before he can even comprehend and he pauses- turns to his soulmate who’s shoving too many facial products in one suitcase alone and smiles.

“Where are we going?”

“Huh?” Lance says distractedly and Shiro throws a blue kitty house slipper at him. It bounces off his head and Lance turns to give him the stink eye. Shiro smiles wider.

“Where do you wanna go?”

“Brazil” he says off bat, and then a pause, “Wait, no, Scotland”


“Yeah, Scotland’s beautiful. And then Japan, and then Cuba, but like Brazil too, and..”

He’s rambling. Motor mouth flying and mile a minute and Shiro walks over and cuts him off with a too wet kiss that has both of them giggling breathlessly.

“All of those. I told you we can go wherever, do whatever, as long as I’m with you I don’t care. You wanna go to all of those places then fine, just pack for the appropriate weather there”

“We really- we’re gonna-, Just like Woodstock?” Lance asks with wide shining blue eyes and Shiro nods.

“Just like Woodstock”

*hopefully tumblr will stop being an asshole and post my shit right*


Okay, I really wasn’t going to adress this, just bear with it, but since it has happened multiple times now by different people, either subtly or not very subtly, I guess it’s time to post this.

I have been posting a lot for and about GotG in the past few weeks or so. That’s true. It’s also true that I’m having an absolute blast with it, and I do know that quite a few people enjoy what I write and post, and that makes me happy to no end.

Simultaneously, though, I’ve been posting less BNHA or BNHA headcanons in the meantime. And that, now that seems to disappoint quite a few people.

And while I am slightly sad to disappoint other people, because making others happy is one of my favorite things to do – I will not apologize for posting more about GotG than about BNHA at the moment. I won’t start posting more BNHA or requested BNHA things because people have had enough of my GotG headcanons and want me to “go back”.

You all are very welcome to send me ideas, headcanons, or ideas, for any fandom that I know and post about. GotG, BNHA, - do that! Send it to me! I love to see it. And if inspiration strikes me, then I will write about it with great gusto.

Do not, however, demand of me to write for a particular fandom, or to post more about that fandom, because that is what you think I have to do. Here is the catch - I do not have to. I am not a one-fandom-only blog, and this is my blog, and I will post about whatever I’m interested in, whatever makes me happy or happier at the moment. Even when there is slight guilt for long-time followers who could be disappointed, I have learned that my happiness is worth something, too. And I will pursue that.

As I said, you’re all very welcome to send me asks, to PM me whenever you want. About whatever you want. Just know that, if you do request a particular idea, it could take up to days, weeks or months until I write for it, because inspiration cannot be pressured, neither can writing. (And I currently have around 120 asks which are mostly requests, so there’s that, too.)

And demands or “advices” how I have to blog will be met with snarky answers, ignored or altogether deleted, whatever seems most appropriate.