whatever u want to call it

highlights of 4x09
  • raven “I’m awesome” reyes MY QUEEN 
  • marper is adorable tbh 
  • “You’re a hero, monty” FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT 
  • I love Clarke and Roan’s friendship tbh 
  • Ilian is so good and pure I love him 
  • Becca’s so hot 
  • “Who needs food when you have love” when did Murphy get so soft 
  • Where has Gaia been this whole show like she should be everywhere 
  • WELLS 
  •  Omg Monty stayed behind for Harper!!!!! This makes me so sad but oh my god they love each other 
  • Murphy finally apologizing to Raven!! 
  • That soft lighting and their theme song playing KILLS ME
  • Naruto: So, like, ever since Hinata confessed to me, people have been like- ya know
  • Sasuke: Hn
  • Naruto: And I'm just- I don't, like, I can't- ya know
  • Naruto: But I should, right? There's no reason I shouldn't, uh, ya kn-
  • Sasuke: Dobe, if you say "ya know" one more time
  • Naruto: I can't help it, I'm just so, so, ya know!
  • Sasuke: Why are you talking to me about this, idiot?
  • Naruto: You're the only one who hasn't said anything, ya know. Sakura-chan, Kakashi, Ino, Iruka, even Kiba have been on my case non-stop.
  • Sasuke: It's your life. Your choice. Do what you want. It makes no difference to me.
  • Naruto: But, but Sasuke, I'm just so... Ya know.
  • Sasuke: Fine, usuratonkachi. We'll talk.
  • Sasuke: Do you think she's pretty?
  • Naruto: Eto... *squints* I guess so.
  • Naruto: Actually, now that you mention it, Hinata's kind of a looker, huh
  • Naruto: But she's still not as pretty as- *glances over* Uh, other people.
  • Sasuke: Like who? Sakura?
  • Naruto: Yeah, Sakura-chan and... Someone else
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: So the problem is that you have feelings for another person
  • Naruto: *blushes* Um... I guess, but I doubt you- I mean, this other person will ever, ya know, feel the same way, so I should just
  • Sasuke: Have you said anything?
  • Naruto: Well, no
  • Naruto: But after everything that happened, you- I mean, this person should get it by now, and if y- they don't, that probably means it's one-sided. Right?
  • Sasuke: Maybe
  • Naruto: Oh
  • Sasuke: Unless I -I mean, this 'other person' was thinking the same way as you
  • Naruto: Really? You Were?
  • Sasuke: Were what? I'm talking about this mysterious 'other person' who's apparently prettier than Hyuuga Hinata, which is -mmmphmm!
  • Sasuke: What was that, you moron?
  • Naruto: It's called a kiss, teme.
  • Naruto: Something two people do when they like each other.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: I'm not familiar with the concept.
  • Sasuke: Maybe you should show me again.
Whatever U Want

Summary: When Y/N finally has a few hours to herself, she decides to use her time wisely. By wisely that  means calling her favorite phone sex line  Whatever U Want.  After several different session with the sexy Ryan, she begins to think it might be her best friend Dean.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Annie (OFC)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex, dirty talk, female masturbation, sex toys, boners

Rated M

Word Count: 1,651

A/N: This was my submission for @notnaturalanahi Crack Challenge! Thank you again for giving me an extension.Thanks again to @impala-dreamer for beta reading my stuff!  Feedback is always welcomed I hope you enjoy!

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“Dean?” You called out from your room down the hall in the bunker. You turned your head slightly, waiting to hear if he would respond to you. After you didn’t get a response from Dean you looked towards Sam’s room, the door shut. “Hey Sam!” You went silent again waiting for any kind of answer.

Letting out the breath you had been holding in, you shut your bedroom door. The two of them must have finally gone on that supply run they were bickering about this morning. Which meant you had an hour or two of alone time all for yourself! Seeing how the three of you had been crammed in a motel room for a good week, you needed a break from the testosterone. You needed some personal playtime with yourself more than ever.

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Act Natural

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,033

Summary: You and Cassian find yourself in a predicament: an Imperial officer is questioning why the two of you are hanging around in an empty alley. Time to act natural.

Prompt: “Heyy could you write a some Cassian Andor x reader fluff?”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess, @ly–canthrope

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s notes: Anyone want some fake relationship fluff? I got u, fam. I hope you are feeling much better, anon!! I really wanted a fluff fic done by Valentine’s pero candy is half off today so I mean, technically the 15th is better than Valentine’s Day.

Reconnaissance missions suck.

You run on a gamble of either getting what you need or leaving the planet empty handed. The mission called for gathering intel on the possible Imperial occupation of an Outer Rim planet.

“In and out,” Cassian tells you once you enter the city.

“Whatever you say, captain,” you snort.

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Requested by @robo-dactyl and @electronicallyinclined

Yesterday we covered Grubbin and Charjabug, so it is only natural that we complete the family today with Vikavolt. Vikavolt is a stag beetle, specifically based on a member of the genus Cyclommatus, known for their long mandibles and metallic bodies.

A stag beetle’s large mandibles are used as weapons. They fight over food, territory, and mates. When they wrestle, they pick each other up with their pincers to flip their opponent vulnerably onto the back, or off the branch altogether.

Vikavolt is…different. Its mandibles are definitely used as a weapon, except they are a projectile weapon. An electric railgun.

A railgun is a projectile launcher that is made of two conducting arms, called rails. Vikavolt’s mandibles are the rails. Electric current flows inwards through one rail and outwards through the other, creating a “U” shape of current. Since moving electricity creates a magnetic field, a strong one grows in between the two rails and this magnetic field is a pushing force for whatever conductive material you want to shoot out. In Vikavolt’s case above, it shoots out a plasma ball. Plasma railguns are typically require a vacuum to be efficient, but the principal is still the same.

Railguns are able to fire projectiles with huge speeds up to 2,500 m/s (8,200 ft/s), which is about 7 times the speed of sound.

Vikavolt’s mandibles act as a railgun. Electric energy flows inwards in one mandible, and outwards in the other. This creates a strong magnetic field in the center, which propels projectiles at high speeds towards its enemies.


few people are asking me about my favorite fics so here are my four fave jamilton fics // click fics for titles 

first name basis by @dan-writes // read this!! omg its one of my fave fics!! cute and angsty

call me whatever you like by @michelleaemerlind // cute washette fic 10/10 rec

what it takes to pass a bill by @midnigtartist // a must read jamilton fic,, come on,,, if u didnt read this,,,,,,,,, come on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Dating Bokuto Koutaro

  • he has his hair down when spending time with you and u kinda swoon every time u see it
  • to hoot
  • really likes taking naps with u 
  • and when u run your hands through his hair, it so soft and fluffy 
  • call him at 4AM and say u want to eat pancakes he is down to fucking get some damn pancakes with you
  • rolls in his sleep and clings to whatever is close to him, so sometimes u wake up and u kinda can’t move
  • u stuck now and kinda need to use the bathroom but he no show sign of waking up
  • welcome to hell buddy
  • bubblebaths together! 
  • kiss his cheek unexpectedly and he m e l t s
I just remembered
  • that time when
  • teenager: I can say whatever I want if their art sucks, it's criticism and it helps them grow
  • me: would you be mad if someone called you a disgusting lesbian just because they can say it? Yes you would. So why do you have to be an assh-
  • me: No, I was making a point, I'm in the LGBT comm-
NCT Dream School-Mate Behind the Scenes

PD: Alright, that was excellent kids! You all can have a 10 min break!

Jeno: *drops his smile & pulls out his phone*


Jisung: *rolls eyes* here we go again….

Chenle: *smiles & says somethin in chinese*

Haechan: bitch what tf did u just say to me????

Renjun: he called u a no good attention seeking cunt that needs to back off before he buys your family & sm

Mark: y'all can u keep it quiet over there? i’m tryna practice for high school rapper

Haechan: boy shut yo ass up no one was talking to you go practice in a washroom stall

Jaemin: *pops out with a smile and some popcorn* hEy guys!!!!! How’s my fav team members doing???

Haechan: *fixes hair* um hello, can someone tell this unknown nugu hoe to get outta here?? 

Jaemin: Haechan. it’s me.

Haechan: sorry i don’t talk to strangers bye. *stands up* SECURITY WHERE TF ARE U?????

Jaemin: thats a really funny joke but seriously stop Donghyuck, I was just gonna ask if anyone wanted to watch Finding Dory with me?

Haechan: *whispers* this bitch even knows my real name. *shrieks* SECURITY IM GONNA HAVE YALLS ASSES SUED IF YALL DONT POP OUT RIGHTNOW ISTG

Jaemin: Mark cmon u remember me right???

Mark: *smiles* sorry if your a fan you’re gonna have to stay outside, this is against company policy. I can give u half-off at our next fanmeet if you’d like?


Jaemin: w o wy'all really gonna play me like that huh?

Chenle: Hi! i’m chenle! he he! You look like this hyung I know but he’s kinda injured right now and needs rest so you couldn’t possibly be him!

Renjun: *says something aggressively in chinese to chenle*

Jaemin: ????

Renjun: *nervously smiles* ha hah um if you’d like to contact us please talk to our manager over there…

Jaemin: *turns around*

Renjun: *knocks him out with a roundhouse kick*

Haechan: finally, thank u renjim, he was really gettin on my nerves

Jeno: *looks up* guys u do realize that was Jaemin who was part of our Chewing Gum promotions right???

Haechan: Jeno go back to looking up turtle porn, no one called on ur ass boo

Chenle: Hi! I’m Chenle! he he! I’m Nct dream’s main vocalist!

Renjun: shut up before haechan whoops ur ass to china

Haechan: it don’t matter ramjam, after all i’m the one carrying this group as USUAL, his hoeass can spout whatever nonsense he wants to. BECAUSE I WON THE FIRST AWARD FOR NCT. ME LEE DONGHYUCK. y'all can roll in mud and eat shit for all i care 


Haechan: lol ok who got his spongebob panties in a twist? 


PD: alright boys! we’re on in 5!-

*makeup & hair staff sprint in and fix the boys*

PD: 4!

Jisung: *mutters some satan verses*

PD: 3!

Renjun: *drags Jaemin and shoves him in a locker*

PD: 2!

Haechan: *cracks neck and mutters repeatedly* you’re the queen, everyone else is a peasant

PD: 1! Start!

Nct dream: *smile and does cute stuff*

*Jaemin’s body falls out of the locker*

Renjun: ……………. shit

headcanons about The Martian universe:

-something goes wrong at NASA, or anywhere where Mark Watney frequents, blame it on mars. it started as him mumbling about it, and it spread. coffee maker breaks? “goddamnit mars.” somebody’s computer fucks up? “fuckin’ mars!” another rocket explodes upon being launched? "I BLAME MARS”

-the people in Watney’s household, his students, and the people at NASA when he’s around like to play disco music at increasing volumes. they see how loud they can get it till he notices.

-Mark Watney starts listening to disco music on his own sometimes. nobody’s really sure if its ironically or not.

-everytime someone fucks up at NASA, they are met with a (mostly) joking remark along the lines of, “Mark Watney, space pirate, colonized MARS, and you can’t even transfer files correctly!!!!”

-the above but with the next manned mission to mars. someone’s like “ugh i spilled the dirt sample i just took so now i have to recollect it” and their crewmate is overdramatically like , “ mA RK WATNEY, SPACE PIRATE, COLONIZED THIS GODFORSAKEN PLANET, AND U CANT EVEN COLLECT DIRT ?  U CALL URSELF A GOOD ASTRONAUT”

-”remember this, class, you might need it if NASA leaves you behind on a desolate planet someday”

-the crew with kids, at some point, all go to their kids school during “job day” or whatever where they talk about their jobs. the crews like “i was an astronaut! we accidentally left our friend on mars, but let’s not talk about that.” except Mark Watney and hes like “U WANT A JOB WITH A LOT OF EXCITEMENT? GO BE AN ASTRONAUT. THEY MIGHT LEAVE U ON MARS TOO, THEN PAY U A LOT BECAUSE THEY FELT BAD.”

-right after they found out that Watney was alive on mars, commander Lewis turns to Beck and is like, “uh huh. he’s dead, SUUURE” and cocks her eyebrow and beck is like “o H SHIT” bc hes the one that first plain out said that watney was dead and they had to go fast off the planet

-every year on his birthday NASA/the ares III crew/friends/family/fans send Mark Watney at least 80 different space/mars related things, including a card every year that says “sorry we left you on mars” with another sheet of custom made stickers that say “I SURVIVED MARS” with a lil thumbs-up astronaut

Mobile Master List

I’m sorry to say, but I do not write for the members who left EXO. (LuHan, Kris, & Tao) I got into the fandom a little after Tao left so I don’t really know the personalities of the ones who left, which would make it harder to write for them. I can only do the remaining nine. :(



M - Mature R - Romance  - Angst S - Suspense PS - Potential series OS - Ongoing series DS - Discontinued series CS - Completed series

⏳💜 SERIES💜⏳- Lots of angst and lots of romance. Sometimes suspense. Depends on the story or requested story. 

~E X O (OT9)~

Nine ~ R, S, M, OS

(Murder mystery AU) Fourteen deaths and counting. Nine suspects. One killer. Can you find the killer before he finds you?

Nine mobile master list

~S e h u n~

In Her Hands ~ R, A, S, DS

Roan works as a government assassin hired to kill whomever pays her and her agency. When she is hired to kill popular K-pop idol, Oh Sehun, she agrees, seeing it as any other kill mission. But what happens when they start to fall in love?

Four Corners ~ R, A, DS

You’re in love with Sehun. Sehun is in love with Daehee, the lead rapper of your girl group. Daehee is in love with Baekhyun, who is in love with you. You’re all best friends. What happens when love enters your circle of best friends, who have been through so much together over the last seven years?

You’re all a corner of one room. That room, is everybody’s heart. As one corner’s heart shatters, your corner shatters along with the corner next to you. Eventually, the room breaks. Along with every other corner’s heart.

Like an Angel ~ R, A, M, OS 

(We Got Married Series) Two idols, one show, one marriage. Can you and Sehun fake your marriage for the fans? Or will that fake marriage start something between the two of you? 

~Y i x i n g (L a y)~

Strangers ~ R, A, CS (feat. Yixing)

For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

Strangers mobile master list

Servants ~ R, A, M(?) OS

(Royal life AU) As an upcoming king, Zhang Yixing has always had many pressures and expectations as the only heir to the royal throne. As his servant, he never acknowledges you. What happens when he does?

Chapter One

Chapter Two 

Chapter Three (coming soon)

Broken ~ R, A, PS

This takes place a few months after the last chapter of Strangers. All Yixing here guys, with occasional Broken One and Baekhyun. Pretending to be content with his love for Broken One, it slowly destroys him until he meets you.

Chapter two (coming soon)

A Simple Melody ~ R, A, M, PS (coming soon)

(We Got Married Series) Two idols, one show, one marriage. Can you and Yixing fake your marriage for the fans? Or will that fake marriage start something between the two of you?

~B a e k h y u n~ 

Strangers ~ R, A, CS (feat. Yixing)

For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

Strangers mobile master list

Six Steps ~ R, A, OS, M

(Playboy & childhood friend AU) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does? 

Six Steps mobile master list

~K y u n g s o o (D.O)~

~C h a n y e o l~

Four Years After ~ R, A, CS

Four years after your breakup with Chanyeol, you are forced into collaborating with him on a song for publicity. From fan signings together, to song-writing together, you both eventually have to sing together in public. But what happens along the way of this song-making process between two exes?

Four Years After mobile master list 

Laughs ~ A, OS

Baekhyun couldn’t keep his mouth shut and told you that Chanyeol had been seeing other women. What happens when you confront him?

Chapter Two (coming soon)

~ J o n g d a e (C h e n)~

Always Her ~ A, R, PS (coming soon)

~J o n g i n (K a i)~

~J u n m y e o n (S u h o)~

~M i n s e o k (X i u m i n)~

⌛️ 💙 SCENARIOS 💙 ⌛️ - Ya know, one shots, short stories. All that jazz. 

R - Romance A - Angst S - Suspense 

~S e h u n~

Rain ~ R, A

After finally confessing your feelings to your best friend Sehun, he leaves you hanging without an answer.

Thoughts ~ A

What happens when you start falling out of love with Sehun? What’s worse than that? Your heart is slowly leaving Sehun and moving towards Baekhyun. 

~Y i x i n g (L a y)~

The Moon ~ R

With work being in China, you feel the impacts of Yixing not being there with you. What happens when you want to break up?

~B a e k h y u n~

Eyes ~ R, A

(Vampire AU) For the past five months, you’ve known of the mistress, Baekhyun’s other love. Baekhyun’s only love. As your marriage with him is on the brink of a divorce, you try your hardest to fix it. But will your efforts pay off? 

Kisses ~ R, A

As actors and singers, you and Baekhyun get into an argument about his recent drama, that includes a small simple kiss scene. Breaking the news about the very intimate scenes you will be doing for your drama, the argument gets worse. How far will the jealousy between you two go?

Phone Calls ~ R, A

When you and Baekhyun’s relationship is exposed to the public, he is forced to make a difficult choice. Choose you or his career. What happens when he chooses his career instead of you?

Beautiful ~ R

Byun Baekhyun gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Everything is handed to him, no doubt about that. He has the grades, he has the awards, he has the girls. But what happens when he wants someone he doesn’t have…you? 

Sis ~ R, A 

A simple visit to your best friend somehow tears you and your sister apart.

~K y u n g s o o (D.O)~

Sunglasses ~ A

(University life AU) From final exams, to late night studying, university life takes a toll on your relationship with your boyfriend, Kyungsoo.

Years ~ A

A few years after your break up with Kyungsoo, you bump into him again only to find out he isn’t single anymore, unlike you.

~C h a n y e o l~

Video Games ~ R

After a long and stressful day at work, you come home to your loving boyfriend, Chanyeol, who cheers you up with his talkative and goofy personality.

Happy Birthday ~ R

Your boyfriend Chanyeol has some sweet surprises for you the morning of your birthday.

~ J o n g d a e (C h e n)~

~J o n g i n (K a i)~

Distant ~ A 

Right before EXO’s tour, Jongin tells you what he has been keeping from you for awhile now…he no longer loves you.

~ J u n m y e o n (S u h o)~ 

~M i n s e o k (X i u m i n)~

💚 REACTIONS 💚 (OT9 only)

  1. EXO Reacts ~ You Attend an Expensive and Private Dance School
  2. EXO Reacts ~ Developing Feelings for you (an idol) While Filming We Got Married
  3. EXO Reacts ~ Interacting with Their Drunk Crush (you)
  4. EXO Reacts ~ Their Girlfriend Walking Into a Glass Door

~Other Shit/Tags~




Get to Know Me

silenthillcoffeebeans  asked:

i have a question abt ramadan, if u dont mind me asking !! how does the fasting work ? are you allowed to eat ? if so, when ? [ im curious but i wanna be respectful ;o; ]

Ramadan is a month within the Islamic Calender and the holiest of them, when this holy month falls, every Muslim in the world partake in a ritual called “Sawm” (=fasting), fasting is one of the pillars of Islam, therefore, it is incumbent on all able-bodied/sound-minded Muslims. 

The Muslim must fast from Sunrise to Sunset. Between the period of Sunset to Sunrise, a Muslim may do whatever they want. But during the period between Sunrise and Sunset, a Muslim is restricted from the following things:

Eating, Drinking, Sexual intercourse, Masturbating, smoking, deliberate inhalation of smoke (second-hand), remaining in the state of Janabah (uncleanliness due to seminal discharge) till dawn, taking injections whereby nourishing liquids reach the stomach, deliberate vomiting, blasphemy, intentionally passing an object through the throat or any other natural opening and travelling to a far distant place.
Some hadiths also state that Lying and Oppression/persecution will break the fast.

However, fasting does not only refer to what you consume, since it’s a month of spiritual and personal improvement. Therefore, the purpose of fasting is to - through the obedience to God - seek patience, to seek closeness to God, to eliminate bad habits, to reconcile with kins and friends and to improve your spiritual virtues. 

Once the holy month ends, we enter the holiday of Eid-al Fitr, which is the day the Qur’an was revealed, it is impermissible to fast on this day.

Creepypasta #1020: The Ouija Board

Length: Short

I had just gotten the Ouija Board I ordered in the mail. Super excited by the concept, I called to invite all of my friends, but only one of them, Mark, ended up agreeing to come. The others “didn’t want to mess with that shit.” Mark only came because he wanted to hang out, but he said I could do the actual process by myself.

So later that night, I was sat at my kitchen table with Mark in the kitchen getting a soda, when my hands started to move. 

“Hey Mark! Check it out!” I called to my friend.

“Whatever, man.”

“No, no look! ‘R’…”

“Dude stop. You’re spelling 'run’.”


“See, told ya. Nice try.”




“'Run from…?” Mark said, puzzled. Wary.

“'H’…'I’…’M’…” I looked to Mark, now standing completely stiff in the kitchen. I have to admit, I was pretty freaked out myself. Then Mark turned to me.

I could see he wasn’t scared.

It was time to run.

Credits to: Koala_Guru


if you like this here PERMANENT STARTER CALL, that pretty much means you’re giving me THE OKAY to: tag you in things, send you memes, respond to your opens, invade your askbox, cry and plot and laugh about our muses interacting. 

So in the DC universe, I like to think there are two teen super heroes you call on when shit gets real. They aren’t on the regular JLA battle roster because, you know, rando teenagers who aren’t already partnered to JLA members or whatever. But when things get bad, you’ve got them in your back pocket just in case but there are rules like:

For magic-related bullshit, you wanna got to Fawcett City and get, basically, the world’s magical Superman equivalent to come out and punch out dragons or whatever. Seriously. He’s actually as strong as Superman 95% of the time and he wants to help. He’ll love it. Literally will be thrilled the whole time. 110% enthusiasm. The rules are you have to be polite and don’t ask him to do anything REALLY adult because he’s SUPER under-aged actually. I know he seems like he’s a totally capable adult and he kind of is, but Batman will stab u. Be nice to Shazam/Captain Marvel, basically.

For alien-related bullshit, you want to go to El Paso and call out a renegade Reach Empire world-killer. He’s basically a walking WMD, harbinger of death, and 90% of other aliens will scream and run if you send him to lurk, like, slightly to the left of Superman during talks. He’s actually a nice high school boy, but the aliens don’t know that. Now, the only real rule about working with Blue Beetle is you CANNOT accidentally leave him in space. We did that once already. It was awful. He already thinks we’re fucking morons. Don’t prove him right.

anonymous asked:

OMG! I just found behind the scenes footage of Interview with the Vampire. It shows mostly Tom Cruise, a little bit of Anne Rice and a little bit of Brad Pitt. The video was uploaded by WalrusRider and the video is called Tom Cruise - "Interview With a Vampire" On Set Footage. Not sure if you've seen it already but if you haven't check it out.


It’s so fun to see at least this shot from the other side of the door, lol…

I’ll transcribe it somewhat for y’all:

The narrator is all about the *~secrecy~* like of course Tom Cruise wanted to keep the secrecy of his costumes and makeup and whatever, so as not to spoil the surprise! We have closed sets all the time these days and back then. I don’t think that was just Tom, I think everyone involved in making the movie wanted that secrecy.

  • The narrator pronounces his name the way AR prefers, not the way it’s pronounced in the movie
  • Claudia at 0:15!
  • Makeup touch up!

^X Bruh. 

Hit the jump for more, cut for length.

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NCT Reaction To Breaking Your Leg Competitive Cheerleading


As soon as he heard what’d happened, he’d call you and ask how you were - visiting you if he could. He’d be more focused on helping you with whatever he could, taking care of you and providing entertainment when he could if you were stuck inside for a long time, probably wanting to sing for you or something else to take your mind off it.

Originally posted by taei


 He’d want to be supportive and come to your competitions whenever he could, so if he wasn’t there when you got hurt he’d feel guilty, if he was there, he’d be worried - probably more than anyone else. He’d insist on staying with you, wanting to take care of you and make sure you weren’t in pain, probably apologising even though he had nothing to apologise for. 

Originally posted by bhaek


 Johnny would be worried for you if you got hurt during a competition/practicing, he’d be understanding if it was something that you were passionate about, but wouldn’t want you to be doing something that could get you hurt. He’d take care of you, but would throw in comments about how you should take care of himself.

Originally posted by cihttaphon


 Rather than being upset or mad you got hurt, he’d playfully warn you to be more careful and cheer you up however he could. He’d do whatever he could to cheer you up, probably sending you silly videos or voice messages to take your mind off the pain. 

Originally posted by chocosicheng


 Finding out you were hurt, he’d put aside his usual jokes and make sure you were okay, shocked something so bad had happened but doing his best to take care of you and get you whatever you needed. I think he wouldn’t want to show it but would be upset you were hurt, trying to smile and joke for you but would hate seeing you hurt and unable to compete. 

Originally posted by t-yong


 Being a dancer, he’d understand your dissapointment being hurt and unable to compete or practice. He’d offer help and do whatever he could to make you smile, probably trying out some cringey aegyo and whatever else he could to make you smile. If you were really upset at being unable to practice he might do the cliche thing and let you stand on his feet while he danced as best he could, even if it wasn’t the same as cheerleading, laughing with you and brightening your mood.

Originally posted by tenchittaphonsnose


Like others he’d do his best to cheer you up, helping out where he could and generally being a sweetheart. He’d feel bad for you getting hurt, and take the time to listen to you if you were upset. To cheer you up I can see him offering to give you piggybacks everywhere if it was hard to walk since he’s so muscular and would enjoy making you laugh as he carted you around. 

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Another one to understand your dissapointment at being unable to compete/practice for a while, he’d bring lots of things for you to do to take your mind of it, promising to cheer you on as soon as you could go back to competing. Similar to Doyoung he’d hate seeing you in pain, but would be less afraid to show it - telling you he was worried you’d get hurt again and he hated seeing you im so much pain. 

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Hearing you were hurt, he’d be unsure what to do at first. Being young and less experienced he might ask the older members how he could offer you help, and ultimatley I can see him bringing over movies to watch with you when he was free. Since he’s very invested in his practice too he’d comfort you that you needed time off to rest, offering you a listening ear and supportive shoulder to cry on.

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I can see him being unsure what to do at first, probably making jokes and being a bit awkward, maybe about how competitive cheerleading doesn’t seem dangerous or you being clumsy. Seeing you upset and pained, he’d realise you needed comforting and offer you help, resorting just to hugging you and acting sorry to show he realised you were in pain and would be there for you.

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hello po! just wanted to ask, if you're fine with any pronouns,is it ok to call u ate/kuya? if it isn't then i respect that. have a nice day/night!

yeah u can call me by whatever