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day 6: favorite volleyball position ↬ setter


happy birthday kiiboy!! i love u a lot even though most of the time i make fun of ur lack of parts!!!


tagged by @etudehaus and @17pjm (thx guys) to do the 9 selfies of 2017 but I never take selfies dhdjkh so enjoy these copies of the same pic 

Imma tag some new mutuals if thats ok and ALL MY PEACH MUTUALS THE REAL OGS @acetrainerattorney @myung-juns @pakjiminsreggaeton @1healing @redliquorice @uglycrush @estoylikett @c-oping @joonieslatina @lesbianheart @bornsingerjk @lollyhaze @gothkid @loonachild @diotima @1honeyoongi @les–lunes @blockbts7 @babyboyhob @jisooksgf @minhyiuk @nakamotoes @omgjongin @yerisbff @1sigh @diphyrus @ilovehanamaru @peachgrlfriend @romanuva @graywaeren @softjihoons @yovngjae @ring-around-the @horrorheaux 

That man was once a king,
Until he lost everything.

Situational comedy where Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are living in a flat in London trying to blend in with the muggle neighbors

•Using magic around the house for small things- secretly having to obliviate some kids who saw through the window oops
•Little old ladies in the building asking Sirius to take their dogs out because “they’ve taken such a liking to you, you sure have a way with dogs” - Remus snorts into his tea
•Idk how you even hide a werewolf every month in a small flat in the city but hoo boy can you imagine?

food for thought 💭

whatever content is in your post, you should tag it as such, and not put every fucking ship you can think of, unless it applies, which it probably doesn’t!!!! you fucking DUMMIES!!!!!!


matching icons for you and your gal pal

me: i’m bad for u, i will break your heart. you should stay away from me. i’m trouble. you deserve someone better. leave me. i will hurt you.
me: lol i’m kidding u can leave if u want haha or like i’d rather u not but it’s up to you lol i’m not abusive or manipulative i promise haha u can do :))))) whatever :)))) u :)))) want :))))

ppl always guilt girls right before they cut their long hair… “o no don’t you’ll regret it!” “ur not gonna be able to do anything with it!” “but ur hairs so long & pretty r u sure u want to cut it?” boi I Know what my hair is bc I Lived with it & if I wanna cut it then let me!! lemme tell u everyone told me I’d regret cutting my hip length hair to my chin but guess what!! I’ve had it for a month now & I absolutely adore it I have absolutely no regrets & I would’ve done it much sooner if I hadn’t been guilted into doing otherwise!! stop forcing girls to fit into “conventional” beauty standards & girls do whatever u want ur gonna look great & if it doesn’t look great it’s ok it will grow back but pls don’t let others opinions dissuade u!!!!!!!

Please help Mexico!

I´m starting “Pay what you want” commissions. I´ve never done this but I think I will get the hang of it soon.

Every single penny is going towards charity so even one dollar can make the difference.

Some examples (prices aren´t valid rn so pay whatever u want):

Message me ir you´re interested ok? Also, reblogs are very very very appreciated.

((a sequel to the android!eren drabble))

Levi wakes up with the scent of freshly brewed coffee tickling his nose.

For a few moments he thinks he might’ve died overnight and gone to heaven. The sheets are soft and warm against his skin as he burrows deeper into their embrace, his gaze drawn to the glowing red numbers on his alarm. It’s ten minutes to six, ten minutes before the damn thing will start ringing  He can’t remember the last time he’d woken up before his alarm, but that’s not the only strange thing here.

He can hear someone in his kitchen, opening cupboards and clinking utensils together, and when he sees the faint light shining from the doorway, he’s awake in an instant. It only takes a second or two to grab his phone from the nightstand, and just as he’s about to dial 911, he remembers Eren.

It’s just Eren, he realizes, tossing the phone aside with a yawn. Still, he could’ve sworn he hadn’t specifically assigned Eren to make breakfast. Unless their discussion in the car had counted as assigning Eren to it, though Levi has his doubts.

All these questions escape his head as he steps into the kitchen, because somehow, inexplicably, Eren’s standing there by the stove wearing a fucking apron.

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