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here are some things tumblr needs to remember: shipping a cannon bisexual in a hetrosexual relationship is not homophobic. Shipping a non-cannon ship between two white people instead of a non cannon ship between a minority and a black person is not racist. Love is love is love and you ship what you want. Don’t let people insult you for that

(***CLOSED***) anyone interested in being interviewed?

*** to all that replied– if I haven’t gotten back to you yet, I will soon. got way more responses than expected but I intend to follow through with all interviews as long as everyone’s still interested by the time I get there. :) thank you for your patience guys! ***


this is for my own informal astrological studies.

interview would include some impersonal topics but I’m mostly interested in diving deep & really getting to know you and your psyche.

*please be very comfortable with opening up & talking about yourself/your life
*this is a private interview, discussions are just between just you & I
*phone call, text, Skype, or just messaging on Tumblr-whatever works best.

☆perks 4u☆
-you get to talk about yourself and have someone be extremely interested!!!!
-a little bit of therapy, like it’s all in ur chart I can probably help
-learn about yourself
-learn about astrology & your chart! (if you want)
-sorta like a free reading

you don’t have to be into astrology to do this btw, I won’t talk about it if you’re not interested.



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I wish I could stop my zelink feels but as I go along and it builds up, it doesn’t stop. Espeicially after this scene when you find Zelda inspecting the Shrines. Like…omg, that scene.

So here I am, making my own assumption of what happened AFTER Zelda yelled at Link and putting in my own interpretation of his personality here too. Like, he never smiles and seems so bland all the time. Either he was going to be emotionless or had some real shit going on in his head during the whole time. Just gonna make him tsundere if ya’ll don’t mind~

Either way! I hope you enjoy this doujinshi…comic…whatever! Enjoy!! *flees*

Next Part! https://hopelessromantic721arts.tumblr.com/post/158503164687/part-two-or4-6-whatever-you-wanna-call-it-lol


Because of your eyes, your green eyes, I’ve gone mad

This thing came to existence for the AU Friday because Poland is sure as hell an alternative universe

Poor babies, they have to attend one of those absolutely terrible parties you eat impossible amount of food and drink just as much alcohol only to fight boredom and to stand the disco polo music


Part two! Or…4-6. Whatever you wanna call it lol

part One here http://hopelessromantic721arts.tumblr.com/post/158385713617/guess-who-is-playing-the-game-nonstop-i-wish-i

1. Link has to be careful how he speaks around the princess. She has VERY sharp ears!

2.He’s learning the hard way just how hard it is to watch a princess with a mind of her own.

and 3. He’s starting to sound like animated Link isn’t he?

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I mean…if you thought this already, you aren’t far off ha

Last Part https://hopelessromantic721arts.tumblr.com/post/158385713617/guess-who-is-playing-the-game-nonstop-i-wish-i

Next Part https://hopelessromantic721arts.tumblr.com/post/158675487377/httpshopelessromantic721artstumblrcompost158


https://hopelessromantic721arts.tumblr.com/post/158503164687/part-two-or4-6-whatever-you-wanna-call-it-lolOh Zelda be too clever for you Link…I hope you don’t lose it by the end of this trip. Zelda be too smart to go your way though…

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I hope you all are enjoying it so far~

Last Part https://hopelessromantic721arts.tumblr.com/post/158503164687/part-two-or4-6-whatever-you-wanna-call-it-lol


Yo. My name’s Aiden. I’m a trans guy (he/him), 14, panromantic (p gay tho) and pre-T. I’m vegan, an animal lover, a space lover, a dog person, and a huge fanboy of vld (voltron, voltron: legendary defender, whatever ya wanna call it :P). hmu if you wanna.

Tumblr: @aidxnisnothere
Twitter: @aidxnisnothere
Kik: @omniifluf


I have said this before and I’ll say it again. If you’re a pagan or witch I will probably follow you. So hmu even if it’s just “Hey can you follow me” or “I need a friend” whatever it is,hit me up. I’m here. I’m up for meeting new people LITERALLY ALL THE TIME!

I do my best to follow everyone back..

It’s not like I’m the first person
who doesn’t take their own advice.
So when you come to me
looking for the secrets to happiness,
I will pretend like I have them.
Conveniently, I will neglect to mention
my own clinical depression–that is,
unless it’s used to demonstrate
“overcoming hardship”
or some other self-help bullshit.
What I won’t admit to are
the three months where uncontrolled panic
made it impossible for me to leave the house or
how sometimes I still get anxious
being away from my apartment.
I don’t know how to be happy
any better than you do.
But I’ll pretend–
because broken hearts are my favorite to kiss,
because I am desperate to be needed, because
I am disgusted with my own goddamn
Messiah complex but, god, you look at me
like I am something to believe in
and I’m weak for it.

The thing about being useful
and being loved
is I’ve never been able
to tell the difference.

It’s no wonder I got good at being used.
I’ve had a lot of practice.
And then I go and fall in love
with people who have no time for me.
I used to think it was a cosmic joke–
some terrible coincidence, but
I’m starting to wonder if a part of me
craves the non-attention.
If I only find myself worthy of love
when it comes in the shape of
unanswered phone calls.
After all, I have a pattern. And
I’ve dated people who loved me, but
I’ve never loved them in return. No,
that I save for the ones who lose interest, or
the ones too afraid of their own heart
to let themselves use it.
I don’t know how to walk away before
it gets hard.
I don’t understand this part of myself,
or why she won’t listen to the same advice
I’d give any friend:
You don’t deserve this.
Your heartbreak is a hand grenade;
you’re going to set it off again just
to spend months picking up
the aftermath.
It is time to bring this to an end.

Someday, I will love someone
who loves me back
and does it well,
and does it right.
And I will have to catch my breath,
because they will have knocked the wind
right out of me.


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Omg I just scrolled ALLLL the way down to your newsfeed/tumblr/whatever the hip kids are calling it these days. I digress, the main issue is that I loved every single second. I would just like to let you know that I'm so so grateful for your fanfics and how ecstatic I get it when I see you update - honestly they make me giggle like a 5 year old with a helium balloon. Seriously, I hope you understand how much of a goddess you are at writing and that I would be your ever faithful disciple <3

I’ve been called a goddess (^\\^) that has made my day. Thank you

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This is random but you are one of my favourite (if not my favourite) blog and your youtube videos are great too. You are so funny and beautiful! You are honestly one of my tumblr crushes or whatever you wanna call it. I just wanted to let you know that ily <3

aaa omg thank you so much !!!