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naruhina; our red thread

prompt: red scarf (D-25)
rating: K+
a/n: pointless fluff. after watching The Last movie at the cinemas like 4 times already, I needed to vent out with extreme cheesiness lol. enjoy!


“An invincible thread that binds us together.”


“So… this goes here?”

“For the hundredth time, Naruto, it’s the other way around.”

The sounds of fiddling and clacking with soft grunts filled the otherwise tense silence looming around the quarters. The ticking coming from the clock perched on the wall opposite of him only further increased hisheartbeat that was also at an unusual rapid pace. His blue orbs slowly turned to face her emerald ones, gulping nervously. “… Like this?”

A very loud groan of frustration escaped her lips as she palmed her whole face dejectedly. “I am so close to kicking you out of my apartment right now.”

Naruto took his turn in grumbling aloud, flinging the items once between his fingers aside and crossed his arms with an evident pout scrawled on his lips. “Ahh, this is no use, Sakura-chan! How is something as simple as knitting so difficult anyway!? Like who invented all these different methods of stitching or whatever? All I want to make is just a damn scarf!”

His fellow teammate could only release a sigh, her very own temper already nearing its limit but she did her best to hold it at bay for the sake of both of their sanities. It proved to be a rather dire obstacle, as they had spent nearly a total of 3 hours simply going through the basics of knitting and Naruto had barely made a dent in his intention to create a gift for his lover; expected considering his lack of ability to properly focus in these menial tasks added with his infamous impatience that only flared the more the knitting process got tougher.

When Sakura had agreed to guide her best friend along his sweet and innocent wish of surprising Hinata with something he wanted to make by himself, she hadn’t foreseen the many bumps the road would have. Heck, it couldn’t even be called bumps, molehills were probably more accurate.

Naruto was never known for his romantic tendencies, his inexperience with love in terms of a soulmate made him blind enough to truly see how much he had made Hinata wait for him so long. It was a rare sight for Sakura to have the young blonde approach her, the red stain on his whiskered cheeks prominent on his grown features, as he mumbled for her help on the ways of knitting a scarf – another thing that took her aback because of how Naruto had never even thought of putting effort into something as delicate as knitting.

Seeing as how she herself had waited a long time for Naruto to realize how much he cared for Hinata, she had agreed instantly. Now with her teeth gritted and her knuckles clenched, she had to hold back the raging inner beast inside her that wanted to knock her teammate out cold for being so incompetent in following instructions properly.

“Ya know, Naruto,” Her tone though calm had a tinge of her temper already hinted, making Naruto feel even more on edge at upsetting her. “Maybe you could give her something else? Girls don’t really mind if they got something bought, I’m sure Hinata would love if you got her flowers or something.”

A dry scoff was his answer. “What’s special about that? I don’t wanna give her something she can get herself. I just really want to do something memorable for her. She’s done so much for me… I feel like I’m not doing enough.” 

Sakura watched his determined expression, a knowing smile plastered on her lips. You really are in love, you idiot.

“I want to make her happy,” muttered Naruto, bringing his knees up and leaning forward so he could hide the deep blush on his face. Sakura couldn’t help but stifle a giggle upon seeing her usual confident and boisterous friend transform into such a flushed child simply by the thought of his lover. The iceberg of anger and frustration she had felt melted away instantly by the rays of affection she could feel coming from his words.

“Who knew you were such a romantic at heart, ne? And you called Sasuke-kun a huge sap.”

“Shut up,” he argued, picking back the yarn and needles he had flung aside, fiddling with it once more. “Can we try again?”

The pink-haired girl sighed but this time with a smile as she too gathered her supplies. “Alright, let’s start from the beginning, but this time make sure to listen and follow me properly before I change my mind and punch you dead.”

“Y-Yes ma’am!”


The moon once again became their companion, glistening beautifully above them with the pale light of its glow guiding their path home. Naruto sighed contently, his fingers gripping the soft ones in between his that left him with a surging ball of warmth exploding inside of him. Another day well spent being with her, a routine he was becoming accustomed too without him realizing it and again, he found himself despising the fact that they were to separate at the end. How he wished their dates would last forever.

“It’s a bit chilly tonight,” her sweet voice brought his attention back to her. A breeze swept by that emphasized her words, their bodies appreciating the bundle of attire they had on to keep the coldness away. Although winter was nearly over and they were steadily heading towards spring, the villagers still donned their thick jackets and scarves, the dreary weather not letting its reign to end just yet.

Which slightly spoiled Naruto’s event for Hinata, his eyes glaring at the scarf already around her neck.

His mind became a bundle of random alternatives on how he could somehow gift her his present and have her wear it. He had no intention of merely handing it to her in a boring fashion, this was Uzumaki Naruto we’re talking about. He wanted to surprise her, thrill her, and excite her at the prospect of him taking his time in creating something from his heart for her.

Damn, now I wish I had actually read more from Sai’s books…

“Naruto-kun, is something wrong?”

He was about to reply her when an idea clicked in his mind and a bright smile graced his lips. “Hinata, let’s stop by somewhere first.” 

She only had time to utter a confused gasp as he started dragging her towards the opposite direction of her home, the questions she asked on his intentions left unanswered as the tight grip around her wrist merely affirmed his determination. As they made their way hurriedly, Hinata began recognizing the path they were headed to and her estimation ended up being spot on.

“The training grounds?” she asked aloud, watching Naruto curiously as he stepped closer to the shallow stream ahead. “What’re we doing here, Naruto-ku-EH!?”

The pale skin on her face was now completely enveloped in a burning coat of red as her hands quickly shielded her vision on Naruto taking off his jacket so casually. Various unsettling thoughts rushed through her mind, wondering what her boyfriend was even thinking this late at night with her entire body trembling from the imaginations trampling wildly.

“Why’re you shutting your eyes, Hinata?”

She moved her fingers to peek through and let out a sigh of relief seeing him still having his undershirt on with the lower parts of his trousers rolled up to his knees. Hinata bit her lip, the embarrassment from even assuming Naruto would be initiating such brash desires eating her up from the inside.

Before she could ask further about why he had brought her here, he hissed in surprise after taking a leap into the stream – completely forgoing the fact that the temperature was biting with coldness and now his feet were cursing at him endlessly from the numb feeling growing from his toes. Hinata rushed over, worried about his rather random behaviour but squealed aloud when Naruto began splashing her with the chilly water. “N-Naruto-kun!”

“C’mon! Join me, Hinata.”

“… No thanks,” she rejected politely, preferring the warmth of her dry state rather than the bitter cold of the stream. She knew it was a lost battle though as Naruto gave her a cheeky grin before pulling her forward and wrapping his arms around her so she had no escape. She struggled in his hold, her body already shivering from the brief contact she had with the water but it worsened when Naruto started splashing water around them and soon, she was just as soaked as he was.

Hinata decided since there was no point of avoiding anymore, she should just show Naruto how it’s done.

The squeals and giggles that followed from them innocently competing with each other in a game of making the other person drenched filled the chilly night, the energy radiating from the love and laughter they shared heating up their jovial ambiance further. The warmth of their happiness melted the coldness away.

As their laughter died down and their splashing came to an end, Hinata looked down at her wet exterior and sighed playfully while wrapping her arms around herself. “Ahh, it’s cold.”

Naruto responded with a smirk. “I can fix that.”

The young woman watched him head back to the land where he had dumped his bag, rummaging through it for a while which made her curiosity grow larger. She couldn’t dismiss the notion that Naruto had been acting rather peculiar all day and yet she couldn’t put a finger on why at all. He returned to her with a mischievous smile and his hands behind his back. “Are you ready?”

Her eyelids blinked shyly at him. “What is it?”


Hinata drew her brows, staring at the item in his grasp before he moved closer and started wrapping it around her neck. She let out a gasp when it seemed to never end no matter how many times he turned, Naruto confused himself as he muttered curses under his breath with each circular motion his arm made. At the end, she was left with the two ends of the scarf dangling lower than it should be, the tip already submerged into the stream.

“Damn, I knew I used too much yarn,” the young blonde sighed, his shoulders slumping dejectedly at his failed scenario of impressing her.

Hinata caught the meaning behind his words, her lips parted in disbelief. “Naruto-kun… y-you made this?”

He ruffled the back of his head and laughed to cover the embarrassment shooting through him. “It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Even learning jutsus aren’t as difficult. I seriously admire you so much more now, Hinata.”

She was rendered speechless upon receiving such a thoughtful and sincere gift from him, tears welled up in her eyes imagining how long it must’ve taken a person that has no interest in precise activities like knitting to make her this. She had never wished for him to go out of his way to create something from scratch, she hadn’t even expected to even receive any gift from him as having him was enough. Receiving something as meaningful as a scarf that was almost identical to the one she had given him was unbelievable, as her fingers touched the soft fabric and she could instantly feel the deep feelings he had sincerely poured into making this.

Naruto panicked seeing the unexpected response he got, flailing his arms to her. “Ah! Hinata, I’m sorry! Don’t cry! I know it’s too long, and God, I should’ve checked, I’m an idiot, ugh, but don’t worry, I can fix it– or umm, at least try to, but please don’t cry.”

Hinata only laughed aloud at his apologetic outburst, picking the ends up and slinging them around his own neck to share the warmth she received from it, interlocking them in a close distance with their own red thread of fate. Bringing their foreheads together as they shared a wide smile, she couldn’t have found a more ideal person to fall in love with.

“It’s perfect.”


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