whatever their ship name is i like it

Look I honestly dont understand the people who say Supergirl is baiting

Look I get it most of us are traumatized by the 100 but that was different, you guys are complaining and hating for something that I dont even know, men I mean we have sanvers and thats great , if they made Supercorp happens that would be awesome too but dont hate on the show like that and dont accuse them of being the 100 and shit on the cw because there are people who love supergirl for other thing than the ships and this is coming from a person that cried her eyes out with clexa and that would love supercorp or karamel or whatever the name is. But the hate really really needs to stop because is seriously ruining the show for some people including me.

Maybe I just follow a lot of haters

Rant over.

stars-inthe-sky  asked:

Ship that pisses you off: 💣

Ooo, way to go straight for the controversial one, Stars. XD

Okay, first, disclaimer: shippers gonna gonna, and you go and like whatever ship your heart desires, even if it’s whatever ship(s) I discuss get angry about below. We can agree to disagree! But here we go. 


Mary and whatshisname (in the last season) from Downton Abbey. The car guy that she marries at the end. 

Look, the main problem is that she and Matthew were achingly perfect, and I know, I know, Dan Stevens decided to move on and the only real way to get Matthew out of the show was to *do what they did*, and I know no one was ever going to be good enough for Mary after Matthew. 

BUT [spoiler alert] Matthew literally died in a car accident. And she broke down with perfectly real, legit concerns about getting involved with a guy who races cars for a living in a time when that is like, SUPER, super dangerous. But everyone just like, talked her out of it? And talked her into being with the guy? Which not only makes zero sense with Mary’s character, it made no sense for everyone else to be trying so hard to sell her on this guy?? 

Rule of thumb for writers and characters and romance: if everyone has to constantly talk about how right two characters are for each other but I cannot feel it from the two characters in question, you’re doing it wrong

While I get some things they tried to do (she definitely needs someone who challenges her, agreed), it was Not Right from the beginning. She was constantly hesitant and unsure and it came off like everyone else “knew better” and pushed her into the relationship with the guy, which is not at all in line with the Mary we grew to know. 


(Other ships I thought of: Alex/Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy) - though I blame fandom and writing “twists” for that one; Ted/Robin (HIMYM) - blame the finale only; Kylo/Rey (Force Awakens) - blame certain corners of fandom) 


looks like i have enough of these twitter doodles for another roundup! this time its chris as everyones favorite city correspondent stefon and phichit appreciation!! because i love phichit!!! and i saw art of him as cinderella somewhere on here and was just like yessss!!!!!!




just my Onion but i don’t think aesthetics/moodboards/edits of finn should feature stormtrooper/first order imagery super prominently? it’s kinda the same reason i stopped using ‘stormpilot’ as well… finn isn’t defined by those things anymore

  • svtfoe: *makes a tom and marco centric episode*
  • me: man I love tomco
  • svtfoe: *hinting at starco*
  • me: man I love starco
  • svtfoe: *makes jarco canon*
  • me: man I love jarco
  • svtfoe: *makes janna and star interact*
  • me: man I love janstar
  • svtfoe: *makes jackie and star interact*
  • me: man I love... starkie? is that their ship name?? eh, whatever. still like it
  • svtfoe: *makes two characters interact with each other*
  • me: man I ship that
  • ~meanwhile~
  • me, @ myself: what the fuck

youre my sugar sugar honey honey

im not allowed to listen to music ever

this is dedicated to that anon who mentioned shirt this is your fault

also idk why but i imagine them referring to glynda here maybeqrowsisforsm1elsecoughs

and theyre not even wearing shirts this was a horrible idea

a patater fic idea that i’ll probably never get around to writing but SOMEONE should:

tater has a big dog like geno’s and he makes an insta account for it and buzzfeed does some sort of ranking of the best celebrity animals’ instagrams and a glorious rivalry between tater’s dog (i wanna name him hank, but i also feel like he’d have some adorable russian name so whatever) and kit purrson is born.

they post pictures that are clearly in dialogue with each other and everyone just eats it up - like kit with an american flag bandana on and then a few hours later, tater’s dog waving the russian flag in its mouth. when kent and tater finally meet face to face again at a game in vegas, tater is all “ahh i must meet cat of yours"and kent takes him home after the game obvi to "meet kit”.

the next morning, tater posts a pic of him cuddling kit to instagram and breaks the internet.

do the 100 viewers not ship rellamy at all?? like are they watching the same show as i am? 

does the way he looks at raven tell you nothing?

or the way he protects her?

or at the way he snapped at murphy for shooting her?

or how he runs when he sees she’s harmed?

or how he holds her while she cries over watching the man she loved get killed?


or what i mean just look at this holy sex scene

Now, on a more serious note:

Kubo said it jokingly.

The translator themselves said so.

But people are creating this huge fuss as though Kubo actually confirmed them to be a couple.

I’m starting to feel like you all actually are desperate for it. Like you’re craving some straight bullshit or something.

I swear.

I don’t give a fuck about whether Otabek and Mila will end up together or not, but it sure as fuck doesn’t feel like it will, and the overreaction is getting on my nerves.

If you are so desperate for a straight ship go to…literally ANY other show.

I’m so sorry for all the straight people who feel like their sexuality doesn’t get spotlight in YoI. I really am. I have no idea what that might feel like so I’m sorry if I sound insensitive. Straight people deserve some ships too :( I’m sorry.

so i wrote some ransom/lardo/holster tags and @epickegster sent me a message about it and then i proceeded to instantly word vomit 1500 words about it because I WANT. THEM. TO DATE.

anyway here it is, slightly cleaned up. (rated teen)

imagine ransom and lardo hooking up in secret for WEEKS and like…. they don’t want holster to know because they don’t want him to think they’re not into him!!!! but!!!! also!!!! it’s hard to keep it a secret lmao

they regularly debate like. “should we tell him and then when we’re Established as casually dating we can invite him?? for a threesome??? would that work???” “no maybe he’d get jealous and sad and also, maybe it would be better if we both *individually* hooked up with him first and then, we could like… bring up the threesome later??”

it’s a trial and the whole time rans and lardo are sneaking off to make out. because they…. can’t figure out what to do…. but they can kiss each other at least.

(but like they definitely… talk about holster all the time whenever they’re alone together…. “haha and then holster would be like…” “yeah!! omg he would….” anyway they like him so much. it’s a problem ;__;)

and THEN


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*cough cough*

fluffy kara/lena/lucy ot3 headcanons
  • lena likes to tease lucy about her height (“I’ll strangle you.” “As if you could even reach.”)
  • kara is like a fucking furnace so lucy and lena have taken to wearing little to no clothing to bed (not that any of them mind)
  • lucy has a punching bag in the living room. lenas favorite chair just so happens to be in the correct place to watch her work out. suspicious
  • they are grossly affectionate. hand holding? ‘course. lil’pecks all the time? you bet your ass. constant heart eyes? have you even watched the show??
  • hugs last AT LEAST 5 minutes
  • kara wears a fanny pack, sandals, and a visor during every vacation they take. lucy and lena are simultaneously endeared and embarrassed
  • eliza practically adopts lena and lucy  
  • lucy insists that she is strictly a big spoon but being held by karas swole arms has a certain charm (lena agrees, kara blushes)
  • sunday nights are spent on the couch, with the soft glow of the TV bathing them, and kara spread out across both of their laps and complaining about them bringing work home
  • lena, used to private chefs, gets a crash course on cooking that ends with alex finding them on the kitchen floor laughing and smelling like smoke (”you were making toast. TOAST”)
  • all three of em are complete snuggle hoes
  • lucy and lena steal karas clothes so often that she has like 3 outfits that are still completely hers
  • one time they entered a disco contest (lucy will never admit but it was her who signed them up. she’ll take that to her grave (everyone knows))
  • kara uses a combination of text lingo and emojis so complex that even lucy, trained to detect patterns and secret codes, and lena, a genius, cant figure them out
  • lipstick stains. all over kara. (40% of her morning routine is cleaning them off)