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At this point after having this image featured in an extremely boring unfunny overexplanatory “tumblr meme archive” article on the washington post i just want to make it clear to everybody that i honest to jesus made this image myself its fake and youve all successfully killed all the humor in it by putting it on fandom whatever a million times in which the “happy stock image of donkey” funny context is lost anyway folks great job sucking every droplet of marrow out of yet another young image that could have been funny in its simple self for years to come dont overuse and dissect memes let them live on in dignity

Not a shitpost, but some advice for my younger followers:

Try to eat healthy. I’m not saying you should live in whole foods, but try to get in the habit of having fruit or veggies whenever you can. You might be fifteen and feel invincible chugging three cans of energy drinks, but trust me. In a few years your body is gonna be craving all the healthy shit you didn’t eat as a kid.

Don’t romanticize staying up late. It’s not healthy. You may score brownie points with your friends if you pull an all-nighter for no discernible reason, but your body will hate you. Believe me when I say everything catches back up to you by the time you’re in your late teens. If you fuck up your sleep patterns while you’re young, you’ve pretty much screwed yourself over for the next few years.

Trust your gut. If you think someone is creepy, keep your distance. Even if your friends insist they’re an okay person, keep your distance. Better safe than sorry. And most of the time, you’ll end up right.

There’s no point in teasing people for their appearance. There’s no point at all. We all have to get up at like 6am to learn about things we don’t care about, let people wear whatever the hell they want. Shut your mouth and move on.

If someone older than you tries to talk to you out of nowhere, stay on your goddamn guard. Even if they’re a person you greatly admire, even if you think they’re the coolest person ever- You are under no obligation to humor them. If they start asking invasive questions (about your age, your sexual habits, anything that raises Warning Bells) then you need to get the hell out of there. Stop responding, either gradually or all at once. Whatever works for you. You’re not being rude- you’re looking out for yourself.

Be kind to people younger than you. You were just like them not too long ago.

Canonical Facts About Gabriel Reyes

He is a CHILL DUDE with a fantastic sense of humor 


He’s the master of the Edgy Guy persona,

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 but either because he has fun with that persona or he does it ironically, because his sense of humor and general chill attitude shows he doesn’t take himself or others too seriously if the situation doesn’t call for it.

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It could also just mean he likes being overly dramatic. 

It probably also helps his image in Blackwatch if he seems threatening even when he’s generally a chill guy. My own dad is somebody everybody in his company is afraid of just because he’s silent most of the time, but the truth is that despite keeping up this veneer of somebody terrifying, he’s a goof full of terrible jokes and an all around chill demeanor. However, that just makes the moments he;s actually angry even scarier. I think Gabe’s the same; chill and cool around his close friends and family, but terrifying to all others and doubly terrifying when angry or on the warpath. 

He’s also a bit of a sassmaster. A sarcastic little shit with a heroic streak a mile wide, walking out on the situation knowing full well that Jack will cave and decide to send people to help during the Uprising in King’s Row. 

This speaks of a long and close friendship with Jack that allows him to let Jack make a call that he orchestrated in the first place. Allowing Jack to do something and then take credit for it when things go well, even if Gabe was the one who sent McCree for intel in the first place. 

Gabe Reyes strikes me as a man of great maturity and an almost maternal sensibility, looking to take care of everybody in a way that isn’t obvious. He doesn’t seem too overly bothered by Blackwatch coming to light, and still sent McCree out to check on King’s Row because people needed help. 

According to Jeff Kaplan was happy to take on Blackwatch because he doesn’t prefer the political aspect, but Blackwatch seems to be known for taking on the worst cases Overwatch can’t handle, all without glory or appreciation or even acknowledgement. And he was okay with that. Doing the right thing for the greater good knowing nobody would know or care. 

He also showed himself to be a good commander during the Uprising event, same as Morrison and Amari. 

This kind of veered from facts to an analysis of Gabe’s character but basically: 

Gabe is a chill dude with a great sense of humor, a penchant for drama and a talent in sewing, with a heroic streak a mile wide. And none of that points to jealousy being his motivator in whatever he was doing when Overwatch fell. Gabriel Reyes was a hero from the omnic crisis onward, and a beloved friend. 

Whatever his betrayal–if it was his betrayal at all– it would have been far from the picture painted by the media and Overwatch itself. 

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i can’t believe i have to make this post in the year 2017 but any jokes made towards people of color at the expense of facial features not adhering to eurocentric ideas of beauty is racist. people of color literally spend most of their lives hating themselves for having facial features that dont match up with “small button nose, thin lips and thin eyebrows” and then whatever confidence in these features they may later obtain can be swept away in an instant by one “joke”. idc if the people making the jokes arent even white, if you’re maliciously pointing out someone’s big nose/thick eyebrows/big lips etc and making them the butt of a joke you arent funny and you arent clever. and if you really think these “jokes” are funny then you desperately need to reevaluate your sense of humor. like just sit there and explain to me what’s so funny about poking fun at any of these facial features without making an ass of yourself. i’ll wait

Keith and Jokes

Okay, so my favorite part of the “Are you joking?” line in season 3 is how it came about (and this is stretching the interpretation a little, but I enjoy it).  

Like, Lance says whatever he does, “I’m not a goofball, I’m a cool, ninja sharpshooter!” 

And then we have Keith. Socially awkward turtle Keith who is used to Lance explaining the ridiculous things he says to him. Keith, who at this point is like “omg, Lance, that’s a funny, ridiculous thing you just said. It must be a joke, right? Because you explain things to me and when you say something ridiculous it’s usually something stupid or funny.” 

So Keith scoffs and says, “Are you joking?” in, like, the cutest, most sincere (yet humored) tone of voice possible. 

And Lance just jumps ALL OVER his case, like “NO, YOU ASSHOLE, I’M NOT JOKING!” 

And I can only imagine Keith was just-

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And then -

And finally - 

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 And poor awkward turtle Keith is continually doomed to be confused. 

“...there’s no time to create entire new backgrounds for the hallway scenes.”

Carl the Animator: “And I’m animatin’ Scooby with the suction cup on his tail, so sorry, can’t lend a hand either.”

Ted the Animator: “Maybe… hm. I’ll see what I can fake to make the deadline.”

*20 minutes later*

Ted the Animator: “Here, lemme know if this looks ok.”

Carl the Animator: “Mmhmm?”

Ted the Animator: “Scoob and Shag run down this hallway…”

Ted the Animator: “…aaaand cut to the rest of the gang in neutral hallway.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, that looks great!”

Ted the Animator: “It’s a bodge job, but it’ll work.”

Carl the Animator: “Did’ja crop in a little to hide the fact that it’s the same background between cuts?”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “…is that a no?”

Ted the Animator: “I may have forgotten.”

Carl the Animator: “That’s… that’s kinda freaky, actually.”

Ted the Animator: “There’s no time to change it. It’ll have to do.”

Carl the Animator: “It’s subtle enough, no one’s gonna think anything of it.”

*14 minutes later*

Carl the Animator: “…um….”

Ted the Animator: “I’ve sorta given up on the hallways at this point.”

Carl the Animator: “It’s a magic hallway. It turns into whatever it darn-well pleases.

Ted the Animator: “It’s a lot of permutations for one background, but… eh. Can’t make the Mona Lisa on a schedule like this.”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t feel bad… I spent the same time adding to my collection of just-about-to-sneeze Scoobies.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, I feel a little better.”

Carl the Animator: “He’s probably just allergic to hallway continuity.”


I’ve seen too many posts about how inferior the inferior functions are! They’re usually measured against higher positions in the functional stack, and, while this doesn’t necessarily lead to inaccurate assessments (and they may be quite worth it to make), I would like to look at them through another perspective - because, sometimes, less is more.

So here’s what I appreciate about all the inferior functions when they are acting in healthy integration and moderation.

Inferior Se in INJs.
I can be in silence with you and enjoy it. I can take pleasure in the smaller things, such as a delicious meal or a pleasant scenery. I don’t have to worry about how I look like most of the time or even if I have much material success - because even when these things matter to you, they’re not your top priority. I know you won’t force me into rushed and overwhelming situations if you can help it and will have more patience than you’re normally given credit for. When you do engage the physical world as fully as you can, it is imbued with rich symbolism and meaning, unlocking and revealing universal truths in the simplest of things.

Inferior Si in ENPs.
You take bits from here and there and elevate them into wonderful and fascinating webs of information. As long as you can tell reality from fiction, I can greatly enjoy your fabrications and even your comical and dramatic exaggerations. You’re hard to pin down and keep a hold of, but you can also be incredibly sentimental and treasure significant moments with others for many years to come. Doing things the way they’ve been done isn’t your thing, and this can get you in trouble, but it can also give way to memorable adventures. Your life is, figuratively or literally speaking, a collection of souvenirs from all over the globe.

Inferior Ne in ISJs.
I love your brand of theorization and creativity - it’s well-founded and substantiated. You know better than to jump at every possibility and would rather evaluate more thoroughly. You’re not as close-minded as you seem. Often, you’re just more concerned with the implications and ramifications of choices than others are or can be. You have talent to read between the lines, but you’d rather not assume and jump to conclusions so you prefer to have things made clear instead. Your sense of humor is delightful and usually of good taste (although you would also mock both deserving and undeserving targets every now and then).

Inferior Ni in ESPs.
You realize that there’s more than meets the eye but don’t get caught up in that. Spirituality (or whatever you would call it) is important to you in a down-to-earth manner - you try to live it and unfold your answers as you go. There’s no point in worrying too much about the future when, obviously, it’s the present that manifests it. And in any case, what you envision is adaptable and can generally roll with what comes your way. You don’t need to have a purpose or end goal for everything you do, and as a result, life doesn’t pass you by and you grow with every new experience.

Inferior Te in IFPs.
You’re not in the business of telling people what to do, except sometimes. And even then, you’re more endearing than bossy. You make sense of the world with incredible depth and are easily both inspiring and motivating because of it. You have a way with words that is smooth and swift (or, at times, fiery). You can be feisty and stand your ground when necessary. And while many wouldn’t take you very seriously, you are quite capable of making valid points on issues you’re well-informed in that contradict what the majority thinks. You’re smarter than you appear, which is eventually a slap on the face to those that underestimated you.

Inferior Ti in EFJs.
Your half-baked hypotheses are doorways to exploration. There are many subjects I wouldn’t have considered if it wasn’t for your willingness to examine them despite how crazy-sounding they were. There’s a bit of truth in everything and we can learn from everyone. Maybe you make quick judgments about people and this can be off-putting, but there are often reasons for them even when the rest of us don’t see them. You know what makes people tick better than most - so let us hope you’re on our side and use this for good.

Inferior Fe in ITPs.
You know what it’s like to be awkward and not fit in, so you don’t hold others to unreasonable social standards. It’s okay to be off-beat and weird with you and you welcome it unless it is indeed unjustifiably harmful. You know how to comfort others with the truth and by distracting them with something more interesting. You would do a lot of kind and loving things for those you care about even when it takes a huge amount of effort on your part. Being adorkable is part of your charm and I can’t hate you for it unless you abuse it.

Inferior Fi in ETJs.
You may not be the most morally correct in the room, but you try to do what’s right. And to you, that often means cutting the bullshit, being practical and tackling problems as they arise to ease the load on others and lead them into a more fulfilling state. You’re rarely self-righteous or shocked and indignant at others’ sins (unless they’re beyond gross and absurd), as chances are we’re all rotten in one way or another to some extent. This makes you more accepting of others, which, seemingly paradoxically, allows them to come to terms with themselves and break out of bad habits to make better decisions next time.

I think possibly the most twisted side of Hannibal and Will’s relationship, but also the one that shows the most how they’re made for each other and pretty much no one else, is how they get each other’s sense of humor, in whatever form it comes. Hannibal sees Will’s bitter misanthropic sarcasm and is endeared by it, instead of kept at a distance by it like everybody else; Will should really not find Hannibal’s irony funny since it mostly involves murdering and eating people, stabbing, or making victims into art, but he tragically does. To the point that it gets him to smile, laugh, turn a dead man into a firefly, or watch an asshole eat his own face.

Mask Off

The title is totally a Future reference but the story mentions Childish Gambino???
Also I 100% headcanon Peter as a Childish Gambino fan
Anyway, hope you guys like it and happy 1 week from “Spider-Man: Homecoming!”

Title: Mask Off
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: After a rooftop dance session, you and your crime-fighting partner, Spider-Man, learn about each other without the masks
Word Count: 1,529
Warnings: None
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            "Oh my God, are you for real?“ you groaned, just stepping foot into the bank.

           "Oh, hey there,” your masked rival Spider-Man greets casually. “Come here often?”

           He already had the robbers apprehended, sitting uselessly at his feet. This was the 5th time in a month that this punk beat you at your own game, and there was only so much crime in this city. You were getting real tired of his competition real fast.

           "Get off my turf, man,“ you complained. "I got dressed for nothing! Do you know how hard it is to put on this suit?”

           Spider-Man pretends to ponder your question for a minute before shrugging. “Can’t relate,” he gloats.

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A Pair of Arms Means Love, Seven Means Home - Everyone/Everyone

Pairing: Poly-Relationship Between All the Losers

Word Count: 2515

Request: It wasn’t one. This one goes out to my Familosers. I love you guys.


It starts with Bill and Eddie.

One day they’re pals, sophomores in highschool, pushing each other into the quarry, and cracking jokes together in between class with the rest of the Losers. Then suddenly the next day they’re holding hands, trading kisses between classes when they get the chance, still cracking jokes with the other Losers. No one actually brings it up. It’s a progression of something that really, to everyone, seems like a long time coming. So there isn’t anything for the others to question.

Even Richie, who feels a spark of something (hurt, jealousy, desire) doesn’t say anything about it. Not even when his hands want to shake at seeing the two boys together.

It seems natural that he’s the first one to be added to Bill and Eddie’s thing. (Even they hadn’t really talked about what they were to any full extent.)

They’re down at the water’s edge, Eddie in Bill’s lap, their feet in the shallows while the others swim. The others aside from Richie, who’s skulking further up the shore, leaned against a tree with a cigarette dangling from his lips. He’s been like that for the month and half that Bill and Eddie have been whatever they are and really, Eddie is done with it, has been since the first week.

He doesn’t like hurting Richie and for a while, he didn’t know how to make it better but now that it’s been nearly six weeks of his best friend moping around and pretending like he isn’t, Eddie Kaspbrak is done. He’s come up with a potential solution. Eddie twists around in Bill’s lap, feet dripping water onto the other boy’s jeans. Bill looks down while Eddie looks up.

“I’m gonna go kiss Richie,” while it’s said like a statement Bill knows that, essentially, Eddie is asking for his permission. Bill’s lips quirk into a genuine smile and he nods.


Eddie is sure that if it were any other person he was in a maybe relationship with they’d break up with him in a second, but Bill isn’t like that, if he said okay, then he meant okay. Eddie nods and extracted himself from Bill’s lap, suddenly the picture of five foot four determination as he strode over to the boy. Bill watches, getting to his own feet and strolling over at a slower pace, as Eddie knocks the cigarette from Richie’s mouth and grabs the collar of his shirt in two tight fists. Richie had looked both pissed and scared that he was going to get decked for no reason.

He wasn’t expecting for Eddie to yank him down into a kiss. It doesn’t last too long, mostly because by the time Richie realizes what’s going on and that he is, in fact, kissing Eddie back he realizes he’s kissing Eddie back. Eddie, who is, from what everyone has gathered, going steady with Bill. Richie yanks himself harshly from Eddie’s hold, eyes snapping to Bill who was finally standing beside the shorter boy. Richie opens his mouth to apologize, because wow he does not want to lose Bill as a friend because Eddie had apparently lost his marbles, only to be promptly stopped when Bill leans forward and places his own, softer kiss, on Richie’s mouth, and oh, Richie thinks that he understands now.

This too comes as no real surprise to the others so it also goes unmentioned when Bill and Eddie become Bill, Eddie, and Richie.

Eddie is worried they’ll have to make rules and talk about things now and then it might all be awkward but is pleasantly surprised when Richie simply steps into the little crevices in his and Bill’s relationship he hadn’t even noticed before.

A month goes by and then Stan is next to be brought into the fold.

It’s not until Bill is tucked between Eddie and Richie on his too small bed does he bring up something that’s been on his mind for the last week or so. Eddie had made it seem so easy when he’d looked up at Bill with his big brown doe eyes and stated that he was going to kiss Richie.

The room is draped in comfortable, post make-out silence, with Eddie’s head under Bill’s chin and Richie’s arms throw over the both of them, he being the tallest of the three. Bill breaks the calm with a stuttering confession.

“S…sometimes I th-think ab-bout kis…sing S-Stan.” Bill’s waiting for things to get awkward after the whisper is past his slightly puffy lips. It doesn’t come. All Eddie does is hum something close to an agreement into his chest and snuggle in deeper, Richie’s breath tickles Bill’s ear when his says “that’s hot,” and pulls both of the boys closer to him. Bill is so frightening revealed that both boys know him so well, that they know it’s not because he doesn’t /want/ them in any way, or that he wants something new. They both know that Bill just has too much of his heart to give (and that sometimes he can get lonely at night when Richie and Eddie, who live close together, can spend them together.)

It’s also the fact that Eddie finds Stan attractive in the way that he’s meticulous and organized, he likes the way his shirts are always crisp and seem to fit perfectly. Eddie also likes Stan’s long legs and sharp humor. Richie has thought about tangling his hands in Stan’s hair and making his curls a mess. He’s also wondered what it would be like to place a kiss on his cheek in the hall and see some of the kids he knows who have a crush on Stan look on with envy.

By the end of the week, once Bill has asked, hesitantly, if Stan might be interested in joining whatever the hell they are at this point, Richie get’s to do just that. Bill had been worried that Stan would only want to be dating him and not the other two as well. When Stan kisses him good morning at the bike racks and moves on to do the same with Eddie and Richie as well he feels happier than he had been when Stan first agreed.

Bill is sure that now that there are four of them they’re going to have to talk about it more seriously. Stan never really brings it up though, just starts holding hands with whichever three are closest to him, sometimes two at one time, walking with them to classes and dropping kisses on their lips before leaving like they all do. Stan does it in a rotation because aside from first and fourth period his classes are on the other end of the school from everyone else.

The Losers, while completely accepting are a bit more surprised with the addition of Stan, more for the fact that he’s willing to be in a relationship that involves Richie than anything else. Stan told them, almost tonelessly, that while yes, he and Richie bicker and he thought that his jokes were tasteless he didn’t like him any less than Bill or Eddie. No one ever questions it again after that.

The four are surprised when Mike is the next to wheedle his way into their relationship, but really, none of them are complaining in the slightest. It was a subtle integration.

It happens the night the four of them are watching a movie in Bill’s converted basement. It’s a date night, they’re all sprawled against each other, kissing occasionally, tickling more often than not (Richie had caught Eddie’s elbow to the ribs for that one.) Everything is normal for them when the sound of Bill’s doorbell ringing. They all get up to answer it. Mike stands on the other side, hands tucked into the front of his jeans, looking almost bashful under the porch light of the Denbrough house.

“Mind if I join you guys?” At the time, none of them had thought anything of it and agreed, welcoming Mike into Bill’s house with open arms. They all descended back into the basement. Stan was sure that the newcomer was going to sit in the lazy boy that had been unoccupied for the majority of the night but he didn’t. Instead, once everyone else was back to where they had been before (Richie and Bill twined together on the couch, Stan and Eddie sitting in front of it, fingers interlocked) Mike places himself next to Stan and in front of Richie, but not enough that his vision of the screen was disturbed.

After the film resumes and was playing for a bit Mike carefully slings his arm over Stan’s shoulders, fingers brushing the nape of Eddie’s neck enough to make him shiver slightly. The next day at school Mike carries Richie’s books to class for him, and after lunch, on his Bill and Stan’s way to fourth period he takes Bill’s unoccupied hand in his. By that time the four realize that when Mike had asked “mind if I join you guys,” he hadn’t just meant for the movie.

After three days when Mike has yet to kiss any of them Stan thinks it might be time to actually talk about “rules,” for the five of them.

The discussion ends with Mike explaining that while he definitely has romantic feelings for them he isn’t sure about anything more intimate, the idea just not very appealing to him. Most, aside from Stan, are surprised by the revelation but it was decided that kisses on cheeks were acceptable for giving and receiving on Mike’s end, anything else was to be determined at the boy’s own discretion. It did nothing to change the fact they were now a group of five and Mike had shown his relief by treating them to ice-cream.

Richie decides that Mike is now his favorite boyfriend because of it. (Everyone knows that there really are no favorites which is why, ultimately, the relationship works.)

Ben and Beverly are the only two left. They’re already in a relationship and have been since before Billy and Eddie became a thing. That’s why Bill is sure that the evaluation of the Losers club is complete and everyone is in their place.

When Bev comes to him with Ben in tow one day, just Bill on his own (the other three in the process of getting picked up by Mike in his pickup) he’s not expecting her to say what she does.

“I want to date you guys,” Bill can feel his eyes widen because right away he’s willing to say yes, no matter how in love he is with his four wonderful boyfriends (because he is) he’s also in love with Bev, and, Bill’s eyes wander to her boyfriend, Ben as well. Bill loves all of them, deeply in a way that doesn’t allow just friendship to dwell. But Ben looks mildly nervous, like there’s something he wants to say but doesn’t know how. Bill says it for him. Because he knows Ben, and he knows that someone has to.

“B-But B-Ben’s not g-gay.” Because what it comes down to, really the heart of the issue, is that if Bev wants to date Bill and everyone else, Bill won’t let her do it without Ben coming along. It wouldn’t seem right. Ben almost sighs with the release of tension, like the statement was welling up inside and only now that it was brought up could they really address it.

“I’m not,” he starts out, more confident than Bill’s ever really seen him (at least without a pen and paper in hand), “but the truth is, I do, kinda, love you guys,” he looks at Bev who’s holding his hand for reassurance, then he looks back to Bill, “all of you.” And Bill sighs as well, because good Ben feels it too, the deepness in his heart that can’t just be filled with only one of the Losers. Maybe with all of them, it can be.

New “rules” are brought up at the quarry that night while they relax, feet dipping into the rapidly cooling water. Eddie and Stan love Bev, forever they promise, but sexually they just aren’t into women at all, unlike Bill and Richie, so while light pecks on the mouth are alright and more than welcome anything more intimate will be left to the boys (aside from Mike and Ben of course). After it’s established that Ben is more than willing to cuddle and hold hands with the others (much like Mike is) there isn’t anything else to really talk about and everything is good.

Richie can’t help but think that everything is complete and in a moment of actual maturity, states as such, earning him a kiss from Stan and Bev alike.

So yes, it starts with Bill and Eddie, but it ends a bit differently.

It ends with a lazy Saturday night, a group of seven people in love crammed in the converted basement of their boyfriend’s house. The lazy boy goes completely unused because if someone is sitting there then they aren’t all together, connected by crossed limbs and tangled fingers.

They’re all on the floor, blankets and pillows spilling from the puddle of people they make. Bill is resting his back against the front of the couch, Stan’s back against his chest as he sits between his legs, Bill loves running his fingers through Stan’s curls so that’s what he does. Mike is beside Bill with Bev on his other side, she’s got one of his hands in her, fixing his nails (which are often a wreck after working on the farm), Eddie is laying across their laps, feet on top of Bev’s legs while his head rests on Stan’s thighs. Ben in on the couch, laying so that he can reach Bev’s hair, braiding little sections that have grown longer than other and Richie is laying with his head on Eddie’s stomach, something they all know the smallest boy with complain about later on which will cause Richie to stretch out across him instead and tip the careful balance of bodies they’ve managed. They know it’ll happen, and when it does they know they’ll laugh, and share kisses and rearrange into a new coordination until they fall asleep one by one. Safe in the little nest they’ve made of each other’s hearts and arms.

  • Gideon: Emma! I am going to kill you
  • Emma: yeah whatever, I'm going canoeing
  • Gideon:
  • Emma: what?
  • Emma: you think you're the first?
  • Gideon:
  • Emma: look my mother is Snow White and my boyfriend is Captain Hook
  • Emma: at this point we get nervous if a week goes by without at least one of our lives being threatened
  • Emma: now where are those life jackets
  • Emma: gotta be safe

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've been a fan of your blog for a long time now, and I would appreciate it if you could answer my question. My oc got taken into a household but two years later a maid from there has made papers to adopt him as her son (At this point he is 15) . My oc is very sensitive and emotional. How should I write this scene and describe his emotions without it getting too cheesy? Thank you!

Hi, dear!  Thanks for your question and your patience <3

That sounds like such a sweet scene!  I love strong family themes – especially adoption, because it sends such a strong message of hope and fresh beginnings.  Those are good sentiments to focus on for this part of your story, and to use thematically with new phrases, new environments, and new plots.  Be sure to make the reader feel like they’re entering into an exciting new chapter of your OC’s life!

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But you do want to keep it from being melodramatic.  I have a few tips for you to think about…

How to Write Emotional Scenes

  • Don’t try to write too many emotions at once.  Trying to capture the complex thought processes of something like adoption – fear, disbelief, excitement, self-assessment, assessment of potential parent, forming expectations – all at once will be as confusing for the reader as it is for the adoptee.  Instead, try to focus on one or two strong emotions – maybe (1) his disbelief, feeling as though the adoptive parent will change their mind or that this is all a dream; and (2) self-assessment and adjustment, feeling insufficient or adjusting his own behavior to seem polite/perfect/desirable as a potential adoptee.
  • Don’t tell when you can show.  When a character feels a strong emotion, you shouldn’t have to use the word “felt” – you shouldn’t have to over-explain it.  Instead, think of physical and verbal expressions of this emotion.  If a character is afraid, don’t tell us he’s afraid – make him tremble or hug himself.  If a character is happy, let him smile and laugh.  If your character is excited to be adopted, have him show gratefulness, happiness, nervousness.  But don’t say it.
  • Less is more, especially in this kind of scene.  Less dialogue, less setting description, and less setup in general – really just focus on the actions and whatever dialogue is most important.  Keep it poignant and pointed.  Even less seriousness and a little humor can help keep the scene light and not too dramatic.
  • Be honest.  Just think about how you would feel in that situation – and don’t lean too dramatic or too emotionless.  Ask yourself, “Would I really say this in my head?  Would I be this close/distant to someone this quickly?”  Write the scene as best you can, and then later, when you’re not in the heat of the moment, assess your decisions.
  • Get out quick.  Avoid the mundane details or the aftermath of this emotional scene.  Let the characters experience it, then start with something new in the next chapter.  Dwelling on it too long ruins the magic!

That’s all I’ve got for you right now, but if you need more help, you know where to find us!  Thanks again, and good luck :D

– Mod Joanna ♥️

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Off Limits - Part 1

Summary: Sam tells Dean that the reader is off limits. Dean’s never been one to follow the rules…

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,986

“Shit. I’m stuffed!” Dean announces as he trudges out of PF Changs with his younger brother.

“Yeah me too. I feel like I need to go for a run.” Sam groans looking uncomfortable.

“A run?! The rest of the world takes a nap when they eat too much!” Dean scratches the scruff on his chin while he wonders how the hell they are related. Talk about friggin opposites.

Sam rolls his eyes and chuckles at Dean, he’s always been one for the dramatics. At least Sam is laid back, otherwise the two of them together would be a shit show.

“You wanna catch a movie?” Dean asks strolling down the street.

“I gotta head back to the bar. I’ll just call you later.” Sam replies quickly without making eye contact.

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One More Sad Little Headcanon Because F*ck My Heart

The Egoplier gang talking before going in to meet with Wilford about MarkiplierTV.

“D-Dark, I don’t seem to unders-stand. Why are we-e here? What is the pri-pri-primary objective?” Googleplier asks.

“Look. I’m not letting all you out of this one. I let you sit out of that Date nonsense, but this one, just deal with it, all right?” Dark snaps back.

“Dark,” says Worst News Doctor. “I’m a doctor. Trust my expertise– Wilford isn’t sane anymore. He plays dress up, like a child!”

“Tha'there doctor’s gotta point, Darky,” Ed Edgar adds. “I mean, c'mon! A pink mustache? Really? All my sons are smarter tha’that!”

“Be quiet!” Dark yells, then he sighs one more time, the breath sitting heavy in his chest.

The Host withholds his comment.

“I’m not giving any of you a choice in this matter,” Darkiplier finishes. “I know he lost it a long time ago. I was there. But something in me… I have to do this for him. I care. For once, I care about something. Can’t we at least humor him? He’s spent a lot of time on… whatever the hell he’s been doing. It might set him off if we don’t show up.”

The rest of the Egopliers roll their eyes or let out an annoyed sigh, as if to say, fine, but only because you said so.

Meanwhile, Wilford is getting so excited to see all his friends and show them all the work he’s so proud of!

anonymous asked:

how do you come up with comic layouts and compositions for every panel? do you just have to make a million thumbnails of the compositions and of them arranged in a layout? ive never seen this process talked about other than "just practice and youll get better"

Yes! Thumbnails are YOUR BEST FRIEND!

I don’t use them for @cooncomic because the pages are very short and straightforward with the briefest dialogue. So for the sake of this answer, I’m talking about my more graphic novel style comic work.

Creating the layout of your panels and the composition within them is an art form in itself. It’s storytelling. You’re showing your audience your story. I always think more along the lines of cinematography than illustration for this. 

I begin my composition with the last panel in mind. The final panel of your page–that’s your punchline. That’s your climax. It’s not at the middle, it’s at the end. That very last panel is the one I want to leave the viewer focused on. Awed by. Stung by. Melted by. Humored by. Offended by. Whatever the point of your storytelling was. So that’s where I start and where I put the majority of my focus. My final panel is the punchline that everything else will just be leading up to, whether it’s with the dialogue or just the imagery. 

Then I have to come up with composition. How many panels do I need leading up to that final panel? How many snapshots will be necessary to set the scene, the setting, the mood? I need to portray these things in the most concise number of panels. So I do a series of thumbnails playing with different numbers of panels, different arrangements of panels, etc. Typically I do this traditionally, on scrap paper. Very quickly. Scribbles, stick figures. I’m just figuring things out. Unfortunately I don’t have many good examples of this to show, because they’re for upcoming projects I’ve yet to announce. 

SUPER rough. I do this every time. I never start a serious comic page without testing compositions on thumbnails to help me pick the arrangement that best suits the flow of the storytelling. I need something that will best lead up to that final panel on each page. 

Then I pick the thumbnail with the arrangement of panels I like best and redraw that thumbnail digitally, fleshing out the composition in each panel a little better. You can see examples of that in the top left of these pages I’ve done: 

I hope some of that helped!


Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,672ish
T/W: Smut!
A/N: Okay, I blame Adorable Anon for bringing up Lin’s mouth.

Kicking your heels off at the front door you slowly made your way to the bedroom. It had to be at least 11 o’clock at night. You were completely over the dress you were in. Your hair fell messily around your face as you took out the bobby pins. Feeling entirely drained you slipped off your dress and fell face first onto your bed, feet dangling off. You didn’t notice your husband walk into the room. He stood in the doorway for a moment to take you in, he saw you huff, continuing to lay facedown. 

“How was the work party?” he asked.

You mumbled into the mattress. To which he chuckled and sat at the edge of the bed, rubbing up and down the back of your thigh. Feeling the soft, thin fabric of your stockings against his finger tips. It was a bit humorous to see you flopped onto the mattress in a fancy pair of matching underwear and stockings, but he tried his best to be serious. 

“What happened?” he tried again, looking back at you. 

“Well, for starters,” you crossed your arms, turning your head to the side, so you could see him, “remember that old guy? Yeah, well he was there and he wouldn’t stop making comments at me. Oh, and then I had to listen to all of Maria’s issues, which, fine whatever. But then oh, then, Charles pointed out how short I was even in heels and everybody thought it was funny and wouldn’t let it go…”

“Aww, well, I like that you’re short,” Alex smiled, turning back to you, “I’ll tell Laurens to go after Lee, he’s been wanting to for a while anyways.” 

“Thanks,” you managed a smile for a second, “It’s just really stressful. You know how I don’t like parties. They make me feel…I dunno.”

You let out another big huff, crawling to the middle of the bed, and laying on your back, bending your knees a little. Resting a hand on your forehead you closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. Alex bit his lip getting an idea. He crawled in between your legs, hooking an arm under your already bent leg. His fingertips stroked the side of your thigh. Kissing the inside of it. Sighing again, you enjoyed that. 

“Maybe I can make you feel a little better?” he said in a tone that let you know exactly what he meant. 

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anonymous asked:

Could you do an episode analysis on the new SU episode, please? How the trio interacted? Connie's speech in the end? Lapis acting more like her true self? Anything that caught your eye.


It was a really good episode, honestly! I love all the little details- Pumpkin falling immediately in love with Connie, Peridot trying to work through an issue the way she believes Garnet would, Lapis really only being here because Peridot is her barnmate and Steven is her bestest buddy ever, Connie in Steven’s clothes (I was so hype about that, honestly) and just wanting to do her assigned job but now she’s on Gemsitter duty and they’re playing some stupid game and honestly she could’ve just stayed home if this was how it was gonna be.

(Pictured: smol child who is ready for war, but not quite ready for dealing with her Tempmates.) 

And, really, it was only natural that they would fail at the roles they were assigned.

Connie’s much more straightforward and no-nonsense than Steven, and her training over the year has only exacerbated that. She can’t just sit there and talk about loving each other when deep down she just wants to knock their heads together and make them get their crap straight. She just can’t.

Peridot, on the other hand, isn’t really about that leader life. She’s great at pointing out where to go and how when she’s in her niche area- technology- but otherwise she tends to go with whatever she thinks will get her the most brownie points, not necessarily what’ll get the job done.

She tried, but Peridot just isn’t ready for any sort of leadership gig quite yet. Maybe in a few millennia. 

Lapis’ sense of humor is remarkably close to sarcasm for a Gem, which is a bit off-putting as compared to Amethyst’s “YOLO” style of poking fun. She also had no real involvement in any of this- no interest in Beach City, or the Crystal Gems. Her love is all for Peri and Steven. 

(Also, I love how, when Lapis pretends not to know her, Peridot just turns to her looking betrayed like Lapis how dare)

Lapis is slowly returning more and more to her original self. Will she ever be the Gem we met in Mirror Gem? Nah. Doubt it. But she can still find a middle ground between the two personalities. 

Peridot has only just started stretching her legs as a Crystal Gem. She doesn’t really know what to do as of yet. The CGs have been remarkably patient with her, letting her learn the basics at the farm and bringing her along on the odd mission. Their teaching style so far has been far more hands-off than it was with Steven or Connie, and it shows with her every fumbling movement. 

They really need to start prompting her more. Even if it’s just a talk to more firmly settle Peridot into the fact that she’s here, she’s one of them, and that’s all she needs to be, should she so choose.

Connie, on the other hand, is far more passionate about her job. She wants to be a Crystal Gem. She wants to prove herself. She wants it to be okay for the Gems to rely on her the next time Homeworld comes a’knocking.

And will this be enough? No. But it’s a start, and she really wanted that start. 

Then Peri and Lapis drag their feet in. Lapis isn’t a CG, which is fine- it’s her choice- but Peridot is, and neither of them have even a basic clue as to what they’re doing, yet they somehow manage to take over her show and turn it into this weird half-attempt, half-accident thing they’ve got goin’ on. She’s not unhappy, so to speak; this just isn’t what she expected.

In short- 

Somebody help me I love these characters so much.

Extra shots of Connie I found hilarious:

Nope nope nope not today friendo.

I’m gonna murder your entire family, you terrible Garnet impersonator.

You come into MY HOUSE, mock MY RESPONSIBILITIES, belittle MY ANXIETY,

You’re not even trying anymore, are you?

*Aggressively singing to herself* here comes a thought, that’ll get me in trouble….


anonymous asked:

I think dan is upset that people don't get that he's joking in his video. he made a new comment under his video "in these comments: people not understanding humour". I think he's referring to the people who are asking if he is depressed and wants to kill himself.

edit, adding in a screenshot of his comment for posterity lol: 

my feelings are pretty aptly summed up by this response: 

this is something that irks me about dan. i understand humor is his coping mechanism with his own mental health issues and i appreciate and acknowledge that. it is 100% his right to have that, use it, put it in videos, whatever he wants, if it’s really helping him work through things for himself. but if that humor is not received 100% graciously by people who are particularly sensitive to these themes (and esp bc those ppl might not watch his live shows so they dont even hear him ever rambling about his mental health struggles; they only have these ‘jokes’ that dan himself says are ‘jokes’ to go off of) OR people who just care about him and are worried about him,,,, then he can’t be surprised or take issue. it’s also just self-contradiction after a point bc on the one hand he says (in live shows) that his dark humor is a coping mechanism for real internal struggle, but in venues like this he very much cops out and says it’s just a joke and that ppl dont get his edgy humor and theres no need to worry about him. i mean theyre probably related in a sense bc he doesnt want the wider internet to be worried about him and so he trivializes these jokes to deflect attention, but overall i feel like he can’t just cling to both explanations when it suits him and depending on which audience he’s talking to. im giving him enough benefit of the doubt to think that its a bit more than just ‘edgy humor’ for the sake of it, but if this is all that people are hearing and all that ppl have to go off of … no wonder they’re upset?  

in short: as much as it’s his right to make jokes like this, it’s his audience’s right to dislike them. he has to know there are people out there who are actually struggling with these problems, so idk how it’s shocking that some people might be hurt or a little put off to hear it referenced so so so much and for the purposes of comedy by someone they’re trying to watch for entertainment. i myself find suicidal ideation and even general references to ‘wanting death’ to be pretty hard to stomach at the best of times and thats why even tho i wanted to uninhibitedly love this vid and also the recent anthony collab, both of them made me feel slightly unsettled at the same time. doesnt mean i dont understand dan’s ‘humor’ or why he resorts to it. i do, but i dont always like it. simple as that. 

Joshua crushing on you !! // scenario

Originally posted by jishooua

A bullet-point scenario starring our LA boy, Joshua Hong!!

Send in reaction and scenario requests on my page if you’d like to :)

- Josh is legit the kind of boy that my parents want me to bring home LMAO

- I don’t even have to list out why bc we all know that he is the epitome of a gentleman

- well, most of the time

- if you didn’t hear

- Josh has this secret “not-so-gentlemanly” side lolol


- but svt keeps bringing up how different Joshua can be off camera and I can’t help but think that they mean he’s 5000x more sassy irl

- and no not the bad kind of sassy, I mean the fun kind

- the type of sassy that keeps the conversation interesting 

- why I’m bring this up is because although Josh would want to show his gentlemanly side to his crush

- he’d also want to show his crush that he’s not always the passive, quiet type

- Josh knows there’s another side of him that could ALSO get him the girl he’s after

- and if she can handle this hidden side of his

- then he’ll know that this girl is definitely meant to be with him


- so as an intern at pledis, you’re given access to all of the company building’s facilites ay it’s lit

- from the water dispensing machines to the high quality speaker systems

- they’re all at your disposal

- as long as no one else is using them at the moment

- so one day you’re finishing up the last of your daily internship tasks when you spot a guitar atop a random table !!

- do yall know where I’m going w this?

- what does this guitar even have to do with you, you ask?

- well you’ve actually been wanting to learn how to play this m a g i c a l instrument for awhile 

- but you could never find a guitar that you could readily use for learning

- and since pledis is aLLOWINg you uSe whAtEver you wAnt in the buiLDINg

- you’re like:


- so you get the guitar in your hands and take it to a vacant office in the building

- at first you think it’ll be a breeze learning the instrument because THE INTERNET is by your side

- and guitar tutorials exist all over youtube soOoOOo


- even with the help of “guitar for dummies” beginner tutorials, you just can’t seem to make the chords sound decent without straining your fingers in the process lol

- and even with all the pain, your playing still doesn’t sound too good


- so you decide to make this “guitar practice” a routine thing after finishing your tasks around the building

- M E A N W H I L E

- Joshua, having arrived to the building on the day you took the guitar for the first time, comes up to the room where he keeps the guitar

- he stops his tracks at the sight of an empty table, the table he usually returns the guitar to

- “it’s not here??” he says internally

- “oh well, I guess it’ll be back by tomorrow,” he shrugs and carries on

- but the next day, the guitar isn’t there agaiN

- and Josh starts to get a little worried about its whereabouts

- he looks around the rest of the room, thinking someone might’ve placed it elsewhere after using it

- buh n0pe

- he kinda gets a little lazy in his search and gives up for the day

- “maybe tomorrow,” he tells himself

- he actually ends up telling himself this for a whole week bc it just never reappears again lol

- and with that week passing, Josh’s worry for the beloved six-stringed instrument only grows

- so he asks people around the building if they’ve seen it anywhere

- almost everyone says they haven’t seen it recently

- until Josh comes across Jihoon

- “hey Ji,” he calls out the producer, who is fetching himself a drink from the water dispenser outside his studio

- Jihoon’s eyes move to Josh, letting him know that he’s got his attention

- “have you seen the Taylor guitar anywhere? You know, the one that I always place on the table upstairs?”

- “no, I haven’t,” he replies plainly

- “Oh, okay. Thanks,” Josh’s eyes dart down at the floor in hopelessness

- but just before Jihoon retreats to his studio again, he takes a step back

- “actually,” he catches Josh’s attention again. “I was upstairs a few minutes ago and I heard someone playing a guitar in one of the vacant offices on the third floor, but I didn’t check who was playing.”

- “I know it wasn’t you because-” Jihoon snickers before he can continue his sentence

- “what? Was it bad?” Josh laughs lightly

- “it wasn’t too bad, but it definitely didn’t sound like a pro either.”

- “I’ll take that as a compliment for myself,” Joshua smiles and shakes his head. “Thanks, Ji.”

- “no problem. Good luck trying to get it back.”

- so Josh heads up to the office floor to investigate

- and upon arriving on the designated floor, he hears strumming coming from down the hall

- he creeps quietly through the floor until the strumming is loud enough

- then he crouches down next to the door of the office you’re in

- but before he could peek into the room…


- and Josh, frightened by the sudden yelling, falls out of his position next to the office door, and his knee makes an audible thud

- you look back at the doorway and hEY IT’S THAT JOSHUA DUDE FROM SVT


- you guys know the basic things about each other from when you were formally introduced at the beginning of your internship, but that’s about it

- Josh’s face blushes pink upon being caught and he quickly gets up to brush off his knees

- “ah, uh, I’m- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… you know,” he struggles to find words

- you’re speechless for a few moments, but you eventually work up the courage to say something at least

- “how long were you waiting there for?” you laugh nervously

- “uhh… not long I promise,” he smiles and puts hands up in defense

- “regardless, you probably heard how bad I was,” you cover your mouth out of shyness

- “oh nonono, you’re actually not that bad,” he tries to make you feel better

- “did you not just hear me out there?” you laugh at him. “Trust me, I’m pretty bad.”

- “okay okay, so maybe you’re… just okay, but I think you’ve got a lot of potential.”

- and inside you’re kinda like WHERE? WHAT POTENTIAL? LOL

- but what he said gives you a little bit of hope and you can’t help but smile

- “I guess,” you tap the guitar nervously. “I just started learning about a week ago. I found this guitar on to-”

- “on top of a table on the second floor, I know,” Josh smiles

- oh shit, is this guitar his? you think

- “wait, have I been stealing your guitar?”

- “mm well it’s not really mine,” he replies. “But I use it the most out of every one in this building.”

- “well, with the exception of this past week, when it went missing,” he laughs

- “oh my god I’m so sorry for not asking. I just-” you think of a better way to apologize, but Josh, being an unDeRsTaNDiNg gEntLEmAn, is quick to forgive you

- “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. All of the facilities here are meant to be shared with everyone anyways.”

- Inside you’re all sassy n shit like, DAS RIGHT BIH I’M JUST FOLLOWING THE RULES K

- but on the outside you’re just:

- “ah I know but I think out of everyone here, you should have priority over the guitar, you know. Because you actually perform with it.”

- “yeah, but I’d love for you to be able to learn too. I don’t even perform with a guitar that often. It’s honestly just a side-hobby,” he tries to justify

- “hey, if you want, I can give you some lessons or something,” he offers shyly

- “I don’t know,” you contemplate aloud. “I’m pretty hopeless with this guitar thing… I’ve been using the easiest guitar tutorials on youtube and I still can’t get it right.”

- “I know. I went through that too,” Josh shares some sympathy. “But don’t you think learning the guitar in person is better than learning it from some random guy on the internet?”

- “well technically, you are some random guy off of the internet too,” you tease fr tho we wouldn’t know about svt if it woren’t for the internet

- “HEY, at least I don’t look like some old man that lives in an outhouse, like the guy in that tutorial there,” he points to your laptop screen

- he’s super nice for offering but

- jeez this guy’s attitude though, you think to yourself

- is it sass?? or humor??

- and i thought he was supposed to be the gentleman of the group…


- and aw shit he’s kinda cute too… I’d pick him over this old dude on the tutorial vids any day lmao

- so you accept the offer for a lesson or two

- and it’s mostly because you’re curious about Josh

- you know his public reputation as a nice guy/gentleman

- but this encounter with him definitely showcased another side of him

- and you want to know more about it…

- so the first lesson happens the day after you guys meet

- and you don’t know this but Josh is actually pretty stoked to be teaching you the guitar

- he’s been meaning to talk to you for awhile, but he never really had a legitimate excuse to do so

- until now :3

- and although he thinks he’s gonna revert to his “nice guy” self out of nervousness with you

- your easygoing attitude makes it easy for him to loosen up and be his true self

- he cracks funny insults and jokes here and there and it just makes the whole lesson really fun

- after having such a good time, you guys agree to make this a regular thing

- but slowly, as you get better at the guitar, your little lessons become less like lessons and more like regular hangouts

- a lot of times you’ll find yourselves just jamming out to whatever songs you feel like playing

- not only are you learning more about the guitar, but more about each other as well

- these “lessons” are honestly what the both of you look forward to the most everyday :’)

- one day, during one of your hangouts, you show Josh a song on the guitar that you’ve been practicing for awhile

- he recognizes the song and begins singing along with you

- it’s probably one of those throwback love songs you both heard when you guys were kids bc tbh he’d be huge sucker for those lol

- and as he goes through the lyrics

- he realizes something

- what he’s singing… he means it… for you

- it’s cute when this hits him because he kinda loses track of the song and thinks about the lyrics to himself while he stares at you AHH

- and you’ll have to snap him out of his thoughts like, “hey Josh, why’d you suddenly stop singing?”

- you’d also have to wave a hand at his face to get him to stop staring at you

- Josh shakes his head after snapping out of his daze and apologizes

- “oh my bad, I’m sorry, uh… Wanna take it from the top again?” he laughs nervously

- and at night he’ll think about that moment he kinda lost himself in the lyrics with you

- and he’d replay a particular thought in his head:

- Josh, I’m pretty sure you like y/n…

- but does she feel the same?


- I think the one thing that would bother Josh when he’s crushing on you would be the question that’s two bullet-points up ^^^^^

- do you feel the same? HECK YEAH DUDE TAKE ME NOW

- this would be the basis of all the little things he does to you when crushing on you

- well for one, he’d be the type to move closer to you when hanging out with you just to see how you’d react

- prior to his crush on you, he’d just point to the strings you need to press on the guitar when teaching you

- but while he’s crushing, he’s definitely gonna come up behind you and put his arms around you so that you guys can play the on the same guitar at the same time

- and if you ask him why he’s changed his “method of teaching”

- he’s probably gonna use some stupid excuse like,

- “it’s just easier this way, okay?” AIGHT JOSH AIGHT

- and oh boy this guy’s gonna be so damn proud every time his gets you flustered

- he’d do this by shamelessly throwing a few random compliments here and there like:

- “hey Josh, this riff sounds pretty doesn’t it,” you say before pluck away gently at the strings of the guitar

- “I don’t know,” he says as he furrows his eyes at the instrument

- “why? What’s wrong with it?” you ask

- “hmm, I just think there are prettier things out there,” he’d pause as he looks up to your eyes

- “like you.

- “what?” your cheeks tint pink and a tiny laugh escapes your lips

- Josh starts laughing at your face. “It was joke, y/n.” ISTG JOSHUA

- your cheeks heat up until the pink shade turns into a red. “HEY, that’s- that’s…” you struggle to find words

- “a lie, I know,” he smiles. “God, y/n, I get it. You’re pretty. You don’t have rub it in my face.”


- “Stop stop, I don’t wanna hear it,” he hold up a finger to your lips to make you shut up and die internally rip you

- also

- from time to time you’ll feel the need to ask why the hell Josh agreed to help you learn guitar in the first place

- bc he’s honestly such a great teacher and you fEEL SO UNWORTHY OF HIS KINDNESS

- “hey Josh, why me of all people?”

- “pardon?”

- “why did you offer to teach me guitar when we first met? You heard me and I sucked. Like real bad.”

- he laughs

- “doesn’t everything I do for you make it obvious?” Josh says as he cleans out the dust on the guitar

- “huh?”

- “jeez, y/n, anyone can see through all of this. You’re just oblivious,” he laughs before blowing the surface of the newly dusted instrument

- “J-Josh are you trying to say-” you think he’s trying to say he likes you but he cuts you off

- “that you’re dumb? Yes,” he smiles slyly

- you roll your eyes and get up from your seat, annoyed by all the useless things Josh is saying to you

- “wait y/n,” he laughs and grabs your wrist before you could walk out of the room.

- you try to tug your wrist out of his grip, but it’s too strong

- “c’mon y/n, I need you to keep making me smile,” he says, his eyes softening at the sight of your face again

- you redden once again

- “so stay,” he continues as he loosens his grip on your wrist and moves his hand down to yours

- you let go of his hand and he follows. “why are you always trying to use dumb lines on me,” you sigh and struggle to hide a shy smile

- “but they work, don’t they,” he smirks as you sit back down next to him

- Josh would feel comfortable making his crush on you obvious as long as you give off signals that you like him too

- or at least get flustered when he says something nice about you goddamnit

- SO YEAH you’ll be up at night wondering if Josh really means the words he’s always teasing you with

- honestly he’s just trying to get you to confess to him before he can

- Josh just wants to make sure you’ve fallen for him like he did for you :’)

- BUT if you’re a tough person to crack, he’ll eventually reach his own breaking point and will have to tell you how he feels somehow


- on some days when you guys can’t meet up (aka days when Josh’s schedule doesn’t allow him to go to the company building while you’re there), Josh sends you a text with a song or two that he thinks would be nice to try on the guitar

- and one day, instead of a few song titles and their artists, you get a link

- so you tap on the link and it leads you to a private document

- it has chords and lyrics scattered across the page

- but you don’t recognize the song

- and wtf it doesn’t even have an artist name or title on it

- so you search some of the lyrics up

- but nothing matches up to it

- so you text Josh back and you’re like:

- you: “hey man what’s with song you sent me?”

- Josh: “what’s wrong? do you not like it?”

- you: “I don’t know the song and this document doesn’t have a title or the artist’s name???” “so I can’t even search it up and give it a listen first”

- Josh: “well if you’re wondering who the artist is”

- Josh: “it’s me”

- Josh: “:D”

- you: “hAh nice joke Josh” “no really who’s the artist”

- Josh: “I just said it’s me”


- Josh: “y/n I’m not kidding, I wrote the song”

- Josh: “and I put it into a document so you could try it”

- you: “Josh how the fuck am I supposed to play it if I don’t even know whAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE???”

- Josh: “Idk make it up? lol”

- you: “I still don’t believe it’s yours” “the lyrics are too nice”

- Josh: “I’m offended”

- Josh: “but thanks I wrote it anyways”

- you both stare at your phones simultaneously before Josh continues

- Josh: “it’s fine if you don’t believe me. I just want you to look through it and tell me what you think”

- you: “well it’s nice, like woozi-quality music…”

- you: “mAYBE HE WROTE IT”

- Josh: “okay but would Jihoon talk about you in his lyrics?”

- you: “wait what?”

- you: “I don’t get it”

- you: “waiT JOSH”

- you: “THIS SONG”

- you: “THE LYRICS”





- Josh: “text me when you get it”

- you stare at your phone once again

- Josh, what are you trying to say?

- you decide to give the lyrics another glance

- and you pick up on something familiar in a few of the verses

“the songs are pretty, but there are prettier things like you”

- “I hold you close because it’s easier this way”

“doesn’t everything I do for you make it obvious? see through?”

“I need you to keep making me smile, so stay”

- did he just use the compliments he used to tease you with…

- to make a song?

- you immediately send a text to Josh

- you: “we need to talk when you get back”

- you wait for a quick response, but there’s none

- in fact, you check your messages, and it says he read it

- but nothing

- no word from Josh

- you’re kinda mad at him for the rest of the day for not replying

- the fact that he might just be confessing to you with these song lyrics keeps you up at night

- and you just wanted to talk it out with him to make sure everything’s crystal clear

- the next day you go to pick up the guitar in it’s usual spot, assuming you and Josh have no plans today since he’s so “busy”

- but the guitar isn’t there

- this can only be the works of a Joshua Hong, you think

- so you text him again:

- you: “Josh where is the guitar?”

- Josh: “I have it”

- you: “where”

- Josh: “find me ;)”

- you: “JOSHUA”

- you really want to talk to him today so you start your desperate search

- and you pretty much look everywhere except…

- wAIT THE VACANT OFFICE FLOOR, you scream internally before scrambling for the stairs

- and as you’re nearing that floor, you can hear the distant strumming of a guitar coming from one of the offices YALL KNOW

- and to no surprise, you find yourself at the doorway of the office you used to practice the guitar in all by yourself

- the office that Joshua found you in

- Joshua stops playing the guitar at the sight of you and smiles

- “why didn’t you reply to my text last night?” you ask in annoyance

- “because I knew you figured it out,” he says softly

- “yeah, I think… I mean, I could be taking it the wrong way but-”

- “go ahead. Tell me what you think I’m trying to say,” he leans back on his chair and waits patiently for your response

- you’re about to tell him you think it’s a confession to you

- but you know damn well that Josh is gonna embarrass you and say it means something else

- so you change up your answer

- “you’re trying to tell me that I’m dumb,” you smile coolly. “Like you always do.”

- “… you’re right,” he perks up a wider smile

- this was not the response you were expecting

- “JOSH,” you yell and pause for a moment to think about it

- “am I really?” you ask in an upset tone

- “yeah, y/n. You’re too dumb to realize that it was a co-”

- “CONFESSION I KNOW,” you say in frustration

- Joshua shies away, shifting his glance from your face to your shoes

- “looks like you’re not that dumb after all…”

- he actually… confessed?

- “well,” you clear your throat quietly. “I was pretty mad at you last night for not clearing this all up with me then, but consider yourself… forgiven.” a smile spreads across your face

- “what’s that supposed to mean?” Josh gets up from his seat and puts the guitar aside. He comes up close to you and looks down at your face, just inches away from his

- “are you sure I’m the dumb one?” you lift a brow. “because if you can’t tell what I mean by that, it’s probably you.”

- “it’s not,” his mouth curves up as he lifts your chin and lets his lips inch closer to yours

- but he stops before they can touch

- “wait, is this okay with you?” he asks hesitantly

- “Josh, as much as I love your gentlemanly side, I think it’s kind of ruining the moment,” you laugh

- “I’ll take that as a yes,” he replies before locking his lips with yours

- who knew someone could understand both sides of me so well? Josh smiles to himself