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who else is still bitter that gotham had a beautiful chance at doing away with the tired “villain cannot be bad and have love simultaneously” trope and having TWO (2) villains love EACH OTHER and be happy and ALSO be bad but then threw all of that out the damn window because OBVIOUSLY the only way to advance the plot was to break them apart

Today my podcast made a comment about how you don’t HAVE to send out Christmas cards because they are expensive and a lot of work (they talked about ways to survive the holidays and self care during the holidays) and i was like ….. DUH!

Every year I scramble to send them out, getting the addresses together, making my list, adding a new name every day to my list, stressing about paying for the shipping so they come in time, getting the stamps. Then the actual work to stuff the envelopes, put the address stickers on…. I probably spend $50-$75 a year doing this because I have to order so many cards and so many stamps. Even figuring out what photo to use ( and making Gavin pose ) is stressful. Dan doesn’t want to be in the photo, the dog doesn’t cooperate. Having to order them and figure out Shutterfly or cvs or whatever… and plus half of the people I send them to… don’t even send us a card. Plus they just go in the trash eventually!!!

So why the fuck am I wasting all this time and money???? Dan sure as hell isnt going to do it. Gavin is too little to help.

So I’m done. I’m not doing it this year. If someone wants a photo of Gavin they can ask for it and I’ll gladly send them a photo. But I’m not wasting my time (or money) this year.


ya girl will be 20 years old soon and what better way to celebrate than with all of you! this will be open until nov 28th which is my birthday so let’s get to it!


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looks like i have enough of these twitter doodles for another roundup! this time its chris as everyones favorite city correspondent stefon and phichit appreciation!! because i love phichit!!! and i saw art of him as cinderella somewhere on here and was just like yessss!!!!!!

Just because a ship has little to no probability of becoming canon doesn’t mean you can’t ship it ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ


Welcome to the new and improved website for Voltron Cafe!

We here at the cafe are always looking for new ways to serve our loyal Masters and Missis in any way that we can. So it is with great pleasure that we open up to you this blog where you can talk to your favorite Butlers that work here, as well as obtain news about promotions yet to come!

We hope you will enjoy!

-Miss Allura

Words from the author.

So I was going to do a Q and A on the fic Voltron Cafe Which Is already about ten chapters in, so just over half way through. You can ask as a reader ( someone who knows what is going on within the personal lives ) Or in character as a customer visiting the cafe. ( You can ask me questions too!)

This is my way of having fun with the universe and challenging my own ability as an artist. I’ll try to keep this blog running as long as the fic is updating and even after if there is still any interest to be had. Not sure if there is interest to start. I am also a teacher and working on other projects. I’m not really sure how well this will pick up, to be honest. Feel free to visit my main art blog too!


Bonus (’cause I was lazy again):

Li©king Someone Pt. 2

In which Lance is jealous - no matter how much he tries to convince himself otherwise, and Kuro effectively shuts him up. By licking him. (and claiming him as his by the way ♥)

So… this one came out a bit different than I had originally planned. xD But I still like it though. The story is kind of a sequel to “He Wears Death Like Prada” written by the wonderful @bymidnightflame . Originally, that fic was supposed to be the story for my new Kuro comic. But somehow I ended up with this instead…? I don’t really know what happened.

Anyway, here are some headcanons for Kuro’s newest adventure :)

  • Back on earth Lance as well as his siblings established the “licking-rule”, which means that if you lick something like a chocolate bar, it’s yours.
  • Kuro used that rule on Keith right after he woke up from his last run-in with the Red Paladin in his private quarters. He did it to tease Shiro and well… because he wanted to lick Keith. (based on @bymidnightflame ‘s fic)
  • Lance gets pretty upset and jealous about this - he tries to tell himself it’s because everybody wants Keith, but in reality it’s only because one special person acts like he wants to get into Keith’s pants.
  • Hunk had his suspicions concerning Kuro’s behaviour towards Keith. There was something off in his opinion and bearing witness to whatever brain short circuit caused Kuro to lick Lance’s lips, only fueled those suspicions.
  • Shortly after the licking-incident Hunk joined the secret Luro-fanclub (which at that point consisted of Shiro, Keith and Coran)… He may have shedded one or two tears of joy over the fact that they had already given Kuro and Lance a ship name.

concept: Pidge develops a crush on a girl (and it’s the first time she’s ever had a crush) and she doesn’t know what to do about it. It’s not like she’s insecure about her sexuality. This, romance, just isn’t her domain. So she swallows her pride, and goes to Lance. Is unnaturally shy when she asks him to help her woo this girl she has a crush on. And Lance is so surprised that Pidge actually came to seek him out, so he doesn’t even joke around. He just sincerely gives Pidge advice on what she should do in order to woo her crush.

Two weeks later, Pidge texts Lance: ‘Got a date with the girl. And it’s all because of you. So, thank you, Lance.’

And Lance just reads the message and smiles so brightly. Of course, Pidge takes back everything when she and this girl start going steady, and Lance literally won’t stop teasing her about it. But you know what? It wouldn’t be Lance if he didn’t, and so she doesn’t really mind after all. She loves him anyway.