whatever the hell you call this ship

We call ships ‘she.’ We call our war machines 'women.’ We compare women to black widows and vipers. And you’re going to tell me it’s not 'lady-like’ to scream, to take up space, to fight and demand respect and do whatever the hell I want. You’ve looked at nuclear bombs and been so in awe that you could only name them after women. Don’t try to down-play my power.

look i’m not saying voldemort would’ve actually WON if he’d tried seducing harry instead of killing him, but i am saying we have 100% definitive proof that grindelwald was not above using his own sex appeal to entice powerful teenage wizards to the dark side and look how much further that got him

The Like Letter

So. I’m in Bakushima/Kiribaku/WHATEVER-YOU-WANT-TO-CALL-IT (Bakugo x Kirishima from Boku no Hero Academia) hell. And the moment I saw this beautiful picture @siij made (who was also sweet enough to provide the version of it in the fic below), I knew how to break into writing this ship. It is a good ship. I love them.

Cut is for length, not for content.

“What the fuck is this shit?”

Kirishima jumped as he woke up from where he had been dozing on his bed. Bakugo stood over him, waving pieces of paper in his general direction, his cheeks pink around glaring red eyes. At first, Kirishima’s still-sleepy brain thought he was shaking a poor grade at him - no, that wouldn’t make sense, Bakugo didn’t get marks like that. Maybe it was one of Kirishima’s tests?

Then, when he rubbed his eyes, it all started to come into focus. Terrifying, horrible, stomach-twisting clarity.

His handwriting.

A crude little doodle of Bakugo, complete with a huge, angry scowl, spiky hair and a heart.

No way. No way could it be the same… Kirishima’s hands darted in every direction around him, hoping that maybe his heart rate would slow back down once he got a hold of the letters he had been writing before he nodded off. Nothing. Gone. All gone.

No, not gone. They had somehow gotten from the mattress to Bakugo’s room and…ugh, Kaminari. Of course. Not that he would immediately accuse him, but it was hard not to when he tiptoed out of the room behind Bakugo’s back, giving Kirishima a huge smile and two thumbs up. ‘You got this, bro,’ he mouthed, closing the door. Got this?! Kirishima didn’t even have a shirt on! This was the furthest from ‘got this’ you could get!

“Don’t fucking ignore me!”

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Hugh Aynesworth : I read an interesting evaluation of you by a former friend of yours, a woman writer, and she…

Ted Bundy (interrupts) : Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t know where in hell she got her facts about me, about anything - but she approached me and wanted me to contribute to the book she was writing. I’m just glad I didn’t waste my time. The ship deep she calls fact! I don’t care who you are, if you can’t see that the great bulk of my personality is alert and vital and reality-oriented and normal, then there’s really something wrong with your analysis or whatever psychiatric model you’re trying to use. I do have a conscience. It may have gaps in it, but I have a very strong conscience!

because I saw a lot of drama in so many fandoms lately concerning “paedophilic ships”, especially people calling out artists (what irks me the most because i am one too) and i’m gotta say sth about this.

people can ship whatever the hell they want. it’s fictional characters. nobody gets hurt. who gets hurt when you come screaming at them what assholes they are because of shipping something you dont approve of, is the people you harrass. and i say it like this because that’s what it is, harrassment. hiding behind the internet’s anonymity. i mean i’m sure some of you would love to scream it in somebody’s face but that’s not the point.

the point is you are being a bully and hurting someone’s feelings because of fiction. fiction is not reality. fiction can be toxic and unhealthy but YOU. DON’T. HAVE. TO. CONSUME. IT.

let me repeat that, you are in no way obligated to look at stuff or read stuff or anything.

every kind of art is a way of exploring and trying out stuff. also of coping and playing out fantasies. it doesn’t hurt people except those who stumble over triggering content, but ladies and gentlemen, what a surprise, it’s the internet, and if you don’t keep yourself safe around here, it’s entirely your own fault because nobody else will. a tip from me here: unfollow every single person who posts even one thing you’re triggered by. i’m being serious. if it’s not a possible thing to do, you gotta bear with it or leave tumblr. no excuses. build yourself a safe space or let it be.

so please, don’t go attacking people for their personal preferences. guilt tripping never is a solution, and people who experienced harrassment first hand should know that best. art is such a beautiful, personal thing and if you start trampling on it don’t be surprised if the person behind it wilts with it.

and if you think that’s a good thing, honestly, fuck you for being a horrible human being.

I gotta discuss this as a fucking adult:

BTW first I want to say that I know decent shippers don’t want to extend the drama but I HAVE TO SAY THIS.

It’s honestly going to be so sad when either (I believe in Jikook, but I am no psychic) Jikook or Vkook (or hell anything) eventually happens, because we have such toxic members of the ARMY who are cunts who claim a member hates another member or make jokes or threats or whatever the fuck, the relationship will be bombarded with hate from so called “fans”.

Like…are you people so miserable in your lives that you have to be so controlling of others? Make their friendships or romances awkward? Create love triangles when there isn’t one? I am just done. Analyzing ships and hoping is WAY different from actually being so determined to be right that you INSULT members!

And yes, all sides are guilty but goddammit instead of hating the other side, clean your own goddamn house.

VKOOK SHIPPERS: Y'all saw that Twitter post. Don’t promote that shit. It’s not funny. Jungkook HAS NEVER HATED JIMIN. Tell your mutuals to stop. I know you didn’t make the post but it had a part promoting VKOOK so obvious it is someone representing you guys. Stop them please.

Do you see how upset Jungkook is when people question this?

JIKOOK SHIPPERS: Vkook shippers don’t have the same problem due to Vkook’s dynamic always being very easy to understand. So, in our part, we need to focus on the shippers who insult Taehyung. That is not cool. I am a Jikook shipper. I will tell off anyone who does this shit. It’s disgusting. Their relationship is precious and loving regardless of if I find it romantic. I love it.


All other shippers: Clean your house too, but I usually don’t have a problem with you…you guys seem to be doing alright. VMIN SHIPPERS, you guys have a little problem so stand cautious, Kay!

In the end, if you think your obsession with being right is remotely a sign of supporting a relationship or the lgbt, fuck off.

Jungkook’s Begin isn’t “I love my hyungs…except ____”. It’s about them all.

Honestly disappointed in the Overwatch fandom right now

Hey, Doomfist got announced, awesome! He’s part of Talon which means he works with Reaper, awesome! You ship Reaper and Doomfist, AWESOME! But don’t shit on other people’s ships because of what you now like. Respect what other people like. Whether it’s R76, McReyes, hell even Reapermaker (etc.). RESPECT. OTHER. PEOPLE’S. SHIPS. I’m sick of already seeing toxic people being like “HAHA THIS SHIP IS DEAD REAPER HAS DOOMFIST NOW.” Like… stop. Just. Stop. Like what you like and let other people like what they like. Because all the Reapfist (or whatever the ship is being called I know people are still debating over it) fans that are yelling about certain ships being dead are the same people that would throw a hissy fit if anyone else said /THEIR/ ship was dead. SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST LET PEOPLE LIKE WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT TO LIKE THEY ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

me whenever i see otayuri fanart where 15 year old yuri is depicted (even more than in the anime) sexual and otabek (18) gets called daddy. 


Imagine shipping Dean and Castiel with Sam; Dean being annoyed by the two of you while Cass is just confused.


Fandom: Supernatural

Gifs aren’t mine.

“I can’t believe we aren’t the only ones who see the chemistry between these two.” You said as you and Sam fist bumped.

“For the last time. I. Am. Not. Gay!” Dean yelled at the two of you, but you and Sam just laughed it off and went back to eating.

All of a sudden Cass had entered the room approaching Dean.

“Oh look, his boyfriend automatically approaches him.” You say as you gesture towards Cass while taking another bite of food.

“I know, its like he’s on autopilot.” Sam agrees as he also eats more of his salad.

“They’re so gay.” The both of you said in unison.

“Oh shut up!” Dean yelled at the two of you which just mad the both of you grin back at him in mischief.

“I do not understand. Why are you yelling at them, Dean?” Cats asked in confusion tilting his head to the side.

“They ship us, or whatever the hell it’s called.” Dean replied as he glared at the two of you.

“Hey Sam, what should their ship name be?” You asked as you turned to Sam ignoring the glare Dean was sending your way.

“How about CasDean, DeanCas?” Sam suggested.


“No, that doesn’t sound good.”

“Deastiel!” The both of you said in unison as you grinned at each other.

“Shut your faces!” Dean yelled as he got up and left.

Cats just looked at Dean’s back as he left in confusion. Than he turned towards the you and Sam. “What has gotten Dean so upset.”

“He’s concerned for his boyfriend.” Sam said shoving more food in his face.

“How sweet,” You replied, ignoring Castiel’s question completely.

Very Important

So, as some might have seen, Matt x Lance is a thing now, yes, it is.

But i feel the need to point out that the ship name is Latte.

It’s Latte.


The ship name is Latte, this is it.

Don’t you dare to use anything different. Okay? Because when @besh-drawing-stuff dragged me in Latte hell, i asked her what the ship name was, and she told me it was Latt.

Like, no, i don’t want a bad ship name for my precious ship, *cough* Shatt *cough*

So, i decided to call it Latte, ya know, like the coffee thing. (I have never had a Latte lmao, such a shame :P)

And, then, when @sapphiresoulmate
and i started talking about Latte, along with Besh, we decided to call it Latte.

Now, i don’t really care if you were the first to ship it, or the second, or whatever. I don’t care if you have a better one. I don’t care if you’re the king of the universe.

The ship name is Latte.


It’s Latte OKAY?!?


I’ll Tell You All How The Story Ends

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance

Summary: Request fic for @sassyh0esavage. “I thought it would be really cute if y/n is part of the band, and the guys obvously know about all the fanfics, one day they decide to read one and its about her and one of them”.

“If one more person asks me about fanfiction on Twitter,” Gerard sighed from his bunk as the tour bus barreled down the highway, “I’m deleting my account.”

“What are they asking?” Ray asked, quirking his eyebrow as he looked up from the guitar he was practicing with.

“If I read them,” Gerard explained with a world-weary look. “And if their ‘OTP’ is real.”

“Are they seriously so self-deluded that they think we’re actually fucking?” Frank laughed as he exhaled a cloud of smoke from his cigarette.

“Not all of them think that it’s you Gerard’s doing it with, Frank,” pointed out Mikey reasonably as he texted Pete.

“Wait, who do they think I’m doing it with, then?” Gerard asked, looking at his brother quizzically.

“Oh, you hadn’t heard?” Mikey blinked. “I know that ‘Frerard’ was the main pairing at first, and, I mean, it’s still got a lot of fans, but lately another ‘ship’, or whatever it’s called, seems to have a big following online.”

“Who do they think are secretly dating now?” Ray asked with an exasperated look. “Do they think I’m in love with Gerard?”

“No, they think Y/N is,” Mikey confessed.

You froze. Fuck, you thought. You’d been nursing a crush (that you believed was probably unrequited) on Gerard for a while now. Had the fans noticed the way you looked at him when he was onstage, and guessed the secret yearnings of your heart?

It was weird as hell to think there were stories out there about you and Gerard dating and having sex. You’d been friends with him for a long time, but your relationship had never been more than that. Did teenage fangirls get off while imagining you sucking Gerard’s dick? Did they spend long hours thinking of sweet nothings for that fictional version of him to whisper to you? It was a bizarre concept.

“I’m Googling the ship name,” Frank announced, “because I’m bored and we’ve got another hour before we’ll be at the next venue and honestly I kind of find this hilarious.”

“Frank, don’t,” Gerard pleaded, putting his red face in his hands.

“Nah, dude, c’mon, let’s find one of these weird fucking stories and do a dramatic reading of it,” Frank dared.

“You gotta admit, it’s kind of funny that people think Y/N is secretly pining for you,” Mikey chuckled.

“Uh…..right,” you said with a fake laugh. If you acted like this was just another silly thing the fans had dreamed up, your bandmates wouldn’t guess the way you truly felt.

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I no longer care what people think of my fictional ships.

I no longer care what people think of my fictional ships. I no longer care if they call it ‘gross’, 'unrealistic’, 'incompatible’, 'abusive’, 'disgusting’, 'pedophilia’ or whatever the hell other inconsequential, inaccurate negative adjective they could think of to make me feel bad simply because my interests are different than theirs or doesn’t make sense to them. And I found it’s infinitely better and easier this way. For shipping is meant to be a fun and interesting way of exploring fictional relationships and character growth. Fuck you if you decide to rain on my parade because you don’t like my ships. To me, your words and existence is about as insignificant as Konoha is to Sasuke. My advice for you is to leave, just like he did. Ciao, adios motherfucker.

anonymous asked:

Stop talking about heteronormative BS, gay justice, whatever. Most people are straight, that's why most ships are straight. James is an annoying white knight nice guy, it's not cause he's black. Karamel is cannon in the comics, it's not cause the writers are homophobic. Calm the hell down. I like supercorp too. Ship it in piece. Stop throwing about bigotry name calling and watch the show cause you like it it cause of one gay couple and wanting more.

Hello pal if you don’t think heteronormativity and racism have anything to do with supercorp and karolsen than you need to read a book. If Lena Luthor was a man, they would be dating by now. A Super and a Luthor? falling in love despite their family history! And if you don’t see a problem with the writers abruptly ending karolsen in s2ep1 because Kara has suddenly changed her mind/as soon as the pod landed to make way for pretty fratboy. And one gay couple means they’re can’t be any more right? I mean bisexuality doesn’t exist?!

Richonne is one of the most disgusting things i swear. I mean… fine, ship it, do whatever you want but for me season 4 Michonne was the best Michonne. Now she is so fucking soft but people call her “ queen “ and for what again? Yes, she makes Rick happy but he was okay without her too. He has his family, this relationship is nothing but disgusting for me. 
They put Rick and Michonne together in like 4 seasons but they couldn’t put Carol and Daryl together??? What the hell is wrong with these writers? AND THEY KILLED GLENN INSTEAD OF MICHONNE. 

WHAT ??? THE ??? HELL ??? PEOPLE ???

anonymous asked:

#sansastarkdefensesquad doesn't mean drag other women down just to make our Queen in the North look better. Sansa can do that on her own without y'all blindly hating on another female character because she's a threat and you're too sensitive for your own damn good. Fuck Undercover!Jon. It's the stupidest thing I've ever read.


First of all, my criticism of Dani doesn’t mean I don’t like her as a character because I do. She’s one of the most intriguing characters to analyse. I only tag posts as ‘anti-daenerys’ because unlike you, I respect people’s right to like her. I may not agree with why they do but it’s their goddamn prerogative and I respect that enough not to flood their tags with my criticisms. 

But the fact of the matter is her storyline is an allegory for a white saviour/conqueror narrative and as a POC and someone from a part of the world that was heavily colonised by Europe and America, I find Dani to be incredibly problematic. My criticism of her is mostly this very thing here: people who come into my posts/inbox speaking over my valid arguments for why Dani isn’t a hero, trying to silence a POC’s voice and accuse her of misogyny or sexism. Or whatever the hell you’re implying by saying I’m dragging a woman down to prop up a ship. I don’t ‘blindly’ hate Dani. I hate the way the media and people call her a feminist icon when they completely ignore this aspect of her journey. 

Do you want to know what is actually sexist? The complete and utter ignorance of women’s faults because newsflash, feminism is not the propping up of women. It’s the economic, social, cultural and political equality of men and women. It’s acknowledging that women are just as capable of men to be great, powerful, intelligent, capable and awful, bigoted, racist, sexist and evil. Dismissing a female character’s flaws because she’s female is the absolute opposite of feminism. And Dani has flaws. All of the fucking characters have flaws. It’s the point of Game of Thrones. If you can’t acknowledge that she has flaws then that’s on you, not on me.  

Secondly, my criticism of Dani has nothing to do with Sansa whatsoever. I have said this time and time again but here, because you deem it your right to come into my ask and send me this bullshit of a message, let me repeat it for you:


Get the fuck off your high horse, mate, because you’re putting words in my mouth. 

Thirdly, if you think Undercover Lover Jon is stupid then GTFO of my inbox. I don’t care about your opinion. You don’t care about my opinion. So why bother? Why are you so hard pressed about something that doesn’t concern you whatsoever? If you’re so sure this isn’t going to happen then what does it matter to you what other people think? You’re calling me too sensitive for my own good but I’m not the asshole going into other people’s inbox telling them how they should think or believe. 

So let me say this loud and clear for anyone else who feels the need to send me messages again:


Can we just talk for a moment about Keith’s obvious extrasensory perception, or sixth sense, or Galra sense, or whatever you want to call it. I mean he realized Acxa was the Weblum Galra as soon as they touched swords, and what the hell was that next level ninja shit he pulled with Voltron and the Cargo ship?? True, they took a hit like five seconds later when he lost his concentration, but that’s kind of my point. Patience yields some pretty amazing focus with this kid. And it’s just a matter of time before he realizes Shiro is Not-Shiro. I think he probably knows something ain’t quite right already, but there were enough Sheith moments in S3 to keep him off balance (and us too) but I think their Acxa moment is coming too, where Keith just bang! Knows!

Okay yo, straight up, “I still don’t like shaladin”. Okay, good for you. Age gaps aren’t for everyone so whatever. But for the love of god, stop fucking reaching to still call it pedophilia (even tho it hasn’t been the entire time) and harassing sheith shippers. Because klance isn’t going canon, nothing else has gone canon, the only thing that’s confirmed is zaggar lmao. Apparently, Voltron fandom doesn’t know how to fuck off.
Fandoms are supposed to be spaces where we make content for whatever the hell we want. You ship Coran and Alfor? Cool, write a fic. You like Lotor x Keith? Amazing, now draw some art. Can’t write nor draw? Reblog and like the amazing efforts from your fellow fan creators and don’t send them hate for making content for things you don’t ship.
Point is, stay in your lane and stop spreading lies (because both antis and shaladins spread fake rumours and it’s annoying to see so much fandom drama).

Status Infirmos - Pt. 5, Culpa

Status Infirmos - The reader is from our world, and reacts to status ailments more severely and longer than any Eos native. Begin from Pt. 1, Viridis

<- Pt 4 Mortem

“Enemies above us!” Prompto calls out as the ship steers overhead to hang low above your group. You bring up your sword ready for whatever comes out of the opening hull.

It’s thrown out expertly, and before any of you have the chance to shout ‘grenade’ it explodes in a cloud of thick black smog.

“What the hell,” you choke out, never having seen anything like this in the game. It lines your throat and makes you cough more and more, and through the hanging smoke you can hear the others coughing and spluttering too. “What is this stuff?”

Nobody answers and their coughing stops all at once. Your own throat feels lined with the stuff, it scratches and creates an uncomfortable layer, along with a foul taste in your mouth.

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