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i’d like to know where any of the “gabriel reyes is the boss from hell” stuff spawns from because have you listened to his actual voicelines? yeah he sounds kinda rough but like 1/3 of his lines are dead guy puns and one is him purring “haven’t i… killed you somewhere before?” like its the worlds best pickup line. gabriel seems like the kinda boss that lets you stop by a pizza place on the way back as long as you get extra breadsticks. he seems like the kinda boss that’ll let you skirt around the deadline bc he knows you’re exhausted and nobody ever turns anything in on time around this place anyways. made the blackwatch uniforms armor and whatever the hell else you wanna wear, he doesn’t give a damn.

JACK is the one with the “you didn’t make the cut” and the “thats SIR to you” lines like ???? how yall always getting this backwards

Homestuck Pool Party Headcanons

John: Canonballs in IMMEDIATELY, he is yelling and he is fucking excited move out of the way this boy is coming through!! Also, because he has a breath aspect I am 413% certain that he can stay underwater for indefinite amounts of time and you can bet your ass he’s going around grabbing people’s feet to freak them out. He and Terezi have a contest to see who can make the most people jump, I will not say who wins I will only say that it is unfortunate for everyone involved. He and Dave are an unstoppable chicken team, they have never lost and will do Whatever It Takes to make sure that remains true.

Dave: Is just chillin, he cares more about keeping his shades dry than swimming around. He will go hard as hell in Marco Polo tho, if you thought he was too cool to jump at the nearest person faster than the speed of light you were wrong buddy he will do what it takes to WIN. Also, when he is the Marco he will (unfairly) target Karkat. This is frustrating. “I’m not even being that loud” Karkat protests for the umpteenth time Dave tags him. “Bullshit” everyone else says, but there’s still a rule that Dave can’t tag Karkat more than five times in a row because really Dave we know you love hearing him yell but Enough Please.

Karkat: Is Bad At Marco Polo. He is so loud. My son. Please. Is very hesitant to get into the water at first bc he’s sensitive to the cold and would rather angrily sweat than deal with the initial shock of getting in. Dave will patiently chill nearby until Karkat is ready, or Dave decides that Karkat is ready in which he will absolutely drag him in. Karkat does not know how to swim so he won’t go past the shallow end, and considering how short he is, uh, that’s not very much of the pool. Dave has to carry him sometimes which he complains about A Lot but secretly kind of likes it whoops. Karkat and Sollux are the shittiest chicken team, Karkat is too afraid of falling in to have any sort of effective strategy and Sollux is like “Karkat just push him” and sort of plows into the other team which just leads to Karkat screeching and nothing gets done.

Roxy: LOVES SWIMMING WITH HER FRIENDS!!! Real people?? That she’s hanging out with?? And you KNOW she’s excited to wear that cute as fuck bikini she alchemized months ago ‘just in case’ ;) ;) ;). After years of knowing Jane and her silly prankster shenanigans, John will absolutely not get the drop on her no sir, he tries to grab her foot she will raise that leg and pull the boy out of the water and give him the Mom Look™. This is war. John will not win. She loves being with Jane and Roxy and her boys!! She is just full of so much love it’s incredible. She deserves this so much.

Calliope: Doesn’t know much about swimming or why humans (and trolls ish) find it so enjoyable, but Roxy is excited so she is too! Interestingly enough, cherubs Do Not Float. Roxy is waving a nervous Callie into the pool and she’s coming down the ladder and once it gets to her chin everyone expects her to do something but no, she makes it to the bottom of the pool and just walks like normal over to where Roxy is. The water level comes up to just below her nose and she has to tilt her head back to speak. “Like this?” She asks excitedly, ‘uh,,, yeah,,,like that’ everyone responds nervously, giving big smiles and thumbs up because they don’t want to disappoint her.

Jade: A master swimmer, she and Jake grew up on an island in the middle of the goddamn pacific my girl knows how to GO. No one realized how fucking ripped Jade was. Jade is ripped as heck. She’s got back and shoulder muscles like an absolute goddess and everyone is like holy shit? Jade? Have you been benching pumpkins all these years? She likes chilling with Jane and Roxy and Calliope because she has been longing for some gals to hang with forever. Not that she doesn’t love Rose, she does, it’s just, they have such differing personalities and anyways it’s kind of hard being around her and Kanaya bc they’re so cute it makes your teeth hurt.

Rose: She and Kanaya have matching floppy sun hats, they love laying out in the sun because Kanaya is a little nervous around water thanks to a certain sea-dweller *cough* eridan *cough*. Rose doesn’t mind, her swimsuits are more for show than swim anyways. She’s got some really cool and intricate goth-y ones and some nice lighthearted pastel ones, an orange and yellow fancy one-piece and a frilly lavender one. Rose has a new appreciation for sunlight but still religiously applies sunscreen because a home girl may be immortal, but fuck if she is gonna deal with any nasty sunburns after defeating the fucking embodiment of evil.

Kanaya: As previously stated, very nervous around water, but so so happy to be in the sun?? It’s not as bright as the one on Alternia which is fine because that means her troll friends can enjoy it too, but she’s literally just so happy to be around people that enjoy the sun the way she does because she’s felt wrong and different about it for years and she finally found someone that understands her ahhshshsjs. She designs all of Rose’s swimsuits and loves seeing her wear them. When it gets dark out, she likes to turn on the glow a little and all these cute little furry wingbeasts will flock to her?? “Those are moths” Rose tells her. “These are my children now” Kanaya pats Rose’s arm, they’re her children too because that’s how human marriage works she’s pretty sure

Dirk: Is so awkward oh my godddd, a little uncomfortable in his body actually? This boy might have muscle but he is all arms and legs and doesn’t know what to do with them because he’s never fuckifnfnfn been around people before. Doesn’t say “Marco” during Marco Polo, he just listens. Breath too loud? You’re tagged. Splash a little? Tagged. Move? Tagged. He’s never Marco for more than two minutes because he’s so in tune with his reflexes that no one even stands a chance. With Jake on his shoulders, they make a decent chicken team, but they’re too worried about each other to be effective. “You okay up there?” He wants to make sure. Someone is tipping Jake over oh no get him off my shoulders is he okay, oh he’s fine, yes I know how the game works Roxy, no Rose why don’t you get in the pool and do a better job before you come for me like that. Rose and Kanaya, in an extremely rare occurrence, do get in for a round of chicken. They beat Dirk and Jake almost immediately. They return to the deck. This never happened and we don’t speak of it.

Jake: Is bad at Marco Polo, he’s an amazing swimmer but he’s not…quiet. After growing up on that island, fighting and swimming, Jake is also Ripped as Heck. Dirk blushes his fucking ass off the first time he sees Jake shirtless. Jake acts all clueless like oh? What’s wrong Dirk? Is something the matter? But he knows exactly what he’s doing and if he’s subtly flexing in front of him, well. That can’t be helped. He may suck during chicken with Dirk, but with Jade on his shoulders? Hoo boy, they give Dave and John a run for their money. He is also John’s favorite to grab the feet of because his reactions are always so over the top with his phrasing. “Horsefeathers!” He grabs at his foot in panic because his first thought is it was one of the monsters from his island, then he sees it was just John who is laughing his ass off because, horse feathers? Really? “I say,” Jake huffs indignantly even though he’s smiling now. “Warn a fellow!”

Jane: Looks rockin’ in her swimsuits because she’s wearing the whole high waisted pinup style ones and?? She’s super gorgeous? Roxy makes sure to tell her that every five seconds just in case she forgets. She and Roxy make a decent chicken team, usually they’re laughing so hard by the end of it that whoever was on top can’t do anything and they fall off because they don’t care about winning they’re just having such a good time. She and Roxy take turns carrying Callie around when the water gets too deep, not that Callie needs to be above the water per se as she seems to have no trouble breathing, but it just makes everyone a little more comfortable and anyways Callie loves it.

Terezi: Killer at Marco Polo for obvious reasons, sometimes she gets tagged on purpose just to show off how quickly she can find people. The only person she’s never been able to get is John, he uses his windy powers to obscure his scent so she can’t “see” him. He is her Marco Polo white whale. One day, John, one day. She and Vriska are terrifying during chicken, Vriska will plow full speed towards the opposing team and Terezi is ready to Throw Hands. The most intense games are between them and John and Dave, both John and Terezi are on top and they fuckin battle it out so hard that Dave and even Vriska start to get nervous on the bottom.

Sollux: Says the water feels slimy. “No shit,” Karkat tells him. “It’s water you fucking shitstain.” Sollux cheats during chicken by using his psiionics to keep Karkat on his shoulders which only makes Karkat mad because he’s terrified of falling in and holy shit Sollux I don’t care what you think your powers are doing I’m gonna fall in fuck fuck fuck. “No I got you” Sollux assures him. He does not. Karkat is not got. Oh well. Sollux mostly likes chilling on inner tubes, plural. He has a blue one and a red one because he’s too tall to fit in just one. “Get a bigger inner tube” Karkat complains. “Perhaps get one of those long, recliner like ones?” Kanaya suggests. No. Sollux will use two inner tubes. He will make the sacrifice of comfort for his aesthetic.

Dadvid Appreciation Week: Themes List

That’s right! All the themes for the week have been planned out! A month in advance, but hey, gives you all plenty of time to prepare!

Day One (October 22nd): The Moment Where David Became Dadvid. Today’s Content will be based on the moment where David adopts Max or David makes the decision to become his official guardian. Or maybe he’s kind of forced into the choice as a result of Max’s parents not coming to pick him up at the end of summer, or they do show up and are awful and now David has a kid. It’s an idea that’s been around since the very beginnings of the Dadvid AU, but it’s still a fun one to explore!

Day Two (October 23rd): Lights, Camera, Family! You like the Coraline AU? The Holes AU? The Goofy Movie AU (look, the movie’s actually really good and sweet and full of nice father/son moments, don’t judge!)? That one ‘thanks dad’ scene from B99 with Holt and Jake but instead it has David and Max? Any other AUs based off movies or TV shows? Today’s the day to draw some Dadvid stuff for that! Any movies or tv shows AUs are welcomed today!

Day Three (October 24th): Don’t Forget MomGwen! A day all about MomGwen AND Dadvid together, because Gwen needs love for being a nice parental figure to Max too, especially after the s2 finale! It doesn’t have to be shippy (platonic parental figures are great!), and you can include anyone else as a parental figure if you’d like (Yes, even the shitstain Kool-Aid man himself) but keep the main focus on Gwen and David. Also tag any ships accordingly!

Day Four (October 25th): Teenage Dadvid. Hell, since this little AU has gotten so popular lately, why not make a theme day centered around it? Today will be a day to give attention to a teenaged, suddenly-a-parent, probably-has-little-to-no-idea-what-he’s-doing-but-will-still-try-his-damnedest-to-give-his-kid-a-good-life David. Can be cute or angsty, whatever you prefer! Also David can be any age, just so long as he’s a teen and Max is a sweet baby boy. Just to remind everyone and help figure out differences in ages for this day, David is 24 and Max is 10.

Day Five (October 26th): Parenting Isn’t Always Easy OR Family Holidays. That’s right! Two themes today! The first one is dedicated to angst. Family life isn’t always perfect, and an adopted family is no different. Whether it’s Max saying that David isn’t his real dad, David feeling like he’s a complete failure as a parent, David having to give Max up or give him back to his birth parents for some reason, or even Max having nightmares about David not caring about him and being terrified of ending up back where he started with no one caring about him, have some fun with that today! Let’s make this really hurt! You twisted people (says pot to kettle).


If angst isn’t your cup of tea and you’d still like to participate for the day, then there’s the option to make content centered around Max and David celebrating holidays together as a family. You can pick any holiday you want! Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Father’s Day (it counts!). You can even choose some non-American-centered holidays since according to canon, Max’s family tree originates from outside the country (India, to be specific) and he still might celebrate the holidays his birth parents celebrated despite living with David (so long as you do proper research on the topic and be respectful).

And if you want to do something for BOTH themes, then go right ahead!

Day Six (October 27th): The More the Merrier! Today’s a day for Dadvid but Dadvid with not just Max! Make some content that involves David being a dad to one of the other campers along with Max. Any camper you want! Think Harrison should have a parent who isn’t afraid of him? Now he does! Want Dolph to have a parent who won’t condone his uncomfortable behavior and teach him right from wrong? Congrats, kid, you have a new dad. Because others deserve to have a dad as cool as David, too! Also now Max has siblings! Fun fun!

Day Seven (October 28th): Whatever You Want Day! Let’s wrap up the week with free day to draw or create any content you want for Dadvid Week, no themes attached! Just have some fun and make some nice content! Was there an AU that didn’t get a theme day? Make some content for that! Go wild!

Once again, if you plan on participating in this week, please read/follow the rules listed on this blog’s page. Your art/content will not be reblogged to this blog if you don’t follow them. Any questions about the week should be sent to my main blog @directium​.

Have a wonderful Dadvid Appreciation Week!

I watched Joe’s live stream so you don’t have to (play by play reactions)

- announcement is a 24 hour livestream on ThatcherJoeVlogs on Friday starting at 6:00pm UK time (1:00pm EST) ft guests and Joe signing a lot of Username:Uprising

- I wish I had friends I could have a sleepover with and watch the livestream dude that would be so fun

- throwback to #1Dday I couldn’t even last seven hours with One Direction how the hell am I gonna do 24 hours with YouTubers

- just kidding I’m about to be dedicated as fuck

- Jack and Joe from 12:00-3:00 am

- #unpopularopinion I like Joe’s mustache

- my poor baby and his infected gums he was so ill he almost passed out whenever he ate cuz the pain as so bad fuck I want to hug him

- Joe speaking foreign languages is my aesthetic (and it reminds me that I really need to brush up on my spanish)

- “I’m trying to set up other things for the future cuz, you know, you never know how long this whole YouTube thing is gonna last before I’m back on the ol’ roof”

- “it’s getting to the point where I really do want a girlfriend”

- well I’ve always been at the point where I want to be your girlfriend so I don’t understand why this is such a predicament for you when I’m always available so quit complaining and hit me up

- no but really I want him to be happy and I think he would be so happy in a relationship so he’s just gotta get someone awesome

- (like I wasn’t mad when Caspar got with Maddie cuz she’s great so Joe needs someone great)

- main channel might become a lower priority in the future

- “And I’ll see you in the future with a Sugg Sunday Special. Who knows when it’ll be. I don’t wanna say that there’s gonna be an end to Sugg Sunday but… I don’t know. I’m not as fussed about that channel as much, which is a shame cuz that’s my main channel. I don’t know it’s been so nice to have a week […] where I haven’t thought about that kind of stuff”

- obviously the idea of irregular Sugg Sunday Specials is sad but the idea of Joe putting out things because he feels obligated to and not because he enjoys them is even more sad

- “Wow that was deep whoa I went off! That’s what happens when Harry Styles starts playing music I start talking about proper stuff that I don’t normally speak about”

- yes, Harry Styles’ album was playing in the background throughout the entire livestream

- Kiwi is his favorite song (I shit you not that’s my favorite too it’s such a bop)

- serious Joe makes my heart feel warm

- he wants to raise a family in the countryside omg raising kids in the countryside he’s a country boy at heart

- “No iPads, no YouTube, no YouTube until you’re 12″

- “The dream is be able to have a lake and my dad can live in a little cave in the garden and look after the lake”

- honestly I love Joe wow


- “We started it as like a little internal thing that we called ourselves and it spread and people call us the buttercream squad and I’m just like ugh it makes me like cringe out a bit whenever I hear it even though it’s what we call ourselves I guess. I don’t really call it that anymore”

- he starts the story of how they started to call themselves that at 28:38 of the video I’m not even going to try and summarize it ya’ll should just watch that bit

- okay but him, Conor, Caspar, and Mikey were the original four and that is so fucking random to me

- for some reason I just got really bummed out that he doesn’t like that name like okay Joe I literally have a blog dedicated to it so what the fuck am I supposed to do now

- he said none of them expected anyone else to start calling it that

- literally you’re all Internet sensations you should’ve known it was gonna get blown up when you gave yourself a name so honestly you brought this upon yourself lmao


- also Byron is a member of their squad and literally none of us even talk about him/know him

- (side not Byron is hot as hell)

- I’m dead at how we all cling to whatever they say like the SECOND they tagged #buttercream on a photo we all went off

- I’m have an existential crisis wow

- “I just miss Jaspoli. That was my favorite, back in those days”



- he wants a pet pig ??

- he’s gonna hang out with Brit soon !

- I ship him and Brit I have since the Jaspoli Coachella days (#unpopularopinion ??)

- literally the second I typed that he made a comment about it oh sorry sorry didn’t know that was a touchy subject

- reminder once again that I am single and available

- okay but they FaceTime every week for hours and that’s goals ???

- my jaw dropped at this bit he said he wants to stop going on nights out and start going to dinner parties and such, that he’s done with the night scene

- I thought he was joking but he was dead ass serious oh my god he’s growing up that felt weird to hear him say that

- “when the time’s right and it’s the right person” he’s a romantic person

- 52:58 through 53:05 is a joy

- “I’m a giver, not a receiver, take that as you will”

- he keeps getting shaky and he thinks it’s because he hasn’t eaten all day and it really worries me

- he’d like to live with both Oli and Josh (separately) and says that they’re both very mature

- his favorite YouTubers are the Sidemen and Caspar

- someone told him to collab with Kian and JC and he completely ignored it lmao


- “I feel like I’ve watched him grow from like a little baby seed to like an oak tree. To see him do so well for himself now and he’s in a position where he’s just loving it and I’m so proud of him. I feel like a proud older brother and he’s said he sees me as like an older brother. We’ve had a lot of heart to hearts and stuff and he’s so good for advice. Even though he’s like my younger brother I go to him for advice a lot of the time cuz he’s been doing YouTube longer than I have and he’s just very knowledgeable about everything and he’s very sincere he cares about people a lot he puts others before him a lot of the time and he’s a genuine friend for life”


- it takes him a long time to open up to people, he’s usually quite shy when he meets people for the first time unless there’s that instant “chemical spark”

- he talked about being nice to people and compared life to climbing up a tree and how you should be nice to everyone you pass on your way up because if you’re not and then you start to drop, the people you pass won’t be there to grab your hand and stop you from falling

- in girls he looks for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, not too obsessed about themselves

- obviously first attraction is important but ultimately it’s about the personality (said every guy ever tbh) and then mentioned how if looks are that important to you it means you probably care more about how other people perceive you and your girlfriend than how you feel about your girlfriend herself

- “I want to find someone who can only add something to my life. Someone who improves my life and makes me a happier person. At the moment I’m a really happy person so anyone who has that affect to make it better is the one for me”

- reminder once again that I am single

- like I’m not drop dead gorgeous but I’ve got some stuff to offer I have nice eyes and good hair and my personality is great aside from the occasional down periods due to mental illness but you know we all have our flaws

- he talked seriously quite a bit in the stream and I’m really digging it I like serious Joe

- someone asked for advice on having a crush on your ex and he talked about moving on because it’s probably not good for you but then he said “unless you think they were the one”

- one of the best relationships he’s ever been in has been with someone older than him

- “Maybe I need to go for a cougar. Any 40 year old ladies?”

- *awkward laugh* “I’ve just admitted to a live stream that I’m after a mum. No I’m only joking. Imagine that I could end up being your dad”

- Poop Scoop with Brit on Friday

- he’s in no rush to have children

- “I’m fortunate enough to act like an immature child and get away with it a lot of the time”

- he doesn’t really want to settle down/get married anytime soon because he meets new people everyday and the idea of getting really settled down scares him because he never knows who he’s going to meet the next day

- “that’s why I’ve never- well not that you know of- had any public relationships”

- what the hell does that mean Joseph

- “I’m very good at keeping it all under wraps”


- he’s literally so hungry he’s shaking Josh hurry up he needs food

- “I hope Caspar’s there cuz I haven’t seen him in bloody ages and I miss the ol’ boy. I miss the bloody weirdo”

- he loves livestreams because it’s the closest we can get to all sitting in a room together and “having a good ol’ standard chit chat”

- reminder of the 24 hour live stream on ThatcherJoeVlogs starting at 6:00pm UK time (1:00pm EST)

- “New vlog soon. New gaming video soon. I’m back. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I’m still loving life. And more importantly, you’re all bloody legends.”

that was a lot there you go (or you could just watch the live stream idk)

also I wish I knew people who lived near me 😭 I would so fucking love to have a sleepover and make good friends and watch Joe

accent challenge

ok. here’s my dumb voice doing the accent challenge thingy. i’m going to go back and delete all the asks to clean my page, but those who sent it in ;

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A Cool Way To Deal with Antis

If they are in your ship tag and it really bothers you, quietly block them. That way you don’t need to see hate and you don’t need to spread it.

Can I just

To all of my fellow Jonerys shippers out there, 

Don’t ever let the antis get you down. Don’t ever let anyone take away the joy that this is real and actually happening. Our ship is (and will continue to be) canon. It’s going to be canon! After seven years. Some of you just saw the light lol, and some of you have been shipping this since season 1 or even longer, for decades. It doesn’t matter; we all ship it, we’ve all done our waiting, and now we’re finally going to be rewarded. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that the relationship is too rushed or the characters don’t have chemistry or Jon is just playing Daenerys to get her army and will betray her. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for shipping this or let the antis ruin this moment for us. 

Because we deserve this. The characters deserve it too obviously, but we deserve it just as much. We’re the ones who obsessed over the show for years, who wrote metas and drew fan art and wrote fics and drummed up support and refused to let the ship die, no matter what. We’re the ones who stayed strong even though it took seven years for our faves to meet onscreen. We’re the ones who fought antis and had to ignore character hate and we did it. WE DID IT. And now I for one am going to celebrate and I suggest that you all do the same. Because I’m proud of us, and I’m so honored to consider myself one of you. 

Maybe you were here from the beginning. Maybe you just jumped on the bandwagon last episode. Maybe you read the first book when it came out and fell in love with the characters, or maybe the first book is older than you are. Maybe you’ve been a closet shipper. Maybe you just haven’t been really active in the community. Who knows-maybe there are some of you out there who were antis at one point? 

It doesn’t matter. Jonerys is going to be canon and no matter what anyone says, nothing changes that. So let’s celebrate! Spam the tag with your edits, your jokes, your fics, your reactions. Spread the joy. Yeah, there are some people who don’t agree with us-but whatever. They don’t matter. 

But our ship? That does. 

I have to say I’ve never been part of a shipping community before. Hell, this is my first social media account. I don’t have anything else to compare this to. But what I’ve done this summer, when this blog has been up and running…the people I’ve talked to, everything I’ve written, the fact that my writing sideblog to this blog has over 1.5k followers? It’s surreal. It’s like being part of a community. More than that, it’s like being part of a family. And I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. 

So embrace it. Embrace this moment, embrace this season, because this is what we’ve waited so long for. And don’t let anyone-anyone tell you otherwise, because you’re on a pretty damn great ship with some pretty amazingly talented people. Raise a glass to this ship and don’t worry about the antis. This is our day and they’re not allowed to ruin it. 

Our reign has just begun. 

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Down The Rabbit Hole

Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader, Kylo Ren x Reader

Modern AU, Punk!Ben/Kylo - Baker!Reader

Prompt: Ben Solo x reader where they’re at readers 21st birthday party and they play a drunk 7 minutes in heaven.

Word count: 6.4K

Warnings: Profanity, drinking, getting drunk. Nothing else really.

Tags: @nightsofren @drtiberiussith

PART 1 | PART 2 |

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The feeling of a cold spot on the bed woke you up. In a panic, you shot up and whipped your head around, heart falling into your stomach as if it was a hunk of lead. Your head pounded not only from how much you drank but the sudden hot feeling that came over it as the thought that Ben abandoned you echoed through your mind- the most intrusive thought that morning. Not even a moment later your loving whatever-the-hell-he-was pushed the door to your room open whilst holding two coffee mugs. The second he saw the look on your face he placed the mugs on the closest dresser to him and rushed over, gently capturing your face in his hands as he sat on the bed directly next to you. He pressed your forehead against his and you felt his pointy nose brush yours.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m right here.” He let out a gentle, deep breathy laugh that fanned your face. “I’m not going anywhere.” He assured you as he pressed his plush and full lips to your forehead. A small whimper and nod came from you, head pounding.

“I thought you left.” You breathed and placed your hands upon his forearms, gripping them firmly but not enough to hurt him. You wanted as much proximity and comfort that the man could offer you. Ben poked his nose into your cheek and gave it an Eskimo kiss.

“Never. I made us espressos to wake us up and to help with your hangover and besides, I haven’t even given you your gift yet. You’ll have to wait for tonight though.” You felt the man pull away and the weight lift off the bed you were both situated on, the dark sheets smoothing out just a tad as he got up to get your coffees. Your eyes trailed his tall figure and you sucked your lip into your mouth as you watched Ben. How had he made something so mundane and habitual look so elegant and thoughtful? He spun on his heels and presented you with the most heart-warming smile, dimples indenting his face and the corners of his eyes crinkling as he gazed upon you. Even in the state you were in, he believed you looked astounding. His weight was put into him leaning back against your dresser and he crossed his left ankle over his right, and he looked almost completely laid back. The glaze in his eyes spoke measures of love but it didn’t stop his anxiety. His eyes refused to meet yours but they remained on you nonetheless.

“Thank you, Ben.” Your voice was nothing but a whisper. You motioned for him to come over by scooting across your bed and creating a small spot for him. You peeled back the covers and let your eyes fall to the spot and you let yourself swallow, nerves slowly taking over. You heard a small huff of a breathy laugh come from the brooding figure before you and the careful padding of feet on the floor. The bed caved as Ben placed himself next to you and handed you your warm espresso.

“It’s doubled.” He promised you and slid an arm around your waist which caused you to lean your head on his shoulder. “You know, I’m really sorry that this is how- how we got together.” He turned his head and mumbled his words into your hair. “I wish that we didn’t have such an animosity at first.” He admit. He really didn’t enjoy that part of your history; the part where you both swore and spit at each other, got in one another’s faces, cursed, hit, and slandered the other. “I’m glad we’re here now.” He whispered before he turned and took a long sip of his coffee. You took this chance to take a very large swig of your own espresso before nearly screaming out as you burned your tongue. You couldn’t deny that it was a good brew, and you couldn’t deny that you were this close to offering Ben a job as the designated coffee brewer of your bakery. The hot drink slid down your throat and you hummed as the familiar bitter flavour exploded in your mouth. “What’s on today’s agenda?” Ben asks.

“Well, I’d run downstairs and make an appearance. I’m sure Poe and Rey took over seeing as I was hammered last night,” you glanced up at the warm man next to you, “no thanks to you.” You created an aside and Ben shot you a look of offence. “I think they’ve got it covered but I wanted to go in and check, maybe make some pizza buns and butter tarts and-” Ben cut you off by leaning over and giving you a quick kiss, letting a laugh slip past his beautiful lips and literally onto yours. You felt his smile which caused you to let out a breathy and full laugh.

“You need to slow your… Roll… s.” He dragged out his god awful pun which made you burst out into a full laugh, which resonated with him, causing him to create a mental note to make more puns in the future. “I have a proposal,” you hummed at your newfound lovers deep and attractive morning voice, “stay here with me, take the day off. You said something about those heavenly and divine macarons of yours. The ones you won’t let me have, seeing as I’m clearly a man straight from hell.” He teased you with the last part.

“Hey, you’re not-“

“Pomegranates are the fruit of the underworld, sacred to the Greek god Hades. Eat the fruit and you won’t be allowed out of the underworld. They’re appealing and enticing. They’re delicious and irresistible much like your baking. It’s bound me to you for eternity. Clearly, since I’m bound to taste those pomegranate macarons, I’m a man of hell and darkness.” The last bit was meant to poke fun, but some truth peeked through. He did want to be with you for all eternity, or at least as long as you’d let him be with you.

“You’re so fucking dramatic.” You barked out and snuggled closer to the other and you both finished your espressos in the silence and gentle heavenly light that barely filtered through your curtains. Your heart ached for this man, and his for you.

Music ripped through the serenity of your apartment and the blooming laughter of both Ben and you bounced across the walls as you both ridiculously danced around the kitchen, his feathering touch on your swaying hips and his step in tune with yours. The smile couldn’t be wiped off your faces as you both danced around to your Get the Knack record by The Knack. It was released in ’79 and your family laughed it off when you promised you’d take it with you when you moved out, but here it was in your possession. Every song was your favourite, despite the band being considered a one-hit wonder, and it showed. You’d sing lyrics at Ben and he’d sing the next lines or verses back, chasing you around as you both gathered ingredients for the fantastic breakfast you were collaborating on. Your specialty was the croissants and his was the coconut chia seed strawberry parfait. Both things were time-consuming and had wait times so you took pleasure in each other’s company and the pure bliss that it brought the each of you. Your hangover was virtually gone due to the strong brew you had earlier, and the copious amounts more that you had after you had both risen from the comfort of your bed.

As the song “Good Girls Don’t” came to an end, “My Sharona” started playing and you couldn’t help but tease the poor man by swaying your entire body side to side along with the rhythm of the song and rolling your shoulders back. Ben’s grin widened and his dimples became far more prominent than ever. His caramel eyes shining brightly as he watched you. He mimicked your movements then, somehow, in your gleaming eyes, moving in more fluid and elegant motions than you could muster. His hands ghosted over your hips as you backed away from him and to your living room while the dough and parfait chilled. You had both assumed a method of dancing that was far more in tune with that of the swing movement of the 30’s. You didn’t take Ben Solo for much of a dancing man but then again, neither of you knew what you were doing.

               The movements were oddly fluid and suggestive, a beckoning finger here, a tug at the hips over there, your hands thrown into the young man’s hair, his hands roaming around your waist and hiking your shirt up until you were both intoxicated by one another and laughing to no end.

               When the song came to an end, the two of you flopped onto your couch and let out a content sigh, Ben laying on top of you, his weight not enough to crush you, rather, it was welcomed and the way his head lay on your chest caused your heart to palpitate in odd rhythms. His dark locks were splayed all over the place and his face was gently flushed by the red tint that mirrored your own. One of your hands trailed its way to his back and the other tugged at his soft and thick curls while one of his hands was placed over your heart and the other on the small of your back.

“Who knew you could have that much fun.” He breathed out, his voice rumbling, it was clear he was completely dazed, never imagining this would have happened between the two of you. It’s as if his wildest dreams were coming true and to be frank they were.

“I did!” You tried to sound offended but the smile that seeped through your voice could be heard clear as day.

“I know, I’m just teasing, my love.” The last two words echoed back and your dream flashed before you vividly, only much warmer this time.

Soft rosy low light glowed and the crack of vinyl brought comfort and serenity to the scene. New Wave flowed through the air and swam around you, entrancing you in its distorted and messy melodies creating an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. You swayed, warm hands firmly on your waist, protective, loving, and yours on the person’s shoulders securely, reminding them that this is where they belonged. The warmth and happiness hammered into your chest and the smile that adorned your face hurt but you wouldn’t give it up for the world.

“You look lovely tonight, (Y/N).” A warm shiver ran down your spine as the deep voice spoke in a whisper next to your ear. It was almost sultry and suggestive but it was just the overlay. The undertones were innocent and honest. It moulded with the music playing. “Enticing, entrancing, beautiful. I had to tell you, my love.”

               You had to bite back the large smile that threatened to split your face, but the hammering of your heart gave you away.

After breakfast, you got dressed, and then you let Ben take your room to change into an oversized men’s shirt you had picked up from the thrift store a few years back. It was massive and you thought he might need a change of clothes.

During that time you decided to bring out the macarons in order to give them to your new lover. You weren’t completely sure if that’s what you were. There was no designated title and you felt that Ben would shy away from labels, after all, Kylo seemed to be the kind of person who would and Ben and Kylo were one and the same, weren’t they? You scolded yourself for the snap judgement and brought the small maroon box from your cupboard. It was accented with a much richer red- that of the colour of the bittersweet fruit with which the macarons were made with, and on top of the box lay a small bow. You prayed that Ky- Ben would like it. You picked the colours to match not only the fruit but him and his persona, or the one you knew before last night at least.

“Hey, where did you get this shirt? It’s unbelievably,” he stopped in his tracks as he saw you, a red tint sprawled across your cheeks and the bridge of your nose and your hands fidgeting with the small box. He took several strides towards you and let his hands take yours gently in his, his long fingers grazing the box, “what’s this?” He pried as a smirk pulled its way across his face.

“It’s off the menu.” You whispered and closed the small gap between the two of you, capturing his full lips in a loving and gentle kiss. Unfortunately for the raven-haired man, you pulled away much too soon for his liking but while doing so, you gently pushed the box towards him.

“You were serious?” He raises an eyebrow at you, unable to fathom what came over you in order for you to save him your famous chocolate pomegranate macarons when your blood seemingly boiled at the thought of him stepping foot into your bakery.

“I was.” You whispered to him. “I had this feeling- I’m not sure what it was but… Okay, hear me out. I felt bad.” You admit. “I’ve been kicking you out of my bakery solely based on that one time where you broke a mug. I thought you were being such a dick- I mean, look at you! Dishevelled hair, half the time you wore ripped jeans, that stupid fucking leather jacket of yours and a loose fitting shirt. You practically called every goddamn person with the ability to see to come and drop to their knees and beg you for a date. You’re the classic punk but now- now that’s taken as people being dicks, and there are so many wannabe punks and I didn’t know how to distinguish the two.” You poured out. “That, and when we did interact I wanted to desperately believe you were being nice to cover up just how massive a prick you actually were. I didn’t think you’d actually be a sweetheart.” You looked to your feet. “Truth is, my last significant other cheated on me with someone from their work… And I caught the two of them together in my bed. That’s not even the worst part. I gave three years of my life to this person.”

“And I promise that you will gain those three years back, and many more, with me.” He took a small increment of a step closer to you and placed his lips to the top of your head, letting them linger there for a moment longer than they normally would have belonged. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you for not being a chauvinist pig and for caring enough about what happens to me that you didn’t let me do anything until I was sober.”

               You led the man before you to the couch and as he flopped down, so did you. You shifted closer to him and draped your legs across his lap, bringing his face down to kiss his cheek, your bliss seemingly endless. You watched his face intently, linking every single beauty mark across his face and making a trail of constellations that led up to his soft eyes. Before he opened the maroon box, a soft smile tugged at his lips and from his peripheral Ben threw you a glance. His graceful fingers made their way to the lid and he tugged on the silk bow, watching it cascade down the sides, leaving the lid to be removed. Carefully and slowly he plucked it from the box, only to reveal six deep red macarons with a chocolate ganache filling. His hear swelled and he let out a small and breathy thank you before picking one from the box and offering it to you.

“At the same time.” Was all he needed to say and you understood exactly what he meant. It was a small gesture and it was meant to encourage him, rid him of any anxieties related to you watching him taste the delicacy but it was also a small push to see if you would do the little things that seemingly didn’t matter but spoke measures. You gently took the dessert, careful so that it wouldn’t break, and waited for him to choose another one. Silently, the two of you counted off to three and bit into the treats, causing Ben to groan.

“You like it?” You laughed out after having swallowed down your bite. You earned a frantic nod before he too managed to swallow and answer you.

“If this is what they use to trap people in the underworld, consider me sold, no need to keep me trapped, I’ll stay on my own free will!” He put the macarons onto your coffee table and pulled you onto his lap. “I’m already here on my own free will and I want you to come to the answer to my question on your own free will.” You tensed at his words. “What are we, or what do you want us to be?” Your breath caught at the unexpected question.

“I thought Kylo wasn’t someone who tied himself to labels.” You stated boldly but with your statement, you felt your eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“You would be wrong, and stop calling me that, it’s Ben.” He assured you. “Either way, it helps clear things up. I don’t like labels or being labelled as one thing or another. The good guy, the bad guy, I don’t like those labels. I’m neither, but sometimes labels help clarify.” He pressed his forehead to yours, his hair creating a curtain in front of his face and hiding all emotion he could just in case what you were going to say was to rip his beating heart from his chest.

“It’s a two-way street but if you agree, I’d really like to be your significant other, your partner in crime, if you will.” A chuckle came from the man before you, warm and welcoming. 

“Bonnie and Clyde.” You hummed in agreement and took his face in your hands.

“And Ben? I’m lucky to love you too.”

A/n: I hope you liked it. I don’t have an intention for part 3 but can muster something up if need be. I also have a request to fill out which I’m excited for. So stay tuned. 

I keep seeing inaccurate stuff about Syria, and yes before I was stupid enough to believe them as well.

The rebels are terrorists, they have ties to Al Qaeda and want Assad gone to implement Sharia law in all of Syria when most Syrians living in Syria or having family in Syria are actually pro Assad because he promotes secularism and he wants to develop their economy whereas the “rebels” want to take them back to the stone age.

Nobody actually knows who is responsible for the chemical attacks. The Syrian government gave up all their chemical weapons to Russia 3 years ago, they said they didn’t do it and honestly they wouldn’t have because it doesn’t benefit them at all. Russia denied doing this as well. The UN actually said that the only people having chemical weapons in Syria are Al Nusra and ISIS not the government.

These rebels have been caught lying before, showing pictures of a Lebanese music clip about a little girl running for her life and pretending it’s in Syria, and now there’s a even a picture circulating about a girl suffocating when it’s a painting in Turkey.

Honestly I don’t understand why are people so eager to trust terrorists, most of them aren’t even Syrians and they’re actually Al Qaeda members who want to take back Syria to the stone age with women dress all in black, christians and religious minorities having no rights, forced to pay a tax and shariah law. Towns like Aleppo are controlled by terrorists and no, Syrians all over Syria don’t want them.

Like.. Subhanallah, Assad always drops chemical weapons on children when he has the upper hand in negotiations…. y'all are so naive

At least have the decency to ask for an investigation on who did the attacks, because all this only benefits the rebels because they gain sympathy from the west who was actually withdrawing from the conflict, and now you got the west willing to give terrorists weapons again because that turned out to be such a great idea the last time *cough* ISIS *cough*. Assad is not perfect but you can’t blame him for refusing to give into terrorists backed by foreign western powers.

I see posts mocking Trump for blaming Obama, ok, Trump is moronic bigoted bastard, but Obama screwed up the middle east, ignoring that fact makes you a liar. He freaking armed Al Qaeda members without even realizing it because people in the west have no fucking clue what’s happening in the MENA region and yet they always want to insert themselves….
So yeah, Bush screwed up that region, Obama screwed it up and even Hillary screwed it up and I’m tired of people giving a pass at Obama because he makes funny jokes, that makes no sense.

Let’s not forget how nobody even gives a fuck that Saudi Arabia is using famine as a weapon of war in Yemen while the USA bombs the shit out of starving people. But no, let’s just side with Al Qaeda terrorists because Russia is with Assad and Russia is bad and our arch enemy and trying to take control of the region but we can’t declare war directly so we have a proxy war going on because otherwise we’ll nuke each other to death… I mean nothing wrong can happen right? It’s not like you’re arming and training religious nutjobs who think their salafi ideology is the superior faith and everyone else is wrong and going to hell…

I mean seriously though every single fucking time the USA arms someone in the Mid-East or trains them or whatever and then BOOM they turned their back on the USA and become terrorists. Maybe it’s time you stop doing that? At this point, you must know this doesn’t work.

You’re either with terrorists or you’re not.

friendly reminder that mentally ill people do not owe you SHIT.

they do not have to ‘get help’ before they can continue venting about their feelings on the internet.

they do not have to exercise, eat healthily, do yoga or whatever the fuck else you’ve come up with that is their obvious cure.

they do not have to 'give it a go!’ they do not have to 'make an effort at least!“

you do not get ANY say on how strangers on the internet, acquaintances or hell, anyone who isn’t your patient, deals with their mental illness.

they do not have to justify anything to you. they are not being irrational, stupid, or selfish for not doing these things.

holy fuck, it has nothing to do with you. leave us alone.

hey, writers!

i would really love it if we could do larry remix fic fest like they do for hp/drarry. i really love reading those and i think it would be really cool. right now it’s just a thought and idk who else reads them or knows what i’m talking about, but i’m about to tag the hell out of some writers just to make sure you see this and think about it a bit. here’s a link to the 2017 drarry remix fest, check out the faqs and info so you can see what it’s about. 

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ok so tumblr is being a pain in the ass so i’m not tagging anyone else, but please reblog or message or whatever. this is just literally a thought that i just had when the hd-remix post came across my dash, so i have no well formed ideas about it at all. it’s totally possible that this has been done before and i’m just not aware of it.

Nyx/Noctis week: June 24th - July 1st!

Gooooooood evening, tiny Nyx/Noctis fandom, how is everyone? Doing well? Having a nice night? Hopefully, this makes it better.

Announcing from rarepair hell, a fandom appreciation week for our favorite Glaive&Prince!

Beginning June 24th and ending on July 1st, during this week we’ll stuff this blog full of fanart, fanfics, fanmixes, graphics, and whatever else we can come up with in dedication to these glorious bastards of ours.

That being said, we have some amazing artists, writers, and fans in our little corner of FFXV fandom, so it’d be great for everyone to join the flood.

Official tags: #nyxnoctocalypse & #nyxnoctweek

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Okay did anyone else see the long post about Tess at Harry's show by Cris? It's on s side blog of hers called bird cage or whatever. It's so detailed and from a "friend." Who the hell goes and watches enough about "the girlfriend" and not Harry? Like honestly so fucking detailed. And then sheena tagged it saying she was with the friend who gave the info and also saw Tess and backed up the story. But I also thought that sheena was front row? (Ps I'm sending this to others cause idk who's on)

These two are known manipulators!!!!!They’re doing their best to continue to sell the Larry is everything story and Tess is the beard Harry really doesn’t want.

I haven’t read the post but I know their game.🌸


END OF THE YEAR TAG // thanks for the tag @zenzinger! :)

+ when amelia first saw danny and brb just crying at how far they’ve come
+ danny and amelia’s first date
+ danny popping the question
+ amelia having that realization that she’s pregnant 
+ darling baby no. 1 was born!
+ my bright and shining star
+ cute bartender is an even cuter dad
+ finally tying the knot!
+ the bane of my existance
+ i still do love the twins even tho they made my life hell mostly mo tho

the rules.
find your fave pics of your story or your blog in general and post them up in a collage! :D it can be 1 picture or 100 whatever you want. But just reflect on your fave moments in your story or on your blog.

i tag: @rosayquartz​, @vvindenburg​, @oasisprngs​, @zimbyplays, @angelisims, @a-sims-garden​, @whiite-tea​, @oasisable​, and anyone else who would like to do it! :)

i feel like, as a psychotic person, it’s really hard to find a balance between ‘everything has a meaning/reason’ and ‘nothing has a meaning/reason’. i guess it’s like that for everyone but i feel like it effects my daily life so much

sometimes i like to think sometimes that i’m here for a reason, for like a specific purpose and i have something to do here, everyone has something to do and we were all made for a reason and i’ll fulfill my reason and i’ll KNOW when i do

and other times i suddenly find comfort in there not being a reason and that one day it’ll all just be gone. it’s just a constant back-and-forth 

like sometimes i’ll sit down and just exist for a while and think that this is the best thing ever. THIS is what i’m here for, to just exist and sit here

and then i get scared all over again… like i’m going to die some day. that’s inevitable. and i’m really afraid to. every day i get closer to that. i’m really afraid of what’s going to happen, because sometimes i’m pretty sure there will be nothing there and it scares me a lot 

and then sometimes i have horrible delusions, of being from somewhere else, that this is all just one step of a really big journey, that i’m destined for something past this, that when my life is over here i’ll go somewhere else, or wake up, or something. like this is all a test or a game or a program or… something

everything is just really scary and overwhelming sometimes and it makes me afraid to be spiritual, and it makes me afraid to not be spiritual, because what if whatever is out there is mad at me for not believing all the time? for not being able to? for being afraid there’s something else?

it’s so hard to navigate faith and anything beyond as a psychotic person. i take accusations, joke or not, of being damned to hell very seriously. everything is either too real or too unreal and there’s no balance. i’m constantly afraid of something but i don’t know what

Ok so I get veganism has like this healthy image and that’s fine or whatever but like… when I look for recipes it’s all fruit and kale shoved in a bowl arranged for instagram and has no substance at all. No joke I just looked up the #veganrecipe tag and there was a picture of a bowl of watermelon??? Nothing else just watermelon. What the damn hell? And when will we admit that kale is disgusting? It tastes like dirt and sadness and we should leave it for the rabbits. I have to scroll past all these rando plant-based white chicks with their overflowing smoothies or their “Buddha Bowls” just to find one desirable food post and then it won’t even have the recipe linked!?!? OK so I know I’m being over dramatic and all but seriously guys this is why everyone hates us

my names kayla and i gotta basketball game tomorrow

hi i’m possibly the most annoying person you’ll ever meet
i’m 15, live in florida and a constant state of regret. i’m a meme fanatic and i spend all of my free time laying in my bed, doing god knows what
i also have a weird obsession with serial killers, crime, and conspiracies so hmu if you’re in dire need of those late night conversations, which brings me to another point; i never sleep either so yee

my perfect pen pal would be someone who doesn’t drift away after a week (god pls) and won’t just stop talking to me out of the blue. i do love snail mail and think it would be cool but i also like chatting on here.
pros and cons of being my friend:
pros- i am the loyalist person you will meet, shit your boyfriend of two years just left you for someone else? fuck me i’m already online waiting for you to tell me all about it. need 20k before january? hell i’ll find a way
i’m also very skilled in cooking so i’ll send you recipes n shit
i have no life so bad i’m always available
i’ll like whatever makes you happy
cons- i’ll tag you in at least 20 memes a day. i have the mouth of a motherfucking sailor, and i’m never not quoting vines
i prefer ages 14-17 but no creepy old men had my fair share of those
i have an annoying voice but i love facetiming people as well
message me whenever i don’t bite :)
snapchat- kiwixdash
tumblr - reckless-white-lie

Fourth of July- Request from @dannnyphantomm


(I’m thinking it’s the fourth of July and you have to calm him because he’s panicking, but he gets too panicked and accidentally uses his powers.)

Word Count- 624

Pairing- Alex Summers

Warnings- Angst, fluff, cursing, whatever the hell else im gonna do to fuck you guys.

A/n- I’m not sure what to say about this one..

Tags- @dannnyphantomm @lapseasteelis @winchester-negan-one-shots @not-moose-one-shots @mycuddlycorner

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Mission Distraction

Quick Info - Charlie wants to distract her best friend
Word Count - 556
Warning - None really. Kind of a goofy drabble

This was written for the first Break the Zone challenge. We had to keep it under 1000 words. That’s a challenge for me!!

thanks @atc74 and @tankcupcakes for the read over


Mission Distraction

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