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After receiving an (now not so anon anymore *waves at Jane*) ask about “Matsuhana FF8″ :3 Them COSPLAYS!

(i seriously considered leaving the dick across their faces as watermark…)
(also considering prints of this because i love…)

i watched Teen Titans vs The Justice League and also The Judas Contract today and see I’m conflicted bc I absolutely adore the characterizations of most of the titans, Damian especially, BUT IT SO HEAVILY FEATURES DICK AND STARFIRE AND I’M NOT REALLY ABOUT THAT LIIIIIFEEEEE  (not to mention that beast boy and terra had me cringing like a motherfucker)

i mean. it wasn’t unbearable. but judas contract especially so heavily focuses on the romance aspect and i kind of just am disinterested in romance in general. They were kinda cute? but nah not for me thabks. Damian and Raven were my saving graces in that whole series tbfh

as it gets closer and closer to swimming suit seasons i just wanna remind all us “hairy” girls out there that you’re valid in whatever you wanna wear. don’t feel obligated to shave or cover up because someone tells you that the hair on your stomach is too dark, or your arm hair shows too much. rock whatever the hell you want. your body is just as much a “bikini body” as the next person, so never feel embarrassed by the way you are. girls with darker/more hair are just as beautiful in whatever suit they wear compared to the next girl.

sketches sketches, actual sketches while I try to get some character designs worked out and play with some pens!

All Celestin Nanteuil wanted to do was be a famous painter and get rich off gallery shows. All he actually DID was become one of the most successful an sought-after illustrators of his day,  working with pretty much every popular author of the time and in demand with nearly all the writers of the Romantic movement,  and make a solid living off art until he was respected enough to become Director of the friggin’  Beaux-Arts Academie, which is either a tragic tale of Dreams Unrealized or a shockingly successful artistic career depending on how closely a Deadling was Looming when you asked him. 

–In fairness to him and his very dramatic loathing of his successful constant employment, he just  missed out on getting to participate in the Golden Age of Illustration, which would have given him both the chance to experiment in color that he mostly lost out on by being stuck with early-mid 19C illustration work, and the potential for serious fame. Illustration in France at the time was often a kind of generic affair, with a lot of publishers treating work-for-hire a bit like a stock footage search, and re-using and re-formatting art without credit or any sort of later payment. It was a pretty frustrating situation!  But Celestin was a True Romantic and, like all True Romantics, was way more Dramatic about it than mortals of a lesser artistic movement might have chosen to be. DESPAIIIIIR! 

…also he was apparently pretty like a dang Renaissance angel in his college years. He definitely got an amazing beard as he aged.

ID #55111

Name: Megan
Age: 17
Country: USA

I’ve always loved writing letters and I’m really looking for someone who’d like to send letters and cute little gifts and share art and whatever else you want.

My favorite genre of music is rock/metal, but I also listen to rap, some classical, old rock and country, pop, and modern country music.

I love art and reading and I am obsessed with the show Supernatural.

Preferences: Somewhere between 12 and 20, and be a decent person. That’s all. I can’t wait to hear from y'all!

Steven Universe theory rant

So, you know about this screenshot

Many people have speculated that the Gem in the right is a Lapiz (And I agree with them). And a thought just occurred to me;

Remember when Yellow Diamond said-

Oh, and you know what other thing would be ideal to help create a habitable enviroment? EARTH, soil, rocks, whatever you want to call it.

But, haven’t we already seen another gem that is capable of manipulating earth? Well, yes sort of. Remember this fucker

Yeah, the one who randomly creates structures out of sand

Oh, and you know who else was trapped in an object?

They would be the perfect pair to send terraform anything.

Also, IDK why but so much people are seeing this???

But I think is more like

(Admire my drawing skill)

Pls tell me your thoughts

video games

calum hood & y/n
word count - 2112
warnings - sexual content, language

“I have an idea.”

“Sounds promising,” Calum said, running his tongue over one of the dark purple marks he had left on your neck earlier that night.

“It’s kind of a going away present.”

“Go on.”

“We should record ourselves.”

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Dance Festival - Ch 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Race to the Edge Fanfic

Rating: K

Summary:   Hiccup and his friends are called back to Berk for their annual dance festival. They all have to pick someone to dance with and participate this year. Hiccup has to lead the dances and convince Astrid to be his partner but that is easier said than done.

Set during Race to the Edge, RTTE - Hiccstrid 

It was a warm, sunny morning on dragons edge. Not too hot, not too cold. The sky was clear, a slight breeze in the air and no dragon hunter ships in sight. Yep, today was perfect. Well perfect to do work, in Hiccup’s mind, but he decided that the riders could have the day off. They had done some solid work in the past week and they could really do with a break.

He walked to the clubhouse with Toothless trailing closely behind him. He entered to find all of them gathered around the table already eating breakfast.

‘Hey Hiccup,’ Tuff greeted, ‘Heather made breakfast today and it. is. DELICIOUS!’ He said licking his lips.

Hiccup went to a basket, got some fish for Toothless, then walked back to the table.

‘Yeah, smells good’ He answered as he took a seat next to Astrid.

He filled his plate with food and began eating.

‘So Hiccup, what are we doing today?’ Astrid questioned.

He swallowed his mouthful then answered, ‘Uh nothing…’

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mind of mine plot inspos
  • mind of mindd: new friends who bring you out of your comfort zone (in a risky, kind of toxic way) and make you question everything you know. helps you grow as a person, but not always in a positive way.
  • pillowtalk: the one night stand you brought home from the club...more than once. falling in love between the sheets. exploring every inch of skin on someone’s body. finding out what makes their toes curl. becoming possessive of one another. wondering if this still counts as casual hook ups. fighting over a label.
  • it’s you: being unfaithful. a break up you’re expecting, but still knocks the wind out of your lungs. fighting to stay together, saying goodbye over and over again. having your ‘last kiss’ over and over again. drunk calls and texts and getting sent to voicemail/r-bombed.
  • befour: hitting rock bottom. mister nice guy finally snapping. doing whatever the hell you want to do because no one can stop you anymore. making enemies with everyone you meet. drunken bar fights.
  • she: like samantha and lou from stuck in love. avoiding love out of fear of being hurt. soft conversations. sleeping in with someone during rainy days. coming out of your shell and opening up to someone. a femme fatale and an introvert.
  • drunk: falling in love with your best friend. realizing you’re in love with your best friend. wild and unpredictable summer nights. coming home at two in the morning and crashing on your bed.
  • intermission-flower: unrequited love.
  • rear view: reuniting after a falling out (or trying to -- could be one sided for extra angst). trying to understand what the other person is going through. putting the blame on the other person. ending up leaving them behind/getting left behind.
  • wrong: a fwb where someone starts catching feelings, but it’s not mutual. the other person playing along for the sex. knowing you’re being strung along. doing anything for love.
  • fool for you: the perfectionist and the careless. beating a dead horse. someone who wants to fix the relationship while the other person has already let go.
  • bordersz: the prequel to pillowtalk. shameless flirting. the thrill of the chase. playing hard to get. sending each other drinks at the bar. drunk dancing.
  • truth: getting caught up in drama. being salty and petty. ‘classy n sassy but never trashy’. instagram fame culture. maybe getting catfished?
  • lucozade: being unable to leave a relationship. knowing you’re being cheated on. turning the other cheek. drinking/doing drugs to deal with the pain.
  • tio: a cant keep my hands off you, strictly physical kind of attraction. lots of sexting and nude snaps. teasing. lap dances. rough and raw.
  • blue: a pure, sunday morning kind of love. craving domesticity. holding hands and butterfly kisses. fluff fluff fluff.
  • bright: two reckless people. lots of physical attraction but no emotional compatibility, slightly toxic while they try to figure out how to make it work.
  • like i would: seeing your ex with their new s/o and getting jealous. pettyness. trying to make them jealous back.
  • she don't love me: wanting someone you know is no good for you. treating yourself after a hard day/week/month/year/life. a true one night stand. waking up to an empty bed. anonymity. fake identities.

I Never Grew Out of My Emo Phase & Now Metal is Just My Favorite Genre of Music: A Playlist

Hi, all! As promised, I have complied a list of my most tried and true rock/metal/screamo/whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-them songs.This list is not all encompassing of the bands/songs I’m into, but I believe it’s a good beginner’s mix if any of you are wanting to dip your toes into the genre. The playlist is as follows:

  1. Immaculate Misconception- Motionless In White
  2. Crucify Me- Bring Me The Horizon
  3. Southern Constellations/The Boy Who Could Fly- Pierce The Veil
  4. Come and Get It- I Prevail
  5. Let Live- Of Mice & Men
  6. Dear Insanity- Asking Alexandria
  7. Soft- Motionless In White
  8. Bulls in the Bronx- Pierce The Veil
  9. The Downfall of Us All- A Day To Remember
  10. Killing in the Name- Rage Against The Machine
  11. Necessary Evil (feat. Jonathan Davis of KORN)- Motionless In White
  12. To The Stage- Asking Alexandria
  13. It Never Ends- Bring Me The Horizon
  14. Westbound & Down- Of Mice & Men
  15. Dead & Buried- A Day To Remember
  16. Born to Lead- Falling In Reverse
  17. F**k- Bring Me The Horizon

I took extra time crafting this playlist, so I highly recommend that it be listened in the exact order for its full effect. If you like it, please share with your followers. Lots of love and happy listening!

(Log into Spotify and listen to the playlist here.)


another meme i won’t finish: [2/5] current celebrity crushes zendaya

“If you have the right amount of confidence, you can rock whatever you want. You can rock a dang trash bag and make it as fashionable as you’d like, as long as you have the confidence to carry it. I think that is the best accessory that anyone could have.”

Alright so i recently made a post about the neat little thing i made

So you start out with about three shells. they can be any size as long as they are about the same size. Ive actually been considering making a large one with abalone shells!

here are the shells i’ll be using. I just bought these from a craft store

Now you gotta lay down something because sometimes the superglue will roll down the shell and you could end up gluing it to the table, which is no bueno. Then, you arrange it like this:

Then you take some glue and apply it to the center and wherever they touch.

Then you let it dry! just give it a good 5 minutes or however long it takes your glue.

And there you go! one layer of cool shell thing

if you want a stacked thing like i made, then you make as many of these as you want, and in between each one you glue a flat rock or a piece of sea glass or whatever you want!

so like this. and you can just go from there!

So i’ve sorta assumed that it only works if you start from larger shell layer on the bottom and stack up to the smallest one. and thats about it so have fun making crafts with your shells!

EDIT so I mentioned something about using abalone shells but I forgot to say that in some places it is endangered so whenever you use shells and such be sure to do a little quick research to make sure that what you are using is permitted by law or is good for the environment or local ecosystem

anonymous asked:

Its ok to ask more beruani?

Um, yes? You can ALWAYS ask for more Beruani!

  1. Annie gets cold very easily, and absolutely hates winter. Bertholdt is always quick to offer up one of his sweatshirts or his jacket, even before she complains about the temperature. He knows her well enough to know when she’s bothered by it, and the fact that he knows makes her heart melt a little bit.
  2. They are each other’s lifeline, rock, support system, whatever you want to call it. Even when they were kids, Bertholdt was the first person Annie would run to when she was upset or confused or lonely, and vice versa. They just get each other, and both need that constant presence in their life, someone to count on who will love you unconditionally. 
  3. They love dancing. They take any opportunity to dance together, be that late-night jam sessions in the kitchen or owning the dance floor at a cousin’s wedding. They’re just really, really good dancers. (And their first dance at their wedding brought 90% of the guests to tears cause they were just so good and looked so perfect.)
  4. The squad has made an instagram account to celebrate the aesthetic beauty of Annie and Bertholdt. They love to capture the height difference, the pale blonde with the olive brunette, the boy in sweaters and the girl in sweatshirts. They just snap photos of the two of them being cute together, and post it online cause it’s a really cute aesthetic. Both Bertholdt and Annie have found the account, but they haven’t said anything cause they think it’s kinda cool.
  5. Their most common arguments center around chores, (dishes that have been sitting in the sink for a few days, it was your turn to do laundry, no one’s vacuumed in a while, etc.) and usually aren’t that serious. Their worst fight happened at 2:30am, the morning after marriage was brought up for the first time. Christa had, without meaning to, mentioned it during a squad meet up that night, and the tension began to escalate until it boiled over at 2:30, and Bertholdt didn’t want to get married NOW and Annie didn’t want to get married AT ALL, and it wasn’t pretty for a few days, but then it all worked itself out. 
  6. Annie and Bertholdt will have study dates where they completely ignore each other for hours, but enjoy each other’s silent presence while they work. 
  7. They have movie nights at least two to three times a month. They’ll cuddle together on the couch with homemade snacks, (that they usually make together before watching the movie,) and then appreciate the film together. There is no talking during movie nights until after the film, and it’s a tradition they both sincerely enjoy. 
  8. Rainy days are such a struggle, because the height difference makes it so hard for them to huddle under one umbrella. They had one too many dates where one of them ended up soaked. So, as a joke, Bertholdt got Annie and raincoat that looked like a duck for Christmas to solve the problem. Annie responded by giving him a frog raincoat for his birthday five days later. They try to remember the raincoats whenever they have a date on a rainy day.
  9. Bertholdt is the only person Annie will let herself be vulnerable around. She’ll stop putting up a front with him, and let him know just how much injuries hurt or how awful she feels. And Bertholdt does all he can to help her feel better, from hugs to tea to talks that last until 3am. She feels safe with him, and him with her. 
  10. Before they were dating, Bertholdt would write Annie love letters. Some of them were cheesy, and meant to be sort of a joke, but a lot of them were really heartfelt and charming, and although Annie will never admit it, those letters helped solidify her feelings for him into something real. It had always been there, so when he started to show interest back, she fell fast. 
  11. They’re both big tea drinkers, and could talk over tea for hours. 
  12. They love to dress up and go out every now and then, make a date night a little classier and more fun by adding in the style factor. They also look damn good when dressed up. 
  13. Annie sneaks notes into Bertholdt’s backpack/work bag/lunchbox every few days. They’re just fun little notes, wishing him a good day and the like. He keeps every single one. 
  14. They have two kids, and both are brunette, and Annie thinks that’s unfair. 

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“so, i was thinking…” winn’s lips turned upwards into a smile. “now that all that martian nonsense is over and done with…maybe i could take you out for earth birthday? we can do whatever you want, go wherever you want…” he rocked back and forth on his heels a bit, biting his lower lip as he grinned at kara. “unless–of course, you have other plans..”

SO it’s @bananannabeth‘s birthday today and I wanted to draw her very cute OC’s for her! I hope today is as wonderful as you are, Ashlee! Happy birthday <3<3 !!!