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But I don't have any where near enough boob to get away with those tops it's just awkward

this reminds me of that post I saw. “Big boobs or making cute shirts look slutty since whenever the fuck I grew these??” 


After receiving an (now not so anon anymore *waves at Jane*) ask about “Matsuhana FF8″ :3 Them COSPLAYS!

(i seriously considered leaving the dick across their faces as watermark…)
(also considering prints of this because i love…)

Nomi Ryder

mind of mine plot inspos
  • mind of mindd: new friends who bring you out of your comfort zone (in a risky, kind of toxic way) and make you question everything you know. helps you grow as a person, but not always in a positive way.
  • pillowtalk: the one night stand you brought home from the club...more than once. falling in love between the sheets. exploring every inch of skin on someone’s body. finding out what makes their toes curl. becoming possessive of one another. wondering if this still counts as casual hook ups. fighting over a label.
  • it’s you: being unfaithful. a break up you’re expecting, but still knocks the wind out of your lungs. fighting to stay together, saying goodbye over and over again. having your ‘last kiss’ over and over again. drunk calls and texts and getting sent to voicemail/r-bombed.
  • befour: hitting rock bottom. mister nice guy finally snapping. doing whatever the hell you want to do because no one can stop you anymore. making enemies with everyone you meet. drunken bar fights.
  • she: like samantha and lou from stuck in love. avoiding love out of fear of being hurt. soft conversations. sleeping in with someone during rainy days. coming out of your shell and opening up to someone. a femme fatale and an introvert.
  • drunk: falling in love with your best friend. realizing you’re in love with your best friend. wild and unpredictable summer nights. coming home at two in the morning and crashing on your bed.
  • intermission-flower: unrequited love.
  • rear view: reuniting after a falling out (or trying to -- could be one sided for extra angst). trying to understand what the other person is going through. putting the blame on the other person. ending up leaving them behind/getting left behind.
  • wrong: a fwb where someone starts catching feelings, but it’s not mutual. the other person playing along for the sex. knowing you’re being strung along. doing anything for love.
  • fool for you: the perfectionist and the careless. beating a dead horse. someone who wants to fix the relationship while the other person has already let go.
  • bordersz: the prequel to pillowtalk. shameless flirting. the thrill of the chase. playing hard to get. sending each other drinks at the bar. drunk dancing.
  • truth: getting caught up in drama. being salty and petty. ‘classy n sassy but never trashy’. instagram fame culture. maybe getting catfished?
  • lucozade: being unable to leave a relationship. knowing you’re being cheated on. turning the other cheek. drinking/doing drugs to deal with the pain.
  • tio: a cant keep my hands off you, strictly physical kind of attraction. lots of sexting and nude snaps. teasing. lap dances. rough and raw.
  • blue: a pure, sunday morning kind of love. craving domesticity. holding hands and butterfly kisses. fluff fluff fluff.
  • bright: two reckless people. lots of physical attraction but no emotional compatibility, slightly toxic while they try to figure out how to make it work.
  • like i would: seeing your ex with their new s/o and getting jealous. pettyness. trying to make them jealous back.
  • she don't love me: wanting someone you know is no good for you. treating yourself after a hard day/week/month/year/life. a true one night stand. waking up to an empty bed. anonymity. fake identities.

Alright so i recently made a post about the neat little thing i made

So you start out with about three shells. they can be any size as long as they are about the same size. Ive actually been considering making a large one with abalone shells!

here are the shells i’ll be using. I just bought these from a craft store

Now you gotta lay down something because sometimes the superglue will roll down the shell and you could end up gluing it to the table, which is no bueno. Then, you arrange it like this:

Then you take some glue and apply it to the center and wherever they touch.

Then you let it dry! just give it a good 5 minutes or however long it takes your glue.

And there you go! one layer of cool shell thing

if you want a stacked thing like i made, then you make as many of these as you want, and in between each one you glue a flat rock or a piece of sea glass or whatever you want!

so like this. and you can just go from there!

So i’ve sorta assumed that it only works if you start from larger shell layer on the bottom and stack up to the smallest one. and thats about it so have fun making crafts with your shells!

EDIT so I mentioned something about using abalone shells but I forgot to say that in some places it is endangered so whenever you use shells and such be sure to do a little quick research to make sure that what you are using is permitted by law or is good for the environment or local ecosystem

"Bubble Blowing Bubble Baby! (Updated Version)" by Joshua Carpenter | Redbubble

Have some baby gummy stuff!
Not really trying to get money or anything. I just want people to rock some cute Gumball clothes or whatever else you may want is all!
I hear RedBubble is pretty easy and quite reliable so yea!
It’s here if ya want it, I’m not trying push anything on ya it’s yer choice! XD
You can look at my portfolio, course I’ll post a few more links later. I just decided to do this one first to tired to post em all at once.

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“so, i was thinking…” winn’s lips turned upwards into a smile. “now that all that martian nonsense is over and done with…maybe i could take you out for earth birthday? we can do whatever you want, go wherever you want…” he rocked back and forth on his heels a bit, biting his lower lip as he grinned at kara. “unless–of course, you have other plans..”

Trust Nobody v2  - Lyrics

(Dalton modified the lyrics to Trust Nobody when it was included in his Acoustic Attempt tour set)

You’re getting sleepy
I’m getting a high
you’re getting burnt
and I’m the fire

The change in your pocket
ain’t worth a thing
you can’t buy your heart
out of loving me

I’m a tornado
of wind and earth
I swept you up
and you got hurt

I am your famine
you are my feast
I am your rock
put your faith in me

Put all your faith in

I tell you to trust nobody
I tell you to keep you safe
you don’t need to be alone

I tell you to trust nobody
Keep em all at a good arms length
cause in mine you’ll find home.

Just do this….and Nobody will never leave you alone.

They never hear you cry in pain
I’m here to listen to what you have to say
whatever you want, whatever you need
I am your rock, but your faith in me

Put all your faith in

I tell you to trust nobody
I tell you to keep you safe
you don’t need to be alone

I tell you to trust nobody
Keep em all at a good arms length
cause in mine you’ll find home.

Just do this….Nobody will never leave you alone.

So this is love
So this is love
So this is what makes life divine

I’m all aglow
and now I know
The key to all heaven is mine.
You’re all mine.

You are my love
and you are mine.

I tell you to trust nobody
I tell you to keep you safe
you don’t need to be alone

I tell you to trust nobody
Keep em all at a good arms length
cause in mine you’ll find home.

Just do this…and Nobody will never leave you alone. (x3)


Happy Birthday, dear Imai-san.
Live a happy life (hope all your relatives and friends are happy and healthy too), healthy life (take care of your precious hands) and keep rocking! Do whatever you want, it’s the only right way. Just be happy. On this great day I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done, do and will do.
Happy 51st Birthday!

EXO Reaction to you calling them “papi”

Oh GAAADH! This is just… xD Have fun little pervs! Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/
Please remember requests are just closed for today T^T I’m on my own right now.

Chanyeol: *Did I hear what I just did?* “Say that again jagi??”

Kris: *Ignores you* “Forget about sexy time… I won’t do it.. no!”

Sehun: “You can call me whatever you want, I’m just going to rock you all night!”

Tao: “Can you believe her? Y/N and her sexual fantasies…”

Kai: “You really want me to be your “papi”? Because I’m going to punish you all night long” (50 shades of kai)

Xiumin: “She really is something else…”

Baekhyun: *Scared* “Papi?!… What am I to you?”

Luhan: “Get out of my bed… NOW!”

Chen: *You literally made one of his sexual fantasies come true* “Feelings…”

Kyungsoo: *Ready for it* “I’m your papy, hot stuff”

Lay: “Why are you calling me…. father?” *Is not getting it…*

Suho: *Rich daddy on the house* “Tell me what you need. I’ll give anything to my little girl”

Shanghai Knights {Sentence Starters}
  • "That's a terrible name for a detective."
  • "So what did your dad do?"
  • "It's hopeless. We'll never get past the guards."
  • "That's the corniest thing I've ever heard!"
  • "Oh, this country blows."
  • "I thought the food here was supposed to suck."
  • "The painting! It's looking at me!"
  • "It's just a rock with some gibberish on it!"
  • "Do whatever you want to the kid, but that's my watch you're holding."
  • "That's the most romantic thing a woman has ever said to me."
  • "What brings you to New York?"
  • "Just go ahead and drown me! I don't care anymore!"
  • "Throw whatever you want at me!"
  • "It's a puzzle box. I don't know how to open it."
  • "If you break her heart, I break your legs."
  • "This is a hell of a damn adventure we're on and I'm having an absolute ball with you."
  • "Refresh my memory. What gold are we talking about?"
  • "Put her down! Put her down!"
  • "Yeah, that's gonna make a lot of money."
  • "I was just thinking of a title for my new book."
  • "She's gonna fight my battles for me."
  • "Who loves you, baby?"
  • "You're driving on the wrong side of the road!"
  • "You think you're so cool with your karate."
  • "Are you gonna kick my ass?"
  • "I'm gettin' ready to launch a little thing called operation sweep her off her feet."
  • "Does your incompetence know no bounds?"
  • "You have a GREAT body. There! I said it!"
  • "I see a lot of myself in that kid. It's kinda freakin' me out."
  • "Wait, there's something different about this room."

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning and you go, “Does anybody get it? If I died tomorrow, what would go on? Did I actually touch people? Did I make a wave here?” Nicks says, stroking the long rivulet of blonde hair falling along her shoulder. “In the last couple of years, I have actually started to say to myself, Yes, you did. You have actually made a wave, and it has swept over a lot of people. It’s opening doors for you to step up, into whatever you want that isn’t even rock ’n’ roll anymore.” 

 OUT Magazine, September 11, 2014

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Ignore this if the ask box isn't open!! But could I request some fluff where aomine's s/o is insecure about her small cleavage because aomine is constantly commenting on mai-chans massive boobs? Thankyou!!

(tbh nobody should feel this way! rock whatever chest you were born with! or whatever chest you want to get! all boobs are great!)

You literally have to bite back your tears when Aomine’s gaze is transfixed on some actress on television. You were already wallowing in misery when Aomine came home, an advertisement you saw earlier enforcing the fact that your small breasts made you feel unattractive, choosing to brood silently, leaving Aomine none the wiser. 

“Daiki,” you whispered, voice cracking, “I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” 

Aomine’s hand grips your forearm before you can leave the couch. His blue eyes are clouded with worry and his lips are already parting for words to come out. 

“Baby,” his voice is soft, “what’s up?” 

“Nothing, it’s nothing.” You dismiss your boyfriend’s worry, and walk away. Aomine is hot on your heels, catching up to you effortlessly, and spinning you around to face him. 

“There’s something you’re not telling me, ______.” His voice was low. 

“I hate them!” You burst, pounding your fists on his chest. “I hate my chest! And I know you do too!” 

“Wait,” he looks at you, “what do you mean? I said no such thing, baby.“

“Just now!” You cry, “You were staring at that actress’ rack! And Mai-chan!”

“Hold on baby. I like big boobs, but I love your boobs best because they’re yours.”

“Ew,” you sniffle, “you’re so cheesy.”


Fruity French Toast for Panda
A step by step instruction (Don’t worry. This one will be short since this is just your regular French Toast recipe.)

Makes 2 human serving or 1 bear serving
(I eat 4 French toast at a time. Don’t judge me…)

For the egg mixture you need:

2 large eggs
1 loaf of thick-cut toast (ideally. I only had normal thin toast. But it works, too. You’ll probably use up 6-8 slices)
2/3 cup of milk
a pinch of salt (It’s to bring out the flavor)

optional, each about ¼ tsp (or whatever rocks your boat):
ground cinnamon
ground nutmeg
vanilla extract or vanilla sugar (I only used half the vial of vanilla extract.)

Well, you’ll want to beat the eggs before you add the milk. It’s easier.
*whispers* You may think it’s common sense, but people make all sorts of mistakes.

Now, add all the other ingredients (except for the toast) and mix!

Here is a visual aid on how much ¼ tsp and 1 pinch of salt looks like.
It may look a lot on these pictures, but it’s not. The taste was just right. Could have even used more cinnamon.

For the fruity garnish:

You’ll need:
A handful of strawberries
a handful of blueberries
less than a handful of green grapes
1 banana
1 orange

Wash all your fruit! (Except for the banana) ..and drain the water.

Peel the banana and cut it in slices.
Rip out the green leafy strawberry crowns and carefully cut off whatever green is left on the top center.
Cut orange into wedges by placing it on a side; allign top and bottom of the orange with your knife. Cut in half.
From there on, tilt one half of the orange to the angle you want your wedge to be. Set your blade right beside the white stringy part and cut your wedge. Do so for all wedges. That way you won’t have to peel off white stringy stuff each time you want to enjoy an orange wedge. ;)

Set fruit aside. If it’s really hot where you live and you think you may not get the toast right the first time, put the fruit in the refrigerator so it stays fresh.

Dip each toast in the egg mixture then fry in a pan with a tiny bit of oil or butter. Make sure to spread the oil evenly. I used PAM cooking spray.
If you don’t have cooking spray you can use a pastry brush. Cover the bristle tips in butter and evenly apply to the pan.

This is how I get my toast golden brown:
I start with a high temperature, then once it has heated up, I drop it down to medium temperature. Then I watch closely until see just a hint of smoke. When you see that bit of smoke and the toast starts to smell great, flip it!
Do the same for the other side.

Arrange your French Toast on a plate and pour the maple syrup.
Decorate with the fruit you have prepared.

Dig in!!! >=D

I swear to god if you’re fat and own a bikini or crop top you better fucking not even think about not wearing it because you look fab and should wear bikinis and crop tops all summer because you can wear whatever the hell you want and you rock it.