whatever people call them

  • Yoongi: know what I wanna do on this fine day
  • Namjoon: ignore the hate comments and the fake fans who don't love all of us equally?
  • Yoongi: hell yeah
Occult October ficlet

There’s always been something off about Q. Something queer, in the old sense of the word. (Well, and in the new sense of the word, too–the man’s as bent as a nine bob note.) But though Bond wracks his brain and goes through all of the human-adjacent possibilities, none of them match up.

Werewolf? Q’s not hairy enough, and there are no telltale signs of depilatory creams or procedures. Plus, Bond has seen him working on a night with a full moon.

Banshee? Bond’s heard him shout at a particularly incompetent tech, and there was nothing supernatural about it. (Q is also terribly, painfully surprised by 003′s death when it happens.)

Vampire? Dhampir? Bond takes Q out to lunch, and Q orders the garlic shrimp entree and insists on sitting at a table that gets the sunlight. When he laughs at something Bond’s said, his canines are all the usual length.

(To his surprise, Bond ends up laughing as well, when Q makes a witty remark and accompanies it with the perfect comically snide expression. When he laughs, Q makes a show of peering into his mouth, too, and winks at him.)

(Well, subtlety has never been Bond’s strong point.)

Q isn’t a siren–Bond catches him singing off-key to himself in Q Branch late at night. He’s nearly as graceful as a half-elf, but more than once he knocks a spanner off a workbench and Bond has to catch it for him, which rules that out. An elf would never act so unashamed of possible clumsiness.

When Bond takes him out for dinner and for a walk along the Thames, Q orders the steak instead of the fish, and while they’re walking he casts long looks at Bond instead of the water, so he’s probably not a selkie.

Q’s flat has no water features and no fireplace, and all the plants are half-chewed by his cats, so he’s not a nymph or elemental. He doesn’t carry a wand or wear a jewel-based channeling device, so he’s not a warlock either. (Or a witch, or wiz, or whatever the young people call them these days.)

And Q’s definitely not a zombie. No telltale scars, and he’s interested in eating things other than Bond’s brains.


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I still love Shir0 so much but I just wish he realized he was being a hypocrite in s4.

-Won’t try to connect with Black Lion again. Tries again later and connects.

-Keith you need to be the leader. Never mind actually do as I say and no we’re not following any of your ideas.

-Keith the team needs you. Well actually you can leave if you want miss you bye.

And even though he made mistakes they weren’t put out there to be judged like Keith’s. Obviously Keith made a lot of mistakes! But they are shown as mistakes and he gets called out for them.

ILU Shir0 but this annoys me.

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Which fics!!! Help a girl out

okay, sorry I went to bed pretty early last night and missed this. 

I was primarily talking about how @hattalove posted her big bang, got the sunshine on my shoulders.  It is a sweet home alabama au and over 100k!!!! and i just feel so nice and set up for my sunday, i’m so happy i get to read it.  

The other fic i am excited about is actually a damen/laurent one.  If you are into captive prince fic at all you should definitely check out the all the tumblr ficlets @Fahye wrote because it’s like they’re so good you feel you are slowly dying of amazement.  Anyway! They recently wrote a Bachelor/unreal au for damen/laurent and i’m gonna read it!!! here is a link: between the motion and the act.

Have a good day!! :))

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yo i feel like people need to realize bands like mcr actually DONT have ties to emo. real emo died long before mcr. mcr and bands like them (aside from fiatp) are capitialst crud and have no place in punk!! bye scenesters :)

who cares, its music people enjoy. let them listen to whatever the fuck they want

-mod kip


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PLEASE explain meanpost

ok so. meanpost. they were this really obnoxious tumblr user and i used to be mutuals with them im just gonna make a list of shit they did
-so they said they were japanese, native, jewish and white but that they were white passing but therefore could kin anime characters and like generally i dont wanna accuse people of faking their race but they definitely were
-they made holocaust jokes and when someone called them out they said “why cant i make holocaust jokes if black people can make slavery jokes” like bitch u are not jewish and thats also a really weird racist thing to say
-when they got called out for racefaking they said something like “yeah im jewish i have a big jew nose which i hate” 1. THEY DIDNT 2. yeah of course we all have big noses which we hate right
-said they were 14 but they were actually fucking 17 and theyd also use that they were 14 in arguments like uwu im a minor
-would get into stupid arguments with people and call them the r slur and then would say its ok bc theyre autistic so they can reclaim it
-had a bunch of kins including bill cipher and pretended to be a DID system so they could be like, the real (whatever character)
-they would call out and message people who unfollowed them which is why i took so long to unfollow bc i didnt want them to attack me
-god they were just such a freak eventually they got called out for reblogging “lolicon” even tho what they reblogged was just a regular anime figure and no one called them out on literally anything of importance they did
-i almost forgot: they were also manipulative and abusive like every other kinny on here
basically just a complete freak

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I see you made some of the Pokémon that didn't have animal connections into animals, but what type of animal is Swalott?

For Swalott I used an elephant seal and a basking shark for some reference but in the end those were mainly for influence. If you had to slot them into an animal I guess Gulpin and Swalott are kind of like goopey land seals in my versions– I mainly see them as their own goo monsters still but whatever your interpretation is fine. I’ve seen a few people call them slime dragons and I like that as well. C:


downton abbey meme: [2/4] friendships:

daisy and mrs. patmore

Hey lets start a new trend instead of sugarcoating ‘antis’ with a meek term like that why dont we start calling them what they ACTUALLY are

cyber-abusers and cyber-bullies


*Someone very kind took the time to point out to me that, anti is a bit of a blanket statement and my intent may be misconstrued as far as this post. I am not saying, at all, that if you claim yourself an ‘anti’ that you are a bully or abusive. I understand there are people who are survivors of abuse and they want to vent and avoid all content about the things that upset and disgust them and they of course, have every right to do so. Even if they are not survivors they of course have every right to dislike or hate something they find bad or uncomfortable or upsetting. My post was meant to refer, specifically, to the kind of people who label themselves 'anti’ that go out of their way to consistently harrass, send death threats and suicide bait people who may, for one reason or another, enjoy that ship or content. It was not meant at all, to label all antis as abusive or bad people and for the misunderstanding I do apologise. We are all here to have a good time and enjoy our dashes and fandoms without having to be put in negative or triggering situations. Nobody deserves that to any degree. And for any grief my post may have caused I sincerely apologise and wish everyone, on both sides of the spectrum well and safe scrollings~
~To Hell and Back~ Part 1 (M)

Never make a deal with the devil.  Easier said than done.  Enter the world of demons where things are not what they seem.  Friend or foe, nobody knows.  When mysterious and strange incidents come out of the darkness, will you be able to escape the depths of Hell alive and at what price?  

Rated M for Mature: Hint of gore and cursing


Word Count: 8,738

Never in your entire life did you feel so wrong about making a decision.  You felt nauseous as your stomach wrung in awkward twists with each step you took towards the impending building that glared down at you from above its perch, a whopping one hundred stories.  The rain spit against your face, sharp droplets so cold they stung your expose flesh when you looked up at the black sky.  So dark for the sky when it was barely 4:00 in the afternoon.  Even Mother Nature seemed to be aghast at your choice that she tried to deter you and force you to return home.  But you couldn’t, you had to do this.  

When you come to a stop in front of the golden metallic doors, your eyes scan the plaque on the door.  Hedonistic Enterprise is bolded on it and you wonder how the company manages to always satisfy so many clients.  It was very rare to see an unhappy person leaving.  Your internship started here not even a month ago and yet, you were able to climb up the workforce ladder relatively quickly.  

At first you were hired to work as a secretary on the first floor, answering phone calls and directing clients to their respective places.  You hadn’t even been there for a full week before one of the managers from another floor requested a personal assistant, so they sent you up because they were short staffed.  

Apparently, he was pleased with your work ethics so you became the permanent assistant for Sir, a man in his thirties with a stoic expression and slicked back black hair.  Yes, your boss was only ever referred to by that name alone.  Everyone had a word or special name they were known by, except for a significant few including yourself, that people called them for whatever reason.  

Sighing, you pull the heavy doors open and walk into the luxurious foyer.  Dark leather couches spread out across the room, each with mahogany side tables that are adorned with neatly placed straw flowers and tuberoses.  Their business slogan is painted above the front desk, “Your wish is our desire”  


It was a very sophisticated work environment, only business was ever discussed within these walls, nothing else, and you were perfectly content with the absence of mindless chatter.  The atmosphere always had a haughty attitude and it didn’t help when disapproving looks were thrown your way as the few people inside regarded your simple t-shirt and jeans.  Not that you cared, you had been in a rush when you received a strange phone call from your coworker who said he needed to speak with you as soon as possible.  You barely had time to grab your purse and phone before quickly saying goodbye to your family as you dashed out the door.  

You head to the elevators, pressing the up button before stepping inside when the silver doors slide open and you click the button for the 66th floor. To think in a matter of weeks you had gone from the first floor all the way up past the middle floor.  Anxiously you bite your lower lip, thinking about the unexpected meeting almost a week ago as the lift effortlessly rises.  

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not to get fake deep but i’ve really changed my philosophy when it comes to rph, social responsibility, tumblr popularity and how the three relate. 

if you asked me a little over year ago i would’ve said that someone with a large platform has a responsibility to educate every single time, but as time has gone on and i’ve gotten daily messages about reverse rac*sm, or how people roleplaying facists is “just fiction” or how i’m bullying people by calling them able*st or whatever the fuck else someone wants to be in my inbox about, i’ve realized that not only is it straight up not fun, but it’s also incredibly unrealistic for one person to be at the disposal of hundreds of people and have the right answer 100% of the time. 

there was a time where if the rpc was debating a topic, i dropped all other responsibilities and my entire day was now reblogging posts in agreement, posting my own rants or talking about it with people on skype and it really wasn’t good for me academically or mentally. gathering my thoughts and articulating them takes a ridiculous amount of time for me (this post took over an hour to write) so answering one ask could take a long ass time

so now my whole philosophy has changed from “if you’re popular in whatever community you’re in, you have a responsibility to educate” to “if you’re popular in whatever community you’re in, you have a responsibility to not encourage bullshit and ignorance.” and they really work hand in hand. 

I’ve seen white rphs (that i no longer follow ofc because I’ve cleansed myself) respond to complex questions about race with all the depth and knowledge of the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoji. Where instead of, i dunno, opening a question up to their peers and using that follower count to amplify voices that might not have been heard otherwise, they just continually say they don’t know and stay out it. Thats extreme ignorance! Thats bullshit!

For me, not encouraging ignorance means laughing at anons who have repeated the same tired arguments I’ve seen on this site for years , deleting anons who go a bit too far, reblogging posts instead of writing my own. 

I’ve seen y’all devote paragraphs upon paragraphs to every fool that steps in your inbox and the shit stresses me out because that is a tremendous amount of emotional labor y’all are expending, that is so much pressure you’re putting on yourself and for every anon you shoot down two more will come out of the woodwork to tone police you or tell you that you’re overreacting and idk man being on this site is tiring. These people are not paying your ass for the essays you’re penning you are under no obligation to constantly have to fight for the respect of marginalized groups. Sometimes it’s alright to just laugh at a rac*st regardless of whether or not you’re changing the world by doing it.

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Hi there, I'm a baby witch who's still trying to learn the ropes. My living situation prevents me from being open about it, so I was wondering if you had any tips or suggestions on how I can grow as a witch, without becoming too noticeable.

Hi there darling! I want to let you know I really sympathize with this so much!! I personally, never really struggled with having to hide my practice except for the short while I lived in Kentucky with my Christian mother and stepfather, but I still like to maintain a bit of privacy and mystery. With that in mind, here are some ideas or tips I had or could gather up for ya! 

    • Sigils are easy to hide(stick them in a notebook), easy to explain(just doodling) and easy to use!! You can do so much with sigils and some visualization!!! 
  • Book Covers! 
    • You can buy or make your own book covers adn sleeves, so you don’t have to worry about people seeing the titles or content anywhere. This way, you can read any books you wish without having people questioning them. 
  • Journaling/Book of Shadows/Whatever you call it
    • I think it is so so so very important to write down everything that inspires you or that you like! Any little thoughts or spell Ideas or random associations or things you want to try in the future or recipes or dreams whatever it is I think you should write it down always! And all you have to say is, I’m journaling!!
  • Crystals! 
    • Collecting and using them in your witchcraft is easily explained as just liking and collecting them for a personal connection! They are beautiful after all! 
  • For Your Herbs!
    • I wouldn’t recommend having large amounts or a huge collection, because lots of them could cause more of a stir then, say, rocks or doodles. I recommend having a small amount of very useful herbs, like the ones I listed in this post, here and explaining them by insisting on your using them for teas or maybe a slight interest in herbal medicine.
  • The Internet
    • If you have a private computer (that only you have access to), or some other device, putting passwords on them can protect your privacy and interests. If not, a combination of writing things you find down, and using the Incognito Mode that most internet apps have, can be useful as well. This keeps you from being tracked, and still lets you benefit from the knowledge you can find online. 
  • Tumblr of course!
    • Despite the drama and sometimes hate that can go through the community here, I wholeheartedly believe that Tumblr can be a FANTASTIC and entirely unique place to find information and learn/grow as a witch!!

I hope these are helpful or at least give you a starting point! Here are a few more links I gathered up. 

Limited Witchcraft Masterpost by recreationalwitchcraft

Post about Secret Witches

Tumblr Tag for Discreet Witchcraft

Tumblr Tag for Secret Witches

I hope this was helpful!!! Thank you for asking :)

Ask The Witch

Pornographic, or porn?

I get tongue tied over this topic 🤷🏼‍♀️
Once, I wrote a haiku that read:

So, If everyone
Had the same mentality
No one would do porn

I got asked a few times if I’d give being a cam girl a second try, or if I’d do “actual porn” or penetration stuff.

For now, nope! I think a lot of the way the anonymous community treats Cosplayers, cam girls, and content is really terrible.

I’m not opposed to it, but I just don’t think it’s for me. It’s a hard conversation to have between people who want to see that and someone like me who they’re asking to do that. Like, I have my reasons, but the more I say what they are, the more of a conversation it becomes and in turn, the more of a debate 🤔🤔

So I’ll totally reiterate some things that I’ve publicly said here and there over time, but the too long didn’t read is “probably not, bruh”

Porn is great. The porn industry is fascinating to me, but I’m also just not that into it. I’ve been interested in hentai, and cam girls that aren’t acting. But I really can’t do the forced “yes daddy” girls who say the word “daddy” like it’s awkward and you can hear it in their voice.

I feel like I read people really well. And if I don’t feel like someone is enjoying themselves, I can’t watch it, and not only that, but it’s a HUGE turn off.

I’m awkward. Some of you have met me, but I’m like… the kinda person that if I was “performing” something awkward and terrible would happen. I’m like… the Murphy’s law poster child most of the time. I’m also the kind of person that if I’m uncomfortable or afraid or nervous, you will see it on my face. I get a real “trapped cat in a box” look.

I have zero patience. Repeating myself is one of the reasons I struggle to want to be on Twitch while I work on things. I know it’s a rude part of me that gets aggravated, but I can’t seem to filter that out 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’d probably be worse if I was doing clips or vids or whatever the fuck people call them.

What if I buy all the equipment and decide not to ? That’s a HUGE fucking hurdle for me, I wouldn’t say it’s the money really, because I’m pretty sure if I talked about it with a few fans who have been around for awhile and want to see that, I could collectively fund everything, but then that puts pressure on me to commit to it. If I ever am solid on camming/vids that’s great, but I’m really not there.

I went from cosplay to artistic nude to cosplay and artistic nude at the same time and now I do that and some light friendly fetish modeling. Like ya, maybe someday I’ll feel differently, I follow a few Cosplayers who do cosplay porn videos, and one is actually a close personal homie! I am sooooOooooOoo them getting paid and soooooOooOoooOoo supportive of how everyone and anyone takes a hobby like this and takes bits and pieces of other things to weave them together.

So ya, anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️ a few people have asked me what I’m comfortable with, and honestly, my list of stuff I’m okay with is a lot longer than I thought 🙌🏻 go me!

Don’t worry my lil’ vanilla beans, I’ll still do normal cosplay to nude teases for as long as there is a desire for them. I know not everyone wants to see me tied up and drooling 😂🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

Endogenic systems

I am so sick and tire of this disproportionate hate toward endogenic systems, alright??
We are a (pretty obviously) traumagenic system, and you know what?? We don’t fucking care if you are endogenic or traumagenic or god knows what.

You know why? Because there are so much worse things going on that we don’t have fucking time or energy to waste on caring about people whom we have no affiliation nor bad blood with.
I perused the endogenic tag and all it is is hate, nothing but. And as someone who was abused, and people who were abused we DO NOT need to be acting this way.

It is for one not our place to decide what is real or not for an entirely seperate human being who we cannot control. It IS abusive and rude as hell to put people down for whatever fucking reason.

These people, systems whatever you wanna call them, are still people, they could be systems, they could be not, they could be disordered, they could fucking be not?! Who the fuck cares? Mmkay?

If some endogenic came to me saying they needed help with an alter or whatever, I would help them.

If some traumagenic came to me saying they need help with an alter I’m still gonna fucking help them.

Because we are all people in this hell hole of a universe and we all deserve love and compassion for innately existing on this godforsaken planet.

You scream that they are stealing our rescources, but how? Are they suddenly rounding up every DID qualified therapist and putting them in a box? No?
The likely truth is that they probably have ~~too many~~ fictives and that doesn’t bode well with you, and you probably think they are doing it simply out of seeking attention. Even if they aren’t is if absolutely without a doubt affecting you directly and harmfully? Probably not.

I ~~have~~ met a person who malingered my disorder for attention, I have seen the exact affects of it on myself and my peers, you know what my peers and I both thought? That it was bullshit.
Because the person who did so did it directly (literally the next day) after I divulged that sensitive information. And the person who did so purposely mocked my alters, purposely sought out attention by feigning a faint, spitting food and actively displaying how “unique” it was.

This person stopped acting multiple after two days.

Wanna know how it affected me? It made me angry. That she was obviously mocking my disorder for ATTENTION.
What’s the difference?

That was in person. This discourse/syscourse is entirely fucking online. The people you are attacking have absolutely no bearing on you because unless they are in your immediate vicinity, they aren’t actively harming you are they?
And even if they are truly malingering, they will probably knock it off after a few months of actual work to pretend to be multiple.

Quit attacking people you don’t know the half about, alright?

I know you’re hurt, I know you’re mad and upset about the situation you are in, but that does not give you the right to attack people you don’t even know. If anything it ought to teach you that attacking people, regardless of their mental state is fucking wrong.
Stop it. Just stop.

Rant over.

-The Siblings (all 52 or so of us, we are all angry)

half breeds is dehumanizing because it compares mixed people to fucking dogs. that they’re “less pure” than whatever race is more desirable of them. i’ve had people call me a “mutt” and “off white” and had people say to me “too bad you’re not full white” LIKE can you all just fucking listen to people when they tell you not to fucking use slurs that are fucking hurtful and dehumanizing oh my god