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Spotlight #14 - doodle-caboodle (Dio)


Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Dio. I’m an animation student attending the Art Institute for almost 2 years. I hope to someday work for Disney/Pixar but for now I’m just a supervisor at “The Pizza Place”. And my favorite color is orange.

When did you get into the fandom and how did you stumble upon it?
I think I first came in around the run arc. It was years ago during a not too great time in my life and a good friend of mine introduced me to it knowing that I’m a sucker for angel/demon lore.

Who are your favorite characters/pairings?
I’d have to say my favorite characters are Gabriel and Zadkiel. Gabriel because the character, in whatever form of media, is interesting. Zadkiel because she’s a badass who don’t need no one.

To be honest, when I first started reading the comic I shipped Raphael and Uriel. But then over time I also liked Gabriel and Anthea, Zadkiel and Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel, and Ipos and Sheila.

Favorite moment in the comic?
This entire memory arc is kicking my ass. But specifically I’d say my favorite moment right now is the update right after Natalie dies. (I’m curious how Orange is going to bring her back to life) The very end of the run arc is a very close second though.

What is your biggest inspiration as far as your art goes?
It really depends on the context and time. Mostly I’ve found inspiration in other artists, but I’ve also gotten it from games, music, movies, shows, etc. For example, I’m currently piecing together various aspects of other character designs to help build my own stories.

What would you say is your favorite piece that you’ve done so far?
For the fandom, I’d have to say that one Raphael picture I did a while ago where he’s floating and some ‘invisible’ stuff is behind him.

What would you say is one of your favorite things to draw?
Character designs mostly. Heads, hands, and especially expressions. Ironically, as much as I would like to draw cute things, it seems whenever I try, it just turns into horror (and I don’t even like horror).

What do you think influences your art style?
To be honest, anime used to be a big influence and then my artwork just stemmed from there with more American influences like marvel/dc comics, or shows like Teen Titans, Ben 10, and Young Justice.

What are some of your hobbies you enjoy?
I like to write and listen to music a lot. Or binge watch tv shows/movies/youtube videos if/whenever I get free time.

Before joining SaM, what was a fandom you were part of and are there any fandoms you’re into outside of SaM?
I’m not sure I was really a part of any fandom like I am with Satan and Me mostly because it seems like I’m still an ‘unknown artist’. I did like Supernatural though (surprise, more angel/demon lore), but now I enjoy Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Adventure Time, and Pokemon.

Is there anything else you’d like the fandom to know about you or anything you’d like to say to the fandom as a whole?
This fandom is so wonderful. Everyone is so nice and encouraging. It truly helps when creating to have that kind of feedback no matter what it is and is part of what helps me to continue to create. I just wish I had more time/energy to contribute.

Please check out Dio’s art and parody blogs and show them some love!

Art Tag: http://doodle-caboodle.tumblr.com/tagged/artage (some nsfw)

Art Blog: http://dio-draws.tumblr.com/

Parody Blog: http://thisiskindakooky.tumblr.com/

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Name: Maggie
Nicknames: My friend calls me Magitha…
Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius whatever that means
Height: 4′11″ i’m short
Orientation: straight (sorry tumblr)
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican and Irish
Favorite Fruit: Oranges
Favorite Season: summer fuck school
Favorite Book: Crazy by Amy Reed
Favorite Flower: ???? purple roses are kinda pretty
Favorite Scent: no idea
Favorite Color: dark red (would it be too edgy to say blood red i actually really like that color)
Favorite Animal: CATS
Coffee, tea, or cocoa?: cocoa i’ve never even had real coffee
Average Sleep Hours: like two?
Cat or dog person?: CATS but corgis are heckin’ adorable
Favorite Fictional Character: Isak from Skam i guess
Number of blankets you sleep with: One
Dream Trip: England maybe? I just want to meet my Internet friends tbh
Blog Created: March 2016 (oh god it’s almost been a year)
Number of Followers: 1,386 (thanks y’all)

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Malec AU First Meeting #21 ‘Orange’

I had gotten the prompt Orange on FF.net and got this sudden idea for it. I also am currently sick one again and felt like crying a bit. 

Blind!Alec and waiter!Magnus and the color orange.

Not edited.  


“I’ll paint the whole world for you, in whatever color you want. I’ll describe it to you when you can’t see, so my voice will be your eyes.“


His mother’s reading glasses had been orange. 

Isabelle’s favorite was orange. She had it worn for her first day of kindergarten. 

The lamp over his baby brother’s was painted orange. It played a simple melody, too, and it helped Max fall asleep. 

His father had a little orange cat sitting on his desk. Alec had made it in fifth grade, when they’d been allowed to experiment with clay. Alec still thought it looked ridiculous, the orange stripes looked messy and the eyes were mismatched, but his father kept it nonetheless. Every time Alec came to visit him, his fingers found the smooth surface of the cat. His father left it at the same spot through the years.

Isabelle had a new favorite dress, when she grew out of the one from her kindergarten days. She told him proudly that it was still orange. She took his hands and let his fingertips find the texture of the white roses that where stitched into the orange fabric and scattered across the dress. 

When his mother found an orange shirt in the store, she got it for Alec because she knew he liked the color. 

Max made sure that they got the right orange juice when they went shopping. "You can taste the color,“ he announced when he pressed a glass into Alec’s hands. 

Alec loved oranges, the bitter sweet taste, the feeling of the smooth outside of the peel against his fingertips. 

His mother still had the same reading glasses. 

One evening Robert came home, telling Alec that he’d gotten an orange collar for Garfield, Alec’s guide dog. 

It was Alec’s favorite color and the one thing that was still clear as day no matter how long it had been that his world had become dark. He remembered the other colors, too, but orange was a feeling that didn’t fade. He painted the darkness that was his reality now, orange, imagined the walls of his room with stripes or stars, whatever he felt like when he woke up. 


"The orange juice is for you?“

Alec had heard the steps before the voice had been there, it was pleasantly warm. He wore a T-shirt that was soft against his skin, well-worn, a bit too big, perfect for Alec. "Yes, thank you.“

The clunking sound of the glass against the table. There was no coaster, but in this little cafe, they didn’t have them. The walk from the door to the counter took Alec seven steps, four more to get to his usual table. The waiter only needed three to get to Alec. He was taller than Alec. Alec had only heard his voice around the cafe for a week now. Isabelle had confirmed that he was new. And cute. Alec felt his face heating up when the waiter’s footsteps didn’t lead him away right after placing Alec’s glass on the table. There were no footsteps. The waiter was still standing next to his table.

"Anything else you would like?“ The voice was calm and completely free of stress and tension despite the buzzing sound of the café around them. Alec turned his head a bit, to make it easier to listen to the waiter, easier to soak up his voice, drowning out the background noise. Isabelle always called it ‘staring with his ears‘.

"Do you still have some of the orange cake? The one with the cream in the middle?“

Ruffling of fabric. The waiter probably turned to look at the counter. Alec expected to hear footsteps now, that he would leave to check with the kitchen maybe.

"No, I’m sorry, it looks like we are out.“

Alec’s fingertips tasted the cold surface of the glass. It was the first time that he had found the courage to go to the café on his own and he felt stupid just sitting there drinking juice. But he wasn’t in the mood for coffee and he didn’t want to leave too soon because he wanted to keep that voice close just a bit longer. Garfield lay next to his chair, his warmth was a constant presence against Alec’s leg. 

"Oh, well-“

"But we have muffins.“ There was a smile and it was warmth against Alec’s skin. It was a certain high note in the words, a tiny drop of excitement that made Alec smile as well. He tried to hide it, biting his lip. It was stupid for a smile to be contagious that he couldn’t even see. Yet it was. This was fun. "Fresh from the oven.“ The upturn at the end, that was a smirk, a try at seduction. Alec’s heart fluttered in his chest. 

"Then I would like one of those,“ he decided, finally allowing his own smile to break free and paint all across his face with an exciting shiver running over his skin. He moved the glass closer to him, his fingers followed the straight line of the glass upwards, danced on the rim and for a moment they hovered in the air before touching the straw. A surface not as hard as the glass, not as cold. 

"I’ll get you one.“ One step, a second one. The cafe grew louder again. The third step sounded, but it was different, with more force than the others, a sudden movement. The next step was closer again. The waiter came back. He stopped next to the table, again not too close to disturb Garfield. A dull sound off something against the table, a hand. A movement, accompanied by an intake of breath, he leaned down and Alec tilted his head so his right ear was turned towards the waiter, where Alec suspected his head to be. 

"Oh, and before I chicken out again, I’d like to tell you something …“ Another intake of breath. He wasn’t close enough yet for Alec to feel the warmth of his body. Fingertips drummed nervously on the tabletop. 

"I think you’re beautiful.“

For Alec’s ears the café suddenly became silent. His face was painted with flames, his heart singing with heat. He didn’t move because he was afraid to wake up. In his mind the room was drenched in orange color, with sunlight kissing the windows and he didn’t care that the weather channel had spoken about a cloudy day. His world was flooded with sunlight. 

"Thank you.“ His words stumbled over every shivering heartbeat vibrating through his whole body. He wanted to say something back. He wanted to let the waiter know that he liked his voice, that it had a tinge of orange to it. But he found that he couldn’t, his world was reeling and spilling over with vibrant colors, that for now there was no place for more words. He would come back again and do it then.

"I’ll get you your muffin now.“ And the three steps back to the counter and beyond had a new rhythm to them, but maybe that was just because Alec’s heartbeat got mixed in with their sound. 


When he’d woken up in the hospital after the accident, he had cried and Isabelle had been with him there. She had held his hand, had whispered into his ear 'the walls are orange‘. He had yelled at her, had been so angry, but she had just hugged him and when her tears had painted his cheek with her own sorrow, he had understood that he wasn’t alone with his pain.

"For you, they can be orange, Alec,“ she had whispered, words almost drowning in tears. "For you, they can be every color you want.“ Her fingers had gripped his shoulders hard. Her hug was almost too tight to breathe, but it was what had prevented Alec from breaking apart back then.

“No,“ he’d whispered putting his arms around the shaking chest of his sister. "Orange is perfect.“

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• Nicknames: Kris
• Star sign: virgo
• Height: 5'5 ft / 167,5 cm
• Favorite music artist: Melanie Martinez, Dan Croll, Matthew and the atlas, Studio Killers
• Last TV show you’ve watched: Disappeared
• What kind of stuff do you post: I post my art, and reblog aesthetic stuff, cool art and whatever is cool to me
• Do you have any other blogs: I have an ask blog, @minisaxton
• Why did you choose your URL: Kris + random letter + q
• Pokemon team: none, I don’t play it
• Favorite colors: orange, black and blood red
• How many blankets do you sleep with: 1
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@ASTOLDBYASPEN’s SimTube (Beauty Guru)

Heyyyy beauties!

I’m Aspen Palmer & welcome to my SimTube channel! 

I have to tell you girls… or guys, if y’all are watching too? anyways, I’m super nervousss. Like, this is my first time recording myself actually talk or whatever… *laughs* but here we go. 

Umm… what do y'all want to know? Well, I guess I can start by telling you about myself. Umm… I’m 21 years old. I’m a Junior Fashion major at FIN (Fashion Institute of Newcrest)… shoutout to us. *laughs* Um, I love fashion and everything about it. I’m working towards having my own line someday… 

My favorite designers are hands down Hermes and Chanel. If you can’t telllll, my favorite color is orange. Literally my entire loft is orange and fashion. *laughs*

Well, I don’t want this video to be too long… hopefully you all subscribe to my channel & give this video a thumbs up! Also, leave comments down belowwwwww…. see you all soon! *kisses* buh-bye.

*note: this is a FICTIONAL person/character/guru*