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OtaYuri headcanons bc I am Suffering

- Yuri always loses his hairties so Otabek has some on his wrist

- also! Otabek is A+ hair braider

- whenever Otabek gets his undercut reshaved Yuri likes to run his hands over the buzzed part

- when they start dating when Yuri's 18, Otabek is lectured by Nikolai, Yakov, and Victor & Yuuri

- Yuri grows taller than Otabek

- he’s a dick about it, using his BF as an armrest and calling him smol

- Otabek teaches Yuri how to drive a motorcycle

- it’s a bad idea

- like yikes. so much roadrage.

- Yuri grows cacti and names them (after skaters but DON’T TELL ANYONE)

- they call each other ‘Beka’ and ‘Yura’

- Yuri secretly loves rom-coms

- they’re both pretty bad cooks so they get by on simple stuff

- except Katsudon (Otabek learns how to make it from Yuuri and makes it for special occasions)

- Yuri remains the only person to make Otabek genuinely laugh

- Otabek likes getting up early but Yuri is more of the 'don’t touch me til noon’ kind of dude

- bc of this Otabek wakes him with coffee and forehead kisses

- Yuri sends Otabek random Snapchats of things that remind him of his BF ('Look Beka it’s you!’ *insert picture of trash can*)

- Yuri has JJ on Snapchat and views his story out of pure spite. He then gripes about JJ to his BF

- Yuri steals Otabek’s clothes

- Otabek has a younger sister who LOVES Yuri

- Yuri is kind of confused at first - a child doesn’t hate him??? what??? - but he grows to act like another big brother

- Yuri knits as anger management and makes some of the people he likes sweaters to go with their personality. (Victor’s is pink and silver, Yuuri’s is a rainbow, Chris’s is red and has a boob panel. Otabek gets a black one and matching gloves.)

- they’re not big on PDA

- but a lot of times they’ll hold hands or hook their pinkies together

BASICALLY they may be world-class ice skaters but are actually just dorks who adore each other


anyway i got super sad last night and made a vine compilation to cheer myself up even tho this trend died a while ago


Okay so first off let’s establish that VDM is not Life Is Strange okay, the vdm siblings were made from the siblings’ assassins au and they are an original concept.

“So who’s Maximus and Maxine?”

Okay, so first we have canon Max, who is the original, and we have alternate timeline Max, aka; Maxine, who is from the save William timeline.

Maxine’s personality was based on all the hints and texts you can read in the alternate timeline in the game.

After reading a lot of fics about alternate Maxes and different timelines, I thought, wow it would be cool to make an alternate Max of my own, and so Maximus AU was born. 

And so now I have three different Maxes, and at this point they didn’t really merge until I made a joke like “Haha what if siblings au” and that’s exactly what happened.

I merged them all into one AU where Max has two older sisters and Chloe and Vic also have older sisters.

Thought Maximus from the Siblings AU is a bit different from Maximus in the Maximus AU

Siblings AU Maximus is less of an asshole that only cares about herself and Liz and Mary and feels more thanks to her sisters.

The other characters you need to know about are Elizabeth Price and Maribeth Chase, the older sisters of Chloe and Victoria.

While Max looks up to Maximus, Victoria’s relationship with her sister is a bit rocky since she feel like she can’t escape her sister’s shadow and is always being compared to her. Mary is also a prodigal child that can match Maximus, she complements Maximus very well which made the caulfield very interested in her. 

Maximus and Mary are engaged and live together.

There’s also a fanfic ongoing for this AU, please go and read it if you like and I hope this helped :)

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my mind: now there's a solemn old tradition for admission or audition to transition from a come from away to be a newfoundlander the only other way at any rate is pass away and pray to fate and wait to reincarnate as a newfoundlander hey hey come on inside nothing ventured nothing-
  • psychic: what the fuck