whatever nobody reads the description on my personal artwork anyways

Felt like doing a few more doodles before bed so I did my Frossvoir.

References of sort I guess not that anyone would draw her

She DOES wear a mask of sorts. It can come off, but only if she wants it to. You can’t like, knock it off - it fits pretty snugly. She’d never take it off to show someone unless she really super duper trusts that person/pokemon/whatever - she thinks she looks ridiculous without it on, and it protects her head, which is rather vulnerable. Just trying to get a feel for how it would sit on her and stuff.

I really do prefer drawing her and Kudapony other than my human self… I feel like they’re more me than I am. Kuda is my more outgoing, nutty side, while Fross is more of my sit back and watch side, I guess? I can’t see Fross going out and running in circles no matter how excited she is, while Kuda will easily and eagerly do just that.