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actual believable explanation for why your ryder twin goes by their “default” name instead of a name you picked out for them: if you’re playing non-western ryder family, their legal name is whatever name you picked out but for assimilation purposes they choose to go by scott/sara

“hey, tae-eum!”

“scott is so much easier. no one can pronounce tae-eum”

“it’s also so much more boring-er.”

“that is not a word.”

To me, from the musical aspect, hip-hop is going in the direction where it’s like almost damn near 100 percent on everything besides the music. Like what you look like, the sound of your name, to what you’re wearing, whatever intoxicants you choose to put in your body, to, you know, everything except for what the music sounds like. The mask is really a testament to yo, it’s not about none of that. It’s straight about the wreck. You could be any color, or whatever, the mask represents just everybody. Yo, Nothing matters, the brand of clothing, none of that matters. It just matters how you spit and the beats, if the beats is raw, then that’s what it’s about.

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Ice Shock

Ice Thunder




Sub-Zero Static


White Lightning

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hey is it ok that my chosen name is super feminine?? as in, really feminine, its as feminine as princess sparkle fairy,,,,, my gf has said that its too feminine and nobody will take me seriously but i want a second opinion ajdkflf

It’s perfectly fine. You’re not even required to change your name. The good thing about being able to choose your own name is that you literally can choose whatever the heck you want. (Unless it’s an outlawed name where you live.)


Theory Proven - Ciel Phantomhive x Reader

Sorry this took awhile to get out, there wasn’t any specific scenario requested, so I decided to do first meeting. If you want a part two where the relationship is initiated, or something else, idk, feel free to request it! ^^ If you wanted something different, feel free to request something else! Hope this works, honey.  

Y/N = You.

L/N = Your Last Name

F/N = Friend (whatever friend you choose to die lol).

Cast unto the sky was grey clouds that hung over London, giving it a rather gloomy glow. Rain was in store for everyone who resided there. For more kean nobles, umbrellas were already drawn and the atmosphere seemed to fit the occasion. Well, in Y/N’s eyes that’s what it marked. It wasn’t a party, nor a day at church, but a funeral.

Tears soaked Y/N’s cheeks, unknowing how to stop their agony. F/N had comforted you throughout your whole life, having comforted you when you needed it, always caught your tears when they were shed, and was always there to share your smile. They were an angel in your difficult life. But like most things, they were taken from you. The least you could do was bid them a farewell.

Sniffing, you forced a welcoming smile on your tear stained face as you boomed, “Thank you all for coming here in remembrance of F/N…”

The eulogy you wrote perfectly described their character, you had brought experiences that brought others to tears as the bittersweet feel arose inside of them. The feeling didn’t leave you, either, as you concluded. Their family was pleased with what you had to say, as they were glad that someone as bright as you was their friend.

As the service was finished, you felt a gloved hand on your shoulder as you turned to greet them, it was unrecognizable boy with no smile, but a smirk. He was dressed gracefully and he had an unremarkable beauty about him. He was blessed genetically, with his large blue eye, the other shielded strangely with a dark eyepatch and his darkened hair displaying that of a young, handsome boy with some sort of cheekiness in his appearance in itself. An older handsome gentleman stood next to him, his appearance more dark and overwhelming than the younger’s.

“May I help you?” Your tone was kind, but uneasy as you raised an eyebrow. You weren’t in the talking mood, especially feeling as emotionally drained as you were.

Gripping his cane, he shook his head in a dignified manner. “No, there’s nothing you can do to help me, but I’m here to thank you for your words. I did not know F/N, but after hearing you describe them I know it would’ve been a pleasure to have.”

You smiled, he was seemingly kind, but had an off aura about him.

“Thank you. I’m Y/N L/N,” You were still rather unsure of why he came to the funeral if he knew little to nothing about F/N. After all, it was a rather private service.

“Earl Ciel Phantomhive. I’m working the case to find the murder of F/N. If you don’t mind, would it be indecent if I stopped by your home later today to ask questions about the details and if you might’ve know anything about the types of people they hung around, or if she had any suspicious new acquaintances.” His tone was more cold and callous now, no longer held that sliver of kindness. The statement in itself was very direct and to the point.

You now knew exactly why he was here. The feared Queen’s Guard Dog who looked nowhere near more than a pup.

“..I don’t see a problem with it, if you’d like, I can give you my addre—”

Before your sentence was even finished, Ciel interjected quickly, “That won’t be necessary, I already have it. Farewell Ms. L/N. Sebastian, let’s go.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Before you knew it, the two strangers had departed. You let out a sigh, he was rather impatient, wasn’t he? But he brought something to the table you’d never thought you’d feel for a noble, a sense of fondness. Strange as it was, you figured you ought to get home to prepare for the evening ahead.

~ One Carriage Ride Later ~

Departing from the carriage, you waved kindly at the driver before descending on your way. Rain had began to fall hard and before you even reached your home you were soaked. Your hair matted with water, eyelashes coated with drops of the water almost artistically as your knuckles turned pink from how cold it was. It made you all the more eager to head into your home, to be warmed to the core before tidying up for your guests.

Before you even had the chance to reach the steps of your house, your mouth was covered by a hand, yanking you into the alleyway. The attacker soon emerged from behind you and forced you against the wall, before his face was revealed.

A large scar arched down his left eye, causing a repulsive look to his appearance. His hair matted in grease, unkempt and stringy. His clothes were dark and his grossly long fingernails had dirt caked underneath. You swore you gagged at his appearance, quite the opposite of the men you saw earlier.

“Ya’re quite ‘te beaut, aren’t ya? I’ll take me time with you.” Purred the figure, as he drew out a long weapon, your attempts to scream went unnoticed as his hand still remained on your mouth. The other gripping your waist and rubbing the sides disgustingly. You squirmed uneasily before you heard the familiar voice that sounded like honey during this point in time.

“Sebastian, do it now! I order you!”

There was grace in the following actions that took place, the repulsing thug ripped from his grasp on you and slammed to the ground. It took a matter of seconds and a grunt of pain before he lost his consciousness, and you were left panting in both shock and exhaustion from the encounter.

How the noble knew where you were, or the fact you were in danger was unknown to you, before you met his eyes.

You swore briefly you saw a look of relief in those cyan eyes of his, before he addressed you as the butler heaved the figure onto his shoulder, “By the looks of it you’re alright, but if you’re not, Sebastian can be at your aid. It looks as though we’ve found the murderer of F/N, and it didn’t take too long to figure out he was going to do the same to their closest friend who had information on the murders.”

Your expression tightened, shocked that he put you in danger without even letting you know all too prove his theory. Your brow furrowed, prepared to give him an ear full.

“So, you knew this whole time he was after me and yo-”

Ciel smirked deviously at your anger, “You’re alright now, aren’t you? To make up for it, why don’t you have tea at my manor?”

Re-Announcing the More Okay zine

what’s this? – a multi-artist magazine collected/edited/organized by [nelson]

the prompt/premise – something (an event, a piece of media, a statement, etc.) that made someone feel more okay about themself

what can I submit? – these can be personal essays, poetry, short works of fiction, art pieces, comics, anything that can fit inside a zine

what length for written pieces? – 100-1000 words for prose, 10-100 lines for poetry

what size/quality/dimensions for art pieces/comics? – pages will be 5x8 in, 1:1.6 ratio, 300ppi means 1500x2400 pixels 

how will I be credited? – however you want to be, whatever name you choose, with an ‘index of artists’ in the back of the book incl. a short bio and whatever links or social media handles you wish

contact me before April if you want your piece included

Hey trans kids choosing a name: you don’t have to choose a name “parallel” of yours, meaning you don’t need to choose the male or female version. If you’re name is Joann you don’t have to pick John, if your name is Shaun you don’t have to pick Shauna, you can choose whatever name fits you best.

Morning affirmation:  'Your will be done God (whatever name for God you choose), not mine, in me and through me; show me what I must do this day, and let me be a channel of your blessings to all.’
Evening affirmations: ‘My concentration is becoming perfect.’
That should be done for two weeks, then change to, ‘My concentration is perfect.’

Pre-sleep affirmation: This is often the most effective affirmation because you repeat it as you are going to sleep; this carries it deeper into the sub-conscious. For this reason your highest priority affirmation should be done as you go to sleep. If you want to be able to remember your dreams in the morning, or you want to be conscious of your dreams while you are having them, use the following statement
as the pre-sleep affirmation until the difficulty is resolved: ‘I remember my dreams and I am conscious while dreaming.’

—  The Lost Teachings of Atlantis
But you should choose whatever name seems right to you. I’ve always said there is a great deal of power in words, and that means names, too. A name you choose for yourself could tell the story of what your destiny will be, and who you intend to become.


The Bane Chronicles: The Last Stand of the New York Institute by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson