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Okay so just banging this out right now while I’m thinking of it- this came into my mind last night during possibly the worst work shift of my life

So a symmarah/pharmetra/whatever au (I love them but there are too many ways to combine their names) high school au bc I think it would work best there?

Anyway, Fareeha is like, a star athlete, basketball, field hockey, rugby, whatever. Probably a few bc that’s how it works. She’s pretty popular and well-liked but like… somewhere around junior year she decides she needs to add an academic club to round out college apps and ends up in science olympiad or something

And she’s smart but hasn’t really done this kind of competitive testing before?? But ends up taking a shine to one of the build events, the one headed by Satya.

And Fareeha just immediately is blown away, bc Satya is smart and beautiful and super capable, but also seems super uninterested. Meanwhile, Satya is torn, because who does this girl think she is, just waltzing in this late in the game and she’s bitter about being saddled with her but on the other hand…. Fareeha is genuinely pretty smart, and has good ideas if not the experience to know how they’d make it work, and also have you seen her arms??? And they’re both just big gay messes™ trying to work together on this project

Probably they win a state gold or something and they go up to get their medals and satya just… can’t stand it and kisses Fareeha who is just over the moon.

Bonus for Satya in Fareeha’s letterman and her coming to basketball games with noise mufflers but staying and giving advice bc she might not know much about basketball but she does know strategy. And sometimes it’s really good advice and sometimes Satya has nothing bc she got really distracted by how great Fareeha looks in her uniform.

Also bonus for them being the prom queen power couple senior year n.n


Like the moon chases the sun and brights on the sky because of it. You’re my sun, please let me be with you, forever.

Happy Birthday magicisfantastic! // (4/5)

Almost done! Hope you’re ready for the last one~

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I lost so much respect for you just now. I'm not a "belieber" but you don't have the right to judge him just because he is famous. What makes you better than anyone else? Your pointing a finger at him but try looking in the mirror. Maybe the reason you see his flaws and dislike them is because you share them

  • i’m not judging him because he’s famous, i’m judging him for the actions he partook in to prove himself an asshole
  • i’d like to see exactly where i said that i’m better than him. haha. don’t put words into my mouth :))
  • i dislike what he does because of how he displays himself. he could be a much better person. i understand people make mistakes but like how could you fuck up as much as he did multiple times like if he was a better person, he’d learn from his mistakes and use his experience to prevent him from fucking up next time. also, there’s people who are famous and are GOOD role models to their audience: they don’t DUI, they don’t egg people’s houses, you see what i mean

like i respected bieber before his downfall but he’s just not proving himself as someone who learns from their mistakes. he presents himself as arrogant and that’s why he thinks he can do whatever 

People, someone asked me for examples of the 100 times dean was cruel to Sam when NOT a demon. I guess they want me to go through canon and list 100 things, which I’m almost certain I could do?? But I’m at a con and don’t have time for this shit so lalala whatev. Hahaha.