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CR Ladies Week : Day Three : Keyleth

i decided to draw keyleth in my outfit (that i actually wore on the third day of this good week i kid you not) using this wonderful reference pic



So every year a group of neighbors and I do a progressive dinner. This year rather than doing a separate course at each house, you know, progressively, we are just doing an appetizer theme. 

My house is first this year, so I’m thinking about just doing a crostini platter, but that’s pretty unimaginative. I want something delicious and simple and that doesn’t take a million hours to cook/prepare.

Help meeeeee


And so the line in the song is like, ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart.’ But I think– And for me, that makes sense but I have friends that, I think, they’re wired a little bit differently and it makes them happier to be logical […]. So I don’t know that it necessarily makes sense for everyone to ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart’ but for all of us, I think that was the way that it worked.” 

abandoned-theme-park  asked:

faith, buffy, fred, cordelia? (it's clem)

unfortunately i’m only going to do faith. not because i hate fred and cordy (buffy is here) but because i don’t think about their characters often enough to give fun and interesting answers. i love you pls don’t be mad 


  • sexuality headcanon: a lesbian. but… also possibly bisexual? either way i don’t think she’d ever actually be with a man because of all the damn trauma™ she’s got stashed away
  • otp: faith/tara it’s the only way i see faith ever being truly happy (in a relationship sort of way)
  • brotp: faith/angel & faith/buffy 
  • notp: faith/men not named angel (specifically wesley & giles though)
  • first headcanon that pops into my head: faith learned to read (like, actually read something other than comic books) while she was in prison and she got her ged and angel was really proud of her bye 
  • favorite line from this character: the entire “pain and hate” speech thing like. i dunno. i feel that? i feel it so much 
  • one way in which I relate to this character: literally every way imaginable? how is this even a question. it’s me. and faith. we r twins 
  • thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: anytime she’s with angel or the scoobies and she says something that doesn’t quite “fit” the group. like when she assumes oz’s band friends are screwing or whatever based on something he said and everyone just kind of stares at her. or worse when they look away and pretend they didn’t hear her. i dunno. as a fellow poor trashy kid that also kind of got lumped into a group of people they didn’t quite “fit” with it’s super duper relatable and makes me want to cry for her 
  • cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: cinnamon roll as fuck!!! i love her!!! precious babe!!! i bought her gummy worms!!!!! 

so here’s what I wanna do… does anyone know where I’d find this code or how I would fix this? I kind of want it all to be on one “line”?

like right now it’s like this

#talking tag
#my art would improve a lot faster and be a lot better if I JUST USED SOME REFERENCES BUT I ALWAYS FORGET

but I want it to be like this

#talking tag #my art would improve a lot faster and be a lot better if I JUST USED SOME REFERENCES BUT I ALWAYS FORGET #@SELF WHY

this only seems to be a thing when I’ve typed some long tags, like when they’re short or all fit on one line anyway it’s fine?

thanks friends! <3

every few months i say im going back to school and it never happens but this time around it might actually become reality and im honestly not sure how to feel about it


I’m thinking we should ride
To a place that we don’t know
To a place where no one’s seen us before
I’m thinking, you and I
Better just go with the flow
Last thing that we should do is go slow


Peter Bishop in “Black Blotter” aka I just woke up and i’m not ready to deal with this shit

Blind alley.


Down a ‘blind alley’ is where ‘Chuck’ is going, refusing to see certain missing truths/facts in his story…

(and is this also where the SHOW is headed, or has been headed, down…?)

I Just Have a Lot of Feelings Post (novella version!)

The talks about a Hunger Games theme park are seriously bumming me out. I don’t want it. At all. & you know me by now- I’m obviously a huge fan of the series. It sounds cheesy but it really changed my life for the better. Obviously this is meant to be a funny blog but I’ve got my own code of what is & isn’t okay & I take the books very seriously. I mean, I even have a Hunger Games tattoo for goodness sake. But a Hunger Games theme park?? Get outta here.

The joke for years has been like YES! Take me to Narnia! YES! Take me to Hogwarts! HOLY HELL NO I DONT WANT TO GO TO PANEM. It’s horrible! The Capitol is horrible! It’s ALL horrible! That’s the point! I can’t honestly fathom how they would make that enjoyable in any way. You just can’t & no one should even try.

Let’s hop on the Capitol train! Shiny! Fancy! to..oh.. the Capitol. Because you’re being forced to fight other children to the death for entertainment now. Smile!

A berry stand! Yum, berry smoothies! Oh, right, because how nightlock is literally a deadly poisonous berry that killed Foxface & nearly Katniss & Peeta… okay, yeah, that’s awful.

Mellark bakery! Hey, that’s nice. Oh remember how he’s treated? By his family then wow! That next level hell that the Capitol did to him??? Oh boy. Yikes. The cheese buns don’t look too good now.

Oh! Let’s go visit District 12! Oh. No. No, this place is horrible. It’s literally hell on earth with people starving to death, beaten/whipped/killed by Peacekeepers, & lots of coal mines. Remember when it got bombed & nearly everyone died & now it’s only ashes & bones? Are they selling coal & hard hats in the gift shop? Okay, moving on.

District 11? 10?? 7??? I know! District 1! With all the fancy luxury goods they make! …to supply the Capitol… Oh shit, they’re also raising children to train for & volunteer to be merciless killers for the “glory” of The Hunger Games, aren’t they? Nevermind. District ummm.. yeah, you know what? They’re literally all awful. Let’s not visit any.

Is this a replica of the arena?? Wow!! Look at that cornucopia!! Shiny! Remember when they release the Mutts genetically modified to resemble the dead tributes so then Katniss, Peeta, & Cato try to get away by climbing it & they nearly kill Peeta then slowly eat away at Cato to the point where Katniss finally killing him is a mercy?? Oh! & that’s where Thresh killed Clove! The bloodbath!! Wow, this is awful! Truly truly awful! Literally the worst!! Let’s never do this again! 

Let’s check out the happy shiny bright beautiful Capitol city! Where they are lavished with more than they could ever want or ask for at the cost of everyone else’s lives! Brainwashed to all hell to anticipate, cheer on, encourage, & bet on the spectacle that is The Hunger Games! Kids killing kids is the best, right?? Can’t wait for the tribute tour!! People literally starving to death to provide them food that is so abundantly plentiful that they make themselves vomit so they can keep eating more!

Oh, look- Snow’s mansion! Remember the countless number of people he’s manipulated, tortured, & murdered?? Oh boy. Watch out for the pods! Don’t want to set one of those off! Then you’ll die in a more horrific way than you could have ever possibly imagined. Watch out for the Mutts! They’ll literally eat you. Better keep your mouth shut, too. Don’t want to be turned into an Avox. That’s no fun! Just ask Pollux or Darius. Well, actually, they couldn’t answer you because they cut your tongue out. Nevermind.

Water park? No. Training area? No. District 13? Nope.

Don’t want it. Don’t need it. Don’t do it.