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Nostalgia from the Past (EiRoku | EizenXRokurou)

“You’ve got to be kidding me…”

Eizen sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance as he found his desk covered in chocolates from students and teachers alike. There was no way he’s eating all of these up so he thought he’d just send most of them to Edna… or share some with Aifread and his crew.

He was sorting out the sweets (“Edna will like this one… Oh, these chocolates with alcohol’s definitely for Van.”) when a small package wrapped in traditional Japon designed paper caught his eye.

Purple and Yellow.

He unfolds the wrapping and found 3 Chocolate coins designed like his Dellis Kharan Coin… except both sides were all Martel’s face and none of Dhaos.

The Teacher smiled. He knew where the gift came from.


Eizen found the dark haired student at the school’s roof deck after class that day.

“I asked Kurogane to make me a mold for the chocolate… did you like it?” Rokurou asked. He was aware that the teacher was there for him for his gift.

The older man was clutching the package on his hand, “I have… yet to taste it…”

“Oh! Better not try flipping it, I don’t want those chocolates to go to waste!” Rokurou said with a laugh, hinting about past memories and this got the teacher smiling.

Eizen then slowly removes the golden foil off of the chocolate and took a bite, and…


Rokurou noticed his teacher’s darkening expression, “Eizen?” He suddenly sounded concerned.

“It’s… salty…” the blond whispered.

None of them were surprised at how this Valentine’s Day gift turned out, but the two did had a good laugh at how ridiculous things ended.

would anyone ever be interested in like… theme/promo commissions form me?


And so the line in the song is like, ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart.’ But I think– And for me, that makes sense but I have friends that, I think, they’re wired a little bit differently and it makes them happier to be logical […]. So I don’t know that it necessarily makes sense for everyone to ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart’ but for all of us, I think that was the way that it worked.” 

   grimmly.   i wasn’t really feelin my best today but i ended up making a new theme for red   ,   does it look okay   ?   i made my current icon from it too since i couldn’t exactly decide on one 


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Peter Bishop in “Black Blotter” aka I just woke up and i’m not ready to deal with this shit

this has been bugging me for a while now and i think its just time i let it out?? im rly upset w the way my blog is rn.  the entire pastel thing 1. makes it hard to update (since my dash has rly little pastel stuff) and 2. my blog has become more of an aesthetic blog which ngl,, i hate.  i want to actually enjoy my blog and what i post here so im gna make some Changes lmao,, always remember my pastel phase + pls like this post if u see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does every anti-Sjw/Feminist/Anything on this site seem have that same shitty looking grey theme with the sidebar on the right where they got bios like “im not anti equality im ANTI-STUPID” or some shit usually ending it with “im probably gonna offend you sweety :)” like y’all know which theme im taking about right, its that stationary one thats literally the most bland theme there is, and most of them are still blogging about how “ The new Ghostbusters is ruining my childhood” like brah i hate to break it to you but ugh the original GB came out 32 years ago, your childhood is gone, have you perhaps considered that this movie is perhaps….for a different generation and not …created solely for you? This went in a weird tangent but the point is, get a new theme already for gods sake, i know originality isnt y’alls strong suit but god damn

Blind alley.


Down a ‘blind alley’ is where ‘Chuck’ is going, refusing to see certain missing truths/facts in his story…

(and is this also where the SHOW is headed, or has been headed, down…?)