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Don't average kids just discover their straight more easily than gay kids discover they aren't straight anyway? Most gay kids spend their childhood years assuming their gay crushes are just thinking someone is cool, mostly because they have a mom and dad, so that means they wanna imitate their parents to a degree as part of regular child development. Then during or after puberty, the difference between liking someone a lot and being attracted to them becomes too distinct to be ignored. That's h

did macklemore kill them before they could finish this ask 

The meme squad theme song!

I thought since the Star Sanses have a theme song, then why not the meme squad? I made this as memey(?) As I could.Enjoy!

If Justice Reign bought Tacobell

We get a lawyer and sue them very well

Cause if not Things would go badly

They might capture us but then we escape dramatically.

We  are the meme squad

We’ll always run away

And if you think we can’t

We’ll do it anyway

That’s why we hide in every universe, we are

Cross, Nightmare,Error and Kevin the 🐔

If   Dream could only know, where they really live

Or when they on spied on him, back on Christmas Eve

You would be amazed to find, how they fail a lot

And that their a bunch of dorks

But not really losers

Not really losers

But definitely dorks!

Nightmare: I will fight for the sake of Tacobell,  and all other fast-food restaurants as well

Error: I will fight in the name of shipping, and EVERYTHING that I believe in

Cross: I will fight for what my friends believe in, And I’ll try not to be afraid of any cow

Kevin:*Chicken noises*

Yeah the odds are against us

This won’t be easy

And we’re kind of alone…

We are the meme squad

We’ll always run away

And of you think we can’t

We’ll do it anyway

That’s why we hide in every universe, we are

Cross, Nightmare, Error and Kevin the 🐔.

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CR Ladies Week : Day Three : Keyleth

i decided to draw keyleth in my outfit (that i actually wore on the third day of this good week i kid you not) using this wonderful reference pic

a few people have mentioned to me and i would like to but…. do you think i should make a patreon for music? 


And so the line in the song is like, ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart.’ But I think– And for me, that makes sense but I have friends that, I think, they’re wired a little bit differently and it makes them happier to be logical […]. So I don’t know that it necessarily makes sense for everyone to ‘don’t follow your head, follow your heart’ but for all of us, I think that was the way that it worked.” 



The New Age//Radioactive by Imagine Dragons