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He looks more like lady gaga than Mikey Way dammit


Here’s some characters from the Gravity Rises AU that I coudln’t help but draw! 

// Heard Wilford knows what’s best, and no one fucks with Wilford, so him rocking a dress means everyone can wear whatever they want

// Also he’s very fabulous

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This looks so cool!!!!

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Agender Tsukki who wears whatever they want and still looks fabulous. They wear croptops and skorts during summer training and paint their nails with Akaashi, Kenma, Kunimi, Sugawara (and unfortunately, Tsukishima says, Hinata, Kuroo, Bokuto and Oikawa). They'll wear dresses and suits and sweaters and they'll have makeup on and aaaaaaaaaaaaa let me pamper my children(I'll be fluffpuff anon and if that's taken I'll be starstruck anon. I'll probably mostly post some fluff)

i decided to put all the headcanons i posted so far into one big post 

here you go:

1. Lonnie joins the tourney team and her and Jay become sparring buddies

2. Evie takes an interest in Jay’s hair and insists he uses hair care products to keep it healthy and she also likes braiding it etc; Jay just lets her do whatever because he secretly likes looking fabulous af

3. Audrey and Ben become good friends after a while; she knows they just weren’t meant to be and that she deserves someone who really appreciates her

4. Mal won’t admit it but she likes being really girly sometimes, like twirling in a cute skirt; Evie knows of course but she never says anything

5. Carlos spends hours just looking at images and videos of dogs on the internet

6. Dude turns out to be female and also pregnant because she somehow managed to shake off Carlos for a while; and when she gives birth to the puppies Carlos loses it because he’s not ready to be a father but he will use everything he has learned in Auradon to care for them

7. Evie decides that she wants to try out lots of different kinds of science and whenever Carlos has a problem with his tech stuff he asks her for advice because she often looks at problems from a different angle

8. Evie sews matching outfits for Carlos and Dude, and Carlos loves all his new, clean, fashionable and furless clothes

9. Jane convinces her mother to teach her simple magic, because it’s her heritage

10. Carlos gets a little muffin top from eating excessive amounts of chocolate but his friends don’t say anything, they’re just glad he gets enough to eat

11. After some time in art class, Mal gets asked to paint a big mural to celebrate the historic event of the VKs choosing good

12. Carlos quits tourney and becomes a cheerleader instead

13. Instead of being vengeful, Audrey makes a point of being supportive of other girls at all times, because she realized how important that is.

14. Doug knows sign language because his father (Dopey, who is mute) taught him.

15. Even after the events of the movie the VKs attend goodness class to better understand what being good actually means. Like helping and supporting each other, how to give and take compliments, what goes around comes around.. all the things they never learned growing up.

16. Carlos and Jane become friends because of the fact that sciene and magic are so similar, so they often talk about how they can improve either with the help of the other.

hmmm… somethin tells me this bear doesn’t like their sweater… but ya know they look fabulous in it so whatever. they’re the meme lord, they gotta wear the mememas sweater. it’s the law! my law. the law made by me. yes.

merry christmas to @pomfpanda! you’re such a nice friendo to me, and while we aren’t able to talk much due to my Crippling Social Anxiety™, you’re still super amazing. and your art is super good too like!!! holy heck i have my commission printed and hung up on my wall rn! like it’s the first commission i’ve done that with ever heck!! tysm for being such a great friend and person, and i hope your year has been as fantastic as you!!!

All Your Hate ~ Enzo Amore imagine

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Enzo and You were yet at it again in each other’s throats. You hated him, to his nonsense talking to his dancing to his beard to his hair to the things he wore. He hated you as well. 

“ Move Amore! I have somewhere to be!” Enzo stood in your way. Your match was soon, you were in your ring gear but you needed to finishing touches with Sandra. But Enzo being Enzo stood in your way finding a way to poke at you. 

“ Not happening princess” He had his arms across his chest, smirk on his lips. Oh you’d like to smack that smirk right off of him. 

“ You know there is a problem with your face. I see it” He rolled his eyes brushing his hand down his beard. “ All the women love some Amore” 

“ Your disgusting” “ Chicks think otherwise princess, maybe you have your head too far up your ass to notice” 

“ Only you would have two brain cells, one in wheel chair while the other is pushing” 

“ Y/N! Your match is next! “ A tech guy ran up to you. Enzo stepped away letting you go but not before you tripped over his shoes. 

Turning on your back, glaring at him, “ I swear, one day I will shave off your beard and head in your sleep” He only smirked, shaking his head blowing you a kiss. You groaned running to the curtain for your match. 

Hugging Carmella seeing her visiting Cass, “ You are prettier each time I see you Mella” 

She chuckled, “ Your too sweet sugar, thank you. You look fabulous as always” 

“ Whatever kind of look you were looking for, you missed princess” You closed your eyes, nose flaring before you looked to your side seeing Enzo standing there.

“ I am already visualizing duct tape over your mouth” 

“ Enzo, just leave her alone. She’s not here to see you” Carmella scoffed at him. She knew how he treated you and how much he hurt you with his words. She knew it because she was the person you vented to. She and Cass were your best friend unlike Enzo who brought all the heat the each conversation. 

“Just go get laid Amore. Crawl a chicken’s ass and wait while. You seem like you need it” 

He was about to say something when you put a hand over his mouth, “ Don’t waste your breath, you will need it to blow up your date” 

You hooked arms with Carmella leaving Cass to deal with an angry Enzo who was saying something interesting foul words, more like yelling. 

“ You don’t have any other room available? Are you sure?” You asked the girl behind the desk. You were staying at the hotel for the night, she just informed you that the only room is left is the room that Enzo just took the key to. 

“ I’m sorry Miss but everything is full” You groaned taking your bags and the key from her stomping to the elevator where Enzo was. He smirked seeing the look on your face.

“ Looks like someone pissed in your cereal this morning” 

“ I don’t eat cereal “ 

“ Keep talking princess, I will let you know when I am interested in what you have to say” 

The elevator opened, you rolled your bags inside. Standing next to him, he kept looking at you. Finally, you had enough of his staring, “ What?!” 

“ Nice perfume you have. Did you marinate in it?” 

“ Everyone has a right to be stupid. Your just abusing the privilege” The doors opened, rolling your bag looking for the room door. “ Aha!” you screamed finding it before Enzo did. 

But he ended up pushing you to the side where you tumbled over your bags falling to the ground.

“ Asshole” You mumbled before picking yourself up walking into the room.

Laying on the pull out couch, you opened your book , finally it was quite. Enzo was sleeping on the bed. More like snoring but that didn’t bother you. 

Laying in your pjs, you were getting tired as the time seemed to go by fast. Looking at the clock, it was midnight. 

“ I better get some sleep “ you closed your book putting it down on the floor before turning off the light as you crawled back into the pull out couch. Closing your eyes, you were about to fall asleep when something made you open your eyes. 

“ Don’t go Y/N, I’m sorry. I love you. I’m sorry for hurting you” Enzo mumbled in his sleep. He loved you? Oh my god. He didn’t hate. But was it true? Sitting up, you watched him move in his sleep through the shadows.

“ Come here, give me some lovin, you will always be my little bratty mama” 

What in the world? A blush came to your cheeks at what you were hearing. You really needed the sleep. 

Enzo woke up in the morning, he had his workout, showered and was back into the hotel room he shared with you. Sudden noises coming from you brought his attention.

“ E-enzo” He watched you arch your back in your sleep as you moaned out his name. He got curious walking towards you standing above you, “ D-don’t st-top “ you moaned louder. His eyes got wide, you were having a sex dream about him. 

This is Y/N, he thought. You hate her, she hates you. But she look so beautiful in her sleep and she’s moaning your name, oh god.

He kneel before you, glancing at you, your head to the side. Hair was all over the pillow. He brushed your hair that was in your face away, you shivered by his touch. 

He kneel next to your ear brushing his nose against it whispering, “ Louder” You moaned louder, legs shifting and arching your back. When you arched your back, you met his chest. 

Gasping, you opened your eyes seeing Enzo on top of you. “ E-enzo?” His eyes were darker than usual. They held lust and love behind them. Sudden realization over came you , blushing hiding your face with the blanket. 

Enzo pulled the blanket away as he leaned towards you pressing his lips to yours. Pulling away from him, you were still blushing.

“ You… h-heard me…” He nodded his head with a slight smirk on his face. “ No” You shook your head wiggling your way from under him. But he picked up your chin with his fingers as he turned your face so you looked at him.

“ Let’s turn this hate into something a bit more fun” “ If you can handle me Amore” 

He chuckled, picking you up , you wrapped your legs around his waists he carried you to the bed. You kissed him, hard, your arms already around his neck wanting no space between the two of you. . He placed you down on the bed, and kissing you down to your neck. He had found your sweet spot, sucking on it making you arch your back. He smirked against your neck before clothes came off sooner than you could blink.. His hands gripped your waist as he kissed his way down your stomach, looking up at you seeing you enjoying it. H grinned as he placed kisses on your inner thighs. 

“ Don’t tease Amore” He only grinned wider before his mouth went to your lips. He was sucking and licking your lips, working his tongue on you. He was going in a fast pace. “ E-Enzo!!” 

Taking his hair in your hand as you pushed him further into your core. He sucked on the sensitive part. He was so good at it. You couldn’t hold it anymore , you had your first orgasm. He licked his lips of your juice before he lips went to your stomach as he hovered over you.

Looking down at you, “ Are you sure about this Y/N?” 

“ Just fuck me Amore” “ Gladly princess” He removed his boxers, his dick sprinting out hitting his stomach. As you stared at it, he chuckled. 

“ All of it is going inside you, mama” you moaned out loud. He leaned down kissing you softly which was a surprising thing. He had slide himself in you as he kissed you, he gave you time to adjust to him seeing your face in a bit discomfort. 

He began to move inside of you, you moaned as he moved. “Enzo!” You screamed. He moaned into your ear as you moved with him. He thrusted in you hard, slow then fast.  He kissed you, then your cheek before he looked into your eyes. 

“ Cum for me princess” He whispered panting, you felt the feeling building up. Arching your back, toes curling as you felt yourself cumming. Gripping his shoulder, digging your nails into them as you threw your head back screaming his name as you came. 

He kissed you had before thrusting in you a few times as he came after you. Collapsing on your chest, you never imagined having sex with him. But it was amazing. 

“ I can’t believe it we just did that” He pulled himself out of you but continued to hover over you. “ Your beautiful” He said catching you by surprise. He never said that to you. 

“ Enzo… what…” You searched his eyes for an answer. But he just nuzzled himself into your neck, kissing you there.

“ Later” Was all he mumbled. 

So I have some Jordan avatars I’ve made in a style similar to that of my own and I figured I’d share them with you all. If you want to use them you can, you don’t have to give credit to me or reblog or whatever. Anyways, here they are!

My personal favorite:

A random Aureylian, who looks fabulous on any flower background btw:

And finally, a special request from the Tinychat:

Practice painting. It’s a bit messy, but I had no time to polish it (hehe, POLISH).

I wanted to try drawing different textures. Could’ve been better, but I still like the design. The chainmail looks a little bit too fabulous but whatever lol.

EDIT: I think I like the cropped version. Looks better, amirite?


Seventeen as clothing store workers
  • Scoups: tells people what to do because he doesn't actually know how to do anything he says
  • Jeonghan: works one of the cash registers and charms all of the ladies
  • Joshua: walks around asking people if they need help
  • Jun: scans prices because he has nothing else to do
  • Hoshi: tries to recommend things that you should buy
  • Wonwoo: the security guard that tries to act tough but he still has sweater paws
  • Woozi: great with customers at the cash register but silently judges them with whatever they buy
  • DK: compliments people 24/7
  • Mingyu: charms customers for tips
  • The8: tells customers irrelevant facts about his personal life whenever he connects to whatever you're buying
  • Seungkwan: tells people they look fabulous when they aren't sure whether to buy the clothes or not
  • Vernon: in charge of the music so he plays his own mixtapes
  • Dino: dances around while he puts items in the correct places

Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of comments about whether Mitch will be wearing a dress or a suit to Kirstie’s wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MITCH, he’s my favorite member of PTX and my everything but this is Kirstie’s big day. I am worried that people are going to be overshadowing Kirstie on the day because they get over excited by what Mitch will be wearing. Please remember, this isn’t some red carpet event where everyone can freak out about Mitch and almost completely ignore Kirstie (Which also happens a lot but that’s a separate issue). What I’m trying to say is whatever Mitch is wearing she will look fabulous but please don’t try and make the day about her!

Working with clothes and constantly being around customers in the fitting room, it truly breaks my heart when I hear someone talk about how fat they are, saying things like “I can’t wear this. I hate my body.”
You can wear whatever the fuck you want, and you’ll look goddamn fabulous: fat or not.

Not who I intended on drawing but I had an idea and went with it. That dress is made entirely out of rhinestones and glitter. The boa is coated in glitter too.

Don’t breath around Mettaton you will die of glitter inhalation.  

Mettaton is still a dude but he can wear whatever he wants and still look fabulous. Even if he turned his Platinum record award into a hat.

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Are you still getting glitter out of your beard, or did whatever they used come out pretty easily? It looked fabulous!

Most of it came out easily, and is now fouling the pipes in my house. But some of it is showing up in delightfully unexpected places around the house, like I’m being visited by a fabulous ghost.


Why can’t people just accept everyone else’s choices and go on as long as those choices are not hurtful to other people?
Do you want to have sex before you get married? Fine. Do you want to wait? Also fine.
Do you want to save your virginity for the right person? Great. You don’t really care about making a big deal out of losing your virginity? Also great.
Do you want to get married one day? Amazing. Do you never want to get married ever? Also amazing.
Do you want to experiment sexually? Good for you. Are you not comfortable with kinky stuff in bed and you want to stay in your comfort zone? Also good for you.
Are you attracted to people of the opposite sex? Awesome. Are you attracted to people of the same sex as you? Also awesome. Are you attracted to both genders? Guess what: that’s awesome. And what about you still having to figure out what floats your boat? That’s awesome as well!
Do you like to label yourself? Wonderful. Would you rather not label yourself? Also wonderful.
Are you religious? Fantastic. Are you not religious? Also fantastic. Are you confused and still thinking about it? Also very fantastic.
Are you a woman and you’d like to walk outside without a bra on because it’s so uncomfortable? Do it, take it off and leave it at home. Are you a woman and you like to be all nice and covered up because you don’t feel comfortable when your nipples are showing? Do it, keep the bra on, button up that shirt and go outside. Are you a man who wants to wear a fucking bra? DO IT, you don’t have to explain yourself to anybody.
You aren’t really into make up because you just can be bothered? You don’t put make up on, it’s that simple. You are uncomfortable with the way your skin looks and you like to use make up to fix things you don’t like? Put the make up on, it’s that simple. Do you simply like makeup? You wear that makeup, and you will look fabulous, I can assure you, whatever your gender or sexuality is.
You like to party out all night and dance and drink and make out with people? Honey do your thing and have fun (although be sure not to drive if you’re drunk). You hate parties and you’d rather stay home and watch a movie or read a book? That is great, have an evening to yourself and have fun!
But most importantly: do you want to change your mind about something you used to strongly believe in? THAT’S OK. YOU CAN DO THAT.

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Imagine Sapphire running super fast and then tripping over her dress, and Ruby picking her up and taking her away like "Omg are you okay?!?" And Sapphire's like "Fuck this dress man"

‘Then…why do you wear it? We can change our clothes to whatever we want…’

“I look fabulous as shit’