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I drew Techno, Sorry if you don’t like it. I also want to say that I love your art!


Response: No no oh my gosh I absolutely love it! Your artwork is really awesome! I really love the way you incorporated all the symbols on the side and the colors look awesome! Thank you so much! <3333

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The reaction of the S and M brothers having an idol as lover?

Shu: *opens one eye* So you sing, hm? Heh, well then how about you sing for me a lullaby?

Reiji: I don’t approve of you gallivanting in front of people in such a manner. If you wish to dance, dance the Waltz with me.

Ayato: Cool! Put on a show for me, Chichinashi!

Laito: Hmm~ Let me see how I can make you sing. Fufu~ *winks*

Kanato: I like your voice, but you should only sing and dance for me, Doll-san! *hugs Teddy*

Subaru: That’s cool or whatever *blushes and looks away* *totally goes to every show to support you*

Ruki: So long as you know you belong to be, Livestock, I don’t mind. Though do keep your best performances for me alone.

Kou: M Neko-chan! We should perform together! I’ll call my manager right now! Oh! And photo shoots and concerts! *pulls out his cellphone excitedly*

Yuma: Eh? Same thing Kou does? Just don’t get a big head over that sorta thing, Sow. And you better make time to help me in the garden.

Azusa: Ah…. Will… you sing… for… me… Eve-san… *smiles*

honestly if u use mobility aid, wheelchairs, crutches, canes… for whatever reason… ur cool. u dont look weird at all n ur honestly rad as heck… u dont need to justify using these tools to anyone, n if u think u need them or want them or find mobility aid useful in any way… just go ahead. theres no shame in needing it n pain/immobility/disability is not a competition!

if you are thinking of putting ॐ (aum or om) somewhere on your body as a tattoo, please only do it if it has a significant meaning to you. it is very sacred and important to my religion (buddhism) and many others. i would really appreciate it if you would take that into consideration before just putting it on your body because it looks Aesthetic™. if you do find peace with it and its meaning then by all means have it as a permanent reminder on your skin. but please don’t ink it to your body or wear jewellery with the symbol just because you think it looks nice and think that it is fashionable.

tell the boy on the left thanks for not killing the boy on the right  ✌

  • Bulma: I think we should break up.
  • Yamcha: Ah, okay.
  • Bulma: Okay?
  • Yamcha: Yeah, I mean if it's what you want.
  • Bulma: Yeah, that's what I want.
  • Yamcha: No worries.
  • Bulma: Great. Okay. Well, goodbye.
  • Yamcha: Bye.
  • Bulma: Okay, sorry, Quick question: you're taking this really well. Why is that?
  • Yamcha: I mean, it's not working.
  • Bulma: Well it wasn't working for me, but it was working for you right?
  • Yamcha: Sure, whatever.
  • Bulma: Cool. Goodbye, again!
  • Yamcha: See ya.
  • Bulma: Look, I'm breaking your heart here, the polite response would be to show a little bit of emotion!
  • Yamcha: Excuse me?
  • Bulma: You should be devastated! Why aren't you devastated!?
  • Yamcha: Bulma, people are staring.
  • Bulma: Oh I see, so I'm embarassing you! Well you are supposed to be embarrassing me, fella!
  • Yamcha: ... okay, well I'm gonna leave, so...
  • Bulma: This break up is not over! I'm calling you later!
1170 Talents

Here’s a link to a list of 1,170 potential SHSL Talents.

In a skype chat, we figured there were 78 classes at Hope’s Peak by canon time, and if they had approximately 16 students in each class, minus the 78 SHSL Good Lucks there would be 1,170 titles. Now, it’s stated on the DR3 wiki that the SHSL Student Body President is the only one to ever share a talent. How many other talents could there possibly be?

And so, we made a list of potential ideas. Canon talents are listed at the top, and our own ideas are underneath (we forgot DR0, so those talents are somewhere among the main list).

If you’re a DR OC roleplayer, or want to make a fanstory, or just want to look at a list of cool talents for whatever reason, please feel free to use this for reference! A fun game to play is to randomize a number and make an OC with whatever talent you get. Have fun!