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"How on earth do you manage to keep those fangs of yours so sharp?"

Well, I brush them a lot, floss constantly, and make sure to whet them with whatever’s han– huh?

…that doesn’t sound very interesting? O-oh, um…

I m-mean, I brush my teeth with the blood of my enemies, floss with the bows of hunters, a-and use other monster’s tails to sharpen these killer tusks!!

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.


there's gonna come a time when their opinion doesn't bother you anymore. keep going. you're doing great.

To everyone who started school last week/this week/whenever you start:
I hope you have a wonderful year/semester/school term. I hope your classes challenge you, but never stress you out. I hope you have wonderful teachers who want to see you excel and will do everything in their power to help you learn. And I hope you make lots of friends who love you for who you are and that you create a lifetime of wonderful memories together. And remember, you can do anything you put your mind to. Now go rock that place! :)

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Finals are killin me man, any way you can tell another story? You've been like my salvation this week.

hahahahaahahaha literally a year later!!! literally a year. never be my friend, i will forget to answer your emails and constantly double-book my time. 

ANYWAY, someone else (@ TUMBLR: what if….you tried…..not being QUITE so bad at messaging??? just a thought!!!! just an idea to try.) asked me for another Boarding School Story™ and i was racking my brain trying to think of something, because contrary to what i feel like might be popular belief, i didn’t get up to too many hijinks in high school. 

i mean i was in our version of detention a lot but that was for things like “skipping breakfast” and “being late always” and “writing an inflammatory speech about how unfair it was that we had to eat breakfast in the dining hall when we could be using that time to SLEEP” and “dyeing my hair with bright streaks against the express written rules of the student handbook”.

  • okay in hindsight i was actually….. in detention….. a lot.
  • they used to email our parents every time we were in detention and it got to the point where my mother emailed our dean of students and asked if, to save time, she was only emailed when i WASN’T in detention.
  • but i feel like i wasn’t a troublemaker??? 
  • like okay objectively i was…in trouble often but–

the POINT IS, my young and very gentle delinquency aside, the only time i was ever in like, real trouble is the time that my boyfriend and i got stuck on the roof of the boys’ locker room in the football stadium.

i guess the important background info here is that where was an hour every night between study hall and final dorm sign-in that students were allowed to leave their dorms and ~mingle with one another, though there were all kinds of rules about where you could and couldn’t be.

  • school was like “you have to be in a lighted area” and students were like “lmao.”
  • there was also a hilarious rule during co-ed visitation on the dorms that you had to have “your door open and everyone had to have at least one foot on the floor at all times” which is an adorable way to try and curtail the Teenage Get Down.

anyway, the boyf and i were looking for a cool fun place to hang out and talk about, god, i don’t know, whatever it was that we talked about. 

a few things about this boyf:

  • we had a spanish class together and he was very tall. 
  • he had a lot of other good qualities, including “he was so nice to me all the time even when i was horrible” and “excellent deadpan” but my initial interest was because he was SO. VERY. TALL.
  • a pretty good summary of our relationship as a whole was that he called me to be like, “hey, we’ve been….talking a lot…….i was wondering what you were trying to do with that” and i was like “uh———i wasn’t——i like—-UHHHHHHHHHHHH” and he was like, “WELL DO YOU WANT TO LIKE, GO OUT??” and i was like, “SURE BUT I HAVE TO GO NOW BYE”
  • ah, to be young.

so boyf and i went for a fun little adventure looking for some ~privacy and struck upon the BRILLIANT idea of scaling the locker room building and hanging out on the roof, because nothing says “romance” like “the smell of a football equipment”. so he managed to find a ladder somewhere and up we went. a lovely time was had by all until i looked down at my watch and realized i had five minutes to be back on dorm.

“oh, shit,” i said, and getting to my feet and jogging to the edge of the roof. i looked down.

“hey, boyf?”


“where did you put the ladder?”

he looked up. “i left it where you’re standing.”

i looked again. #confirmed for no ladder.

“are you sure?”

“yeah, where else would i put it?”

“well, where did you get it?”

“i don’t know, i found it….on……the grass………”

  • A WORD OF ADVICE: don’t ever just assume that ladders left lying around are for public use!!! they are ALMOST NEVER for public use.

“is it possible that was someone’s ladder, and they came and took it?”

  • SPOILER ALERT: it was possible!!! in fact, it was probable!!!
  • SPOILER ALERT #2: it was, in fact, security’s ladder, and security had taken it, assuming, of course, that two idiot students hadn’t just taken their ladder and climbed onto a roof that they 120% were not supposed to be on at 10pm.

“well,” said boyf.

“well,” i said.

“i could jump down and then catch you,” he offered.

we looked at one another. we looked down at the ground. we looked back at each other.

“you’re not THAT tall,” i said. 

so, our options:

  1. jump off the roof.
  2. call for help.
  3. accept that we now lived on this roof forever, build a home out of what we could scavenge, and never face the consequences of our actions.

“so, do you want to just live here?” i asked. “we could be happy.” 


  • boyf was more willing to accept responsibility for his actions than i was, which is also why he was willing to try to be friends when we broke up and i hid in my dorm room for a solid 3 months until he graduated.

after a few minutes if our shouting, security and the coach of the football team–who must have just been on duty?? i don’t think they like, called him every time there was a football stadium-related incident.–gathered at the boys’ locker room and glared up at us in the dark.

“HOW did you even get UP THERE,” shouted mr football coach. 

“there was a ladder!” boyf protested. “it was right there! it was a public ladder!”


“i’m gonna jump down,” said boyf again.

  • you know, all these years later i’m still not sure if he was nobly trying to take the brunt of the scolding or just like…. really wanted to jump off the roof.

“please stop trying to jump off this roof!!!!!” i snapped.

after probably five minutes of incredibly awkward two-level scolding, in which we sat with our legs hanging off the edge of the roof and the football coach said things like, “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS,” and “WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN” and “IT IS SO EASY TO BE ANY OTHER WAY THAN THIS” security arrived with “their” “ladder” that “wasn’t” for “public use” or whatever.

  • i don’t know if you’ve ever been scolded while literally looking down at the authority figure you’ve pissed off but like, it is incredibly weird.
  • like on the one hand you feel like you have all the power, because you’re like “LOOK AT THE TINY PEONS BELOW ME,” but also you know logically that you don’t have all the power and you have to at least look contrite because in 5 minutes you’ll be on the ground and then the authority figure will hold all the cards again.
  • also it just feels rude to have your shoes dangling above an authority figure’s head but like, what else are you supposed to do?? it’s weirder to stand???
  • standing feels aggressive when you’re on a roof looking down???

boyf and the football coach walked me back to my dorm.

“uh, bye,” i said, feeling for some reason like i would never see boyf again and we were both going to prison.

“GOODNIGHT,” said the football coach. “YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM THE DEAN.”


“you can see why it might seem….to outside parties…..like you were on the roof for……private reasons,” said the dean, scolding both boyf and i outside the chapel just to remind us that we had let not only ourselves down, but also probably jesus.

“WE WERE STARGAZING,” boyf and i said in tandem.

“but you can SEE why it might SEEM like you were doing something ELSE,” the dean said. “if it happens again i’ll call your parents.”

“if it happens again i’m totally jumping off the roof,” boyf whispered to me when the dean had turned away.

“OH MY GOD,” i said.

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Why DCEU Bruceman be playing with our homeboy Arthur? Do you know what he can do to him? For all his wealth, he can make his shower run ONLY cold water. That's true torture AND passive aggressiveness at its finest in Gotham's winter months. Bet he's regretting those fish comments now.

no. this is batman. he probably showers in sub-zero/icicle or whatever temperatures to always keep on his toes and have his muscles at the ready or some other far east secret sayan technique a monk with five nipples taught him. so arthur? arthur willl make the water run lukewarm. just the right temperature. the kind of shower that makes you wanna melt into a puddle of warm cocoa and marshmallows. that makes you not wanna get out until it’s absolutely necessary. what’s bruce Batman wayne gonna do then? when all his hard training will slowly, day by day, be stripped away because aquaman’s forcing him to have humane showers?

that, my friend, is true passive-aggressiveness

True there’s no us, so you’re free to do whatever you want, but don’t ask me to trust you when you are the one who keep on looking for someone else to fool around.

Even if we’re not yet together and just getting to know each other, you can’t be even loyal to me now and keep on entertaining someone else, now you wonder why can’t I trust you.

If you want me? stick to me and just me. walk the talk. If you can’t stick to it, then let me walk away and don’t waste my time.

I think as far as career mindsets go “follow your dreams” is awesome for those who are hardworking and ambitious. But at no point in my life did I have a dream career. I liked whatever meant working with my hands: sweeping, cleaning, drawing, crafts, i didn’t care. But all you ever hear people ask young people is “what do you want to be when you grow up (or what do you want to do in college)”.

In high school particularly it would have mean the world for me for someone to say “hey you don’t have to be in love with your chosen profession, whatever you do to provide for yourself (so long as it’s an ethical way of making money) is a-okay and I’m proud of you”.

Yes if you have a dream, pursue it, amen, you’re awesome! But for some people, sometimes jobs are just jobs.. I think all jobs hold equal integrity as you’re doing your best, working hard, and providing for themselves and their families.

Originally Melissa was going to be holding on to Zack’s ankles, but I ran out of room on the paper.

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever. I was tagged by @ofhouseadama - let’s see how much guilt I can inflict on myself, hey?

1. Captain of the Storm - This isn’t fandom-related, but its been my WIP for upwards of five years now. I have it as a completed screenplay, but that was written in two months (154 pages, y’all) for school, so I’m desperate to give it the loving re-vamp it deserves. Basically: immortal sky pirates, ft. Mae Jordan, my favourite morbid reluctant heroine.

2. Born Again - I started this Kabby one-shot way back in, ohh, December? But I made the mistake of giving it too much importance and now it’s sitting idle in fic purgatory. I wanted to fill in the gap between the turbulence of the Culling and the easy gentleness of the events of Unity Day by drawing a connection between Abby’s loss of Clarke and Marcus’ healing from Vera… it’s floating to the front of my mind these days, so, maybe I’ll get something out there soon.

3. “Just come back alive… please?”  I swear to god, @heda-reyes, one day, this prompt will come to life. But so far… we’re at about four different half-baked incarnations. All of which I’ve gotten about a thousand words on, and have been able to fall into that perfect mode of living in the scene… and then I hit a wall of one kind or another. But it hasn’t left me, yet - I’m determined. 

4. “Do it, I dare you.” “What the hell is wrong with you?”  Honestly, I’m sorry to the anon who prompted this, but if anyone wants to take this off my hands and do a better job of writing it, please feel free - basically my premise was to put my headcanon of Kane being afraid of needles to good use. He and Abby would be out one night in Polis, having a drink or two (or five) and come across a tattooist and Abby would challenge Kane to get one. He’d reluctantly agree, but squirm like a child, the artist would curse at him in Trig, and Abby would have to distract him while the artist worked. Kane would take it all so seriously, and get something so beautiful and significant… and then it would be revealed that it was a special kind of ink they use on children that fades within a couple weeks. It would be so precious but I’M JUST NOT GOOD AT WRITING FLUFF Y’ALL. SAVE ME. 

5. Umpteen thousand gifsets to be completed post-S4. Just waiting for these arcs to wrap up so I can start putting some lyrics to their full purpose!

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Am I too basic to recognize it in my self?

white mom, in Boulder, when confronted about her reusable Prana bag

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WIP Thing...

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

Tagged by @notnaturalanahi Thank ya love! <3

I’m only gonna list the ones that are like..close to done…I have a whole list Here and I have WAY more that aren’t listed…BUT, I’ll put a few on here I suppose:

Necessary Evil

SPN Dean x Harper (OC)
Co-writing with my little sister @wrenwritesometimes. Think a little along the lines of a Harley Quinn x Joker type relationship..with a SPN twist.

Pureblood Vs Mutts Pt 2

SPN Winchester Brothers & Werewolf!Reader
Taking down the pack that killed her family.

Bar Angels

SPN Lots of past and present main characters appear
Between Heaven and Hell, where hunters go after they die. (If I write too much more, it’ll give it all away!)

Unknown Title

SPN Dad!Sam x OC
OC is a best friend, and former medic for the brothers. She left when Sam came back without a soul.
When they visit her after a hunt they finished not far from her, she fixes Sam up and takes care of both boys. Showers, comfy bed to sleep in, warm meals. The shock comes when they find out why she left hunting for good. 

Predictable Love

SPN Dean x Reader
After a rough hunt, Dean takes off to unwind. Sam calls the only person he can trust to help Dean through.

My Everything

Marvel Steve x Reader
Song fic

Got a couple other series in the works, and a few more oneshots…Not to mention a bunch of requests! My google drive is loaded with WIPs LOL 

Since I have no idea who has done this yet…I’m just gonna tag random people :P If anyone wants to take part, by all means consider this your tag!!!

@hushothermuses @theimpossibleg1rl @wrenwritesometimes @janetgenea @justfangstvdto @smilexcaptainx @percussiongirl2017 @pearlparty @helvonasche @dreamingintheimpalawithdean


Joonie and I have actually talked about moving in together! //////////

When we do, I wanted to maybe get a dog. I don’t think we’re ready for a kid just yet ahaha….seeing as we already have 3 on our hands…

Kookie has been screaming about how I should get a Shiba Inu because of ‘doge’? Whatever that is…..?

Tae also loves dogs so that’d work for him too I’m sure. He’d pet and feed all the stray animals in the neighborhood if he could honestly. Jiminnie likes cats more, but he just loves anything that is soft and cuddly.

Joonie loves dogs! He’s the one that immediately agreed to the idea when I brought it up and that’s what made me think about getting a dog. His parents have a dog that he grew up with that he goes home to see often! We’d bring him over with us, but sadly he’s getting too old to travel and it’d be difficult for him in a new environment/lifestyle.

Seriously what is going on lately? People making rude demands of writers to write more and of artists to art more.


If you want content tailored to you and on your schedule create it yourself or commission someone. If you can’t or won’t do that, then just leave everyone else alone.

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I'm really struggling right now and don't know what to do...

Talk to someone, or even just be in the same room as someone and watch a movie or something. And remember AKF cause the SPN family is always here behind you lil bean. You can lean on any of us and we’ll do our very best to help you.


‘‘Hey Karen, there’s been something in your voice, it’s been there for a while now. I thought whatever it was, whatever‘s been.. I thought it would get better once Fisk was put away.. but it hasn’t, has it?’‘/ ‘‘We put him away, yeah. But it won’t bring back Elena, or Ben, or erase what we’ve been through or.. what we’ve had to do to get here.’‘ / ‘‘Yeah, lot of decisions I’d give anything to go back to change. But I can’t. None of us can.‘‘