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fellow artists,

if you have an ipod or iphone or ipad or whatever then Please download the app “Make a Pose”

it gives you a lil figure like this

and you can make them do whatever you want!! Like

Took me about 1.4 minutes to make this sad little guy it’s Really easy to get the hang of

they Happy

you can change the camera angle so easy too so you can get perspective + foreshortening reference

THIS IS ALL FREE TOO but if you pay $2 you unlock the ability to have two figures onscreen at the same time so you can make COUPLE POSES


you can also make rooms and place some objects or characters like so:




ANYWAY YOU CAN PAY ABSOLUTELY $0 TO GET THE APP WITH THE ABILITY TO POSE ONE FIGURE AT A TIME AND IF YOU PAY $2 YOU GET TO PUT UP TO 6 CHARACTERS ON THE SCREEN AT ONCE AND YOU ALSO GET A GOTDAMN HORSE. again it is called “Make a Pose” and it’s for iphone or ipod touch or ipad and i cannot recommend it enough

i don’t use any other “social media” besides tumblr so maybe this is a realization many people have already had and i’m just understanding this now, but someone just showed me the vast number of emoticons / emojis one can use on facebook and we were talking about how those emojis can be used on their own to communicate so many things…which is really cool but also makes me so fucking angry because like do people realize that that’s basically a form of AAC? 

like, it’s not that different than a communication board or whatever with pre-set images one can select to communicate various emotions or thoughts - the difference here being that because emojis aren’t seen as AAC and aren’t only used by disabled people, they are treated really differently and people think emojis are fun and cool and use them as a convenient way to communicate things without having to necessarily attach words to it…whereas PECS boards or other similar AAC things - including apps that work on iPhones or iPads or whatever  - are mostly treated as “special” and often pitiable or whatever and that’s just like?? 

to be clear, I’m super glad that it has become so much more possible to express oneself using little pictures of pizza and cats and rainclouds, but if you’re gonna use emojis / pictures to tell other people stuff, maybe also consider that doing so is a fucking valid form of communication 

“ It even looks like Anti in the background “

Why would Jack link a vague looking something, that looks like 2 weird eyes and a silly mouth in a green mist to Anti, why nobody else of us would really. We know what Anti looks like. We recognize him as a human looking being with green hair, black/green/blue eyes, and a slit throat. Why does Jack recognize him as something else.

I can explain why..

At PAX Jack asked us to film something, all together. Then Anti showed up on our devices. I dont know if this has become canon by now but i have the feeling that our devices, PC’s, Laptops, Mobile phones, Ipads. Whatever it is, it is corrupted. Anti shows up as the being he wants us to see him.
But Jacks device isn’t corrupted. His phone, PC, Laptop, was not recording Anti during PAX. So Anti shows up on his monitors and screens differently than it does to us. To Jack, Anti might not fit the same visual description than how we see him.

After all we created Anti, We gave him the look of a slit throat, green hair and earrings. Jack had nothing to do with that all.

The Bet (Part 3)

Pairing: Nerdy!Y/N/Hockey!Fratboy!Ashton

Rating: All

Request: Yes

Summary: ”Fine. I’ll be picking the girl and you’ll have 5 weeks to take her virginity.” Calum said challenging and crossed his arms.  ”5 weeks? I can do that in the matter of 5 minutes, Calum.” Ashton stated with confidence

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Technology is cool and all but for the love of God please read and talk to your children instead of just giving them an iPad or whatever because that point in their development is so crucial to them and how they learn

Like my mom is a teacher in an elementary school and she’s coming in with kindergarteners who don’t know their letters and numbers or how to wrap sentences because they were just given a screen to look at instead of being talked and read to and it’s really sad and scary tbh

I don’t want my kids being hooked on phones or iPads or whatever, so I try not to be on them too much myself. It’s what they see, what’s around them, so we limit our usage around them. I have to 
do a lot of work on my phone and on my computer, but I try to do it away from them, not in front of them, so they don’t think that that is more important than actual human interaction.
—  Chris Hemsworth

Of course I got the meanest cold ever when the weekend rolled in, played some Zelda earlier and remembered what a crush I had on the green soldier sprites for whatever reason! iPad doodle between sneeze attacks!


“If you and I were right and something went wrong with the Governor’s caravan, I fear there is something even more unsettling we are about to face.”

Okay with a couple of weeks left until school I thought I’d put out a post with some advice on everyday things I generally keep in my locker or my bag for easy access and generally to make my life easier.


- dehydration is bad, water combats it.

Healthy Snacks

- this both saves money, because things at school from vending machines, etc. tend to be more expensive, and also because you have more control over what you’re eating. 


- if you wear contacts, you’ll know that sometimes they get irritating and you’ll probably need these at some point.


- useful for when it’s cold (obviously), or when you spill something on yourself and have to get through the rest of the day.

Deodorant/Body Spray/Perfume

- life saver after PE and it’s good for just generally if you have to go somewhere after school.

Feminine Hygiene products

- periods are hell, but being prepared for them makes things easier. Keep pads and tampons at the ready (whatever you use really) because you never know when you or one of your friends will need one.


- I keep Colgate wisps in my bag because they’re always useful to have on hand, if you don’t want to carry around a full toothbrush.

Hair Stuff

- Clips/Bobbles/Travel Hairbrush/Dry Shampoo - okay I think these are useful for obvious reasons.


- if you wear it, spare makeup for touch ups is always good to have on you, I usually keep concealer, powder, mascara and a roll on perfume in my bag.

Suncream and Sunglasses

- if it’s sunny, or if you’re sensitive to sunburn/sun in general, these are always useful to have on you. I usually keep suncream in my locker year round, because I sunburn extremely easily and it’s just easier to have it on me.


- more weather-sensitive stuff - I live in perpetually rainy England, so this is a lifesaver because it basically always rains.

Spare stationery

- Spare pens/paper/a calculator/USB/Sticky notes/etc. - again, always useful to have around in case you’re caught short.

Hand Lotion/Lip Balm/Oil Blotting Sheets

Chewing Gum

- this isn’t the best for you, but it’s good for a little pick me up or breath freshening, or whatever.

Cough Sweets/Painkillers/Plasters

Phone/iPad/Laptop/Whatever Charger

Small Mirror/Nail File/Emery Board/Nail Scissors


- it’s always good to have some source of entertainment for breaks/cancelled classes

School materials

- Textbooks/Notebooks/Class Materials/Pencil Case - this is pretty obvious really.


The Maroon People, Black Sails XXII

5 Moments I’d Like to See in S13

1. Dean in a Trench Coat (For reasons. I mean I know he cosplayed Cas in 12x18, but this would be more him just wearing a trench coat. Ok, preferably him wearing Cas’ trench coat. Naked. Eating pie. At the Bunker kitchen table. And Sam walks in and Dean is flustered and closes the coat and buttons it as he’s getting up and is all “Hey, man. What’re-what’re you doing here? I thought you went to Eileen’s.” And Sam just has no words, except then he frowns and goes “Where’s Cas?” And either Cas is in the shower or hinted at being in Dean’s bed. Or he’s not there at all and Dean makes some flimsy excuse about “Laundry day. Hah.” And scampers off. Or Cas shuffles into the kitchen all disheveled wearing Dean’s sweats and T-shirt and he freezes when he sees Sam and finally says “I just woke up.” And Sam says “You don’t sleep.” And Cas says “That’s true, I don’t.” And Dean looks at Cas with that exasperated dude-really? face and Sam is just shaking his head at them, saying nothing.)

2. Dean Surreptitiously Serenading Cas in the Impala (Also for reasons. Like he’s driving and Sam’s in the passenger seat and Cas is in the middle, as usual, in the back and then this song comes on the radio - preferably something Uber-cheesy like Glory of Love - and Dean just sort of sings along like it’s no big deal and Sam is used to it by now, even to the cheesy songs, so he doesn’t care, busy on his iPad or whatever, but Dean is throwing subtle glances at Cas in the rear view mirror and Cas isn’t really reacting until Dean finally makes brief eye contact and Dean gets a bit self-conscious but keeps singing a few more lines - like I have always needed you I could never make it alone - and when he looks at Cas again he only gets his profile, but then there’s the smallest smile on Cas’ mouth and it makes Dean smile too and Sam has started catching on at this point and he’s there just going fuck my fucking life, guys, shaking his head at them, saying nothing.) 

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anonymous asked:

Def. don't get an iPad, I have one that I use for drawing, and it's alright? But a MacBook with a tablet is the better (though costlier) option.

yea i mean

tablets (not the drawing kind, the ipad samsung whatever kind) are just kinda non-cellular versions of smartphones with bigger screens, theyre definitely not a device that has the same function or features as an actual computer besides internet browsing i guess. they kind of operate in the bubble of their own operating system.