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Cute things from Jojonium’s Araki interview on Kakyoin:

  • He describes him as “prim, proper, and sensitive”
  • Implied that his parents named him Tenmei but his friends called him Noriaki
  • Araki was surprised to see people calling him Noriaki when the volume was published
  • Went to the same high school as Jotaro but they apparently just never knew each other?
  • Would have gotten along great with Josuke
  • Confirmed honor student

does this count for pride month


I kinda wish Ratchet was able to clean up his act…. 

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What do you think about johsnavi?

i dont get it??? like im not a fan of crossovers or crossover ships in general, but like i watch blackish and????? i cant even imagine johan and usnavi getting along let alone being a thing

also usnavi is way too in love with actual perfect human vanessa so

jungkookie doesn’t hover...

following all the thirst posts, i thought it was about time i made a jeonlous/hoverer!jungkook post; 

that’s NOT jungkook hovering over seokjin and jimin. no. 

care to guess whose hand that is behind jimin?

is anyone surprised that it’s jungkook? probably not. but can i pls also gush about jaebum and jimin together in one photo, interacting…sdkfsfk

look at jungkook staring at yoongi lifting up jimin all happily. just like namjoon and seokjin, look at him cheer them on. he looks super pleased. that frozen smile he gets on his face cracks me up every time.

(x) listen, the camera noona was gushing over jimin’s abs after that legendary MAMA performance. i feel you girl. jungkookie is NOT jealous. hell no. 

why is he always around whenever jimin and hoseok flirt? i have no idea but his expressions are the best, honestly. 

do i need to remind everyone of this glorious moment? 

ok, so he’s stopping our hobi, i WONDER what he’s gonna do next? 

jimin: *aegyo* “give me~” 

jungkook: *cant resist* *feeds jimin himself*

(x) look at this smug BABY BUN. im in tears. 

jimin and hoseok exercising, care to guess who’s watching them through the mirror in front of them? 

jungkook: not amused. 

aww…namjoon and jimin walking together, isn’t that sweet?

jungkook: no.

(x) look at this guy, he literally wedged himself between namjoon and jimin. calm down, bro. 

aww, joonie finds jiminie adorable…

jungkook: no.

  • me @ my brain: y'know, there are definitely people out there who have it worse than you
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Hance Week: 10th Feb: Earth/Water

(id been thinking about doing this au for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. will probably come back to it for the au/crossover day and hopefully have something more polished djkfg)

OTP Idea #861

Person A has chronic headaches and can usually take medication for them, but today they’ve run out and their headaches are particularly bad.

Person B is their roommate. A and B have never gotten along, but today B takes pity on A and goes out to buy them some more meds.

Only, every store B goes to has run out.

i just want to talk about how disgusting yg is for a second. if u guys haven’t seen the video of him basically GAWKING at young girls on mix nine watch here. i hadn’t even heard about how he got married until recently too ( a thread here which connects to the video ). he basically sabatoged a girl’s career so she would marry him because he was worried she would get “too famous” and forget about him. i will NOT be watching mix nine because i honestly can not stand to see his face but i just wanted to make an announcement that he’s like NOT a good person. if i didn’t make it obvious this is about yg as in yang hyun-suk.

nureyev name meta (ft angels)

so this thing in jewish mystic tradition is the idea that angels are tasks – effectively, gd sends them to do things and they disappear back into wherever once their job is completed. and the names of angels relate to their tasks – michael performs gdlike acts, gabriel enacts justice, etc.

nureyev is linked w the idea of angels, as would-be saboteur of brahma’s guardian angel system, and something of a guardian angel to juno himself. he Also changes names a lot, and each name is linked to a task – rex glass gets grim’s mask, and then disappears; perseus shah steals blair rockridge’s collection and disappears;  peter nureyev saves new kinshasa and threatens to destroy it if they continue their transgressions, and when that’s done he decides on a new task and forges a new identity to complete it.

(and of course people forget this a lot but angels are bloody, bloody; they come to enact gd’s will on the world and are messengers; and sometimes the message is good and joyful and sometimes it is that you are beyond saving, all of you, and there is nothing left but to burn and be rid of your spoils, your family, your city, because angels are tasks. they do not feel, they do not regret; they carry out their duties and they disappear.)


i spent like 2 hours on these…there are so many dr girls im jfhkjsdgkd

yuu trusts guren too much but it makes sense

I’ve seen some people who are criticizing Yuu very harshly because of how easily he’s trusting Guren, and although I like Guren a lot, I have to agree that Yuu is being way too gullible for his own good. However, I feel that Yuu’s trust of Guren is understandable and also makes him a more interesting character. 

Yuu has been through way too much—his parents called him a demon and tried to kill him, and then he lost all of his family from Hyakuya orphanage, all while he is still a kid. This trauma naturally has a profound impact on him. When he escapes the vampires, Guren gives him a new life and is kind to him, and since Yuu has lost everyone that he has, it’s normal that he clings to Guren. Yuu’s blind trust of Guren is problematic, but it is understandable because Guren holds a special place in his heart as the first person he was close to after losing his family, and he probably believes that Guren is the reason that he was able to start a new life with his squad mates and Mika. It’s easy for us to look at the situation objectively, but Yuu’s had a messed up life, and it’s taken its toll on him. 

I also like that there this imperfection in Yuu’s character because it makes him a lot more real. I’ve seen a lot of people who are seeing Yuu’s gullibility as a very bad thing that makes him less likable, but I don’t feel that way. If Yuu were to be completely rational and objective about this situation it wouldn’t really make sense. He was broken and devastated, so his attachment to Guren is very realistic and makes him a lot more human and interesting. While his blind trust of Guren probably isn’t going to go well for him, I don’t think that this makes his character worse or anything like that.