whatever i'm to lazy~


you’ve all been wanting more mari enchanted and i’ve finally gotten around to it!! redraw of one of the cutest scenes in the movie ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

planning on drawing more for this au!

who wants to fight against gravity?

They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU

  • Jane: perfect notes, horrible grades, queen of masterposts
  • Patrick: starts drama, throws shade on popular blogs
  • Austin: injects coffee, messy notes and low self esteem, saves masterposts even knowing he will never use them
  • Amelia: simple notes, all A's, avoids drama and hates answering asks
  • Gordon: always sleepy, studies the night before the test and manages to pass gracefully
  • Marabelle: popular blog, doesn't even know what she's doing but it's working
  • Brian: hates studying, burns books for fun but also wants to go to college
  • Karen: anime nerd, tries to learn 8 languages at once, fails
  • Marcus: literally one of the few humans who can understand math, doesn't remember the last time he slept

…uh well I was thinking about the post-genocide pacifist ending, and also the floweypot au, and this was made :^)

Well uh after the post-genocide pacifist ending, it shows that Chara is still in control of your soul after you sold it to them, so like… what if they had a change of heart and decided to live on the surface peacefully with the rest of the others? idk :^)

Working on something fun with the HM:AWL bachelorettes :3

Definitely nowhere near done yet because I am slow, but here’s a flirty Muffy in the meantime <3


Here are the rest of the pics! (from the haunted house)

I’M SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LOOOONG! I wanted to draw more pics for this one but I didn’t have enough time, sorry you guys ;-; 

I hope you like it!