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who wants to fight against gravity?


i make too many of these but here have another

(i accidentally called joe the coach and not manager and chapman isn’t a cub anymore but you get the point)

frankie watches voltron season 2 and y’all get to witness the trainwreck pt. yuri!!! on ice came out in 2016 you fucking moron do you know numbers (12)


“The whole thing will occur another two or three times in your life and you will always go through the same shit but somewhere along the line you’ll develop a thick skin - the thicker the better. 

Some people call this wisdom but whatever you want to call it, in order to get it you need to experience a few things first. This experience is your salvation - when you can sit down four or five years later and say “Oh God, it’s not as bad anymore.” but it’s worst when you’re very young and it happens for the first time.“

- Till Lindemann, Who are they? 

Still-Star Crossed (ABC, Mondays 10pm est)

Do you enjoy period dramas? Especially ones with color-blind casting and Shakespearean themes? 

Then watch Still Star-Crossed.

Do you want to watch a show that is basically a Shakespeare fanfiction, filmed in Spain, with gorgeous scenery, costumes, quality writing and good acting?

Then watch Still Star-Crossed.

Do you enjoy childhood lovers torn about by circumstance? With angst and forbidden love where the Prince orders the lady to marry someone else?

Then watch Still Star-Crossed.

Do you enjoy enemies to friends to lovers relationships? Where they banter and dislike each other, but really have hella similarities and parallels and are arranged to be married?

Then watch Still Star-Crossed.

Do you enjoy sibling relationships? Ones where they support and help each other, despite different perspectives and outlooks on life? 

Then watch Still Star-Crossed.

Do you enjoy shows adapted from books? Have you read (or been meaning to read!) the book and are curious about its adaptation?

Then watch Still Star-Crossed!

Still Star-Crossed is a Shonda Rhimes produced show (and yes, I realize this could excite you or make you quit straight away), so it’s dramatic and filled with different races and ethnicities (the main character is a dark-skinned woman and the character with most power/authority is black). There’s politics, there’s romance, there’s drama, there’s swordfights. 

It also bombed the first night. (On Memorial Day.)

The first season is supposed to only be 7 episodes. ABC is not doing much to promote it. It likely won’t receive more than a single season. But it’s based on a book, and it appears to be paced to have a conclusive ending by the end of the season

That means just 7 hours dedicated to this beautiful, inclusive, fun show that will very likely have a satisfying ending.

So watch. Tweet #stillstarcrossed. Watch on-demand or live or on Hulu. Because if you do, maybe it’ll be more than 7 hours. 

They all wanted to be Garnet, Garnet is proud of them all anyway UwU

Quick heights for my own reference:

Tyler - 6′5″-6′6″ 

Nogla - 6′4″ 

Bryce - 6′3″

Brian - 6′1.5″ 

Cartoonz - 6′1″

Mini - 6′ 

Brock - (Exact height unknown, but he looks to be roughly the same height as Mini as seen here, maybe ever so slightly taller) 

Evan - 5′11″

Ohm - 5′11″

Smii7y - 5′11″

Lui - 5′7″

(Droidd is a little bit shorter than Lui, making him the smallest)

(Delirious height is unknown so headcanon whatever you want)

A few more that may or may not count depending on your opinion:

Sark - 6′4″

Chilled - 6′2″

Gorillaphant - 6′1″

Swag Dracula - 6’

Nanners - 5′11″


you’ve all been wanting more mari enchanted and i’ve finally gotten around to it!! redraw of one of the cutest scenes in the movie ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

planning on drawing more for this au!


Here are the rest of the pics! (from the haunted house)

I’M SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LOOOONG! I wanted to draw more pics for this one but I didn’t have enough time, sorry you guys ;-; 

I hope you like it! 


{17/?} *:・゚✧ social media au where yoongi is an insta famous model and aspiring singer taehyung is the guy in his class who has a big ass crush on him. 


“S-someone stole my pants…” 😶

Inspired by late night chat session with @bettrdays and @hilow. Leaving it ship free for your own heart’s content (though there was one I had in mind ❤) Bottom images are close ups~