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  • Albus: Teddy, pretend to be my mom to Scorpius's mom.
  • Teddy: [picks up the phone] Hello? This is...Mum Potter. The children are playing swords. Sorry. Playing with swords. Oh no. They are dead. Do not call again. [hangs up]
  • Scorpius and Albus: ...
  • Teddy: Sorry, I panicked.

“Where is he?”
“And I’m suppose to know this because?”
“…You work with him.”
“Yeah and I’m also not his mother but hey, here’s a question: Why are you even bothering him, Matt? Haven’t you done enough?”
“The fucks that suppose to mean?”
“It means I know what’s going on between you two and I can’t believe you’d do that to him…”
“…Yeah. You don’t know shit.”
“You really thought that was gonna work? Stupid.”
“No, but I do have a strong feeling and I swear if it’s what I think it is Matt so help me G—”
“—Did it ever occur to you that maybe you should just mind your fucking business? How ‘bout trying that for a change?”
“Whatever. Look he’s not here, okay? He was suppose to be… tweleve minutes ago, but I guess he’s just late. Which means, if you’re not buying a CD or something, you need to get outta here because I’m so over this.”

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Hate in the ereri tag is the literal worst bc it's the one place we're all suppose to just enjoy the ship, but people have to ruin it. Stay strong!! It'll pass. Personally I'm over it and it's more of a nuisance than me getting upset over it, but I've done my fair share of blocking blogs so it's been pretty clean for me so far. You got this!! just keep enjoying the ship <3333

Exactly and it seems like most haters don’t even acknowledge the relationship between Levi and Eren besides claiming it as “abusive” and “pedophilia”, but whatever. I usually bypass the hate, but there are times when it gets to be too much for me and I have to relieve the hurt and pain with some Ereri :’) And no worries! I will continue to believe in this ship for as long as I live, and hopefully there will be others who feel the same 😊 Thank you for cheering me up! It really means a lot to me ❤

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@im-not-trash-im-recyclable tagged me in a “describe yourself in 6 pictures” thingie!! idk if this rly describes me as a person (it’d have a lot more tears and dirty laundry) but it’s kinda my aesthetic so,,ye. also i took all these pics which is Fun 

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It wasn’t until Allison took him shopping that Neil realized how comfortable girl clothes were.
It wasn’t until Andrew kissed and whispered against newly exposed skin, whispering “You’re a menace,” that Neil understood that this was okay, that he wasn’t breaking some unknown social norm.
It wasn’t until the rest of his family of Foxes told him how great he looked that he realized how confident the new clothes made him feel.
And it wasn’t until Allison pulled Neil aside and told him that he didn’t have to wear the clothes if he didn’t want to that he realized that he did want to.
This was one of the few things in his life that felt completely right.

this is a small gift for my beautiful friend @wymack, who got me obsessed with genderfluid!Neil (and who really really likes Neil in floral crop tops). thank you my smol bean for showing me the Light™. ily.

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The tag is a mess and honestly this is kind of funny but I'm screaming at the same time

it’s hilarious to know that there’s a mutual feeling from everyone lmao. i’m just hoping whatever is supposed to happen, happens soon. 💚

INTP Moment #whatever

INTP: *Is thinking about many complex and contradictory (yet simultaneously parallel) ideas, attempting to make sense of them for enjoyment*

Person: What are you thinking about?

INTP: *Tries to explain the intensely abstract concepts but fails to adequately vocalize and describe them with language as a whole*

INTP: *Explains the idea in a way that is too simple to be an accurate representation of their thoughts, and becomes frustrated because they would like to further validate the actual idea they have*

Person: I don’t get it.

INTP: *Sigh*

INTP: I need to keep thinking.


tag yourself, I’m unoriginal

that guy: “someone serves to save the main character at the end” is suppose to say “somehow survives to save the main character at the end”

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Okay, so I'm not a huge blog and I'm trying to make my own posts and edits to gain followers. So, if I make a gif or write some meta about destiel.. Am I not supposed to tag it "Dean Winchester"? It sounds like I'll get attacked from bibros for it...Which I honestly don't really care about. Hate from bibros would probably mean I'm doing something right. I'm just wondering for general normal people tumblr etiquette, am I not supposed to tag shipping posts with the characters involved in the ship?

broseph you tag your shit whatever the fuck you want, bibros don’t own the goddamn internet and they certainly don’t own my ass

Let’s balance that last post of mine with something more… fluffy, shall we?

Weird texture is weird.

Things I'm doing

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like,then tag some friends to see what they’re working on.This can be writing,art,gifset,whatever.

Tagged by @he-s-dead-jim. Thank you Len,it was supposed to be a surprise but since you’re asking :)

I’m currently working on two paintings: a little something for you birthday Len. May 29th guys,if you want to showering her with gifts!

And a big painting for Ladies of Hannibal appreciation week (May 22nd-28th): it’s a Chiyoh’s portrait surrounded by birds.The idea came from @rocielsama who suggested a peacock Hannibal and crow Will.But I thought what about all the main characters as birds? You’ll see at the end of May…

And you @graham-muffin @frankenchilidilly @wisesnail @starkaryen @tartufibianchi @l0stinadaydream @raainstorms what are you planning?

I’m Going to Talk About Keith For a Minute, Okay.

In episode four, Pidge is like “I found my family and I’m leaving” and we all remember what happens here. Keith argues against them leaving, but he has a specific argument that he sticks to:

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With all the attention on Erwin Smith this week, I find myself dwelling on him more than my usual amount. 

This panel continues to weigh on my mind - not because of what Erwin Smith is saying but because of the reaction to it. I’ve read a number of posts defending him. An equal number vilifying him. And I’m about 10 years late to the party, but I wanted to add my thoughts.

Context is critical. Levi is planning on doing whatever it takes to keep Erwin from joining the mission. This is not Levi being level-headed and reasonable - this is Levi threatening to break Erwin’s legs, to nag him into submission.

If Erwin had shown any sign of weakness, any glimmer of hesitation, anything less than 100% resolve at this moment, it would’ve only encouraged Levi. If Erwin had responded with “Of COURSE humanity is more important!”, it would’ve given Levi something to work with. 

This is not Erwin Smith throwing humanity under the bus. This is Erwin Smith effectively shutting Levi down. He’s ending the conversation. He’s letting Levi know with absolute clarity that his mind is made up.

Because Erwin leading this operation to Shiganshina IS the most important thing for humanity. Recent chapters have proven that his presence is absolutely critical to the mission’s success. 

*Hello! I am Grillby! Welcome to my ask-blog! Feel free to ask me whatever you like!

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Hello ! You are a wonderful person. I saw some days ago you tagged a post with ptsd and i have that too. Since I'm 4yo with depression and all; I'm not here to ask for anything, I just wanted to tell you that whatever happened, it'll be over. Whatever it is. U deserve good things and u are worth it. You don't have to publish this ask or reply. I suppose telling u that can trigger smthg, I apologize if that's the case. But know that you deserve good things and you are not alone.

Ugh I needed to hear this