whatever i still love this game

Letting go.

So I failed.  I had a goal, and I tried really freaking hard, and I failed.  

Then if felt like everyone was waiting to see if I would get back up, dust myself off and try again….so I did.  And I failed again.  Then I tried again, and failed.  And so on and so forth until here we are.

No this isn’t one of those motivational stories of the comeback or the underdog or overcoming obstacles.  It’s just about failing.  And going right on ahead with living.

I guess the huge thing for me has always been that image or story of If you just keep trying and working hard then no matter what, you will do it!  You will reach your goal!  You will win the game!  

Or whatever.

Well the truth is, that’s not totally accurate.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love the comeback stories and I can definitely appreciate the occasional motivational quote/poster/video/haiku but the reality of life is that sometimes you don’t reach your goal.  Where I have always mislead myself is the idea that not reaching my goal makes me a failure.

See in my mind, I was the comeback story.  I was that motivational quote brought to life everyday in the gym.  In my mind, it was all me and it was gonna happen.  No matter what.  But what I didn’t account for was that failing to reach my goal [of going to the CrossFit Games] again and again was me just living my life….successfully.

Yeah in the 5 years I was failing, I managed to meet and fall in love with my (now) husband and two daughters, move back home near my entire family, become an experienced and respected trainer who gets flown around the country and world to teach CrossFit, grow my brand as an ambassador to the sport I love, and meet countless individuals who share my passion for helping others.

In the time I’ve been failing I got to be maid of honor in one of my best friend’s wedding, I was able to hold both my cousins’ newborns in my arms, I watched my best friend Becca become a CrossFit legend, and I got to hear my grandpa sing “k-k-k-Katie” one last time before he passed away.

I’ve volunteered in my stepdaughters’ classes, stayed up late working on school projects, been to every Back-to-School-Night, Open House, music show.  I’ve read to them almost every night, taken care of them when they were sick, fixed them when they’ve gotten hurt, and held their hands to walk them into school.

I started a new CrossFit class at Valley CrossFit from nothing and grew it to 40+people strong five days a week.  
I’ve had my CrossFit training partners and clients become my lifelong friends.
I planned my (ridiculously awesome) wedding and enjoyed every second of it.
I trained alongside and became close friends with some of the best athletes in the world.
And I had to say some hard goodbyes to friends - some who I can still go and visit, others who are gone forever.  

So in all the time I spent focusing on my goal and failing to reach it, I totally succeeded in making my life pretty spectacular.  

If there’s one message I can pass along it would be that it’s ok to lose and it’s ok to fail.  I’m not a failure.  I’m not a quitter.  I never once quit.  I worked my ass off for 5years and never got back to the CrossFit Games.  I mean, statistically I got further away really, but what I didn’t realize was how amazing my life became in spite of, no, because of my failing to reach that goal.  

Sometimes the best stuff really isn’t found in the end result, but with the path you take to get there.  

  • *watches an anime featuring a character(s) naked*
  • Me: Ah yes, the conveniently placed bush.
  • Me: The conveniently placed fountain, of course.
  • Me: Obviously you'd pick that camera angle. Not trying to hide anything though, are we? ;)
Auston Matthews #12 + Mitch Marner #6

Requested by Anon:  could you write something where the reader is in a poly relationship with Auston Matthews and Mitchell Marner? It could Be about cuddling or something like that. Maybe even a bit dirty but whatever you want

*Don’t hate meeee. I’ve been putting this off for the longest time because I honestly don’t know how to do this… it made me uncomfortable at some point…? Anyway, friendly and non romantic because this is the best that I can do. I still hope you like this though. Love you and thank you! :)

Edited: Poly relationships do not make me uncomfortable, please don’t get me wrong. When I said it made me uncomfortable at some point (not the question mark above), I was referring to when writing poly drabbles because (a) I have zero idea how to do it and (b) I don’t know how to do it in such a way that it will do justice to peiple who are in poly relationships. *

Word count: 950

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Mitch stopped combing his hair long enough to look at your reflection. You were busy tying Auston’s tie for the game and wasn’t even paying attention to anyone around you. For most, it’s just another regular season Leafs game but for you, it’s the last game you’re watching before you effectively move out and leave Toronto. Bittersweet.

Mitch turned around and frowned, “you know people are starting to think you’re sleeping with both of us,” he grinned.

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honestly, despite all the things i think this anime could have done better, at least it introduced this precious brot3 which i still love more than anything and will probably continue to make sappy fanart of looong after dr3 has ended
whatever game they are playing, they all really really suck at it. but the imposter is winning :3

the night is still. I am on the precipice of sleep, about to fall into the loving embrace of the void until i reach whatever dreams may await me further in the night

then, i hear it. 

I lurch awake at the sound of metal on metal, which wakes my partner in turn. “Not again,” they groan, reaching to cover their head with a pillow

but it is too late. The agony has only begun. The triple A game developers have come.

We want to make the players think,” the damned voices keen from outside. The clang of pots and pans echoes, and though the horrendous clamour should cover up their repugnant screeching, it does not. Their voices resound with too much arrogance to be so easily concealed. “They have to make morally grey decisions.”

I have long since learnt that answering them will do me no good, and yet I cannot help myself. There aren’t any real consequences,” I mutter. “They just want to shove an allegory at us without facing the consequences of taking an actual side.”

My partner moves to my side and places a hand on my shoulder. “I know, dear. I know.” 

“It’s never going to end, is it?”

“Don’t say that.” Their voice is sharp. “We have to believe. If we don’t believe, then…” The words die in their throat, but I understand. The alternative is too bleak to consider. 

“Let’s just go back to bed,” I sigh. “They’ll have to get tired eventually.”

“They’ll have to.”

anonymous asked:

I wanna get into final fantasy but I have no idea where the hell to start

There is no game you must start from, because they all have a different storyline unrelated to the other games, so you can just start with the one that has your interest. I started with FFVI for the SNES because I loved the music in it and, even till this day, I’m still a big fan of it. After finishing VI, I just played whatever FF game that peaked my interest. (Which were, in order, V, IV, III, II, I, IX, VII) Most people usually start out with VII, which is also a great game!

Harry Potter Date Ask

Alright lovelies, Valentine’s is over, but love is still in the air! I’m creating an Ask challenge for which Harry Potter character would you rather date? You may interpret that as a one time date, one night stand or a longer relationship. You may imagine the characters at whatever age suits you and you are welcome to explain your reasoning. Please make sure your Ask Box is *open* if you choose to reblog this and please send me in some numbers! A few at a time would be lovely! Have fun! 

 1. Founder? 

 2. Marauder? 

 3. Order Member? 

 4. Hogwarts Professor? 

 5. Weasley? 

 6. Harry, Ron or Hermione? 

 7. Ginny, Neville or Luna? 

 8. Draco, Pansy or Blaise? 

 9. Bill or Charlie? 

 10. Fred or George? 

 11. Dean or Seamus? 

 12. Padma or Parvati Patil? 

 13. Cho Chang or Lavender Brown? 

 14. Angelina, Alicia or Katie? 

 15. Cedric Diggory or Oliver Wood? 

 16. Viktor Krum or Fleur Delacour? 

 17. Lee Jordan or Roger Davies? 

18. Marcus Flint or Adrian Pucey? 

19. Cormac McLaggen or Zacharais Smith? 

20. Michael Corner or Theodore Nott? 

21. Anthony Goldstein or Terry Boot? 

22. Justin Finch-Fletchley or Ernie Macmillan? 

23. Susan Bones or Hannah Abbott? 

24. Colin or Dennis Creevey? 

25. Romilda Vane or Marietta Edgecombe? 

26. Crabbe, Goyle or Millicent Bulstrode? 

27. Daphne or Astoria Greengrass? 

28. Albus Severus or Scorpius Malfoy? 

 29. Rose Granger Weasley or Lily Luna Potter? 

 30. Teddy Lupin or James Sirius Potter? 

 31. Tonks or Delphi? 

 32. Bellatrix, Narcissa or Andromeda? 

 33. Sirius or Regulus? 

34. James Potter or Severus Snape? 

 35. Kingsley Shacklebolt or Rufus Scrimgeour? 

 36. Madam Rosmerta or Celestina Warbeck? 

 37. Gilderoy Lockhart or Rita Skeeter? 

38. Poppy Pomphrey or Irma Pince? 

39. Aurora Sinistra or Septima Vector? 

40. Severus Snape or Minerva McGonagall? 

41. Pomona Sprout or Filius Flitwick? 

42. Sybil Trelawney or Charity Burbage? 

43. Rolanda Hooch or Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank? 

44. Albus Dumbledore or Rubeus Hagrid? 

45. Newt Scamander or Jacob Kowalski? 

 46. Tina Goldstein or Queenie Goldstein? 

 48. Percival Graves or Seraphina Picquery? 

49. Nicolas Flamel or Merlin? 

50. Tom Riddle or Gellert Grindelwald? 

51. Firenze or Bane?

favourite thing about jack, day 4 of jsebossweek // genuineness

the thing i love the most about jack is how completely genuine he is. even though he’s now one of the most popular gaming channels on youtube, he still cares so much about the community, no matter how much it grows. it always makes me happy when he interacts with us, because you can tell he legitimately enjoys seeing what we make for him, whatever it is. i just want to thank him for that; there’s so many youtubers that are making videos with the wrong intentions, that don’t care about their fans because they’re just trying to get popular. i’m so glad that his intention of making people happy hasn’t changed since when he started. <3

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Does Wigglebutt bring the boys food like some cats do? Does she carry fish, mice etc to the 'hopeless hunters'.

I forgot who I talked to about this but it was someone! So at night Wigglebutt hunts mice. What she does with them though…

Pre-game before they left Insomnia, Wigglebutt would leave all the mice and birds and whatever she hunted in the throne for Regis. So every morning Regis would always find a gift of something dead for him in the throne.

“Grandpa is too old to hunt so I’ll help him.”

You guys don’t know, she used to love Regis. She loved him as much as she loves Noctis. She loved her Grandpa.

During the game she’d still do it though it was more scaled back. It’s only occasionally that she’d hunt and when she did. It was always birds. She’d hunt down birds and leave them on Gladio’s pillow every time.

“Cat Tree thinks I can’t hunt so I’ll show him.”

Post-game, everyone is alive, Noctis is king.
Every morning there’s a dead mouse on his throne. It only gets worse after Wigglebutt has kittens. Then they’re the ones leaving dead mice for Grandpa.

Even after Wigglebutt is no more, it’s a Royal Cat tradition after that. Always leave dead mice on the throne cause the King can’t hunt for himself.


IVE BEEN HAVING THE FEELIOS ABout pmd explorers of sky yet again……why is this game so precious

anyway ive wanted to gijinkafy entire cast (since i cant draw pokemon for shit, also i love to play with designs) so heres part 1 of who knows how many

theyre all captioned

anonymous asked:

I love the goons too but guys, let her enjoy her game the way she wants & post what she wants too. Things can get stale after a while and I've really enjoyed the vampires! Let's all let the awesome cab express her creativity, fun & humour without pressure please! Ily cab.

oh bless u anon 😂😂 i’ll still post whatever i want regardless of anyone else but i do understand people want to see my other content! it does touch my heart deep inside that people actually miss my goons tho, sob!! ;_; love u 2 anon 💕💕  


whatever the pressure
is building up inside of
me i hope it is as valuable
and as durable as diamond but
should it be coal then lay
me down over your heat, please

whatever fruit is growing
at the top of this tree i hope
it is as tasty and nutritious
as the still life on my kitchen
counter top but if its something
more akin to crabapple then use
me in your childish games, i
beg of you, let me be of some use

rb xyz

theycallmedanchou  asked:

Match ups?? Omg thank u for doing these. I'm 5'3", straight, female and a scorpio. I have long black hair and blue eyes, i'm an introvert, and i basically only watch anime. I have too many otome games on my phone and i love memes❤

whoop-tee-doo you get the greatest memelord there is 

707/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi:

  • The two of will watch anime whenever you’re together, even if it is just playing the background when you’re like making dinner, or reading, or whatever. The two of you have perfected multitasking and can watch a whole season and still get everything you need to done. 
  • You guys just send memes to each other. Not like just over text, no. You will get dozens of notifications via instagram, tumblr, facebook, etc. from Seven just sending you funny memes. Even if it’s one’s you have seen before, or if he’s already seen them. He just knows that they will make you laugh. 
  • Sometimes the RFA worries about the two of you because you’re not the type of person to drag Seven out the get fresh air. No, the two of you will not leave the house for days, and Jumin sometimes has to send someone over there to check and see if the two of you are alive. 
  • Seven, being the jerk he is, will sometimes hack into your otome games. You don’t know how he does it, but sometimes he changes the situation, the character, language, whatever, just to get on your nerves. When you get mad, he just laughs and says that you don’t need those games, you got the best ending right here with him. 

God made man, man made drugs, drugs made me the man I am so tell me who’s to blame?
This life Is just a game, Between him and the Devil,
Which one of them is the best and deserves the medal,

We’re the pawns and when we’re gone the game dosent actually end,
Check mate  but the game just starts back at the beginning again,
Neither one ever wins, I think they’re working together,
The Devil does whatever , wrong or right and and we call it “part of this life” or whatever

Murder, suicide, an overdose,
Mass shooting, another day, oh you know.
And we let it go because it’s “gods will”
 he loves us so much he allows murders, rape and kids being killed,

but still were told to have faith that it’s work of Satan,
but if God made all why not take his  life over millions being taken,
but again maybe I just misunderstood, but take away all the evil then all you have left is the good, right?

But what do I know I’m only just one man among many other things in this world for its all part of your plan.
Not mine my father,
but everyday that passes by this life gets  harder.

And I know I’m selfish when I pray for myself,
when I know the whole world could really use your help.
Sometimes I feel like I’m already in hell. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to tell,

So let me try this, Dear father Lord hear my words,
I’m tired of feeling pain and always getting hurt,
I want better for this life I want better for the world,
I want better for my ex because she’s an amazing girl.

I pray for the homeless because I share their pain,
 I pray for my family because they hate to see me this way,
I pray this changes and never happens again,
I pray for greater things my father  so in your name -


—  Lyrics - “Amen”

After watching Haikyuu episode 3 for the fifth time, seeing especially the Tensemi moment (TENSEMI!!)

It makes me think that Tendou do that often, that sing thing but hey! we already know that but also the preview dialogue makes me think that is only their thing, Tendou and Semi, like the Kuroken thing! you know that “No i didn’t. Yes you did. No i didn’t…Yes you-. No i didn’t”, a Tensemi thing. At first Tendou would do it ‘cause he loves to tease Semisemi, but then that became something totally theirs. Imagine Tendou singing out of nowhere and pointing at Semi waiting him to sing along, Semi knows that whatever he says won’t be correct but still tries 'cause it’s their little game. Imagine Tendou singing about his mark on a test, his lunch, the Shonen Jump news, or even in Semi’s birthday! he could sing a lame song about what he bought him!!

Summarizing it, this sing thing has now Tensemi copyright to me

02/07/2017 - Tuesday

Remembered our picture today! Still not feeling well, but not terrible either. Well, physically anyways. Yes, steff is playing Sailor Moon Drops. We both love it. Side note, I also love yugioh duel links, final fantasy brave exvius, and fantasica, all phone apps. I’d say I’m a gamer girl, but I’m very picky about my games and not as intense as people think gamer girls are. Whatever, steffy and I love our games.


Two week in and I’m still really enjoying Fire Emblem: Heroes. I love the depth, strategy, and character building of the full games, but this is a pretty good balance of being engaging without being particularly time intensive. I do most of my playing while feeding the baby or whatever. I put my game ID up there if you want to “Friend Request” me on it, because, why not!

And because Fire Emblem Heroes is indeed a horny casino, I’ll share that my favorite team-member so far has been the pretty powerful dragon-riding “bewitching beauty” Camilla (who also happens to be quite flirtatious and probably a little excessively busty). I’ve always been partial to the dragon-riders as a class (that and swords).

Oh, and today when I went to summon some new heroes I got not one, but two 5-star characters after not pulling any until now. Woot woot!

Anyway, if you’re into turn-based strategy games, this is a pretty straightforward but fun one.