whatever i still love this game

2032. “lets playing” is a major in several reputable universities across the country. markiplier is the head of the lets playing department at Yale. a student walks into his office. “sir,” she says, “a boy in my intro to battletoads class was making antisemitic comments towards me.” 

“and you’re telling on him?” he questions in his way too charismatic voice. 

“um,” she says, “yes?” 

“well” he says. he positions a camera light onto his face and presses record on his very expensive camera. “i really just think you’re showing a lack of respect by trying to bring down this man who did nothing but–”

meanwhile, in an apartment in SoHo, the beat letsplayer movement is in full swing. cassandra, a cigarette dangling from her lips, sighs. “my mom still thinks i’m insane for leaving NYU”

“she’s insane,” says donovan, “the letsplayer major there is total corporate bullfuckery. they only care about the numbers, man, and defending each other’s near impossible to escape racist jokes (why is that so prevalent wtf), not doing new and interesting things with video games.”

“whatever,” she says, “once my series where i play fallout new vegas while suspended 30 feet in the air on a trapeze drops, then i’ll break it into the mainstream. then she’ll see.”

they make love, both secretly pretending the other is nick robinson



There’s this huge problem spreading across amino, and possibly other social media platforms, and it would be horrible to have this happen to anybody else.

There is this horrible thing going around popular aminos called ‘The Blue Whale Challenge’, which is an app that has a link to it. If you do get a link to it from ANYBODY, I advise to immediately block them, and report them.

This 50 day challenge, also known as ‘The Blue Whale Game’ is reported to have you do various things to harm yourself, or put yourself in immediate danger. These things include cutting yourself in various ways, (cutting into major veins, carving symbols into your body, generally harming yourself, etc.) going on top of buildings and standing close to the edge, attempting to climb a crane, talking to others suffering the same ordeal, etc.

On the 50th day, they tell you to take your life. Jump from a building. Do not do any of this, EVER. There are people that care for you, and there would be people that would miss you horribly. Call the suicide hotline. Get help. Please, stay safe. Do not do this to yourself.

If you download this app, they hack into your electronic device and find all of your personal information, and make it so that you can’t remove or delete the app. They will use whatever they can get against you. Your credit card, tell you that they will hunt down your loved ones and kill them, anything. The person that created this game may have been arrested, but there are people still sending the links for this game.

Please, spread awareness about this problem so we can stop it before it starts. Stay safe, because I care. There are others that do too. Please, once again, stay safe, and do not download this app, or joke about it in any way.

All a stage (Reader x Yondu Udonta)

A/N: I’ve been looking for a way to use this song in any of my fics. It’s suuuuuch a good cover. I am a broken human being, btw. Warning: Spoilers ahead!


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I don’t want your number (no)
I don’t want to give you mine and (no)
I don’t want to meet you nowhere (no)
Don’t want none of your time and
No, I don’t want no scrub

Yondu Udonta liked to see your performances when he could. It wasn’t often, but every time he did appear, you were glad. It meant he was still alive and still safe. No one knew, but every time you saw that Centurian in the crowd, your performances would be particularly phenomenal that evening.

You liked to joke and tell him that he was your lucky charm and that he should visit more often, but the both of you knew it was just a half-hearted ploy for him to see you more because anytime he was at your side, he was safe. Anytime he was away was another chance for him to be gone forever.

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Honestly, this was probably my favorite DAPG vid in a while. Idk why, I just loved the RPG, the interactions, the music and game references, it was just really good

it was incredible, and i think it might be my favorite gaming video ever. i can’t get over how excited they both were about it and i loved how dan was trying to tease phil about his grammar or whatever but couldn’t stop himself from giving phil praise and compliments every minute because DAMN he deserves it??? i know next to nothing about gaming or how one would use whatever tool phil mentioned to make a game like this, sixteen years ago mind you, but fuck it’s clear that regardless of whatever help that technology gave him, he still had to do a shit ton of work to make this and think of the story and the characters and write all the dialogue and i’m just so IMPRESSED with him and his brain. it was so clear that dan was too, the whole entire time. and i love that dan’s support doesn’t just stop with comments like “i like this” or “i’m having a lot of fun” (which are great in themselves) but that he takes it even farther and tells phil that he (phil) could make his own game now and that he should even do all the drawings for it. like this video gave us a chance to watch dan being phil’s biggest creative supporter, and basically tell him that he, dan, has faith in phil’s ability to make or create just about anything and even though we knew that was the case, it was so overwhelmingly sweet to me to see it in action like that. i also love how phil was so excited to see that dan was impressed with the game? he looked pleasantly surprised and so happy every time dan told him he liked it and i wanted to cry. and i can’t get over the music choices and how dan identified and knew every single one after like .3 seconds and how each time a new song came on they’d turn to each other and smile as dan recognized it and i’m sure there’s just a depth of shared conversations and nostalgia there for them bc a lot of the songs are from classic games they both love and others are just ones that it seems like dan would know phil likes (like “smooth” by santana and bohemian rhapsody). it was so sweet to see not only dan being supportive and excited but also to see how much their interests and knowledge overlap, even to the point of them becoming self-aware about it and apologizing to us for the number of inside jokes and references they were making, and to the point of them noting that at 14 years old they would’ve still been friends and probably gotten along the way they do now. it’s wild to me, always, that they found each other and that they align on soooo many things, and it was making me so emotional to see that play out in this video. they are literally so perfectly suited to share a life together i don’t even understand… i will gladly watch several hours of dan fawning over phil’s mind and talent and creativity, of dan being so visibly PROUD of his partner, and of phil basking in the compliments. it’s the most heartwarming thing, and i just love this video SO much


Although I always dread playing it, the Deep Roads campaign in DA:O really shows the most compellingly terrifying parts of Blight and what the taint can do. The poem about the broodmother and basically everything about broodmothers is so disturbing but to me, that’s what the Blight and the Deep Roads is all about. Imagine being the Warden, with the Calling going crazy and still trying to move forward. Origins was dark and gritty and showed the true sacrifices of war, and while I love all of the games for their own reasons I really hope that whatever happens in the future, the Wardens don’t get painted in a bad light. The Calling is a huge sacrifice that I think is overlooked somewhat. Being a Warden really would be terrifying.

Dapper (NSFW)

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Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Had absolutely no fucking clue who to tag in this so I just tagged the usual suspects. Not Marvel, obviously but hopefully you’ll enjoy just the same.

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You know, Midorima was probably always regarded as the weird kid in school. The one that had funny hair and wore glasses and always brought strange things with him from home and was really smart. Then, he joined Teiko, and met some friends. Specifically Akashi. As the team gradually became petty and was being torn apart, he maintained his dignity. Continued practicing. Played an honest game. Akashi changed, everyone drifted, and he was alone again. But still unapologetically himself. Then he meets Takao. A kid arguably as weird as he is, who loves basketball for what it is and knows he’s not as good as Midorima, but that’s okay, they’ll practice together and become stronger as a team. He genuinely wants to be Midorima’s friend, for whatever reason. Midorima finally has a friend.

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What's the difference between Yangire and Yandere?

This ask has been sitting around for quite some time, as I was not sure whether to respond with heavy sarcasm (Click that link it’s great), giving “useful” information or name a bunch of characters that fit in the two stereotypes. I decided to do a bit of the last two.


Wikipedia got it quite right and there is not much to add. Although following addition from Urban Dictionary describes it with more than one sentence:

It already speaks about Ryuuguu Rena, and the anime School Days which features Kotonoha Katsura, Hetalia features the yandere character Belarus, and I wouldn’t dare to forget Gasai Yuno from Future Diary. Queen.

As 7th in Future Diary would say “Live for love, die for love!”, this applies to the yandere stereotype. Also stopping anyone in their way in whatever manner, may it be manipulation, bulling, actually murdering, ect.

If this is all old news to you, then you probably have heard about the game called Yandere Simulator/Lovesick that is currently developed. It is, I repeat, still in development but you can try out the debug builds which are pretty good already. (Or watch YouTubers, depending what you enjoy.) 

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Yangire is a little harder to grasp than the term yandere. It starts with the same “yan”, which means violence, but ends with -gire (to snap) instead of -dere (lovely). 
Yangire’s are intelligent, charismatic and independent, hiding their real personality and wearing a mask. Unlike a yandere they are not motivated by love, but “snap” due another strong emotion like jealousy or a past trauma.

My personal favourite yangire’s are Oh Sangwoo from Killing Stalking, Dokuro-chan from Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan, Annie Leonhardt from Attack on Titan, Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and lastly Hannibal Lecter. (I am aware that HP and Hannibal are not anime, yes.)

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Isn’t he handsome? 

Anyway, I hope that clears up the difference! 

How to Stay Organised

It can be difficult to stay organised and on top of things, especially at college/uni, but it is a crucial skill! Why? It reduces stress, helps you get things done (on time) and produce better work. We all know how difficult it is to balance a social life, grades and getting enough sleep, and, while achieving at all three is (sometimes) impossible, being organised brings you a couple of steps closer.

1) USE A FRIKKEN PLANNER! This is *the* most important. I don’t care if it’s a decorated bullet journal or a Google Calendar on your phone or a notepad you got for free somewhere - find one, use one, make it your own. Plan your tasks in advance, take note of your deadlines and follow through with the next step.

2) Start early. I know, procrastination is beautiful and seductive, and you have two weeks until your essay is due, but start early! As soon as you get an assignment or task, start working on it. Even if it’s just reading thoroughly through the task, start as soon as you can. If you have any questions or problems, you will have enough time to get them answered. 

3) File your work weekly. It reduces both physical and mental clutter. I write my class notes on loose leaf paper, then, at the end of the week, I put them all in a big, ringbinder file. It keeps my backpack light and I know exactly where to find my notes when I need to refer back to them.

4) Colour-code if it’s not distracting. Some people find colour-coding too distracting, time-consuming and ineffective. Other people find it impossible to live without. Some people are in between. Figure out where you are on the spectrum and choose a system that works for you.

5) Do a little every day. It’s so much easier to stay organised if you break big tasks down into smaller ones and tackle a small task every day. I personally find this to be the most effective in reducing my stress, since I don’t have this huge “OH MY WORD I NEED TO STUDY” panic hanging over me. Sometimes all I need is two or three hours of studying throughout the day during the week to ensure that I don’t need to spend 12 hours on Sunday afternoon freaking out to finish my physics problem set.

6) Schedule time to relax, screen-free. I am as addicted to and in love with the internet as much as any tumblr user, but I’ve recently found that taking an hour every day to relax, without my laptop, phone or watching TV is really beneficial. Do some yoga, pray, read, daydream, draw…whatever doesn’t feel like work. I’ve come to realise that mindless tumblr scrolling isn’t actually all that relaxing. I still love it, but it’s simply not effective in clearing my mind. Having an hour to refresh my mind completely has been a game-changer, and it helps me feel more mentally organised by reducing mental clutter. 

I hope these are helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to message me or send me an ask! You can also find my studyinstagram @ munirastudies. Happy studying!

xx Munira

Jon x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine ruling an empire and being known all around the Seven Kingdoms as the ice queen but when meeting Jon, you fall in love.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hi if you stil taking request can you do reader is like ice queen and she meet whit Jon Snow . Then they both fall in love.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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RFA+Saeran and V reacting to an Otome Mc?

if what u mean by this is that ‘MC is the person in the game’ then hoe

i gotchu

P.S. the name of the game is “Curiously Caught” because why? because idon’tknowsendhelp


  • literally freaking the hell out
  • he’s trying SO HARD to win MC’s heart he’s doing all sorts of research
  • recent google searches:
    • how to get MC in Curiously Caught
    • MC’S favourite band/food/colour/type of cheese
  • he’s screaming inside and out 24/7
  • likes to call Seven to rant all about the game
  • can’t get his hands off his cell and lemme tell u his gaming friends are mAD


  • lookie lookie
  • a man his age playing an Otome game? P H L E A S E
  • it’s happening
  • here he is
  • smiling foolishly at his phone
  • “Zen.”
  • “ZEN.”
  • that’s right, he even plays during shows
  • he’s obsessed and is 200% determined to get MC’s route
  • “Just a sec I gotta do this… which one do you think is the better pick up line? ‘I will lock you up in my heart like a jail’ or ‘Although this is a bit cheesy, will you Gouda out with me’?”
    • low key wants to stab myself for writing^^ whatever the fuck those pickup lines are im sorry can u tell im bad a pickup lines
  • tries not to fangirl in public when MC gives him some hearts but he’s squealing on the inside sohardsometimeshecan’tbreathe


  • yea she’s that^^ type of person
  • she;s so devoted it’s kinda scary
  • Jumin is ???? “Assistant Kang, can you get me the files-”
  • she looks at him with the wild eyes of a boar and he’s like nope nevermind not today gotta go see ya holy shit she’s crazy
  • *employees slowly back away from her*


  • what is “Otome game”?
  • when someone introduces him to Curiously Caught he’s kinda ????
  • really confuzzled
  • he looks like those old people trying to work with technology
    • poking the screen with one finger really hard
    • lowering his reading classes and holding the phone 2 miles away from his face and then squinting his eyes to read the text 
    • asking questions about a million things:
    • “How do i go back”
    • “What do the coins do”
    • “How do i win”
    • also: “I can’t see”
  • he puts the game down at first because he’s confused and doesn’t know how to play, but he sees himself get drawn to it whenever he has free time
  • on the way to work? playing. taking a break? playing. 
  • there’s no stopping he’s becoming one of us


  • it’s just that he
  • he beat the game in 1 day
  • he got all the coins, all the hearts and was able to ‘catch’ MC with his skillz
  • but that doesn’t stop him from playing the game another 21232534 times because he wants to find loopholes
  • and see what the bad ends are like
  • low key hacks the game to see what happens
  • the company is like what is happening to our game???
  • oops
  • also likes to show off
  • he goes to online forums that discuss the game and logs on as
  • “curiouscatlover” and literally s p o i l s the game for everyone BUT doesn’t tell him how to beat the levels
  • i hate u seven y r u doin dis to us


  • he isn’t interested at first
  • he just saw it on his appstore and was like 
  • ok i guess i’ll download it since they recommended it
  • starts playing but doesn’t see the meaning in it
  • kinda just stares at the game emotionless
  • “Wow! MC just gave you 10 coins!”
  • “ok”
  • “Options: kiss MC or walk away.”
  • he choose to walk away
  • “we just met why would i kiss her i am not a creep like Saeyoung”
  • low key wants to delete the game but his pride won’t let him
  • “I have to win this or else Saeyoung will rub it in my face that he won and i do not want to hear it”


  • old ass men confused with game options and functions lmfao
  • dude calls up Jumin to work this out together
  • did i mention they met up at a cafe where TONS OF GIRLS AND THE PUBLIC ARE JUDGING THEM
  • and they were literally discussing the game like it was some sort of business tihng
  • “Jumin, if I choose to kiss her, will she dislike me? We just started playing this morning after all.”
  • “Hm.. I think we should just go for it - go big or go home right? That’s always been my business motto.”
  • “You’re right. Okay here it goes… YES! SHE GAVE ME 2 COINS.”
  • “See? This isn’t hard at all.”
  • *cue those comical laughs in the background of TV shows*
  • p.s. they win MC in like 1 month (much too long for 1 route)

:)) i hope this was what you wanted lol

~Cherry L.

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Werewolf!Jungkook (Boyfriend)

Last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan princes, the second half of Jinkook, the golden maknae who is so cute and funny and I’m so happy he’s come out of his shell so much bc he seems so happy and that makes me really happy bc happy!BTS is my favorite BTS, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • I’ve written three things for werewolf!kook so far, there’s the description of him as a werewolf in general, which is part one (here) part two is him falling in love with a human (here) and of course, werewolf!kook as a father (all of the father related posts are here)
  • Since one of the requests was for human!reader, I’ll be using that to start off with
  • Such a sweet boyfriend oh my lord
  • Always wants to make you happy 25/8, when you’re sad, he’s sad
  • S o many inside jokes the two of you can’t even keep up sometimes like why is that one even funny??? idk but it’s funny
  • Forever doing something funny tbh, making faces, doing that signature dance of his, talking in weird voices
  • You walk in one day to hear him using that weird deep voice he does sometimes while cooing at his dog and it’s a bit ?? to hear that voice saying shit like “who’s a good boy?? You’re a good boy!!” 
  • It doesn’t take too long for you to see him in his wolf form but it’s also not as quick as some of the other members
  • Kook doesn’t wanna scare you at all and he knows that just the fact that he’s a werewolf can be something you need time to adjust to so the last thing he wants to do is rush things and start chilling out as a wolf in your apartment
  • But he also really loves being in his wolfy state so he’s conflicted bc he can either go for it and just hope you react well or he could keep waiting
  • You know about the whole wolf thing, he told you about it when he was explaining that he wasn’t exactly human but it hasn’t really been brought up since so he’s not sure if he should bring it up again or if he should just do it or if he should ask if it’s okay
  • There’s one day where you’re meant to be gone all day long, you’re visiting some friends who live in a different city and you’re considering spending the night with them and everything so Jungkook figures it’s safe to chill out in his wolf form bc he has the apartment to himself
  • He’s not expecting you to come back that night at all so when you walk into the apartment and see a wolf in your bed, both of you are pretty shocked
  • He’s staring at you, you’re staring at him and the pup is just rolling around
  • In the back of your mind, you know it’s Jungkook bc it’s only been a couple months of knowing he’s a werewolf so you still remember the lil bit he threw in about being able to turn into a wolf but you’d thought he was joking to lighten the mood
  • You didn’t think he could actually turn into a wolf yet there’s a wolf laying on your bed, playing with your dog
  • He’s the biggest wolf in the pack so he’s not a teeny tiny pup, he’s got super long legs and he’s just overall a pretty big wolf, he’s got this really dark dark brown pretty much black fur
  • Although his eyes are more of a wolf’s size and shape, they still have the same color and the same familiarity to them
  • After that initial fear of seeing an actual wolf in your room, you put two and two together and decide to see if your memory is correct so you reach out to the wolf and hope that you’re right bc if not you may have just lost your hand
  • But thankfully you’re right and it’s just kookie and he gets so happy seeing that you accepted that part of him, his lil tail is wagging and he’s rolling around with the pup and you’re just :D bc your boys are happy
  • Seeing him on the full moon is really cool tbh bc he’s a really beautiful wolf as is but seeing him in his element is just w h o a
  • The pack is huge and the majority of them are werewolves (there are a few humans though) so it’s just countless wolves running around and chasing each other and tackling each other and play fighting and rolling around in the dirt
  • Kook has a l o t of energy, he’s a v v playful pup so he spends most of the night playing with Vmin and hobi or bugging Jin as much as he can before Jin starts chasing him around
  • The first full moon you spend with him, he’s really protective and doesn’t leave your side, even though his paw is literally twitching from how much energy he’s got built up from the full moon and his head is on your lap so none of the other wolves try to play with you bc that could end with you getting hurt
  • Once you spend more and more time with the pack, he eases up with his protectiveness
  • He helps teach you all the ways to make sure you’re safe when you’re playing with the wolves, he shows you how to warn them they’re biting too hard or getting too rough before they actually cause any damage (accidentally of course, sometimes they don’t realize how rough they’re being, especially with humans)
  • If it’s a serious threat, he won’t ease up until the threat is l on g gone and has absolutely zero chance of coming back
  • He’s one of the fighters in the pack so he’s got zero issues with defending himself or you or anyone
  • He’s not afraid to use his size to his advantage bc sometimes, just seeing a wolf of that size with that much power is enough to subdue any thoughts of attacking him
  • But also there’s always that one person who has to test the limits and it’s that person that gets the wrath of an extremely pissed off Jungkook and it’s that person that is very lucky Namjoon is there to intervene
  • Kook is protective over all of his pack but at the same time, you’re his person, you’re his mate and there’s a boost in protectiveness that comes with that
  • As I’ve mentioned in the other posts, werewolves don’t have the same type of jealousy that humans do
  • Their jealousy isn’t all that concerned with losing their partner bc they mate for life, they typically fall in love once and then that’s it, they’re together for the rest of their lives so they never have to worry about losing their partner or cheating or anything like that
  • Their jealousy is more attention based, more playful and puppy like
  • He does get jealous when you give too much attention to someone else and he does the tongue thing and just stares at you for a while before he starts doing something to get your attention
  • Depending on who it is and why they have your attention, he’ll either start doing something to impress you, like push ups, or he’ll do something dumb to make you laugh, like stand behind the other person and make faces or try to mouth whatever they’re saying
  • You’re human so you do experience the typical jealousy but kook finds it kinda cute and endearing but also confusing bc “I’m yours ?? why worry about them so much when you’ve got me for life”
  • He’s a good looking man with an amazing personality so he’s gonna get some people who are gonna be flirty or try to ask him out or anything along those lines but he’s super super loyal and doesn’t really give them the time to get that part out
  • Once he starts hearing that first hint of them getting flirty, he gets a bit flustered bc !!!! o h no that’s not supposed to happen but then he snaps out of it and makes it clear that he’s okay with being platonic completely and totally platonic just friends but nothing more than that
  • “What are you doing on Friday??”
  • “Ask my love, we probably have a date planned bc we’re dating”
  • When it comes to you being insecure about being a human in a pack full of werewolves, he’s always really supportive and sweet
  • Kook is actually really empathetic, judging from the lyrics of Begin, and there was one time a fan was crying in front of him and he kinda just held her hand and helped her calm back down as much as he could
  • He’s gonna sit with you and let you talk it out if you need to and he’ll keep your hands held tight in his and give them lil kisses and he may get a bit teary eyed too bc he never ever wants you to think like that
  • He doesn’t care whether you’re a human, witch, werewolf, whatever, he’s still gonna be a lil lovesick puppy for you and he wants you to know that
  • The next day, he plans the entire day out to make you feel special and extra loved, he’s got reservations for your favorite restaurant, you two are going to your favorite stores and spending the afternoon cuddled on the couch playing video games or watching a movie/show together
  • “You know I really don’t care about that right?? I actually love that you’re human, it’s easy for a werewolf to accept a werewolf but a human accepting us is rare so it makes me feel even more loved that you accept me anyways” 
  • Werewolf!Jungkook as a boyfriend is a playful pup with a whole lot of love for you who’s always down for cuddling in the rain and being your personal heater in winter
Dylan Larkin #3.4

Second to the last part of my FAVORITE angsty multi-parter!! I can’t believe this baby is coming to an end. :( 

I suggest you read parts 1, 2, and 3 before reading this. Enjoy! :)

Word count: 1, 019

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The silence that followed his ankle-breaking statement was deafening. More than that, it was the kind of silence that left a pinging sound in your ear, like you’re suddenly picking up other-worldly vibrations. Maybe you’ve become a dog and are now picking up new forms of sound waves.

Really, who knows what you’ve become. Maybe it’s the end of the world because, silent or not, you’re pretty sure you just heard Dylan Larkin, ex-person you want to die and present-person you’d die for, tell you that he needed you. He needs you.

Ha. If that isn’t all ten degrees of fucked up?

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Sei Guten Mutes, Thomas

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Recently I got an anon message saying we should have a Cheer Thomas Up campaign since he’s been having so much trouble this season. And I kind of thought about it and I was like… well, why not? Thomas Müller could use a little cheering up, I think. 😊 And a reminder we all support him and he’s amazing.

So here’s the plan. 

For some period of time as yet to be decided (a week? a month? to the end of the season? the end of TIME???), I’d like us all to pull together and send Thomas as much uplifting edits, messages, photos of you in his kit, whatever, on Instagram or Twitter. Whenever you do, use the tag #SeiGutenMutes. And if you have the urge, you can post any edits or photos or messages etc here as well and @ me, I’ll reblog it using the same tag.

IF you don’t have Twitter or Instagram and you still want to participate, you can send me an ask, a submit, @ me in a post, whatever, and let me know to deliver whatever you wrote/made. I will post it to Twitter or Insta (with full credits to you of course) (or anonymous if you prefer that) to make sure it gets to him.

I would love if we could get this going in a good timeframe because as we are ALL AWARE, there’s a big game in just a few days! So @oficialmuller @miasanfamilie @fussballgoth if you guys could reblog to help me get the word out. Also, I have like two followers on social media lmfao so IF ANYONE has a Twitter or Insta with a relatively good following, could you try to spread the message for me there as well? I’m not expecting some wildly viral internet campaign but it would be great to get a nice noticeable number of participants!

I think that’s about it. So, thank you to the anon for the idea and I hope you all participate somehow!

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OMG!!!a fic where Nico and Will grew up bestfriend's and when they're I don't know.....15/16 one of them admits they've had a crush on the other since they were 10!?!!!


Nico wished his heart would stop making him feel like he had just run a marathon. Honestly, he had only been sitting with Will for a few minutes. Why did his cheeks feel hot and his hands sweat like it was a hundred degrees outside? It was a nice day and Will and Nico were just sitting next to each other, watching the young kids play outside in the street. Will’s presence was nice and comforting and Nico felt relaxed with Will next him. He felt calm with himself, and more importantly, with his surroundings.

So why was his heart pounding a million miles an hour?

Nico di Angelo had known Will Solace since they were young. Too young for him to really remember ever meeting Will, he had always just…been there. He could have been in the house right next door to Nico, or he could have moved their when they were both still too young to remember such trivial things. For Nico, none of it mattered. Will was a steadfast presence in Nico’s life and nothing was going to change that. At least, as long as Nico didn’t let his emotions get the best of him. And he got accepted into the same college as Will. Not that he would be applying exclusively for Will.

Whatever all those gibberish feelings were, all they were accomplishing was muddling Nico’s brain and making it hard to sit still next to Will. No, it would be best if Nico just pushed them all aside and focused on the summer he and Will had sitting in front of them. Will had baseball and Nico had track, but they both already promised to attend each other’s games. There wasn’t much that could split up Nico di Angelo and Will Solace.

Except, maybe, whatever Nico’s developing feelings meant.

“I guess, what I’m trying to say is, I’m in love with you, Nico.” Will twisted his hands in front of him, wringing them out before letting them fall slack at his sides. Nico took a moment to try and process what, exactly, it was that Will was saying. (Even though it was rather bluntly obvious.) “I understand if you don’t feel the same way.” Has Nico’s heart always been beating this fast? Was this even safe?

It took Nico a while to comprehend Will’s rather bold statement. It was the declaration of love that Nico had been pushing back against for so long, he forgot when it had even settled in him. Perhaps it had always been there, and it had simply grown as Nico did, and he was too young and innocent to understand it until now.

At any rate, Will was standing in front of him, shifting his weight from foot to foot nervously. Nico had nearly forgotten that he was waiting to gauge Nico’s reaction. No doubt he was waiting to see if he had just ruined their friendship. No doubt he held the same fears that Nico had for so long.

“I,” Nico had always been the master of eloquence. “I’m sorry,” he saw Will’s face fall, and he was quick to finish his sentence. “I’m sorry, I just didn’t ever expect this. You’ve always been so, well, you, and I’ve always been, well, me. I didn’t think that there would ever be a chance for there to be a, well, us.” Will looked like he was trying to solve a complicated math problem, tilting his head to the side, and Nico huffed.

Always a man of doing, Nico pulled Will towards him, crashing their lips together. Nico had always been so much better with actions then with words. Still, his heart beat a million miles an hour.

I fought Satan to write today

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The UT/US/UF skelebros at their first human fair! Complete with funnel cakes, deep-fried everything, Ring Tosses, shooting games, pony rides, face-painting, trinket-selling booths and make-you-puke roller coasters! Bonus points: Who drags their SO to the Tunnel of Love? Who doesn't even fully grasp what that ride is for?


Sans enjoys the gentler rides–the kind that can lull you to sleep.  The swings that lift into the air, the swinging pirate ship, anything where he can just sit back and relax.  There’s a ride (Spaceship 3000?  Gravitron 3000?  Apparently, putting 3000 after something makes it futuristic) where you stand against a wall and it spins super fast, flattening you against the wall to the point where your feet can leave the floor.  Well, that’s his favorite because he can show off.  He gets into various poses, all the while keeping his eyes closed and pretending(??) to doze.  

He’s not much for sweets, but he devours the hot dogs after smothering them with ketchup and at least tries a bite of your funnel cake and deep-fried oreos.

When it comes to the games, he’s got skills.  In fact, he’s too good.  The games are supposed to be rigged, but he’s winning every one of them.  You get whatever toy/plush you have your eye on and the satisfaction of watching the carnies try to figure out how to call him out for cheating without outing themselves for rigging the games.

You’re the one that drags Sans to the Tunnel of Love.  He’s full of hot dogs and tired from walking around/standing in lines all day, so the gentle rocking of the boat lulls him to sleep.  Opportunity missed!



Papyrus talks to everyone.  Everyone.  He can’t contain his excitement and anyone standing in the general vicinity of him while in line is going to hear all about it.  He asks you questions about everything, too, and you’re definitely riding everything.  Everything.  He makes the mistake of scarfing down an entire funnel cake because it’s “HUMAN TRADITION” and then riding something that slung the two of you around and went upside-down.

Yeah.. he totally threw up all over the place.  Funnel cake bits rain down on the people waiting in line.  Both of you are beyond mortified.  He “NYOO HOO HOO"s in a public restroom for half an hour straight afterward.  You finally get him to calm down by marching in and literally dragging him back into the fair.  You turn the games into a competition, and well, “THE GREAT PAPYRUS NEVER BACKS DOWN FROM FRIENDLY COMPETITION!  YOU’RE ON!  JUST DO NOT CRY WHEN YOU’RE CRUSHED! .. IN A FRIENDLY WAY, OF COURSE!  BECAUSE I’D NEVER.. CRUSH.. YOU.”  He’s babbling.  The two of you play every game and you somehow beat him.  Oh, he’s letting you win.  Now he’s blushing and shouting about how skilled you are.

You have to drag him to the Tunnel of Love because he’s SO DONE with rides.  But he actually enjoys it, and while he doesn’t really understand the purpose of the ride, he does admit that it has a “ROMANTIC AMBIANCE BEFITTING THE CAGE OF PASSION” that you’re in with him.  His arm goes around you, and the two of you cuddle while he nuzzles you temple with his teeth and blushes.  What a sweetheart.


He’s just as excited about everything as UT!Paps, but he doesn’t talk to anyone else but you about it (and his brother if Stretch happens to be around).  His hand is constantly in yours, and he wants to ride everything.  You take him on a ride that goes way up high, then drops the platform quickly, and he’s so scared that his bones are rattling.  However, he’s not about to let you see him as a scared little babybones, so he goes through with it.  This ignites some sort of daredevil adrenaline-junky side of him, and he wants to go on it again and again.. all of the roller coasters, too.  

He eats giant pretzels and deep-fried oreos and twinkies.  Now he’s hyped up on sugar and is pretty much uncontrollable.  You can’t keep up.  You’re starting to feel sick.  You end up sitting on a bench and watching him ride a few rides while you wait for your stomach to settle.

Blueberry realizes you’re not feeling well and moves on to games.  He pours his energy into them, but doesn’t realize that most are rigged.  He ends up getting teary-eyed when he fails, and he’s super-dramatic about it.  You try winning him something, but all you get is a consolation prize–a small, colorful stuffed snake.  It doesn’t cheer him up; he wanted to win YOU something.

He suggests the Tunnel of Love when the two of you come to it, but he’s blushing a bright blue and twiddling his fingers together when he asks.  Once inside, he keeps scooting closer until he’s cuddled into your side, and he admits, “I’VE HAD A REALLY GOOD TIME TODAY.. WITH YOU.”  He’s so adorable that you shower his skull with kisses, and he ends up in your lap for the rest of the ride.  


He rides everything you want to ride and doesn’t show the slightest inclination of being scared or phased by anything.  No, instead he’s watching YOUR reactions, trying to see what excites and/or scares you.  His lazy grin is the same, and whenever you shriek, he chuckles.  If you look unsure about the ride, he’ll tease you.  

Papyrus is all about the nachos, the funnel cakes, and the candied apples.  You already know he has a sweet tooth, and after he finishes the candied apple, he spends the rest of the afternoon twirling the stick between his teeth.  You suppose that’s because he can’t smoke on the fairgrounds.  

He watches you play the games instead of playing them yourself.. and holy crap, you’re good!  You’re hitting every target, you’re popping every balloon, you’re nailing every hoop..!  
You’re excited, and Stretch is grinning.  Oh.  Right.  He’s cheating with his magic.  
Welp, you’re not even mad.  You got all the stuffed animals you wanted.

The Tunnel of Love gets blown off.  Instead, Stretch takes you to the ferris wheel, right after the sun sets and the lights are bright.  At the very top, he pulls that cliché line “you’re beautiful” when you claim the view’s beautiful.. and yeah, you fall for it because he’s wearing the cheesiest grin you’ve ever seen on him.  The multi-hued lights are washing over his skull in a way that makes the moment feel so surreal, and when you kiss him, you feel like your heart’s going to burst out of your chest.  

You had a nice time.


When it comes to the rides, Red is all about the roller coasters and anything that goes upside-down.  He wants to see you scared, and he wants his adrenaline to be pumping at the same time.  He eats hot dogs and giant pretzels and covers both with mustard, and he’ll try a couple of bites of the deep-fried food you pick out.  When he goes back to the rides, he starts to feel queasy, so now it’s on to the games.

He blatantly cheats at all the games.  He doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s using magic.  The carnies try to call him on it, but he just smirks and suddenly the dart he was about to magically impale over and over again into ALL of the balloons hits the space right beside the carnie’s cheek.  They’re terrified.  Red gets whatever prize you pick out, and if you get annoyed by the fact that he’s scaring the carnies, then he’ll just pick out several.  He’s unapologetic.

Ultimately, he gets banned from the games.  But, oh hey, is that a mechanical bull?!  He’s only seen them on TV and wants to try it, so you both make some silly bet to see who can last the longest.  Red enjoys the sight of you riding the bull way more than he should, and you feel yourself get righted when you know you should have fell, but it’s still a ton of fun!  He beats you, of course, by cheating.  The show-off even rides it standing up by the end of it, and when he jumps off, it’s by choice.  Well, now you have to do whatever it is that he wanted for the bet.  But that’ll come later.  

(*Seriously, though, you guys should send me imagines for what the S/O has to do for the bet!)

He doesn’t do the Tunnel of Love and rolls his eyelights when you suggest it.  Instead, he drags you through a haunted house in hopes that you’ll get scared and cling to him.  He takes advantage of every jump scare to cope a feel in the dark or lick your neck.  Huh.  You didn’t think it was possible to feel turned on and scared at the same time, but hey, it is.


Edge hates crowds, and now you bring him here.  Waiting in lines suck, and he lets you know it.  He dictates which rides you go on, and should you accuse him of being scared of the faster rides that go upside-down, he’ll cross his arms and declare “THE TERRIBLE PAPYRUS DOES NOT FALTER IN THE FACE OF SUCH CHILDISH RIDES!” and take it as a personal challenge.  Oh yeah, he’s riding all of them.  He’s actually scared and locks up, giving the bar/harness/whatever a death-grip, and screaming through his closed mouth the entire time.  You can show him Mercy and suggest food, or you can keep going until he finally snaps that “THIS IS STUPID!” and stomps off toward the food anyway.

Nothing is up to his tastes.  He samples from whatever you get, but ultimately, he’s just not into cheap (yet still overpriced) food like this.  He compares you to Sans, and then you move on to games.  Even though they’re rigged, he’s still excellent at them–even without magic!  Nope, the Terrible Papyrus doesn’t cheat.  When it comes to accuracy, he’s got serious skills, and he’s intelligent enough to figure out how to account for the way the carnies have rigged the games.  While he does lose a few times, he still gets you whatever you want, and he won’t be satisfied until you’ve thanked him over and over.  

From the name, he can deduce what the Tunnel of Love is for, and he avoids it like the plague until you actually suggest it.  His face turns red.  "WELL, I SUPPOSE IF YOU’RE THAT DESPERATE TO RIDE IT WITH ME..“  He begrudgingly agrees, and he blushes the entire time.  The ride is cheesy–so cheesy!  Are you riding in a swan boat?!– but it’s dark and you’re both sitting close together.  You’re going to have to make the first move here; he’s not one for PDA.  But hey, if you go for it, you get a rather long kiss as a reward.

Bonus– Gaster!Sans:

G!Sans prefers the relaxing rides, too, but hey, he’s happy to watch you go on the roller coasters if you want.  He wants to see you having fun, and he’s likely to tease you if any of the rides intimidate you.  Likely, you can pull him onto a faster ride or two, but he’s mostly content on the swings that suspend in the air.  He can smoke up there without anyone telling him to put it out.  

He eats hot dogs and funnel cakes, and even decides to feed you some funnel cake just to see if he can make you blush.  If you let him, you’re bound to get powdered sugar on your cheek, and he’s going to wipe that off with his thumb and then lick it off.  He enjoys trying to make you as flustered as possible.

Like Edgy, he wins whatever games he plays without resorting to magic.  He prefers to watch you play the games, however, so he can alternate between giving you tips and poking fun at you when you lose.  He’s not afraid of PDA, so you spend the entire time walking around, hand-in-hand with him, and he seems relaxed.

He’s down for the Tunnel of Love.  In fact, he’s the one that suggests it.  He cracks jokes about the cheesiness of it all, though has his arm around you as soon as the two of you sit down.  G!Sans will guide your head to his shoulder and toy with your hair during the ride, and as much as he makes fun of the experience, he seems to really enjoy it.  The only way to stop his jokes is to kiss him, however, and you’re definitely up for that.


Pirate Vessels, cannonades
then sailing silently neath starry skies
children alighting with Wendy and The Pan 
to find where Never Never lies

Two surfers and a soon to be sailor
ready to face whatever may lie ahead
our thoughts turned like spring to love
and we put our childhoods to bed

Families, careers and obligations
we learned to play the games of men
no complaints my friends we’ve done well
still, wouldn’t it be nice to be innocent again

For two of my dearest long time friends here, @thesealivesinme and @takingstockofwhatmattersmost.  I thank you both for your kindness, loyalty and friendship.