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It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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On this week’s “Someone forgot to tell Stephen and Emily their characters are broken up”

Can we talk about how well Zeke and Shao go together? 

  • Zeke’s creative intellect (geared toward writing and prose and poetry and literature) complements Shaolin’s talent with music, DJ-ing, and rhythm. 
  • Both Zeke and Shao are driven by emotion, but Zeke is more sensitive and expressive of his emotions, whereas Shao internalizes his true feelings until they burst into flames. 
  • They’ve both suffered great tragedies in their life and have had to adapt to the cruelty of the world at very young ages. And both of them have coped in either positive or negative ways. For example, Zeke funnels his emotions through poetry (which is positive), but he hides and downplays his talent because it’s not a talent that is necessarily lauded by his peers (which is negative). On the other hand, Shaolin is determined, which can be seen in his passion for learning how to DJ (which is positive), but he forces himself to hide what he truly wants to do and instead embarks on jobs that harm him mentally and physically so that he can get money quickly (which is negative). In both their negative cases, Zeke and Shaolin are demonstrating that they are doing the best they can given difficult circumstances, which means that they are not at fault for coping negatively but that the way they cope does eventually harm them. 
  • Zeke and Shaolin both have important mentors in their lives. Zeke has his English teacher, who recognized his talent and pushed him to accept it with confidence rather than shame. Shaolin has Grandmaster Flash, who helps him hone his talent with grace and humility. If it weren’t for these two mentors, then neither Zeke nor Shaolin would continue to pursue their true desires and goals. 
  • Shaolin is the reason that Zeke began gaining interest in music and rapping in the first place. As Zeke himself says in the first episode, Shaolin is the reason for everything. This proves that they have a very intimate dynamic. How can you not love the person who introduced you to a world of color and brightness and music and who put you on the path to future greatness? 
  • Zeke is the reason Shaolin can come back to himself. We know that both Zeke and Shaolin face moral and internal conundrums. In Zeke’s case, he faces the conflict between doing what’s right for his community and doing what’s right for his future (symbolized by the election - should he acquiesce with his intern boss’s demands or should he prioritize his people, who are detrimentally affected by white supremacist corporate politics?). In Shaolin’s case, he faces the conflict between pursuing his actual goals (namely, DJ-ing) and making money (through his relationship with Fat Annie, who manipulates and blackmails him and is trying to groom him into something he’s not). I find that every time Shao reaches a moral precipice, he is brought back to himself because of his relationship with Zeke. And vice versa. Zeke reminds Shaolin that he is more than just ash, that he doesn’t have to be engulfed in his own flames, that he isn’t anyone’s errand boy and that he has so much to give to the world. Shaolin reminds Zeke of the importance of genuinely and passionately pursuing your dreams no matter the circumstance, and of the love and importance of community. 

You have two boys who are very different yet who also face moral conflicts, internal conflicts, trauma generated from what has respectively happened in their lives, and the external systematic forces that shape the way they interact with each other and their world. I cannot think of a better foundation for a more intimate or wholly romantic dynamic. They push each other to be better people, better friends, better artists. There is narrative chemistry between them: they are such good friends, constantly in each other’s orbit, but also liable to getting into arguments because of said conflicts that they are facing. And they have galvanized each other’s developments. One cannot exist without the other anymore. 

Okay everybody, it’s been a not-so-fantastic year but I intend to end it fantastically! I’m leaving tomorrow morning and I’m going to be out of town for a bit for my wedding and Christmas vacation stuff. I may pop on occasionally but won’t really be around again until next year. So here’s a preview of what’s on the agenda for when I return…

Prompts/ideas/bunnies that I haven’t forgotten about:

The arranged marriage Malec AU

The dystopian soulmate prompt (still haven’t decided if this should be Malec or Sterek. Maybe I’ll be really self-indulgent and make it both. XD)

The Peter Hale as the Librarian fic

The ABO!Sterek fic

and of course the just came to my mind a few days ago Steter gladiator/hunger games mashup fic

But those are just some prompts that I don’t want to lose in the next year. Now for the real fun stuff! 

Coming in January!

The grindr!Malec fic (which turned out not to involve very much grindr, but that’s not important)

Magnus reaches out for his phone, as Alec pulls his pants on. “You should put your number in my phone,” he says, tapping the screen to unlock it.

Alec freezes a little. He’s always taken a ‘one show only’ approach to this sort of thing. He doesn’t want to see these guys again. Grindr makes that easy for him, and most of the guys are pretty understanding. But Magnus is so hot, and the sex was so good. He hesitates.

Magnus, still not entirely awake, doesn’t notice. “You could show me around town, maybe …? I understand you need a true native to really enjoy New York.”

“I, uh, I can’t really.” Alec clears his throat. “Sorry.”

“Are you sure? I’d love to - ” Magnus sees something shift on Alec’s face, and winces. “I’m sorry. I promised not to make the morning after awkward, and here I am doing precisely that. Number, yes, no?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Alec holds his hand up for the phone, and Magnus tosses it to him. Against his better judgment, he enters his number into Magnus’ contacts. He can always ignore it if Magnus calls him. “I’ve gotta go. I’ll see you around, maybe,” he says, and leaves the room without looking back.

The new plot-filled section of Live and Learn:

When Alec finished reading Magnus’ letter aloud, the room was silent. Clary was crying quietly, and Jace was holding her. Finally, Alec looked up, found Izzy. “Does Meliorn know where the portal to Edom is?”

“I’ll ask him,” Izzy said, and turned and walked away without argument.

Jace rubbed a hand over the back of his head. “I hate to state the obvious – ”

“Then don’t,” Alec told him.

Jace grimaced, and Lydia spoke up. “Alec, he told you not to come for him. He told you over and over again.”          

“So what? If he can ignore what I would obviously want, I can ignore what he wants.” Alec’s hand tightened on the letter. “He’s my husband. I take those vows seriously. What God has joined, no man can sunder. And I don’t care if that man is the prince of hell. He cannot, and will not, take my husband from me.”

And last, but certainly not least, Adult Wolf: Season Two!

Gerard smiles a hard, mirthless smile. “Well, I wanted to meet the man who murdered my daughter, of course. That would be you, I think.”

Tom doesn’t flinch. “Your daughter aimed a deadly weapon at a civilian. I acted accordingly. You have my condolences.”

“That ‘civilian’ was an alpha werewolf,” Gerard says.

Tom thinks of several snappy retorts, but then decides against them. Instead, he says nothing. Just meets Gerard’s gaze and waits. If Gerard wants to make the point that Peter wasn’t worth protecting, he’s going to have to come right out and say it.

“An alpha werewolf who had murdered five people,” Gerard adds, and Tom still says nothing. “An alpha werewolf that I think you know how to find.”

Seeing that Gerard is going to continue to push, Tom decides to push back. “Let’s get a few things straight. First of all, Kate’s death has been investigated and I have been cleared of any wrongdoing, so although you can have my condolences, you cannot have my remorse. As far as Kate’s death is concerned, my conscience is clear. Perhaps you haven’t seen the picture of her holding a gun to my son’s head. If you haven’t, I’d be happy to show it to you. Secondly, Peter Hale has not been charged with or convicted of any crime. Thirdly, you should probably know that the five deaths you referred to are thought to be Kate’s work, that she was cleaning up after herself by killing anyone who could implicate her in the death of the Hale family. Lastly, since Kate was one hundred percent responsible for that fire, Derek and Peter Hale are both her victims, and I would like to advise you that as the sheriff of this county, I will not tolerate harassment of either of them. So yes, Mr. Argent, I do know where to find Peter Hale, and no, I don’t particularly care that you’d like my help with that.”

i like to think about dave and dirk eventually becoming quietly very touchy and affectionate with each other because they both grew up extremely contact-starved, dave by a hyper-masculine upbringing that taught that stoicism is “cool” and that boys don’t need shit like hugs and physical affection, and dirk by being isolated in the middle of a fucking ocean. with the initial awkwardness out of the way and various issues talked through and shit they can just be bros who care about each other a lot and just like lean into each other all the time and sometimes hug if they need it and sometimes after a hard day of drawing and goofing off just flop down together and take a nap all tangled together.


Why are you standing here? Go in.

Anyway, more on Corvo, well, not speaking.

I really prefer to think that each time someone, like Lady Boyle or Treavor Pendleton, pointed out how “quiet” and “mysterious” Corvo is, it wasn’t some clever funny lampshading on the game mechanics, it’s his actual character trait as seen by the people surrounding him.

And it creates a very nice contrast with his environment and within the story, with the loyalists who use you as a tool and all the aristocrats who are physically unable to shut up and would go on and on with their monologues, enjoying the sound of their own voice to ever be bothered by Corvo not responding. They probably don’t even expect him to respond.

This environment is full of people who lie and cover up their lies with pretty words and shallow praise to get into your good graces, people who apparently talked a lot of shit behind Corvo’s back because of his background and lower class origins, and there’s a constant, endless sound of the propaganda officer talking somewhere at the background.

Corvo was the “doing instead of talking” concept personified, and a single most trusting, honest relationship in the story is the one between him and Emily, which is narrated almost entirely based on gestures, small physical signs of affection and actions taken towards her safety and wellbeing, instead of talk and empty promises.

It made sense to me, story-wise, it never felt like something was lacking. It was just a part of him but I never saw it as a flaw of any kind.

let me tell you about the sunshine girl.
you can see her when your eyelids flutter shut, after long days of giving yourself away she is there to lend herself to you in the simplest of ways. she will not let you decline. kindness radiates from each atom in her body. you can’t help but wonder how a single girl is the embodiment of the solar system.
and the stars, you see them in her eyes, the way they bring brightness as a gift to the banquet of the night, there is no present like a galaxy. the sun is a star but it is our star, her star, your star.
she is the power behind each flower in the garden, the driving force behind the striking color palette of each petal. the love in the leaves that brings them together, the strength in each stem that allows them to reach for the stars.
and the dim morning sun behind the window pane, the seven am wakeup call, the most subtle alarm clock that nature will provide. whisper, darling, a tap on my shoulder, you can see her with your eyes closed, you will know she rises. she will wait for you every day.
i am in love with the sunshine girl.
—  sunshine girl