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Sneak Pt. 1 [M]

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Graphic smut, this is pure filth, i am not sorry, ceo!namjoon

Word Count: 5.3k

A/N: this shoot had me feeling all sorts of ways. don’t tempt me into making this a series because i very well could lol oops rip me. Also, this is unedited. I will be coming back to it to make edits once I finally sleep

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You stood behind the podium and stared out into the boardroom. The group of unamused business men clad in suits that costs 6 months of your rent stared back at you. The youthful face of the CEO stood out amongst the wrinkled frowns of everyone else in the room. You tried not to stare, or at least not let him notice you were staring. You had been working for this corporation for 3 months but you still hadn’t gotten used to the idea that Namjoon was your boss. Granted, there weren’t many CEO’s in their 20’s anyway.

But he was handsome. His dirty blonde hair always sat messily upon his head. Thick black framed glasses sat perfectly on his face while two dimples frame the sides of his perfect lips. Not that you had notice his perfect lips to begin with. Namjoon was your boss, a mantra that you had to remind yourself on a daily basis because if it weren’t for that then you would certainly be wanting to get him in the supply closet. But Namjoon was your boss.

Taking a deep breath, you started your presentation. It seemed like all the knowledge your fancy degree had given you went out the window as soon as you started to speak. You weren’t even sure if it was english, but before you knew it you had reached the last slide. Silence filled the room as the men in suits took in the last of your words. “Any questions?” you asked.

There was no response. Just pairs of empty eyes staring back at you. The overwhelming feeling of failure creeped into your bones as you stood awkwardly in place, unsure of what to do. Finally, the grumpiest of all the men raised an eyebrow and started to speak, “How is this relevant to our company? The ideas you are proposing are very provocative, but we don’t run the business this way. It seems a little out of reach, don’t you think?”

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Imagine Jensen flirting and giving you his number while you take pictures of him during an event. (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here!

“(Y/n)?” you heard a knock on the door and a voice soon afterwards.

“Yes?” you asked and saw your assistant peak in, giving you a small smile.

“Uh we’re starting to put the set for the photoshoot one and I thought that you’d want to… help? I mean since it always is up to you and yeah.” she shrugged and your eyebrow shot up.

“Photoshoot? What photoshoot? I thought the next one was in like- four days or something? With the cast of the Avengers.” you mumbled, flipping through pages and searching through papers for your schedule. You had a lot of things in your mind lately, the most important of them being a certain green-eyed actor that made your heart skip beats every so often, so everything seemed to be a mess. You had forgotten about certain meetings over the week and you were just thankful to your assistant for reminding you every time. You always ended up running there but you at least made it so that was what mattered.

“Uh no, there was one for today. I thought you remembered it and just- just left the settings to-”

“Hell no.” you breathed out, gathering your papers in a haste and placing them on the side along with plenty and plenty of photos. You tried to tide everything up the best you could but failed so you just stopped trying in the first place “No, I just completely forgot about it. Great, I’m losing my mind. That and probably my job pretty soon.” you grumbled, rubbing your temple.

“They’ll be fools if they let you go.” she shook her head as she made her way to your desk to put things in an order.

“I’d say more like smart. Gosh I am so not myself lately.” you said frustrated and she smirked, looking at you “And don’t you dare say it!” you added sharply, pointing a finger at her.

“I didn’t say anything!” she raised her hands in the ir, giggling “But if I did it would be something along the lines of-”

“Don’t you-” you started warning but there was no stopping her.

“Jensen and (Y/n) sitting under a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” she giggled like a schoolgirl and you gave her a hard glare.

“You are so not my friend.” you grumbled, checking on your camera. You never let it out of your sight.

“Oh but I am! Which is why I am not going to tease you any further.” she smiled at you “But, I am being serious here. We both know that Mr Ackles is to blame for this mess you are in. Come on, I know that you’ve never been able to resist him, being the huge fangirl you are and all. It’s no wonder you are over the moon ever since he gave you his number.” she shrugged and you chewed on your lower lip.

“That was nothing, really. He just- he’s a fan of my work, that’s all. It’s not what you think.” you mumbled.

“Right, sure whatever you say.” she rolled her eyes “So I’m guessing you have not used it yet, have you?”

“No, and I’m not going to. It’s best if I forget about it whatsoever. I don’t need to give myself any more false hope than I already have. It’s made my life come upside down already, I can’t afford to fall harder for him. Not now.” you sighed, shaking your head as you felt your heart tighten inside your chest.

“So you have already started falling for him?” she asked with a smirk and you chewed on the inside of your lip, looking down. Hearing her repeat it out loud made the feeling set in the pit of your stomach and yourself get scared even more because it was actually true.

You cleared your throat, trying to ignore her “I’ll get going and if anyone calls- you know your job, ok.” you shook your head.

“Absolutely.” she chuckled at you. Of course this seemed funny to her, maybe for a reason you could not understand either, but to you it was only worrying.

You couldn’t get the man out of your mind, not even as you made your way to the studio. You just replayed the events of only a week ago in your mind and couldn’t help but think of everything you could have done all these days. And it was thoughts like that that actually distracted you from everything going on around you. You thought so much about him, all the time, that you…

…Had come to see him in front of you too?

You froze in the doorway, blinking rapidly as you stared at the sight in front of you with a frown. You didn’t ask what the photoshoot was about or with whom but you didn’t imagine it would be… the Supernatual cast? You almost pinched yourself, thinking you’d somehow fallen asleep on your desk but no, you were actually awake. You willed yourself to take a deep breath and push the glass door open. The sound made everybody turn to look at you and you tried to force a smile on your face. A smile that, surprisingly enough, felt easier to put on your face when you saw the boyish grin Jensen had on.

And as that, as his eyes locked with yours his words actually came rushing back to you “See you in a week.” and realization downed on you harder than a ton of bricks. You had really forgotten about the photoshoot you had with Jared, Jensen and Misha but he obviously had not. Well, fan-reaking-tastic!

“(Y/n), hey! I thought you wanted us to take care of the settings?” one of your co-workers asked but you shook your head.

“No uh I- I just happened to… have forgotten all of this.” you mumbled, looking at Jensen from the corner of your eyes as he grinned softly at you. And boy did you already feel your knees going weak.

“Oh alright then. Uhm if you want to take a look at everything then…?” he trailed off, looking around him and you bit your lower lip almost not believing what was going to come out of your lips.

“Uh no, no you just do your thing guys. I trust you.” you said and his eyebrow shot up. Not at the trusting part, but at the fact that you let them have full control of the settings and all, because when it came to your job you always had a thing or two to say about it but now, well all your attention was definitely not on your job but rather the man standing a few feet away from you.

“Alright.” he chuckled, shrugging. And no sooner had he left than you heard a voice behind you.

“You must be (Y/n), right?” you turned to see a smiling Jared.

“Oh uh you heard it.” you said with a small chuckle.

“Wow it’s actually so great to meet you! I’ve actually seen lots of your work, and I don’t mean just the magazines and let me tell you it’s all absolutely stunning!” he grinned at you and you found yourself actually relaxing at his presence. Maybe it wasn’t going to be as hard aas you thought.

“Really?” you chuckled, your shoulders relaxing “Oh thank you, that really means a lot! But- but where have you really seen it may I ask?”

“Oh actually-” he chuckled “You know, Jensen’s trailer. And some in his house as well, it’s literally full of them.” he said with a proud smile and your eyebrows shot up.

“He- he does?” you asked in a small voice, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“Oh hell yeah! And Chuck help anyone that asks about a photo! He knows every single story behind them, he’s googled it all up and searched for your interviews and everything! The definition of fanboy!” he chuckled, nodding his head and you bit your lip glancing behind him to see Jensen’s smile had actually vanished and a mortified expression having take over. He was mouthing something to you but you couldn’t quite understand. You narrowed your eyes at him, especially at the crazy hand motions he was making. Wait, was he saying to… run? You couldn’t tell. And he couldn’t move because a grinning Misha was actually holding him back.

“Oh wow, that’s- certainly flattering.” you mumbled, laughing softly as you felt your entire face burn.

“No, just wait to hear him talk about you! He literally will never shut up about you!” he emphasized and you giggled. But before you could say a word you heard some shuffling and grumbling before you actually saw Jensen appear next to his friend.

“Yeah, must be a thing of the show, who knows.” he said, giving a glare to his friend “But be the example, Jared, will you?”

“Sorry buddy, kinda hard. I mean first I got get back to you for that and second I am just bonding with our photographer!”

“Yeah, yeah bonding can happen later. Just- go to Misha and-”

“Hey!” speaking about the devil- well maybe not “So you must be (Y/n), right?” he grinned at you and you couldn’t help yourself but chuckle at the look of desperation on Jensen’s face. Just as he was about to get rid of Jared there came worse.

“Uh yeah, and you Misha. I know, I am a fan of the show. It’s great to meet you.” you shook his hand as well and he grinned.

“Oh so you do? So, who’s your favorite then? You seem like the angel type to me.” he smirked, resting his weight on Jensen who only rolled his eyes and you just giggled. These guys were really amazing.

“Well, I feel sorry to disappoint you but I am certainly the hunter type. Older hunter to be more specific.” you shrugged, glancing at Jensen to see a smirk on his face even if he tried to hide it.

“Huh? Hear that Ackles, she prefers papa!” Misha said with a grin, patting him in the shoulder but you just laughed.

“Uh I actually didn’t mean John.” you shook your head and he nodded his.

“Oh Henry it is then, right.” he mumbled and you laughed again.

“No, actually I mean Dean.” you said, fidgeting with your camera.

“Oh sorry, I thought you said older- not ancient!” he said with a shake of his head and you snickered.

“What?!” Jensen exclaimed “Dude, you’re older than me!” he just shook his head “You know what? Nevermind, I am not going to keep this up. Just- why don’t you go take your places? Just go get some make up or whatever, go go go. Just go.” he pushed both of them.

“Alright, if you want to spend some time with your girlfriend just ask for it geez!” Jared said with a roll of his eyes as Misha just chuckled.

“Sorry about that.” he huffed, rubbing the back of his neck.

“It’s alright, I understand and I know. I have friends like that as well. Will find anything they can to embarrass you in public.” you chuckled, glancing down at your camera.

“Yeah, especially things that should not be told out loud.” he chuckled, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“So what? Don’t tell me you really have photos I’ve taken in your trailer.” you bit your lower lip and he shrugged.

“Not as many as in my home.” he chuckled and your eyebrows shot up.

“Wow” you let out a shy laugh “I never thought there would come a day when I’d hear Jensen Ackles say this to me.”

“Why not?” he asked with an adorable frown “You are an amazing photographer and the shots you take are out of this world.”

“I- Thank you, thank you so much Jensen.” you looked at him with a sheepish smile and he just shrugged.

“I’m being honest, but-” he bit his lower lip and for a moment boy did you get distracted “Can I ask you something?”


“Why didn’t you call? Or even text?” for a moment it felt like you had an unsure teen in front of you, doubting is his crush wanted to go out with him.


“I mean-” he laughed nervously “-I kinda really waited for that but you just never did anything to be honest. I thought that maybe you’d want to talk sometime but I obviously- I was-”

“I was busy.” you blurted out the first thing that came to your mind just because it broke your heart to see his crest-fallen look “I was just very busy, I’m sorry.” you bit your lip and he looked hopeful for a second.


“Yeah, so much that I actually forgot about today’s photoshoot. But I- I thought about it.” well it was the truth after all, you did think about it all the freaking time “I really did think about calling you but I- I didn’t have the chance, that’s all. I’m sorry if you thought any different, Jens.” the nickname left your lips without realizing it. But the boyish grin that spread on his face at that was enough to make your heart flutter.

“No, it’s fine. I realized it myself today but to be honest-” he chuckled lightly “For a moment I thought you had also forgotten about me.”

“Forget about you? Oh no, no Jens I- I certainly didn’t.” you shook your head “It’s impossible for a woman to forget you and such a meeting to be honest.”

“That’s really great to hear, then.” he smirked “So maybe when my turn comes we could a lot more talking than last time then, right?”

“Your… turn?” you blinked, tilting your head to the sie without realizing it. A habit you’d gotten from the show.

He chuckled, looking at you with sparkling eyes “Oh sweetheart, you really are adorable sometimes.” he bit his lower lip as he looked at you with a smile and you just tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“Thanks for that but I am still completely clueless as to what you’re saying.” you said with a giggle and he grinned.

“I’m talking about the photoshoot today. Or mostly photoshoots.” he shrugged and you raised an eyebrow.


“You know, there is one about the show first and then one I may or may have not tried to set up just because I want to know you more.” he gave you an innocent shrug and this time all air did get knocked out your lungs.

Well, it was going to be an interesting experience when it happened because, well, you were so not going to ask about its theme at the moment. Let it be a surprise and oh you had a feeling it would be.

Imagine #3: Not Again

It had become a problem. Well, it’d been a problem since the cast was on, but now it was just getting worse. 

When you first broke your leg, you weren’t too upset about the cast and the crutches. You’d never had them as a kid and now you were excited to experience what your friends all had the chance to experience in school. 

Crutches seemed fun. An excuse to not take the stairs. People would do things for you with no questions asked. And you could bum around without any judgement. Seemed like a great life. 

Except for the fact that crutches hurt. Bad. Your arms hurt. Your armpits hurt. Your shoulders hurt. Your boobs hurt. Your other leg hurt. And you kept tripping. No matter what you did the crutches would land on a dog toy or they’d get caught on the carpet or you were just a klutz. Whatever the case you couldn’t wait to get them out of your life. 

Today was the day. You were going to be free. But you weren’t. 

Your doctor smiled sweetly before relaying the bad news.

“Y/N, your leg can’t be out of this cast yet. It’s still in bad shape.” Yeah, probably from tripping constantly with the crutches. “If you’d like we can get you a new wrap for it.” 

“No. It’s fine. I just want to go home.” You groaned. The doctor gave you another sad smile before helping you off the exam table and holding the devil’s ornaments aka crutches out to you. 

“Is someone here to drive you?” You nodded. You knew he’d be thoroughly amused to see you hobbling out on the metal death traps. “Okay love. Have a great day. See you in three weeks.” THREE WEEKS! Almost a month of continuing to trip and hate life. Sounds wonderful. 

You gave her a smile and limped for the door. Your arms were sore and ready to give out and you knew your back couldn’t take much more of the hunched position they caused. As much pain as you were in, it dissipated when you saw Harry slip out of the back of his car. 

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He was coming from interviews, but he’d promised to pick you up so you wouldn’t have to take another Uber. And as usual, he followed through with his promise. 

What you hadn’t been expecting was the driver and the suit and the luxury car. Maybe the Range Rover, but not the Bentley. You weren’t complaining. At all. 

“Well, well, well,” Harry stopped when he saw what must have been a very depressing sight. You were all but hanging off your crutches in front of him, with a very blue cast that matched the very blue feeling you had inside. “I thought you were a free woman today?” He frowned and kissed you.

“I was supposed to be. But these death traps keep tripping me and so my leg is still broken and so I have to keep using the death traps and so I keep tripping and so my leg will forever be broken.” You groaned in one breath and he just looked at you. 

“And so?” You knew he was mocking you, but you weren’t in the mood.

“And so I’ll just get myself home. Thanks so much Comedy Central.” You sassed him before hobbling away from him. It only took you a few swings before your crutch got caught in the sidewalk crack and you almost fell. 

You knew he’d lunged behind you to catch you, as he had been doing for weeks, but you caught yourself. Reluctantly, you turned to face him. He had his eyebrows raised and was watching you carefully. 

“I’m sorry, Harry. I’m just really sick of this and I just want my leg back.” You whined, some tears threatening to roll down your cheeks. Harry chuckled a little bit with his perfect smile and you couldn’t stay mad. But you could stay irritated at the world and your crutches. 

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“It’s not funny.” You pouted. This time you didn’t have the strength to hold the tears back. Finally, Harry saw that you weren’t joking about your upset. But that you were actually genuinely stressed. 

“Babe,” He grabbed your shoulders and you flinched as they were still sore. He immediately removed his hands. Another issue with the crutches–he was afraid to touch you. “Sorry.” He mumbled. “I like you with one leg and crutches and tripping just as much as I like you with two legs and no crutches and falling. You’re still Y/N and that’s all I need.” He smiled at you. 

There was no way anyone could have been grouchy after that, except you. You still found a way and he saw it. 

“Alright, you know what?” He frowned and shrugged his jacket off and handed it to the driver. Harry rolled up his sleeves and then gestured to the driver to come towards you. “Take the crutches would you?” He asked nicely and the driver nodded. 

“Harry, what are you doing? I need them. I can’t walk without them.” Your voice went from watery and breaking to frantic and scared. “You’ll kill me.” Your voice cracked and he rolled his eyes as he rested his hand on his cheek mocking your upset. 

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“You’re not walking anywhere.” He mumbled before leaning down a bit. Within a blink of the eye you were propped up in his arms being carried bridal style to the car. “You don’t want to trip? Fine. I’ll carry you everywhere. Just like the princess you are. The ground doesn’t deserve you.” 

Part of you knew he was being sarcastic and mocking your dramatics, but another part of you knew he semi-meant what he was saying. 

He carefully ducked into the backseat of the car, being careful not to hit your head. You watched as his driver placed the crutches in the trunk and then enter the car. 

“It’s really going to be okay.” He kissed your forehead and you finally smiled. “Well would you look at that. You smile.” 

He may have greeted you with an over-dramatic entrance and mocked your pain, but at the end of the day you knew you were his princess and nothing was going to change that. 

Plus Size || Bangtan Reaction


You were sat on the couch watching BTS’ latest interview, staring at your boyfriend who was seated happily on the screen. It was normal for the two of you now. Whenever he was doing a live broadcast you would sit and wait at home.

The woman on screen was smiling widely as she asked each of the members a question. Once she got to your boyfriend, you felt a smile come across you face.

“So. All the other guys are very vocal about what they look for in a girl, what about you? What’s your ideal girl?”

It was a secret about the two of you being together. The company knew about it and they approved it but they wanted it to stay quiet so that BTS would still be looked at and lusted after to increase sales. You understood this and didn’t object as it helped with their career.

You knew what you were expecting him to say, but the words that came out of his mouth were a shock to you.

“I look for a small girl, someone who I can easily hold in my arms and cradle. She has to be sweet and funny and always make me smile.”

You felt something akin to a gunshot go through your chest as you thought about what he said. You looked down at yourself and noticed what you had been trying to block out. You had never thought being a little bigger had been a bad thing, but as the words left his mouth you realized that maybe you weren’t what he wanted.

The other guys on the screen looked at him with disbelief as the words left his mouth. They knew that who he was describing wasn’t you, and that hurt more than anything.

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It Was Bound to Happen

Paring: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 658

Warnings: none.

Anon asked “an imagine or fic whatever with sebastian, he gives the reader a ring (a friendship one) and looks like a engagement ring, so everyone asks the reader if she’s engaged​ (they dont know that Seb gives to her) them seb’s see it, and start to joke about it… and the rest its on you”

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged.

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request:  “Holy shit, you’re real.” &  “Oh my god, I was joking, you didn’t have to buy me that.”

hello loves! i’ll post the second one later in the week! send in more requests from the blurb list or from whatever your hearts desire! hope you enjoy!

Award season.

The best, and most nerve-wracking, time of the year. 

The glitz and glamour of the events. The red carpets, the tuxes, the dresses. Everything was amazing. But being at the event caused anxiety of were you going to wins’s and I don’t have a speech prepared’s. You were particularly anxious for the AMA’s. You were up for best artist, and knowing that you weren’t going to win, while having loads of people tell you that you were going to, was lots worse. You were in a category with people as talented as it gets. But you were mainly there to have fun and party. That’s why you usually went to any awards show.

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So this is basically a little drabble/potential mini-series based off of @destiny-islanders Spidey-Prom AU. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t. Spiderman has always been my favorite Marvel superhero since I am a comic nerd so naturally I am obsessed with Spidey-Prom. Sorry guys, couldn’t help it. *shrugs*

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Words: 2,855

Being bitten by a spider exposed to the OZ Compound wasn’t something on Prompto Argentum’s bucket list, but here he was, staring at the back of his right hand. The bite looked like any other spider bite, but this one seemed more red and itchy than the average. A quick tour around the labs of Insomnia Industries gave Prompto the perfect photo opportunity for some pictures with the machinery and serums. But that tour led him to where he was right now after said spider crawled onto his hand from his camera after descending from the ceiling above. 

He thought it would go away after a few days. But after realizing his once not-so-perfect vision was now perfect (he put his glasses on and it was like static invaded his eyesight) and nearly hurling his lamp out his bedroom window when his hand was suddenly stuck like glue to the switch, he figured that it was more than just a normal spider bite. He soon put his theory to the test and tried out every quality he knew a spider possessed. Crawling on walls? Check. Superhuman agility and senses? Double check. Needless to say, Prompto was quite freaked out.

“What are you?” He murmured, his attention never leaving the bite.

“Hey Prompto!” Noctis Lucis Caelum–son of Regis Lucis Caelum and nephew to Ardyn Izunia, owners of Insomnia Industries–called out to his blond best friend, who was currently putting stuff in his locker.

Prompto closed the locker just as Noctis rose his hand to clap his best friend on the back. Right as Noctis started to swing his hand down, Prompto felt a tingling sensation at the base of his skull. Time seemed to slow and his mind was sent racing. His body moved before he could even process it and before he knew it, Noctis slammed his hand into Prompto’s locker. He pulled his hand back with a pained expression and fought back a scream.

“Ow! Have you been taking lessons on how to improve your reflexes, dude?”

Prompto chuckled and scratched the back of his neck. “Something like that.”

Noctis shook his injured hand a bit before composing himself as best as he could. “So, ignoring that weird mishap… wait, where are your glasses?”

Prompto mentally slapped himself as he rummaged through his backpack and put his glasses on, his vision immediately becoming clouded to the point where he could barely see Noctis’ face. “Thanks dude! I thought I was forgetting something!”

Noctis stared at him for a bit before shrugging. “Anyway, are you up for hanging out at the arcade later?”

“S-Sorry dude, I’ve got a load of work to get done for the Lucian Journal. You know how Dino is,” Prompto lied. In actuality, he wanted to hang out with Noctis, he really did, but he had to learn more about what’s been going with himself lately.

“Aw man. Oh well, just go into some weird coma and get it done using speed like Barry Allen.”

Prompto chuckled at Noctis’ joke and clapped him on the shoulder, only for his hand to get stuck to his shoulder. Noctis stared with one eyebrow raised as Prompto tried to pull it off without looking suspicious. When he finally did manage to detach his hand from his best friend, Prompto simply chuckled nervously.

“I think you spilt something on your coat, buddy,” He spoke. “Anyway, I should get going! Photography awaits!”

After making a mental note to change his prescription lenses to regular lenses, Prompto took his leave and left behind a very confused Noctis. He was passing by the trees in the courtyard when he ran into his other best friend, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, daughter of Sylvia Nox Fleuret, President and CEO of Noxchem, and younger sister of Ravus Nox Fleuret. 

Noxchem was a multinational chemical corporation from Tenebrae that’s been run by the Nox Fleuret family for years. They’ve just recently combined with Insomnia Industries to band together to recreate the Super Soldier serum that was used for the Lucian Military back in the War of M.E. 674. So that meant that the Nox Fleuret family had to move to Insomnia if they wanted to recreate the serum easier.

“Hey Prompto!” Lunafreya beamed. “I just got you the coolest photo op ever!”

“I really wish I could take it, Luna,” Prompto rushed out, stepping around his friend. “But I’ve got tons of work to do for the paper.”

Luna groaned. “Oh come on! All Dino does is work you day and night! And when you finally show him an amazing photo, he marks it off as garbage!”

“Look,” Prompto sighed. “Dino Ghiranze isn’t the best boss in the world, I know, but I need this job if I plan on moving out after school is over.”

“Fine, but if you need any cool opportunities you know who to call.”


“Ha ha very funny,” Luna spoke, lightly punching his shoulder.

Prompto bid his friend farewell and left the school grounds. It became a routine for the past few weeks really. Going to school, praying to the Six that no one saw anything weird–well, weirder–going on with him, going home, and researching spiders and whatever Insomnia Industries revealed about the OZ Compound. He soon landed an interview with the Lead Chemist of Insomnia Industries, Ignis Scientia. Prompto told him that he was a scientist with a blog and wanted to share more of the compound with his readers, which was a flat-out lie. He merely wanted to learn more about the compound and figure out if he should be even more worried than he was.

The day of the interview came quicker than Prompto anticipated. He walked through the rotating glass doors of Insomnia Industries and tried his best not to gawk at the high ceiling, polished tile floor, light gray walls, and the glass chandeliers that hung high above everyone’s heads. He made his way over to the elevator and pushed the button that took him to the fifteenth floor of the twenty story building. The elevator dinged and he walked out, quickly making his way over to room 234 and pushing the door open. Sitting at the desk was a bespectacled man who was typing away at his computer. Prompto awkwardly knocked on the door frame and the man finally noticed him.

“You must be Prompto,” the man spoke with a diligent tone. “I’m Ignis Scientia, Lead Chemist of Insomnia Industries. I understand that you have some questions about the OZ Compound.”

Prompto nodded and sat down in the chair in front of Ignis’ desk after shutting the door. “I do. Are there any side effects for it? Like what does it do?”

“Jumping straight into it aren’t we? Well, the OZ Compound is supposed to give humans enhanced abilities, turning them into a super soldier of some sort, but so far there has been no success. There has only been one person to test out the compound, and that person is Mister Izunia himself. Poor man. He tried to make a point to Sylvia but, she nearly cancelled the partnership between our companies when she saw that there was no progress in the development.”

Prompto’s eyes widened. This could be the source behind his powers.

“Have you tested this compound out on animals?” He asked. “More specifically, spiders?”

Ignis’ eyes widened before he stood up and walked over to the door, locking it. He turned back to Prompto with stern eyes. “Were you bitten?”

“W-What?” Prompto stammered.

“We infused the OZ Compound with a spider a few weeks back, but it escaped. Were you bitten by it?”

Prompto didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to lie to the man who A) has answers and B) could potentially help him through this. So he nodded.

“Incredible,” Ignis gasped. “What traits have you been showing?”

“So far? Enhanced senses and Wall-Crawling, along with this weird sense that I get when someone goes to touch me.”

“Wall-Crawling? Well, it seems as if the compound has passed along some traits of the arachnid class on to you.”

“Yea, I noticed.”

“I must inform Mister Izunia and Mister Caelum right away.”

“NO!” Prompto shouted. “I-I mean, no.”

“Why not?” Ignis asked with an incredulous look.

“I don’t want anyone finding out. Anyone else I mean. If people knew, I’d be used as some sort of test subject and seen as a freak at school. Please, don’t tell them.”

Ignis stared at him with a calculating look in his eyes before sighing. “Fine. But, I will have to tell my personal security guard. I have an idea for you in mind.”

Insomnia had a high crime rate, there was no doubt about that. The crime rate seemed to reach its peak at night though, always around midnight. The criminals in this city always preyed on the rich and defenseless, those who were both were considered to be a huge bonus. Unfortunately for Noctis, he was the next victim of a mugging.

The time was 1:15 A.M., it was a long day at Insomnia Industries and Noctis told his dad that he was going to walk home since he was getting tired. So he did, taking some alleyways as shortcuts. He was nearly home when a man clad in all black (including the cliche ski mask) stepped out from the shadows, pointing a pistol at Noctis’ forehead.

“I know who you are, Lucis Caelum,” the man spoke. “So let’s make this quick and give me all of your money.”

Noctis gasped in fear and backed away, his hands up to show that he was defenseless. “Listen! I have nothing!”

“Bullshit! You’re a rich daddy’s boy, you’re loaded! Now give me what you have!”

“I’m telling the truth I have nothing!”

The man turned the safety of his gun off right before the two boys heard a distant “YYYYAAAHHHHOOOOOO” ring out and proceed to get closer. The two boys turned their attention to where the sound came from and saw a man clad in red and blue. He wore a red sleeveless hoodie with a blue long-sleeve shirt underneath and red fingerless cotton gloves with two metal contraptions on both wrists. He also sported blue pants tucked into red calf-high socks and red shoes along with a red mask that covered his entire head. The only things that stuck out were the black and white make-shift eyes and black spider emblem on his chest. The weirdest thing? The guy was swinging into the alleyway. 

He seemed to have been new at his job (if you’d call it that) because his glee soon turned into panic as he flailed his legs around while screaming “BRAKES!” He crashed into the nearby brick building and fell to the pavement. He then stood up, a bit unbalanced.

“Okay!” He shouted. “Now THAT was a rush!”

Noctis and the mugger both shared the same incredulous expression before the weirdly dressed man tossed the lid of a metal garbage can at the mugger like it was a game of frisbee. It hit the mugger right on the head and the man laughed.

“Fore!” He yelled.

The man walked up to Noctis, ignoring the groans of the mugger as he held his future-swollen head. The man almost told Noctis his name but decided against that. 

‘What would he say?’ he thought. ‘You can’t just tell him your name. That bit is quite obvious, Prompto.’

“Who are you?” Noctis asked.

“I’m… uhh,” Prompto spoke from behind the mask, silently thanking the fact that Noctis didn’t know it was him. “Spider… Man…”

“Spider-Man?” Noctis asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Isn’t that pretty generic considering your… um, outfit…?”

Prompto looked down at what he was wearing and sighed. “I’m working on the costume…”

Noctis sighed and pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket. “Here, you’re probably expecting a reward.”

“No!” Prompto shrieked. “Keep your money! I don’t want it!”

“You don’t?”

“I saved you from someone trying to take it from you. You don’t have to pay me.”

Noctis stuffed the wad of cash back into his pocket and nudged his head in the mugger’s direction. “What are you going to do about him?”

Prompto waved him off. “The cops can come and get him. I’m new to this.”

“As if that wasn’t obvious,” Noctis thought.

“Well! I should be going! Nice meeting you, citizen!” Prompto shouted ecstatically and with a mock salute.

He shot his right hand out (his wrist bent and index and pinky finger extended) towards the top of one of the buildings around them and a string resembling a spider web shot out from the metal contraption on his wrist. He then tugged on the web and he shot up into the air, landing on the edge of the roof not-so-gracefully. 

“Spider what?” The gruff voice of Gladiolus Amicitia rang through Prompto’s phone as he walked through the halls of the school.

“Spider-Man,” Prompto sighed, a bit exasperated that Ignis’ security guard and his new combat trainer couldn’t get a simple name right.

“I would’ve went with something cooler, Web-Man.”

“It’s Spi-”

“HEY, ARGENTUM!” A booming voice sneered.

Prompto groaned and turned his attention down the hall, where he spotted the quarterback of the football team and his bully, Loqi Tummelt. Prompto quickly muttered a quick “I’ll call you back” to Gladio and hung up. He watched as Loqi walked over and towered above him with a smirk on his face.

“Who were you talking to, Loser? Your mother? Are you trying to get her to take you home?” He snickered.

Prompto did nothing but let him throw his insults at him. Loqi then raised his fist, ready to punch the living daylight out of Prompto. But just like with what happened with Noctis, the tingling at the base of his skull returned, time slowed down, and Prompto dodged Loqi’s punch before he could even process it. Loqi’s fist slammed into the locker with a loud bang and all noise in the hallway ceased to exist as all eyes were now on them.

“OW!” Loqi screamed, proceeding to turn to Prompto with anger in his eyes. “YOU’RE DEAD, FREAK!”

He threw another punch and Prompto dodged with ease. He threw another, Prompto dodged again. Every punch he threw Prompto would dodge like it was nothing. Soon he was backed against a wall and Loqi chuckled, hurling his fist back to throw the next punch as a crowd of chanting teenagers formed around them. But right as he threw it, Prompto jumped off from the wall and did a front flip over Loqi, landing perfectly on his feet behind him as he punched the wall and broke his hand. Prompto turned just as he felt the tingling sensation grow stronger. He caught Loqi’s other fist just inches of it colliding with his face. Loqi tried to move it but Prompto seemed to have superhuman strength, as Loqi’s fist was trapped in his grasp. The chanting turned into gasps as Prompto threw Loqi over his shoulder, slamming him onto the hallway tile.

Prompto took this as his chance to run. So he did. He ran out of the hallway and stopped once he reached the middle of the courtyard. He noticed that he wasn’t out of breath, so that confirmed his superhuman stamina. And that little stunt that happened back there confirmed his superhuman strength and superhuman reflexes. But what was that tingling sensation at the base of his skull that he got every time someone went to lay a hand on him? If it was a newfound power, then he better name it. ‘Spider-Sense’ will do the trick.

“CURSE THE SIX!” Ardyn screamed as he knocked over numerous vials of chemicals on his lab table.

He looked into a mirror on his wall and growled once he gazed into his own amber eyes. He hurled his fist back and punched the mirror, shattering it into pieces.

“You couldn’t even impress Sylvia Nox Fleuret with your chemical invention. No. Instead it had to BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE!” He continued. 

A ding coming from a nearby machine was heard. He walked over to it and open the small hatch, smoke pouring out from it. He smirked and chuckled to himself as he pulled out a small device shaped like a pumpkin with a standard Jack O’ Lantern carving.

“They’ll see. They’ll all see. No one will be able to surpass my beloved inventions. Especially my Pumpkin Bombs,” he spoke.

He turned to a glass case and gazed at the suit inside. It was purple and green with the purple consisting of a tunic, gloves, and boots as the green consisted of metal sleeves and pants. The most notable portion of the suit was the mask. It too was green and purple, but the green resembled that of a hideous mythical goblin while the purple was a standard elf hat. Below was metal glider colored a dark silver and a brown satchel just waiting to be filled with evil inventions.

Ardyn laughed once more. “Green Goblin will be unstoppable.”


Hooked | Guard

Series: Worth Fighting For

Note: Part two is here! So this has been long overdue since it was supposed to be Worldwide Day for write-a-thon, but oh well. Writing this really made me wanna go to DC…so I did lmao. Anyway, enjoy. :)

Word Count: 4559

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Boxing

Warnings: cursing, mentions of death

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, a world-famous boxer who is pegged as a self-centered asshole that has everything — good looks, fame, fortune, talent — trains for his big fight against Alexander Hamilton. When he moves to Washington D.C. to be closer to his family, he meets someone who will look past his outer shell and get to know the real him.

“You’re going out with him again?” Alex asked. “This is like the seventh time in the last three weeks.”

You were currently facetiming your best friend before he had to leave to do an interview for some sports magazine. You both had tried to stay in contact with each other over the past few weeks even though he was really busy. Just because he was five states away didn’t mean that you couldn’t talk every once in awhile.

“You’ve been counting?” You snickered.

“That’s besides the point, Y/N.” He deadpanned. “He’s no good for you.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “You don’t know him, Alexander. He’s not as bad as you think.”

“I know enough about him, okay? Have you even done any research on him?” Alexander asked. “The guy rode to fame on his father’s back, he thinks he’s on the top of the world, and he’s a wannabe playboy…need I say more?”

You scoffed. “‘Wannabe playboy’?”

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dating joshua dun would include 2

(because the first was fun)
• going out for coffee
• laura (josh’s mom) telling you embarrassing stories about josh’s childhood
• “josh, why are you staring at me?”
• “sorry, you just look really cute right now.”
• “but you always stare at me?”
• “well you’re always cute.”
• him comforting you when the clique hates on you
• staying up late coming up with conspiracy theories
• him trying to get tyler to let you help write one of their songs, and/or play an instrument/sing in one of them
• him trying to teach you drums
• “no, (y/n), that’s the wrong–! nevermind…”
• helping him dye his hair
• picking out his hair colors
• he literally has his hair dyed your favorite color for years
• painting each other’s nails
• him dying your hair fun colors
• at your wedding, he’s so nervous that his “i do” is literally a little squeaky “enoo” because that is all he can get out of his mouth
• him being more protective of your daughters than your sons
• him hogging the oreos
• him also hogging the blanket
• doing his eyeshadow (or just makeup in general) for tours/music videos
• subconsciously talking while you’re doing his makeup
• “ah, you look perfect! …stunning…gorgeous”
• “i didn’t before?”
• ^apologizing quickly
• him never leaving your side in public
• him getting scared when paparazzi show up, so you hold his hand and tell him it’s okay
• ^kindly
• him finally getting the french kiss
• he actually thought it was kinda gross
• he thought your tongues felt like slugs when they touched and two seconds in he said, “nope this is gross”
• naming your cat something space-related
• falling asleep spooning on the couch while watching movies
• instead of “cuddling” he says “snuggling”
• during interviews he says “yeah, when i get back, me and (y/n) are gonna snuggle.”
• speaking of interviews, he always talks about you. even if the topic totally isn’t related to you at all, he’ll find a way to fit you into the conversation
• he legit loves you more than he loves his drums
• you are the light of his life, his world, his one and only, he neeeeeeeeds you
• touching foreheads
• falling asleep on each other
• once you wake up to josh p much laying on top of you and it was very uncomfortable and you couldn’t breathe
• tracing his tattoos with your fingers, admiring the colors and everything
• getting tattoos that kind of look like his but different
• ^for example, you get his tree sleeve done along your thumb and index finger, or instead of the drum tattoo on the back of your arm, you get whatever instrument you play/something you love, like a pencil and pad if you love drawing
• getting your kid’s names tattooed on you two
• jamming out on the car
• tickle fights
• ^you made josh pee his pants once and it somehow made you love him even more because it was oddly adorable???
• saying “i love you” alllllllll the time
• tyler getting grossed out
• jenna getting jealous at how romantic josh is with you
• him helping you defeat your blurryface
• helping him defeat his
• kissing him all over his face after concerts, no matter how sweaty he is (but you cringe and wipe your now-sweat-covered lips on your sleeve every time)
• tyler not wanting to hand josh the microphone on stage because he knows josh is just going to talk about you and how much he loves you for twenty minutes
• running on stage sometimes in between songs to give josh a kiss and then running backstage again
• the crowd going nuts after you do the aforementioned kiss
• once josh had you on stage with him the whole time, he had you sit on a chair he pulled up next to/behind his and after every song he’d turn to make sure you were still there, and when he saw you he’d say “i love you, (y/n). a lot. more than you could imagine. you’re gonna make a fine wife to me someday, just you wait, love.”
• ^tyler repeating what josh said there to the crowd and josh gets embarrassed and then #thefuture(y/n)dun starts trending on twitter
• and when you get pregnant, #babydun starts trending
• AND when the baby’s born, josh tweets, “my baby was born today. i love her so much, both my girls. i love (y/n) (y/m/n) dun and (y/d/n) (y/d/m/n) dun. welcome to the world, my child.”
• poems written about you by the clique
• crying because the poems are so sweet
• wearing josh’s tøp merch
• memorizing every rap and every word to every song and you end up smoking tyler and josh is so proud
• cute snaps with you
• when you get married and josh finally lets you sleep in the same bed as him, it’s a little awkward at first and you’re “first time” *winkwink* is funny because it’s his ACTUAL first time and he’s so awkward with it
• “what am i supposed to–?”
• “(y/n) is that supposed to happen?”
• “am i supposed to feel like– oH GOODNESS GRACIOUS.”
• josh doing ugly open-mouth sobs at your wedding
• your first kiss as a married couple, right after your “i do"s, is so soft and josh treats you so carefully like he’s afraid he’ll hurt you if he kisses too hard

Update: Sherlolly: A Male Newbie’s Perspective.

So…the long awaited Sherlolly: A Male Newbie’s Perspective, is on it’s way. Promise!! I had no idea my son and his friend’s comments would be received with so much interest. Live and learn, right? Truth be told, their response to His Last Vow wasn’t nearly as interesting as their previous thoughts. In my humble opinion. They watched with rapt attention, and offered - quite vocally - their thoughts on the overall episode, which was far more serious than TEH and TSoT. I’ll finish it up over the weekend.

In the meantime, for those who asked, and because it’s still fresh in my mind – here’s a few conversations that took place amongst my daughter and sister, after The Final Problem. Parts of the conversations are slightly paraphrased, although I did have a chat record with @swjmart about those conversations immediately afterward, while they were fresh in my memory.

I feel a bit silly posting this, but given all the crap Sherlollians have put up with over the years, I wanna add to this ship and see it turn into an Arc. Just sayin’.

I’ll start with my sister, who is the quintessential casual viewer. She didn’t start watching Sherlock until this past autumn, when she binged on Netflix. Lucky girl – she did not put herself through an agonizing three year hiatus. Whether she realizes it or not – she digs Sherlolly! Yay!

It all started with a late morning phone call….

Sister (which will be referred to by ’S’): So, did you watch Sherlock?

Me: Surely you jest.

S: Just thought I’d ask. Did you like it?

Me: Of course. You?

S – Oh gosh yes! T (her hubby), sat on the edge of his seat the whole time, even covered his face in a few places.

Me: God, he’s such a pussy.

S: What?

Me: Never-mind. So, what’d ya think.

S: It was excellent – I loved the whole season, but wish there was more than three episodes.

Me: Welcome to fandom.

S: Pardon?

Me: Nothing. Continue.

S: Can you even imagine having a sister that brilliant and insane? That was so heartbreaking. Really, T almost cried.

Me:  I know, completely mind-blowing, although there were clues in previous episodes that some shit went down. (silently begging her to get to the good part about Molly and Sherlock saying I love you, but not wanting to be overly obvious.)

S: I wish you’d stop swearing. (sister does not swear ~le sigh~)

Me: Do you know that recent studies showed people who swear —

S: Whatever, P. Those clues never indicated a child was murdered.

Me: I know, but even though it was ‘technically’ murder, I don’t think that was the intention of five year old Eurus. She wanted her brother to play.

Me: Hmmm. Weren’t you even a bit disappointed that nothing was said or shown about Victor Trevor’s family, or any investigation? (I’m not being serious, of course, just baiting for opinion)

S: No, it’s not that kind of show. It’s not CSI Sherlock.

(now I get to go in for what I really want to know!)

Me: But there were so many things left unresolved!

S: Like what?

Me: What do you mean 'like what?’ I thought you said you watched.

S: T and I thought the season finale was great – there was nothing left unresolved. I don’t know if they’re going to make another season, because all the actors are so in demand, but if not – I don’t know how it could have ended more perfectly. The only thing I’m really sad about is Mary dying. She was such an interesting character and I liked her a lot.

Me: You didn’t get put off that she shot Sherlock? At one point I found it very hard to believe how easily she was forgiven.

S: Of course shooting the protagonist was dramatic, but he didn’t mind, why should you?

Me: What?

S: You do know these are fictional characters, right?

Me: Don’t be ridiculous.

S: These characters are very dark and most of the time suicidal. Sherlock was on drugs probably all of season three and most of season 4, so of course he didn’t have a problem forgiving Mary. He probably admired her for it. They’re fun to watch, but you can’t think of them as normal – they’re not. Except for Molly. She is the only relatable character. I think she’s T’s favorite part of the show. It’s just too bad they didn’t give her more.

Me: Agree. But…but what about the Molly / Sherlock phone call dealio? I mean, what happened there? The only thing we got after that was a 2 second montage of Molly walking into Baker St.

S: So?

Me: So?! What happened? One minute she’s crying, Sherlock’s smashing a coffin and then she’s all smiles. WTF?

S: They’re not going to show that. I thought you preferred British television over American? British television is always more subtle.

Me: I know, but still – they could have given something more than a stupid montage.

S: They got married. That wasn’t hard to figure out.

Me: What? LOL!

S: Molly has always loved him, anyone who watched the show could see that. Sherlock is probably the most emotionally constipated fictional character ever written - Spock doesn’t count because he’s Vulcan - and he finally realized he loves her too. Probably always has. They’ve been building this up from the beginning. Didn’t you ever pay attention to all the stuff he pulled? Sabotaging her date before he knew that guy was his enemy? He told her to give up on relationships. It’s not like he was joking, although it was funny. He’s literal about that stuff. He didn’t want her to date because he couldn’t cope, it was about him, not her. T really loved that part – wished he would have thought about it when he was trying to date me. Then there’s Sherlock’s temper tantrums, and getting her to do things he could do himself. It’s typical stuff men do when they’re jealous or stupid. They think they’re being smart, like no one can see through all their crap.

Me: Looking at it that way, he probably broke up her engagement, too.

S: Oh, you know he did. T called it right away. What episode was that, where he told her how important she was and basically had eye sex with her. If it had been any other woman they probably would have burst out laughing. What a guy move.

Me: Ummm, the one where he came back, that one? And, btw, I wouldn’t have laughed if Benedict Cumberbatch was staring into my eyes.

(okay, this is literally the most surreal convo I’ve ever had with my sister. I had. no. idea. she even thought about stuff like this.)

S: Well, he’s not Benedict Cumberbatch, he’s Sherlock, lol! Not real life, remember? And, yes, that’s the episode. After that scene T said, 'her engagement just ended.’ Thought it was a smooth move. I’m telling you, this is typical guy stuff.

Me: He probably caused her to doubt herself.

S: It doesn’t matter, it wouldn’t have lasted anyway. It was over when Sherlock came back.

Me: So, why do you think they got married?

S: How old is Sherlock and these guys? Mid to late 30’s? What do you think he’s going to do? Start dating? He’s not going to do that. He can barely cope with what he does feel and Molly is patient and independent enough to be his partner and she’s not needy. Which is good because he is.

Me: So you didn’t see her as weak with unrequited love?

S: Where would you get that idea? Who cares if she’s loved him the whole time. It’s not like she sat around waiting for him to do something about it. She has life and must have felt he cared too, otherwise she wouldn’t have stuck around. She’s not one of our girlfriends who has no self-will or independent thought, and lives in a constant state of angst because her boyfriend or husband is horrible and we have to constantly tell her to leave. It’s not real life. Besides, Molly is sane and helps him connect to people and the world, like John does. Speaking of which, wasn’t it the episode before this one where John gave Sherlock that big speech about how a relationship would make him complete?

Me: Yep, he did. But, he was talking about Irene Adler.

S: Oh, she doesn’t matter.

Me: No?

S: He doesn’t love her. She’s every guy’s fantasy, it’s not real. T still believes Drew Barrymore will adore him if they ever met. Keep dreaming, big guy. Anyway, the writer’s set up some big dramatic relationship thing with John’s speech. So, you knew something was going to happen between Sherlock and Molly.

Me: It’s called foreshadowing.

S: Sherlock is completely ignorant about how to do relationships and love. He trusts Molly with his feelings and heart – she kept his secret for two years about being dead - and now that he knows how much he loves her, why would he let her go? He wouldn’t do that. The only way to keep her around is to marry her. At least that’s what I think. Or, maybe they live together forever…although if I were Molly he’d have to come to my place because it’s so much nicer and she can make him leave when he’s annoying or too clingy. Besides, his place is too dangerous and it’s more like an office than a home.

Me: I just read an interview this morning from Steven Moffat, the show’s creator and writer, who said that Molly was wounded by what happened, but Sherlock was devastated. He went on to say Sherlock apologized, Molly called him a 'bastard’ and they got over it. Then he added that Molly probably had a drink and shagged someone. What the hell, right?

S: That doesn’t sound like the character I saw, but then you probably shouldn’t take stuff like this so literally. I’m sure Sherlock apologized and you could see he was devastated. She almost died – I mean, I was holding my breath and wondering if they were going to kill her. Honestly, that was the most heart-pounding part of the whole episode. Of course he was devastated, but Molly was really hurt. She thought he was making fun of her and they both thought that whatever they did have together was over at the end of that scene. Maybe what the writer is saying is that they had sex together? That would make more sense after something this horrific. Wouldn’t you? I know it’s not real life, but if you were Sherlock and realized you loved someone and that person almost died, those emotions are powerful, overwhelming and mess with your mind. They probably had sex first and then he told her what happened. You know, like couples have sex after they argue.

Me: I didn’t realize you were such a romantic.

S: The whole show is a romance, with some mysteries thrown in. It’s not Hollywood, it’s very subtle. I thought you minored in English composition and literature? You should know this stuff.

Me: I do, but just thought I’d get your take. Hey, let me ask you one more thing…there’s this idea that John moved back into Baker St.

S: Why would he do that?

Me: Probably because he did that in the books, only it was very different because they (S / J) were much older and Mary had already been dead for a long time. Of course John didn’t have a kid in the books, at least not that anyone knew of. Although, I think there’s some pastiches that suggest, or give him, a child.

S: I can’t think why that character would do something so dumb and irresponsible. He’s smarter than that. Baker St isn’t safe for a baby and why would he or Sherlock want a baby around all the time?  It’s Sherlock’s office with a bedroom. His kitchen is contaminated and he keeps body parts around. They meet clients and really dangerous people come there. Plus, John has his own house. If he did anything, maybe he should experience what single mother’s go through and have to take care of his child after working all day and saying 'no’ to things because he has to put his child first. I understand people helping out right after Mary died. Mom had all kinds of help after our dad died, remember? But, this isn’t RL and he and Sherlock have their 'the game is on’ thing, so the baby is going to be sent to be with others.

*** Pretty much the end of of our convo, unless someone wants to hear about how we planned an outing at Sephora and met for lunch…. Probably not, right?

Phone call from daughter, who is known as 'K’ – another casual viewer.

K: So, did you watch?

Me: Of course. Watching it again, to be honest. What did you think? Just give me the Molly / Sherlock low down.

K: Wow, he really lost his shit, didn’t he?

Me: Yup.

K: I honestly thought they were going to kill Molly.

Me: I was a bit worried too. So, what do you think ended up happening between them? We were only given a few seconds.

K: They got married or living together.

Me: Have you been talking with your aunt?

K: No, why?

Me: Because she said the same thing.

K: It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Me: Why do people keep saying that?

K: What else is Sherlock gonna to do? He could barely do stuff without her before he knew he loved her, and now that he knows, it’s not like he’d let her disappear.

Me: Wow, I guess something’s just aren’t that obvious to me. (just kidding, of course)

K: Yeah, well, you don’t watch much television, so maybe you don’t notice stuff.

Me: You don’t think they’d date for a while, that sort of thing?

K: Why? Like Mike (her boyfriend) said – Sherlock just got played by two women.

Me: I don’t understand.

K: The evil sister set up the test for Sherlock to get Molly to say I Love You, right?

Me: Yeah.

K: But, that’s not what it was about. Molly wouldn’t say it until he said it first, because she thought he was playing a game and making fun of her. But, his sister had been watching Molly and maybe watching Sherlock too and knew Molly loved him but would never say 'I love you’ unless Sherlock said it first. But, Sherlock is thinking he just has to get Molly to say it, when the real game was about getting him to say it. But, he’s not going to say it, he won’t even consider it, because he’s an emotional dwarf. So, the only way to get him to say it was knowing Molly wouldn’t, thereby applying the appropriate pressure needed for him to grow the fuck up and get some balls. Well, that’s what Mike said, but I agree. Molly didn’t know she was being played, but his theory still works.

Me: So, his sister played Dolly Levi.

K: No, she’s just bat-shit, fucking crazy and didn’t care. She wanted the thrill of the ride. She doesn’t understand emotional attachment

Me: But, why married?

K: Maybe not married, but they’re definitely living together in a committed relationship for life. Sherlock isn’t capable of anything less. I mean, he could be, he is smart, but I doubt it. God, mom, he railroads her all the time. He would literally implode if she went off and found someone else. I mean, think about the few genius people you know. They have no idea how to do shit and need normal people to help them.

Me: I don’t think he’s that bad off.

K: Maybe not, but he was shooting up all last season because he couldn’t cope with the changes with his friends. John got married, Molly was engaged. He was able to be part of John’s life, but not Molly’s. And he spent most of this season high as a kite. He almost overdosed on the jet when they shipped him off for killing that guy.

Me: Part of that was because Mary asked him to save John.

K: Yeah, but not the jet part. He doesn’t cope with loss and there were other ways to help John. He was dying, mom – headed toward renal failure. Maybe now that he has those memories about his sister, he’ll be able to do better and won’t have the need to self-anesthesize. Plus, he finally understands he loves Molly, like really loves her and being with her helps him stay grounded – she keeps him centered. It takes a village to raise Sherlock.

Me: True dat. So the coffin part was pretty intense.

K: It was. But, he was scared, emotionally vulnerable and couldn’t manage what he was feeling. He had to vent and the coffin was handy. I also think he realized how much he’s hurt Molly. Not just the phone call, but all the other stuff he’s done. She couldn’t trust him and almost died because of it. He got to see what he caused, the consequences of his bullshit. He didn’t know that. He never connected the emotional dots about why she couldn’t say 'I love you’. So, yes, I think he married her and probably will never, ever do another thing to cause her any doubt. His life is too dangerous to put his bullshit on her, leaving her not knowing when he’s being a douche and doing his fakey mcfakerson shit, or being serious. And, why wouldn’t Molly want marriage or a committed life with him? She’s been on the ride since the beginning and it’s better for both of them to be on the same page. They’re both kinda lost without the other.

Me: Right on. So, the I love you was real?

K: Later, mom.


So, there ya have it. Two perspectives from non-fandom people. I love Sherlollians, even the ones who don’t know they’re one. : )

Anan extended voice actor interview – Fukuyama Jun, Ono Daisuke and Irino Miyu

Now for the second half, we have a discussion with Fukuyama Jun,  who plays Ichimatsu, the fourth son, Ono Daisuke, who plays Jyushimatsu, the fifth son and Irino Miyu, who plays Todomatsu, the sixth son. Fukuyama and Ono are both around age 40, and as Irino is around age 30, like in the show, he is the youngest one here. Fukuyama who moderates the conversation effortlessly. Ono with whom you can sense Jyushimatsu through his intonation when he talks. And, although he is the youngest, Irino is very reliable. Listening to them speak, you end up not knowing whether there actually is an age gap between them at all. It’s that kind of conversation. 

How close were you all to Akatsuka Fujio’s work to start with? 

Fukuyama: When I was in elementary school, the anime versions of Moretsu Ataro, Osomatsu-kun and Tensai Bakabon were airing, so I know that much. I also remember reading the manga for those three series, although not every single volume. 

Ono: Fukuyama and I are the same age so it’s mostly the same for me. But it’s different for you, right Irino? What about your generation? 

Irino: In my case, of course I knew Osomatsu-kun, but rather than the manga and anime, it was the characters that I was aware of. There was a collaboration with a brand of clothing and some goods were released, and the characters were used on a CD jacket… I thought they were very appealing. But it wasn’t Osomatsu and the others. It was Iyami and Chibita that I saw a lot. 

Ono: Ah, same for me. For me Iyami, Dekapan and Chibita were more memorable from Osomatsu-kun. Like the Chibita oden sold at CircleKSunkus. 

Fukuyama: They did sell that, lol. 

Ono: So for me, Osomatsu-kun equalled Chibita. 

Irino: I get that. 

Fukuyama: My recollections are a bit vague, but I feel like the sextuplets didn’t appear very often in the Osomatsu-kun anime. 

Ono: Right, I’m sure they sang about that in the song. 

Irino: In the opening song?

Ono: The ending song. Hosokawa Takashi’s Osomatsu-kun Ondo goes something like, even if you change their clothes and eyebrows the sextuplets are exactly the same, Dekapan and Hatabou, Chibita have a bundle of personality and are actually the main characters. 

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Distractions pt 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6  || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Not really angst or fluff…I don’t really know

Summary: It was weird seeing him again. It was even weird knowing you’d be working with him, but you kinda had a feeling like it was going to be okay.

Word Count: 1721

Warning: like one use of the f-word…does this really require a warning?

Originally posted by bangtoori

“You wanted to see me?” 

“Ah, Yoongi. Yes, please take a seat.” Yoongi gladly accepted Bang PD’s offer and took a seat in front of his desk, “I wanted to talk to you about something. You see, I owe a friend a favor.”

Psh ‘favor’, Yoongi thought, Bang PD must’ve lost another bet again. He really should stop betting while he’s drunk.

“He needs help with something, and I think you’d be able to provide help.”

“What kind of help?”

“Well, you mentioned how wanted to try to produce for other artists. Since promotions are finished, and Bangtan isn’t working on another album yet, I thought I could give you an opportunity to help produce a song for another group.”

“Group? As in another idol group? Who…”

“You know 2S? The group under Music Box Entertainment?” Of course Yoongi knew, “They need help with a title track, and I offered to allow one of my producers to go do some sort of collaboration. So, how about it?”

Yoongi took in what Bang PD had to say. It was true, BTS wasn’t working on new music yet and he did want to try to produce for another artist. But he didn’t know how to feel about seeing…you. He knew this was a good opportunity to expand his credentials and gain more experience, but was it worth opening up a wound from years ago? 

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Creepypasta #1175: Google Map's New Endeavour

Length: Super long

If you ever see an ad for a high paying job at Google, DO NOT inquire. I guarantee you’ll regret it. I know for a lot of people, money means everything. Maybe after you hear my story, you’ll change your mind.

After not having much luck on Tinder, I decided to browse Backpages (yeah, yeah, I know). So while checking out the many posts, I notice one for a job offer from Google. Of course, I was skeptical. More than skeptical. I was positive it was a scam. But, I was home alone on a Friday with no plans, so why not play a game, right? Wrong! I should’ve just moved on to the next prostitute ad. 

Anyway, I replied to the post saying that I was interested. I received a reply not even ten minutes later saying that I have an interview with them the next day. Those were some impatient scammers, I thought. However, when I checked the address they gave me, it was indeed a Google office nearby.

The next day, I suited up and made the 150 mile journey to the Google office. I was sure that I was just being pranked. I knew that I’d approach the receptionist and be told that no one had contacted me. I was sure I was wasting this 5-hour round trip. But, part of me was hoping it was real. I mean, how often does Google offer you a million bucks? I finally make it to the office and I pull into the guest parking. I make my way to the front desk.

“Mr. Miller?” the receptionist asked.

“Uh, yeah. I’m here for the interview. I got an email.”

“You can have a seat over there. Someone will be with you soon. Can I offer you anything to drink?”

“A bourbon would be nice haha.”

No reaction.

“I’ll, uh, just take a seat, thanks.”

I went over and took a seat. I couldn’t believe a job ad on Backpages was actually the real deal. I could be making a million dollars! Sure, the staff was a little uptight, but this was amazing. After about fifteen minutes, a suit comes up to me and shakes my hand.

“Right this way, Mr. Miller.”

I follow the suit to a swank office and sit across from him at his desk.

“So, you found our ad, eh?” he asked, smiling. “What exactly were you doing on that site anyway?”

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anonymous asked:

Could you do funny one where short unnoticed R works at Catco and manages to get an interview with Supergirl thanks to Kara, but then Supergirl does or says something that makes R realise that she's Kara?

Originally posted by cwsupergirlgifs

“L/N.” You heard your boss, Snapper… well, snap. You made your way over to his desk, having to push past people to get there.

“Uh, yes sir?”

“I need you to get an exclusive on the recent Cadmus attacks, and get Supergirl as a credible source.”

You’re jaw dropped slightly at the unusual request. “Su-Supergirl? Uh, Kara is the one that knows her. Shouldn’t she-”

“Danvers is already on the Luthor exclusive. This isn’t gonna be a problem, is it L/N?”

“Uh, no. Of course not, sir. I’ll get right on it.” You didn’t wait for Snapper to respond as you left his office in a slight panic. How the hell were you gonna get an interview with Supergirl? You didn’t even know how Kara did it.

As you were walking, lost in your thoughts, you ran head on into the girl in question.

“Whoa. Y/N, hey!” Kara smiled at you. “Are you Ok?”

“Oh, hey Kara. Sorry, it’s just Snapper.”

“Oh boy. What’d he do now?”

“He wants me to get a quote from Supergirl about the recent Cadmus attacks.”

Kara’s eyebrows shot up. “Supergirl? He wants you… but I usually-”

“That’s what I said.”

“Well, if he really wants you on this, maybe I can help out. I can get you a meeting with her.”

You instantly perked up. “Really? Are you sure?” You smiled brightly, which made Kara blush, look down, and push her glasses up.

“Yeah. Why not? Just helping out a friend.” Kara chuckled and shrugged.

“Oh my god! You’re the best, Kara!”

You were standing on the rooftop of CatCo later that night, where Kara told you to be to meet Supergirl. You were nervous to say the least. You had your questions written down, but you were afraid you’d mess it up.

Before you could get into your head too much, you heard a voice come from above.

“Miss L/N?”

You looked up and saw Supergirl floating in midair. “Supergirl! Uh, hi! Yeah, I’m Miss L/N, but… uh, you can call me Y/N. I- I mean only if you want! You don’t have to-”

Supergirl landed in front of you and smiled. This is the first time you’ve seen her up close. You weren’t surprised that she’s gorgeous, you’ve heard rumors, but there was something about her that seemed… familiar.

“Breathe, Y/N.” Supergirl’s voice brought you back to reality. “It’s Okay. Kara Danvers told me you needed a quote about the Cadmus attacks?”

You proceeded with the interview, and after the first few questions you got over your nerves. Talking with Supergirl came surprisingly natural to you, but there was something about it you just couldn’t shake.

“Well, I think I have everything I need. Thank you so much for meeting with me Supergirl.” You stuck your hand out for her to shake.

She took your hand and shook it “It was no problem, really. Anytime, Y/N.” 

Her response made you smile brightly, which for some reason made Supergirl blush and look down. You found that weird, but when she reached her hand up to her nose, making the motion of pushing glasses up is when everything clicked.

“Wait a minute.” You said as you let go of Supergirl’s hand. She looked up at you, confused, and you searched her eyes. The confused look in her eyes told you everything you needed to know. “K..Kara?”

Her eyes widened. “What?” She chuckled, which further confirmed it for you.

“Oh my God! Kara!?” You shouted, causing Supergirl, or Kara, to put her hand over your mouth and shush you.

“Okay! Okay, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, just please don’t shout!” She whisper-yelled and you nodded vigorously. After you calmed down, she let you go.

“Holy Shit. I mean… it all makes sense now. I don’t even know where to start…”

“Well… ask away.”

Imagine being in a secret relationship with Barba

Imagine being in a secret relationship with Barba

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” you sighed heavily burying your head into the pillow.

You had only got home about an hour ago after a really long day you had dinner but as soon as your head hit the pillow your phone began to ring. You groaned into your mattress as you rolled over to your nightstand.

Grabbing your phone you answered, “Y/L/N?”

Rolling back over to Barba who was also lying on the bed. He was on his side leaning his head up with his elbow. As you gave vague answers into your phone he began playing with your hair. You kept on looking up at him pulling faces before you had to hang up. You turned to look at him and sighed.

“You got to go?” he asked though he already knew the answer.

“Unfortunately.” you answered getting out of bed and taking your pyjama shirt off for something more appropriate.

“My poor little detective. Is their anything I can do?” he teased.

“You can come with me?” you replied raising your eyebrow as you pulled your pants off.

“Ahh I would but one of the many benefits of being a lawyer. We don’t get involved until much later. Hopefully not until morning.” he said lying down on his back and nestling into the pillows.

You picked up the pillow from the chair and threw at his face. The impact jerked him upwards.

“Hey. No need to play dirty. We can do that later after I get long night sleep.” he teased once again.

“Stop gloating, I’m going to get you out of this bed before dawn if its the last thing I do.” you mock threatened pulling out a jacket.

“I dunno Y/N. Everything you do usually make me want to get into bed not out.” he winked moving along the bed so he was now at the foot closer to you. Lying provocatively.

“Wanna bet?” you said walking back towards the bed and getting up in his face.

“Depends, what do I win?” he said lifting his up so it was closer.

Their was a long pause complete with smirk filled stare-down.

“I have to go.” you chuckled

You kissed him briefly on the lips before beginning to walk out.

“I love you.” I called as you walked out the bedroom door.

“Love you too.” he called back as you walked across your apartment and out the front door.

You and Barba had been working together for three years and dating for two and half. No one you worked with knew you were together in fear that either one of you might loose your jobs. You had met when you joined SVU. You had met Liv at an interrogation seminar that you were leading. You were an interrogation specialist and had made detective quickly when you joined the NYPD. Olivia had called you for a specialist interrogation with a serial for was holding a girl whose time was running out.

You met the rest of the squad before you went in. When you got a location not to mention a confession in record time. You left the interrogation room. The squad had run off leaving a lone man standing at the window watching.

“Impressive.” he greeted as you stepped out the doorway.

“Thanks. Wasn’t too tough guys like these all you’ve got to do is play to their ego and bring up their mommy issues.” you replied.

“Still, I didn’t expect him to break so soon.” he commented.

“Like I said you play to whatever the deep routed issue is and they usually break.” you smiled at him.

“And how did you know what that was?” he questioned.

“You can tell usually by looking at them.” you answered.

“That’s hardly plausible.” he scoffed.

“What? You don’t think it’s possible?” you shot back.

“No, I don’t.” he replied, “It’s more plausible that you read his file before going in.”

“Plausible, but incorrect.” You fired back, “ All I did was look at him. If you don’t believe me. I can do you.”

“Excuse me?” he said shocked as if he had misheard you.

“I’ll evaluate you.” you repeated.

You looked him up and down for a few seconds.

“Is this…” he began.

“Spanish American. Early to mid thirties.” you interrupted, “Unmarried most like single probably due to the heavy workload as …I would guess as an attorney. I’d say raised by a single mother. So you probably have some sort of Daddy issues due to his absence.”

“And who are you exactly…” he began to ask annoyed only to be interrupted by Olivia.

“We found the girl. Alive thankfully. EMTs says she’ll pull through.” Olivia informed.

“That’s great.” you beamed.

Seeing the awkwardness between you two she introduced you both.

“Oh Detective Y/N Y/L/N meet our ADA Rafael Barba.” Olivia introduced.

“Counsellor.”you greeted stretching out your hand.

“Detective.” he returned shaking your hand.

After that case and after finding out you were up for transfer she offered you a position on the squad. You work together for six months before you started dating. You’d talk at work and exchange pleasantries but not much else. You can’t really pinpoint a date but something just happened between you two. You’d started making jokes at each others expense and started to have a healthy bickering with each other. You got to know each other a little better. You got really close when a case came up where the complaint witness was deaf girl and you were the only one who knew sign language.

You translated as he interviewed her and prepped her for trail. You spent days with him working will all the witness most of whom who were deaf themselves. You testified for her as a translator. The trail was long and lengthy. You spent an extended period together. Late nights and high running emotions lead to deep personal conversations. He talked about his Dad and how he always felt slightly abandoned, his childhood and working his way up. You talked about how you grew up in an upper class family. Talked about how after your older brother and father died in car crash with fleeing drug runners your mother became a drug lord herself. Leaving you to practically raise yourself and your younger brother. And how you got him and yourself out of her criminal activities.

It was after the trail when he asked you out on a date. He asked you to meet him in the empty courtroom. He was leaning against his desk. You’d expected him to be happy especially because you had won. You asked him what was wrong and after some probing he admitted that he was feeling about down because you two were going to see each other as much. Then as a fix to his problem you suggested that you could ask you out which was followed by him you actually asking you out.

Your first date went great and so did all the others that followed. You really liked Barba. He wasn’t like anyone else you had dated before. He was snappy and sarcastic just like you. He could handle all your insults and fire them right back. He thought it was cute that your were a bit childish but appreciated your seriousness when it was needed. He knew you never got to be a kid when you were an actual kid.You liked how sassy he was and you loved all of his awful teasing. You admired how good he was at his job and how hard he worked and vice versa. You were a good fit.

He told you he loved you about two months into it after you failed to make his favourite dinner. He came home to his apartment almost burnt down and you swinging a kitchen towel in an attempt to get rid of the smoke. You apologised incessantly as soon as you saw him but all he did was kiss and tell you how lucky was to have you. And then as he wiped the stray flour off your face he told you he loved you. You said it back obviously. You moved in with each other after eight months together.

And it all went on from their and no one you worked with suspected a thing. Which was surprising because you worked with a bunch of talented detectives. You maintained your sarcastic bickering banter at work so not to arouse suspicion from your co-workers. It was funny though. You and Rafael constantly joked that all they needed to do was look at the pictures on his desk and they would see a picture of you two together that you took on a date. He kept it tucked right under his computer monitor he said it was so he could see you whenever things got tough but you thought it was because no one would notice unless they were looking but you didn’t mind either way.

You two had a great relationship but you did fight. Mostly about not seeing each other enough much like the situation tonight and sometime disagreements from work spilled over at home despite your attempt at a no shop talk rule. Your most infamous fight was last year when you came back from a forty-eight hour shift and you had asked him to send a cheque for younger brother who was studying at Stanford for his rent. He had forgotten and your emotions were running high due to extremely bad day at work.

You started screaming at him and he started screaming back thinking you were simply over-reacting. You told him he was absolutely useless and that he was always too focused on himself to do anything for anyone else. He argued back that he had been working just like you and it was a mistake as he just forgotten. Then you screamed you couldn’t take it anymore and told him it was over before you left, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t go back home that night either. You stayed at a hotel that night and you turned off your phone not wanting to talk to him. You kept it off until work. you felt bad for the way you treated him realising you were taking your frustration with the case out on him.

You walked into the squad-room slightly dishevelled due to your lack of stuff. You walked in to see Rafael pacing the squad-room. He caught sight of you and immediately the look of worry and concern dropped and was replaced with relief. You knew that you had scared him. At that second he couldn’t do anything as everyone was around but later on that day you went to his office after he had whispered for you to do so in passing. When you got their he hugged you tightly and showered you in kisses before berating you for worrying him so much.

“Sorry, to drag you out of bed.” Sonny said meeting you at the entrance of the crime scene.

“Don’t worry about it. I was barely in it.” you commented raising the crime scene tape and stepping in it.

“That’s why I go to bed as soon as I get home. You can eat at your desk but you can’t sleep at it.” he pointed out.

“I’ll keep that in mind. So what have we got here.” you asked.

He rattled off the details. Female, early thirties, lives alone was found earlier that night when the neighbours dog started barking at the door, ME says she’s probably been dead a few days and that their were clear signs of sexual assault. You moved away from the primary crime scene and went into the woman bedroom. Something definitely off.

“Carisi!” You called from inside the bedroom.

“You find something?” he asked stepping into the room.

“Something look off to you?” you asked motioning to the room.

“No.” he answered stepping besides you.

You walked crossed the room and with your pen you picked up watch from the side table.

“A watch?” he asked confused.

“A mens watch.” you corrected.

“How do you know that?” he questioned.

“I bought a similar one for my boyfriend on our anniversary.” you answered examining the watch.

“Am I ever going to meet this boyfriend of yours?” he asked taking note of the watch.

“Their’s also mens clothing in the closet. Kind of suspicious especially because you said she lived alone.” you informed ignoring his question.

He peered into the closet and you two started bouncing ideas off each other when a some guy started screaming outside the apartment. Claiming he was the boyfriend of the victim you took him downtown. He was career drug dealer but he had an alibi and demanded a deal of immunity before he revealed what he knew to either of you.

“I think we should call Barba in before we offer anything.” Sonny said exiting the interrogation room.

“Should I call him?” you offered barely able to contain your excitement over winning this bet.

“I can do it.” he said beginning to walk out.

“No.” you began stopping with your hand, “Let me. Their is nothing that will bring me more joy than getting that asshole out of bed at 3.00 am.”

“Alright,” he chuckled, “I swear, Y/N. If you weren’t in a relationship he’d ask you out in an instant.”

“You think so.” you probed.

“Oh definitely. You should see the way he looks at you when you talk. Also you guys are great together. Work-wise, obviously .” he commented.

“Hmm. Too bad I’m in relationship.” you sighed snapping your fingers before walking out and picking up your phone.

You went into the locker-room knowing no one would hear you in their. You called Rafael and it took three rings before he picked up.

“Hello.” he answered groggily into the phone.

“Hey counsellor. This is your official wake up call and announcement of your defeat.”you teased.

“Ahh, what crazy reason have you made up so you can drag me down there?” he asked.

“One of suspects isn’t going to talk without a certain sexy smouldering ADA offering him a deal.” you informed flirtatiously .

“Tempting, but I’m sure this could have waited until morning detective.” he replied.

“On the contrary Counsellor. Justice for a murdered young woman shouldn’t wait until morning.” You argued.

“Alright. I’m on my way. You win.” he sighed giving in and clearly getting up.

“Ooo, what do I win?” you asked suggestively.

“The presence of my fine ass.” he answered before hanging up the phone.

Polyglot [Seventeen Fluff]

A/N: @netflixingcastiel Sorry for taking so long omg. I tried to be a hero and search up about different languages and then I realised that there’s no point because you guys wouldn’t be able to read some (sobs why am I so dumb). I also had requests previously so I’m so so sorry again!! This is very different from what I usually write hahah…Here it is and I hope you like it :-) 

Word Count: 900+ (it’s a shorter one :-))

“________,” your friend nudged you and you frowned.


“Teach me some Korean and Chinese, like the basics.”

At that moment, the lights dimmed and you sat up straighter, craning your neck to see whether the boys were coming on stage.

“Hey, don’t you dare ignore me,” she snapped and you rolled your eyes, turning to face her.

“Lisa, the concert’s about to start! You should have learned some basics at home if you wanted to impress Mingyu and Jun later on at the album signing,” you sneered and she glared at you.

“You’re just being sel-”

“Shut up! It’s starting, don’t you see them?”

A beam of light cut through the darkness and shone directly at a platform on the stage and you knew that the boys would be emerging from there. Fumbling around for your lightstick, you let out a sigh when you saw Lisa sticking her tongue out at you while she held onto your lightstick tightly.

“You’re going to teach me a few phrases,” she smiled and you reached out to grab it but she pulled it back faster, raising her eyebrows as she did.


Your throat hurt whenever you tried to speak.

“I think…I screamed too much,” you whispered and Lisa nodded, choking out a ‘me too’. You told yourself to shut up and save whatever voice you had left for the album signing which was the thing that really mattered - a time where you could meet the members face to face.

As you stood in line, waiting for your turn, you closed your eyes and tried to remember everything you had planned to say. That they look amazing, and that I love them, and that-

“So, tell me how to say I love you in Chinese,” Lisa nudged you and your thoughts were interrupted.

“Wo, ai, ni,” you said slowly, putting emphasis on all three words and she repeated after you, sounding funny but still understandable.

“Okay. Now, how do you said ‘you look handsome’.”

“Ni, hen, shuai,” you sighed and she nodded, mouthing the words to herself.

“Now can you keep quiet?”

Your heart was beating rapidly and you could feel your mouth becoming dry as you got closer and closer to the stage. I practiced for this. I’ve been waiting for this. The excitement was building up and escalating but would always drop because of demands that would shoot out from Lisa’s mouth.

“Okay let’s do Korean now shall we?”

This cycle of silent squealing followed by frustrated repetitions of the same phrase repeated over and over again until you found yourself making eye contact with Soonyoung.


It felt as if everything you had been seeing on screen was a beautiful lie - because what you saw up close in real life was unexplainable and too perfect to be true. His face was flawless, believe it or not. You swore that you could see no pores and a thought flashed into your mind that it was makeup but even with makeup, blemishes would always show but not for him.

He broke out into a wide smile and your back straightened immediately, making sure that you didn’t look sluggish or anything close to the mess that you were inside.

Say something.

“H-hi,” you said in Korean and you wanted to punch yourself for starting with something so lame. You placed the album on the table and he slid it towards him, flipping over the cover to the blank page swiftly after he’s already done it close to a million times.

“What’s your name?” he said in English and you wanted to scream and how adorable he sounded.

“I can speak Korean,” you said slowly and his eyes widened, seemingly impressed. And from the moment on, you started speaking fluently like you always did, gaining confidence as you went from a member to the next.

Passing by Dokyeom, Chan, Mingyu and Wonwoo, you soon reached Jun and you started worrying again.

“Hii!” the boy chirped brightly in English and you swore that their English was the most perfect sound in the entire universe. He reached out for the album and you took a deep breath, telling him your Chinese name.

“You have a Chinese name?” He asked instinctively in Chinese and you replied, telling him that you could speak the language too. You spoke to him for a longer time than the rest and you were so glad that you had an interest in learning Chinese in school.

“Wow, you can speak three languages!” Jisoo chuckled in his perfect English and your face turned bright red.

“I bet she can speak more. You can right?” Seungkwan joked like he always did but the smile was wiped off his face when he saw you nodding slowly.

“wHaT?! SIX? HoW?” Jisoo’s jaw dropped and Seungkwan simply stared. You winced, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Japanese, German and French? That is insane,” Vernon shook his head and Jisoo closed his mouth.  

“I have a love for language,” you said softly and they all nodded as if you were at an interview and you found their reaction to be the cutest thing ever.

“Jisoo speaks well too! But I guess we’ve found someone better,” Seungkwan laughed and you smiled, feeling a small surge of pride.

You had to move on faster than you wished to which was saddening but you tresured every moment you had with them.

The meet and greet ended in a flash and you found yourself waving goodbye to the thirteen boys that you were so blessed to have gotten close to.

“You were the star fan,” Lisa teased and you shook your head, grinning brightly with the memory of them still fresh in your mind.

“Languages are beautiful because they bring people together,” you sighed and she nodded, clenching her hands into fists.

“And that’s why I’m going to master five more languages by the end of the year,” Lisa nodded and you scoffed, patting her on the back.

“It’ll be worth it.” You started.

She nodded once again.

“But good luck.”


Part 2

Part 1 is here

  You can feel him watching you.  He does that sometimes.  Cataloging every move, every gesture.  You remember one night years ago, a lifetime ago really, laying in his lap on that old leather couch that smelled exactly like him, how he told you he could gauge your mood by the way you tucked your hair behind your ear, or with what intensity you licked your top lip.  You thought he was putting you on until he called your bluff the rest of the week, one hundred percent accurate every time.  It shouldn’t have surprised you to think that you were of such importance that he had to study you, to know and understand every itch and impulse, where they came from, what they meant.  Which is why you find yourself fidgeting in the passenger seat outside the police station, afraid you’ll give it all up with one wrong move.  You feel his hand on your thigh,

  “Scully?  You feeling alright?”  You can’t help but smile, always your protector.  You place your hand over his, calmed by the simple contact.

  “Yeah.  I’m just wondering what kind of reception we’re gonna get here.”

  “Well whatever it is, it’s nothing we haven’t been through before.”

  You make your way into the police station, he places his hand on the small of your back as he opens the door.  You can tell by the amount of pressure in his fingertips he’s worried.  You’re not the only one who can be studied.

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Okay…this STARTED as a drabble. I wanted to play around with some ideas I had expressed in some text posts awhile back but since I’m incapable of writing anything short it mutated into this big thing. This takes place during phase four, starting in the weeks leading up to the live interview on April 20th and then goes beyond that. I also went with the assumption that they’re currently living in the Spirit House in Detroit.

Genre: Slice-of-life? Maybe fluff? Definitely kinda cheesy. No ships, though there *is* tentative 2Doc friendship which I’ll warn for to be safe.

Rating: PG for language

Summary/preview: After everything he’d been through, Murdoc had come to expect a certain level of unpredictability in his daily routine. What he didn’t count on, however, was that it would come in the form of 2D casually deciding to use his phone to record videos of him while he was rummaging through the refrigerator.

Word count: around 7700

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